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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Shane McMahon's not a bad thing...
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#1 Posted on 11.2.02 1627.45
Reposted on: 11.2.09 1629.04
He's a good thing.

He (generally) doesn't do 15 minute promos. He doesn't show up when he doesn't have anything to do. He's a decent bumper. He gets in matches and gets whupped and puts over talent.

The general sentiment seems to be "theres not enough time to get the talent over, keep all McMahons off the screen". Just because he is the bosses kid, he takes a certain amount of heat, but I all in all I *like* having him on T.V. He's the closest thing to an annoying heel manager that we have these days.

It's Vince and Preggo that I want off the show.
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#2 Posted on 11.2.02 1640.57
Reposted on: 11.2.09 1653.23
Ehh, i'll agree sort of. I wouldn't say I WANT him on tv seeing as how there are plenty of other people (Raven, Storm, Jamie "By God" Knoble, Mike Sanders, Jerry Lynn, Tajiri) I would rather them bring in, but I must say I don't mind him being on tv. He's better than some of the people on tv and especially better than either of the other three McMahons.
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#3 Posted on 11.2.02 1654.03
Reposted on: 11.2.09 1659.04
I've thought for years that Shane is the most tolerable of the McMahons. He definitely isn't the heel his father is, but he can legitly play both sides of the fence (something that can't be said for Vince) Stephanie can be effective as both, too, but Shane is much less annoying; not to mention far more engaging than his mother.

For two years, I've been waiting for something that will finally get Vince off TV - for good - and allow Shane to move into the primo slot, which he probably wouldn't use to as much an extent as his father does. The NWO angle just might be it.
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#4 Posted on 11.2.02 1810.34
Reposted on: 11.2.09 1829.03
I've always been more of a Vince fan... that man plays one hell of a heel. Shane always struck me as more of the doughy rich kid. And they build him up as too much of a physical threat.
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#5 Posted on 12.2.02 2006.02
Reposted on: 12.2.09 2011.30
Shane-O-Mac gets a bum rap because of his name. If his last name was anything else other than McMahon he'd be respected like any other wrestler (and he is a wrestler.)
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#6 Posted on 12.2.02 2328.51
Reposted on: 12.2.09 2329.02
Shane-O is a very good promoter too. Probalby not in Vince's league (but then who is?), but good in his own right.

He fits right in with nWo; besides, if nWo is going to work, then it needs some young blood badly. Having a bunch of middle-aged men act like juvenile delinquents will not be funny after too long. Just imagine Maven spraypainting Undertaker, now that will rule. The other way around would be ho-hum.

Anyway, back to Shane-O. I think he has already proven his point. He should not participate in nor book any matches with Fear-Factor cubed like conditions.
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#7 Posted on 14.2.02 0157.42
Reposted on: 14.2.09 0159.05
I don't know how good a wrestler Shane is - he's too busy getting tossed off very high things - but his matches ARE entertaining in the car wreck on the side of the highway sense.

I don't know if I agree with the young blood in the nWo idea... the whole point of this nWo seems to be that it is composed of the aging stars who won't hang it up and won't let anyone else take the spotlight - the bane of the IWC and part of the downfall of WCW.

Shane has also suffered from the Bret Hart and Giant in WCW syndrome. Too much bouncing back and forth between face and heel. I could see Shane coming back to help Flair save the WWF from Vince and the nWo, but only if he STAYED face this time, and didn't join up with his dad a week later.

He's also the only McMahon who's "acting" I can tolerate. Vince's skits about bringing in the nWo almost killed me. Linda reminds me of the old voice synthesiser (sp?) that used to come with notepad. Steph makes me wish for the sweet embrace of death.
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#8 Posted on 14.2.02 1017.50
Reposted on: 14.2.09 1023.34
Ohhhh, shit!

Maven spraypainting The Undertaker? That would freaking rule! Maven could just finally have enough of 'Taker's punishment and start beating Undertaker about the head and shoulders with a lead pipe.

He'd drag him into the ring, rip his shirt off, and spray-paint NWO on his back. Maybe they could even have The Outsiders hold 'Taker up so that Maven can hit that sweet dropkick of his.

A Maven heel-turn under those kind of conditions might-- might-- kick ass on many different levels.

The problem I see with that is twofold, though. It'd either establish Maven as a heel, or establish the nWo as faces (because 'Taker is a heel). I'm not convinced that a Maven heel turn is the best thing-- yet. Maybe in a few months, after Maven has the opportunity to show that he actually has talent-- and he's not just getting fluke victories.

And an nWo face turn is completely inadvisable, especially seeing as how they're being built up as this sort of Evil Empire.

Here's the thing. Three men can't do it by themselves. Hogan, Hall and Nash wouldn't be enough to take out the upper echelon of the WWF, not to mention the entire company. It seems inevitable to me that the nWo will have new members in very short order. The Superstars that strike me as most likely to join up are, of course, the top-level heels in the company: the Jerichos, Undertakers and so forth.

But if we're going on what we know of the nWo's previous history, it's likely that a top-level face will turn heel and join the group. Triple H? Austin? Rock?

As long as they don't do anything totally illogical (like making FLAIR the next member, for godsakes), the possibility of more nWo members certainly makes for some interesting television. What made the nWo click in 1996 was that anyone could secretly be a member.

In '96, everyone was pointing fingers at everyone else. The nWo clearly had a double-agent working for them inside WCW, it was claimed. Who was it? Lex Luger pointed at Sting. Sting pointed at Randy Savage. Savage pointed at Luger. A few fingers were pointed at men like The Giant, or the Four Horsemen.

The point is, no one knew. After all, when Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined The Outsiders to form the nWo, it pretty much shocked everyone. If Hogan could turn his back on the fans after 12 years of Hulkamania, who was to say that certain other people wouldn't do it?

Here's a notable example. During an nWo attack once, Sting entered the arena, only to be attacked by Rey Mysterio Jr. and Arn Anderson (among others). Sting kicked all their asses. This was taken to mean that Sting had joined the nWo-- although it was clear he was only acting in self-defense.

Bottom line is, what makes the nWo angle so interesting is all the subterfuge going on. If you're a member of a long-time tag-team, you sometimes have to look at your partner and wonder, “What if he's an nWo double-agent?” Friends don't look at friends the same way. Brothers suspect brothers. It's what makes for very compelling storytelling-- no one can trust anyone.
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#9 Posted on 14.2.02 1048.18
Reposted on: 14.2.09 1059.13
Has anyone seen Rollerball? I was curious as to how well Shane-o acted and what his character was all about.

Or was that not him in the previews and I'm just losing it?
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#10 Posted on 14.2.02 1052.27
Reposted on: 14.2.09 1059.16
Actually, I was curious about that myself, so I went to look up Rollerball on the IMDb.

And according to it, that ain't Shane-o. Sure looks like him, though, but we don't see him for very long.
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