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22.6.11 0415
The 7 - Guest Columns - SmackDown! (5/8/2003) Recap
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Guess who's back
Back again
BrewGuy's back
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So there I was, sipping a Smirnoff Ice and enjoying retirement, when it comes to my attention that a Mr. JDW over at tOA said something nice about ME! Yeah, ME! And when I looked at their PPV recaps, it turns out the last one was written by....ME! Yeah, ME! Now all of you had followed my EPIC PPV recapping career know that I can't let THAT go - I mean, I'm Canadian! I HAVE to do something nice in return! Plus, with all the OTHER old people making comebacks in WWE these days, why not extend the trend to the World WEB Entertainment? So, who knows how often I'll be able to do this, but I hope to work a little more often than Shawn Michaels.

Awww, dry yer tears, there's wrestling on!! Specifically, TAPED from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, it's time for WWE SMACKDOWN!!

We get a recap of Steph being shocked by Mr. America, 'cause she was dumb enough to sign him unseen. Maybe I should put some tights on and get signed as "Mr. Canada"! Here's Mr. America giving Piper, Hogan, and Sean O'Haire fits while they accuse him of being Hogan. WHAT? That's not Hogan - he's got a MASK on!! I mean...come ON! Here's Mr. America cleaning house with the 24-inch Patriots (not pythons, PATRIOTS - see? NOT HOGAN!).

Here's some opening credits! NO PYRO, 'cause it's expensive!

VINCE MCMAHON is out to kick things off, and as he does, I see a Mr. Canada sign! GOD DAMN, I'M BRILLIANT!!! How did you guys survive without ME?? "Tonight, live, right here in Halifax NS, Vince McMahon present Huuuuulk Hogan! Those of you who think I've had a change of heart about Hogan pause for chant You done? Finished?Through? " Vince explains Hogan will be here by satellite, not live. Crowd is unimpressed with McMahon paying big bucks for the satellite hookup. Vince explains that by showing Hogan at home, Mr. America will NOT be here, because they're one and the same! Vince.....he's got a MASK on! IT'S NOT HOGAN!! "Why, even you Canadians..." and the Nova Scotia crowd busts out the "asshole" chant before he even finishes, God love 'em."Even you Canadians, some of whom I've been told are mentally challenged, even you know Mr. America is Hulk Hogan!" Well, I NEVER. A large "You Screwed Bret" chant breaks out, which COLE ACTUALLY ACKKNOWLEDGES...and so does Vince!!! "Yes, I did, yes I did!!! I'll screw each and every one of you too, given the opportunity! With a smiiiiile on my face!!" Well, I NEVER! Vince chooses this time to call out his daughter and the GM of SmackDown, STEPHANIE MCMAHON - Vince cuts her music so she can't prance down the aisle. That's a damn shame. Steph gets a mic. "So, Steph, how did you get me into this mess, you tell me how and why you signed Mr. America to a contract" "I did what I thought was right for the fans of SmackDown, Dad! I did what I thought was right for business, I heard Mr. America was the biggest superstar on the horizon. I heard all about his experience - I wanted Mr. America, and I got 'em." "Congratulations, because I didn't want Mr. America, you didn't consult with me, so why don't you tell everybody what the terms of the contract are." Steph explains how she had to counter Bischoff every off to sign Mr. America, and that's the excuse. She does that that he can't be fired or suspended under ANY circumstances. Vince is determined to break it. Steph says there's one way. "If you can prove that Hulk Hogan is Mr. America, then Mr. America's contract is null and void." Vince suggest Steph leave now - so she does, along with a little verbal scolding along the way. "While my daughter is thinking about how I'm gonna break this contract" (Ass-hole!) "Well coming from you Canadians, I consider that a compliment, thankyou!" Oh, TAZZ thought that was funny. Jerk! "Without further adue, live via Satellite in his home in Tampa, I give you HULK HOGAN."

And there he is! Crowd quickly starts into a Hogan chant. "Why did you risk your financial security - why did you risk everything that you have by showing up on SmackDown as Mr. America last week?" "Well y'know I don't know what you're talking about Vince! I admit, I don't enjoy just sitting around the house, collecting a paycheck!" HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Because the one thing I love do to, more than anything else brother, is to go out there and perform in front of all my Hulkamaniacs dude!" HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, who says Hulk isn't funny??! Hogan goes on to say that thanks to Vince, he does feel like he has leprocy. Vince feels bad and is less than sincere. "Maybe one day, I will get a chance to return to action, and team up with Mr. America, brother!" Hogan also enjoyed Mr. A kicking his ass last week, just like Hogan kicked his ass at WrestleMania. Hogan admits they have some physical similarities, but Hogan says he's better lookin'. Vince suggests we see Mr. America live tonight in Halifax! Vince taunts Hogan with this - Hogan quotes George Washingon by saying "he cannot tell a lie"...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "But Mr. America just might show up there tonight, dude!" Vince outlines that if Mr. America shows is face again, he'll rip his mask off and expose him as Hulk Hogan, "so what'cha gonna do when Vincent Kennedy McMahon rips the red white n' blue off of you and destroys YOU?" Hogan looks mad. Vince looks confident. I look upwards and roll my eyes at Vince's stupidity. Mr. America wears a MASK! Hulk Hogan does NOT! But if he WERE Hogan (which he ISN'T), he'd actually be collecting TWO paychecks! WHO is the Smartest Man In Wrestling? Hunter WHO? Oh wait....Mr. America isn't Hogan. Never mind. Shut up, he's NOT!!

Still To Come, Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit vs. Big Show and A-Train!

Here's Vince walking backstage, and some backstage guy tells him Mr. America is in the building. "Riiight, sure, right, sure he's here. Thanks pal. What is it,April Fools? Get out of my sight!"

EDDIE GUERRERO (El Paso, Texas, 228 pounds, w/ Chavo Guerrero and Medals That Aren't Theirs) vs. MATT HARDY, VERSION 1.0 (Cameron, North Carolina, 220 pounds, w/ Shannon Moore and Crash)

Here's Los Guerreros giving the belts back, but showing that they stole the medals. That's gotta be a major felony, doesn't it? I mean, those medals are expensive! MATT FACTS: Matt hates waking up before noon, and Matt eats slowly to savor his food. Cole says the sushi is good in Nova Scotia, which is good for the Mattitude diet. There's the bell!

"Lockup, Eddie with a headlock takeover, head scissors by Matt, Eddie kicks out, armbar by Eddie, takeover, another headscissor and kickout and a Stare Of Mutual Dislike. Another lockup, hammerlock by Eddie, Matt breaks it with elbows, whip to the corner, Matt charges but eats elbow, Eddie to the second rope, jumps off with a half twist and...well, I don't know WHAT that was, but it was a bit of a mess. Eddie with a forearm, chop, snapmare, cover, 1, 2, no! Crowd booing the blown spot - aw, c'mon, we're better than that! Eddie grabs Matt but matt rams him into the second turnbuckle. Punches are exchanged until Shannon hops up on the apron and eats a right, but that lets Matt nail the Side Effect! Matt picks him up - another Side Effect! V1 sign, and Matt is a little bloody on the lip. Crash points out the book to the masses. Thanks, Crash! Back surfboard-type move is reversed, kick, Irish whip, sleeper by Eddie but Matt gets out and there's ANOTHER Side Effect! Cover, 1, 2, no! Matt choking Eddie on the second rope right in front of Chavo. Suplex, floatover cover, 1, 2, no! Matt with some verbal abuse earns him a right, a few punches exchanges, slam by Matt. Matt on the second rope for the leg drop but is caught by Eddie, and there's a top rope hurricanrana! Kick by Eddie, right, right, whip, clothesline! Another! Forearm, elbow, forearm, elbow, suplex! Spins the hips, another suplex! Another spin, Suplex #3!! Eddie's feelin' froggy! Frog Splash MISSES!! Oklahoma roll, 1, 2, NO!! Twist of Fat NO Eddie hrows him into the corner, charges but eats boot! Aaaaaaa, legdrop! Hooks the leg, 1, 2, NO! Matt can't believe it! Off comes the shirt! Riccochet NO Eddie arm drags RIGHT INTO A PIN, 1, 2, 3!!! (5:15) Matt isn't happy so he punks out Eddie, and here's TEAM ANGLE to punk out Chavo and get their medals back! Justice is served, but the crowd's not happy! Man, Nova Scotian's are crazy!

Meanwhile, The FBI talks to the Big Show while a screen goes by - hey, that's Mr. America!

The WWE Slam Of The Week is brought to you by The Matrix Reloaded is Spanky doin' his kick-ass rap, then just getting his ass kicked.

BRIAN "SPANKY" KENDRICK (Olympia, Washington, 181 pounds) vs. JAMIE NOBLE (Hanover, West Virginia, 200 pounds, w/ Nidia)

Spanky gets the mic! YAY! "Y'know folks, last week I came out here and I had a little rap-off with John Cena! And you know what he did, he kicked my butt! And do you know why he kicked my butt? Because every time I said Cena, the crowd would say" (SUCKS!) "Cena!" (SUCKS!) "Cena!" (SUCKS!) Have I mentioned that Spanky is awesome? Because Spanky is awesome. Noble gets some tonsil hockey for good luck and we're underway!

Lockup, side headlock by Noble, Spanky reverses, hammerlock by Noble, reversal, go behind, reversal, Spanky somersaults forward while Noble has his hands, flips back, and kicks Noble away! Flying head scissors into the second turnbuckle! Sliced Bread #2 NO, Noble throws him off, Nidia grabs a leg and Noble nails a neckbreaker on the ropes, which lets Nidia get in a couple kicks. Noble tosses him back in, and there's JOHN CENA watchin' on in the back. Shots by Noble, SICK back suplex!! Cover, 1, 2, no! Quick leg drop, 1, 2, no! Noble with a head submission move, sorta like a side headlock but he's got the arm too, Spanky fights out, off the ropes, crucifix but Noble dumps him over his head, into a single-leg crab with his foot on Spanky's head. Just the single crab now, as Nidia looks on. Spanky kicks Noble off the ropes, small package 1 2 NO, Noble with a quick clothesline to regain control. Noble plays to the crowd and gets booed. Another clogthesline, seond misses, forearms but Noble stops him with a knee. Head to the turnbuckle, chop, whip to the corner reversed into a kick, and then a dropkick by Spanky. Forearm, whip to the corner and Spanky goes in head-first, German NO Spanky lands on his feet!!! Enziguri! Cover, 1, 2, no!! Nidia applauds her guy. Whip reversed, MASSIVE powerbomb by Noble, 1, 2, no! Noble layin' the boots in, whip to the corner, perched up on the top rope as Noble lays in forearms - hooked for a top rope suplex but Spanky pushes him off - Spanky turns around with one quick move, MOONSAULT, Noble dodges but Spanky lands on his feet again!! Sliced Bread #2!! Cover, 1, 2, 3!! (4:39) Spanky wins!! Cena is not impressed! And neither is Mr. America (who we only see from behind), who stops by to watch for THREE WHOLE SECONDS!

Still to come, Lesnar/Benoit vs. Big Show/A-Train!

Here's the replay of the end of the Mysterio/Show match at Backlash, and the subsequent sick stretcher slam. Tazz says he may have nerve damage and hopefully he'll be back soon, and Cole one-ups him by saying Mysterio will be back next week!

Josh interviews Brock, who decides that since Big Show likes stretchers so much, he makes their Judgement Day match a Stretcher Match. Brock guarantees Show will leave on a stretcher.

Vince examines some coffee, and is approached by FUNAKI, who says he's gonna watch Mr. America, who's going to the ring right now! Vince says it's an imposter, then makes Funaki pour him coffee. "Stirry...stirry coffee!" Oh, that'll have the folks at home in stiches. Vince sips his coffee and proclaims it not bad for Canadian coffee. Jerk!

MR. AMERICA makes his way to the ring. NOT Hogan...Mr. America! There's Vince and Steph watching in the back, and it appears I'm gonna have to type out another long interview. "Hogan" chant leaves me confused - it's not Hogan!! The crowd sure loves whoever it is, though! They give him a huge ovation!! Are we a great country, or WHAT? Mr. America decides to pose some more before speaking - ah here we go: "WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, BROTHERS!" And with THAT, Vince is HOT and he's on his way to the ring!! "I came here to the Great White North to make a simple point! Like I said last week, DUDES, I am NOT HULK HOGAN". I know, Mr. America, I know! Crowd chanting Hogan?? ARE THEY IDIOTS??? "Like I said, Maniacs, I am NOT HULK HOGAN! Y'know, just a couple weeks ago - even longer than that, let me take you way way back - a long time ago, I was a 165 accountant working in Hoboken New Jersey, when I decided to buy WrestleMania. That's when I saw him....Hulk Hogan. There was just something about Hulk Hogan! Maybe it was the way he battled and never quit! Maybe it was the way at WrestleMania at the Toronto SkyDome, all the Hulkamaniacs were just goin' crazy!!" Yep, they sure were. "And after I saw WrestleMania, I decided to quit my day job and I started training, I started saying my prayers, and I started eating my vitamins, and I became Mr. America! And I know right now Hulk Hogan is at home watching, and I've got one thing to say to you, and that's thank you, brother!" Well, this brings out Vince with murder in his eye. He's walkin' around the ring. He's grabbing a mic - oh goodie! "I don't know what's goin' on here, I don't know what you're trying to pull off! Last time I checked, Hulkamania wasn't some sort of a super-hero! Last time I checked, Vince McMahon was a man of his word, and out here tonight, earlier, I said that if you EVER showed your face in my ring again, I was gonna rip the mask right off your face! That's exactly what I' no, no no, that's not what I'M gonna do, that's what my daughter Stephanie's gonna do! C'mon Stephanie, get out here!" And out she comes, and they both get into the ring. "This is the way this is gonna go down!" (ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE) "Really simple, see I said before, I'm a man of my word..." Vince takes his jacket off - "Steph, NO, NO!" Mr. America buys it, and Vince throws his jacket and lands a low blow!! Vince going for the mask, but Mr. America is too strong! Stephanie says she's not going to help! Mr. America throws off Vince - right into Steph, who hits the canvas hard and is out! Mr. America is pumping his arms, slightly similar to Hulk Hogan, but it's NOT HOGAN! There's the Mr. America Point of Doom!! Vince's right is blocked, right by Mr. A! Off the ropes, another right! Play his music! Mr. A then picks up the wounded Stephanie and carries her to the back! See, that PROVES he's not Hogan - Hogan would have NEVER, EVER done that!! Need I say more? I mean, really!! Vince is back in the ring, then rolls out, rather irate.

Moments Ago, look up, look wayyy up. Steph is in the back with a trainer, holding ice to her head as Vince rants and raves. The trainer says security saw him leaving the building. "Hey Dad?" "what, what? Oh, uh, is she alright?" "She's got an abrasion on her cheek, and.." "I can see that! YOU go find Hogan." The trainer does. "What did he do to you?" "He didn't hurt me, Dad. You did." "No, no, I didn't hurt you, don't put this on me! This is HOGAN'S fault!" Steph is rather displeased.

Here's SABLE out in a rather interesting outfit as SmackDown is brought to you Stacker 2 , Greyhound, and The Matrix Reloaded! Sable takes a seat ringside.

TORRIE WILSON (no home town announced, w/ curly hair) vs. DAWN MARIE (no home town announced, also w/ curly hair)

Here's a replay of last week's head games. Sable looks lesbo-riffic as both ladies make their way out. Torrie yells at her 'cause she's NEVER do anything like that....oh wait....anyway, Dawn shoves her down, earning her slap, which in turns earns her a spear and the Rolling Catfight ensues! Ref trying to break it up without grabbing anything he shouldn't (and succeeding, for the most part), Dawn lands a right, firewoman's carry but Torrie rolls her up in slow motion, 1, 2, 3! (0:45) - Torrie is happy, Sable is not. She gets in the ring with a mic. Ohhh, goodie. "Torrie! Yoo hoo, Torrie! I just wanted to congratulate you on your victory. It must feel great to finally break that....losing streak? You know I held the Sable Invitational to find out which WWE Diva could match up against me physically." Sable rubs herself a bit while Torrie licks her lips...but she's not interested, noooo. "Now I must admit, you looked a little...bloated, and that's why you lost. Now I know the fans think you should've won, and I am a fair woman, so why don't you see how you match up" Torrie likes that idea "That's right, Sable vs. Torrie in a bikini contest." Torrie is happy with that. "THE Playboy centerfold against A Playboy centerfold. But, I think the real question is, Torrie, do you really want to find out if your body is as hard, voluptuous and oh! So Sablelicious as mine! Torrie decides to lose her top because she's so disgusted..I mean, turned on...I mean....I dunno. Hey look, hot women!

Back in the Halifax Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Brock! Benoit! Show! A Train! TONIGHT!

TEAM ANGLE (Champions, 489 pounds, w/ Gold Medals That Aren't Theirs and Kurt Angle picture) vs. RIKISHI and TAJIRI (556 pounds)

That's a bit of a strange team, isn't it? Oh well, what do I know. There's the bell!

Haas and Rikishi will start. Lockup, armbar by Rikishi, reversal, another reversal, right by Haas, right by Rikishi drops him. Pulls him up, another forearm by Haas, whipped off, shoulder block sends Haas to the outside! Benjamin to the top rope, sunset flip but Rikishi doesn't go, so he bails out! Haas now tries it, and that's a bad idea - SQUASH! 1, 2, Shelton saves! Tag to Tajiri, tag to Benjamin. Shelton's clothesline misses, kick, whip reversed, kick is caught, DRAGON WHIP NO Tajiri ducks and lands a bunch of cool kicks of his own! Whip, spinning heel kick! Cover, 1, 2, no. Chop, chop, whip reversed and Haas catches Tajiri with a cheap shot, Shelton with a ..well, I'll call it a half slam, half suplex.- Tazz calls it a Back Arch Suplex. Haas whips Tajiri into the corner - belly to belly! Cover, 1, 2, no! Powerbomb, no crucifix, no, clotheslines no, HUGE back kick from Tajiri. Mn, you forget how f'n awesome Tajiri can be. Haas does Rikishi! Right right right, whip, clotheslines by Keesh! One for Haas! Ther's a double! Samoan drop on Haas! Belly to belly on Shelton! Both guys whipped to the same corner, and there's the Ass Avalance! Chokeslam/Spinebuster by Rikishi, and Shelton dropped in the corner! Rikishi goes for the Stinkface but gets a shot "right in the yambag!" says Tazz, making him only the second person I've ever heard use that expression. Rikishi tags Tajiri, Shelton tags Haas - Haas clothesline misses, springboard elbow! There's a handstand kick to Shelton, but Haas catches him with a clothesline - but Rikishi nails him with the superkick! Tajiri's whip is reversed into the corner, Rikishi pushes Haas at Tajiri...Tarantula! Break at 3, Tajiri whips Haas but it's reversed - Atomic Drop, and as it lands, Shelton hops in the ring and NAILS Tajiri with a super kick, and Haas floats over for the rollup! 1, 2, 3! Team Angle wins! Play...Los Guerreros music? Uh oh, they're stealing again! This time they've got the medals, AND the picture! And a security guy is protecting them?? He should be arresting him! DAMN, us Canadians are nice!

There's Chris Benoit, looking INTENSE! There's Brock, looking INTENSE!

JOHN CENA (West Newberry, Mass., 248 pounds, w/ old-skool Milwaukee Brewer's hat and jersey) vs. RHYNO (Detroit, Michigan, 275 pounds)

Spanky is out to do commentary - YAY! Spanky says he was just havin' a little fun, and he got his butt kicked. Can't a kid have a little fun? Cena's got the mic - YAY! "Yo, yo, yo! So tonight, John Cena's gotta fight a rhinocerous! I'll rip his crotch out, and make him see a gynecologist! You're half man half beast - is that supposed to impress me? Man, my fist will swell your face, you'll be the white Dizzy Gilespe! I bet your fans think Rhino's gonna give me the Gore! I'll beat his ass so sore, it's like he did a prison tour!" Crowd likes THAT one. "Yo, this is Thuganomics, I excel beyond sports! He rocks a horn on his head? I rock the horn in my shorts! And to that kid Spanky, imitatin' my flows, I'll be glad I broke his nose and ripped off his frickin' clothes! He had the whole crowd chanting 'Cena sucks'! you think I do? Well F U, 'cause I just don't give a......"

Rhyno runs to the ring and goes face to face - Cena shoves him off, Rhyno with rights and here we go! More rights, kicks, whip to the corner, shoulder block! "Who's the man!" Spanky proclaims how he's wanted to be here since he was a kid. Rhyno with the boots, whip, boot to the stomach, boot to the head. Another big boot sends him to the outside. Cena fires back, rams Rhyno's back into the apron, twice, then rolls him in. Cover, 1, 2, no. layin' the boots, and Spanky says he's not afraid of "Johnny Blanketfolder over there". I love Spanky. Have I mentioned I love Spanky? Becuase I love Spanky. Suplex by Cena - cover, 1, 2, no. Cena grabs the arms and drives the back in to Rhyno's back. Cole asks where Spanky comes from, and he says that's what he's been called since he was a kid. Rhyno powers out and bounces Cena's head into the turnbuckle. Cena's right blocked, right by Rhyno, another right blocked, another right by Rhyno, a few more, whip reversed,clothesline misses, Rhyno's flying clothesline does not! Quick elbow, cover, 1, 2, no! Slam by Rhyno no Cena floats over, shot to the kidneys, then somersaults over him and drives his head into the mat! Cool! Cover, 1, 2, no! Fireman's carry NO Rhyno gets out of it and nails a big spinebuster! Cena is going for the chain, Spanky runs over and grabs it, a tug of war ensues, Spanky wins, and Cena backs right into a schoolboy, 1, 2, 3!! (3:02) Cena is PISSED, and nails Rhyno to the outside! Cena chasing Spanky, Spanky runs int othe crowd but Rhyno catches him and runs him head-first into the apron - and there's a Gore attempt but Cena dodges and Rhyno smokes his knee into the steps!

Meanwhile, the FBI says it's business as usual and it's time to go! One of 'em says "Skadooch". Tazz: "Skadooch?" Me: "Skadooch?"

This week on Confidential - the Miss Elizabeth Story. That ought to be interesting...

Here's the Judgement Day lineup, which you know so I'll spare you (and me) the trouble.

Brock's on his way to the match when he's stopped by Nunzio, who gives him a hard timee, So Brock pushes him away. Nunzio SLAPS him as he's walking away and takes off! Brock chases into room 1 a, which is quickly barred with a piece of wood......and then with a FORKLIFT! There's A Train and Show thankin' them for a job well done! Show and A-Train argue about who wrestles Benoit - Show wins, 'cause he's got a stretcher with Benoit's name on it.

THE BIG SHOW (no home town announced, 500 pounds, w/ A Train) vs. CHRIS BENOIT (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 229 pounds)

Show brings the stretcher to ringside and Benoit sees his name on it. He's not happy. He goes face to face with Show and gets pushed off his feet but gets right back up, there's the bell!

Show grabs him and floors Benoit with a big chop. 12 minutes go by, then show picks him up and whips him to the corner. Show charges but gets kicked. Chops by Benoit - dropkick to the knee! Kicks and punches stun Show, but Benoit runs into a big Sidewalk Slam. Choke by the foot by Show. Cole says that it's been 17 years since there's been a stretcher match was Andre The Giant vs. Killer Khan. Cool! Show whips Benoit into the corner while the crowd chants "Let's Go Benoit, Let's Go clap clap". Benoit goes in sternum first and sells like the champ he is. Another SCINTILLATING choke by Show. Here's A Train to boot Benoit while he's on the outside - he throws him back in. Show picks up Benoit - Stalling Suplex (and the Stall lasts about 17 minutes)! Show starts yelling, which is amazing because I thought he was out of energy. Show steps on Benoit because it's easy to do. Headbutt! "Benoit, Benoit!" Chop by Benoit, another, another, charges right into a bearhug. 27 minutes later, Benoit gets out with a bite to the nose! Off the ropes but Benoit eats a big elbow. Leg drop NO! Benoit with a dropkick to the head! Benoit's goin' up! Show on his feet - FLYING HEADBUTT DROPS SHOW! Benoit covers - 1, 2, no! Benoit with kicks, off the ropes but runs into a GOOZLE - CHOKESLAM NO CROSSFACE! Will Show tap?? A Train has the stretcher but Benoit baseball slides him! Benoit trying for the Crossface but Big Show powers out - GOOZLE - CHOKESLAM! Turn out the lights, the party's over, and the crowd ain't happy. Cover, 1, 2, 3. (4:58) A Train is in for the post-match beat-down - there's a bicycle kick by A Train. There's another chokeslam. A Train gets the stretcher. They put Benoit on the stretcher and strap him in - they're gonna do a Rey Rey on him but Lesnar has escaped! He wipes out the A Train! Into the ring, he goes right at Show - Show nails him, but Lesnar takes him down! A Train in from behind, whip reversed - F5!! But Show nails Lesnar with a clothesline!! GOOZLE.....CHOKESLAM!! Crowd BOOS!!! We get a big "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" from Show, and THAT'S IT!!

Hmmmm....not exactly the Show Of All Shows to make a comeback on, was it? Thank goodness for Spanky. I love Spanky.

Until next time, IT'S NOT HOGAN!

(edited by BrewGuy on 8.5.03 2316)
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God bless you.
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Good recap, Brew.
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Daryl returns to the keyboard!

Well done, teh Canadian Grizzly Dude!
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