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29.9.09 1409
The 7 - Basketball - Playoff picks, for those interested ... Register and log in to post!
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J.T. Dutch
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#1 Posted on 17.4.03 0735.44
Reposted on: 17.4.10 0749.15
Matchups are ...


(1) Pistons vs. (8) Magic
(2) Nets vs. (7) Bucks
(3) Pacers vs. (6) Celtics
(4) '76ers vs. (5) Hornets


(1) Spurs vs. (8) Suns
(2) Kings vs. (7) Jazz
(3) Mavericks vs. (6) Blazers
(4) Timberwolves vs. (5) Lakers

Anyone want to step forward and take a shot at this??


I'll pick the first round right now --

Magic in 6, Nets in 7, Pacers in 6, '76ers in 7

Spurs in 6, Kings in 7, Mavericks in 6, Lakers in 5
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#2 Posted on 17.4.03 0745.58
Reposted on: 17.4.10 0749.17
WEST: TNT has been praying for a Kings/Lakers final, and they may actually get their wish. ;-)

EAST: Who cares? It's like the AFC of the NBA.
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#3 Posted on 17.4.03 0807.44
Reposted on: 17.4.10 0807.52
This is just for the first round.


Detroit/Orlando-Detroit in 6.

Nets/Bucks- Nets in 5.

Indiana/Boston- Indiana in 5.

76ers/N.O.- 76ers in 5.


Spurs/Suns- Spurs in 5.

Kings/Jazz- Kings in 5.

Dallas/Portland- Dallas in 5.

Minnesota/Lakers- Lakers in 6.
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#4 Posted on 17.4.03 1103.15
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1106.35
The first round is best of 7 now?? Shows how much I've been paying attention.

There is not one east team that even remotely intrigues me to watch, while I could watch just about all the west teams. Oh how I miss the days of the annual Celtics-76ers conference finals...
Potato korv
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#5 Posted on 17.4.03 1157.51
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1158.31
So my Woofies claw and scrape their way into home court, and THAT'S their reward? The Lakers? Dammit...

Here's my picks:

Spurs/Suns: Suns won the regular season series, but San Antonio finished strong, winning 8 of their last 10. Spurs in six.

Kings/Jazz: Utah made a great run just to get into the playoffs, and were flirting with the sixth seed for a while. But I don't think their legs will hold up. On the other hand, I shudder at having to deal with a purple and black Wienerboard (complete with spinning Kings logo) for the next few weeks. Kings in five.

Mavs/Blazers: I hate Portland. Dallas in four.

WOLVES/Lakers: And this is why I hate Portland. They split the season series, but Minnesota's two wins came in December, before LA hit their stride. Minnesota's good enough to win three games in the first round for the first time ever. Too bad they've got to win four now. Lakers in seven.


Pistons/Magic: The Pistons have stumbled down the stretch, but they're way more talented than the Magic. Pistons in five.

Nets/Bucks: It's the playoffs, time for the Bucks to choke. Again. Gary Payton starts looking for homes in Oakland. Nets in four.

Pacers/Celtics: Here's my big upset, and probably the best Eastern first round series. Celtics in seven.

Sixers/Hornets: The Hornets finished strong, winning seven of their last ten. And the won the season series from the Sixers.Hornets in six.

Bonus Lottery Pick: New York, despite only having a 4 percent chance to do it, wins the lottery and gets LeBron. And David Stern officially makes the Knicks logo the NBA logo just to save us the trouble.
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#6 Posted on 17.4.03 1354.06
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1355.20
Magic over Pistons in 6 (McGrady is da man!)
Nets over Bucks in 5
Celtics over Pacers in 7
76ers over Hornets in 5

Spurs over Suns in 5
Kings over Jazz in 6
Mavs over Blazers in 5
Lakers over TWolves in 6

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#7 Posted on 17.4.03 1407.52
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1423.11

    Originally posted by Battlezone
    Nets/Bucks: It's the playoffs, time for the Bucks to choke. Again. Gary Payton starts looking for homes in Oakland. Nets in four.

Man...where's the love. Everyone knows the Bucks don't choke until at least the 2nd round. Bucks in six.

Boudin blanc
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#8 Posted on 17.4.03 1424.58
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1429.10
Watch out for the Hornets who are healthy again!

Last 4 wins with all starters back

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#9 Posted on 17.4.03 1446.25
Reposted on: 17.4.10 1457.18
While figuring out how much Mark Cuban paid the Portland organization to dump the last game of the season to the Clippers, thus allowing Dallas (and in Round 2 Sacramento), to avoid L.A.

Orlando in 6 over Detroit: Boston showed last year that Detroit is vulnerable in a long series.

Bucks in 5 over New Jersey: I think this is the one match-up in the East where New Jersey matches up poorly.

76ers in 7 over Hornets: Probably the best match-up in the East. Would take the Hornets, except I've seen them come up short to many times in the playoffs.

Celtics in 6 over Pacers: I hate Isiah Thomas. Reggie Miller can out-do Michael Jordan in this series though, and go 0-3 all time vs. the C's in the playoffs. (Jordan was 0-2, and would it kill the networks everytime they suck up to Jordan by mentioning his 63 points in Game 2 in '86 to mention the Celtics WON the game. I always thought that was the only thing that mattered in the playoffs).


Spurs in 5 over Suns: Next year, Phoenix is going to be dangerous.

Lakers in 4 over Minnesota: T'Wolves real happy their chance to get out of Round 1 is aborted by Portland tanking the last game.

Dallas in 7 over Portland: Portland has all the momentum after Game 6, when half the team is arrested between the airport and the team hotel before Game 7. Rasheed Wallace gets the electric chair.

Kings in 5 over Jazz: What, on this board did you think I was picking against Sacramento?
flaming mo
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#10 Posted on 18.4.03 0050.01
Reposted on: 18.4.10 0051.25
Orlando in 7. I'm a big T-Mac fan, so hey.

New Jersey in 6. They have the experience.

Sixers over Hornets in 7. Sixers barely win by the greatness of AI.

Pacers in 5. Pierce and Walker carry them to a win with 3's, but the Pacers are the best team. Worst coach though.

Spurs in 4. They're just too good.

Wolves in 6. Hey, if Anaheim can sweep Detroit....

Portland in 7. Mavs-OVERRATED*clapclap clapclap*

Kings over Jazz in 5. Kings are on a mission.
Shot in the dark
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#11 Posted on 18.4.03 0054.01
Reposted on: 18.4.10 0055.02
As long as my much-beloved Jazz can make a respectable showing, I'll be happy.
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#12 Posted on 18.4.03 1541.01
Reposted on: 18.4.10 1545.34
I'll hop on the Bucks bandwagon:

Pistons in 6 (Orlando squeaks out a couple)
Hornets in 7 (Why not?)
Pacers in 5 (Boston too hot/cold to win a series)
Bucks in 6 (A great midcard team)

I'll stick Detroit vs. Milwaukee in as the East final.

Spurs in 6 (Really iffy about the pick, good series)
Lakers in 5 (Don't like it, but it'll happen)
Kings in 4 (Total squash)
Blazers in 6 (Always bet on skulduggery over Team White Guys)

I dunno about the West finals, but I'll put my money on it NOT being Lakers/Kings.
DJ FrostyFreeze
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#13 Posted on 18.4.03 1738.39
Reposted on: 18.4.10 1741.43

    Originally posted by Ubermonkeys
    Blazers in 6 (Always bet on skulduggery over Team White Guys)

Funniest thing I've read all week. Congratulations!
Big Bad
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#14 Posted on 18.4.03 1916.04
Reposted on: 18.4.10 1919.11
My pick...

Any of the eight Western teams over any of the eight Eastern teams in the finals.
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#15 Posted on 18.4.03 1944.44
Reposted on: 18.4.10 1949.16

(image removed)

Oh, PLEASE. The Pistons could totally take the Jazz.

(edited by Ubermonkeys on 18.4.03 2047)
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#16 Posted on 18.4.03 2047.28
Reposted on: 18.4.10 2051.29
Magic over Pistons in 6 - nice that Wallace is back but he won't be guarding McGrady.
Bucks over Nets in 7 - Nets don't have that much of an experience edge just because they went to the finals last year. Milkwaukee has been in the playoffs a few years and Gary Payton has way more experience than Kidd.
Pacers over Celtics in 4 - I don't see how anyone can pick the Celtics, they look like the worst team in the playoffs.
Hornets over 76ers in 4 - Sorry but i don't believe in the Iverson carrying the 76ers theory.

Spurs over Suns in 5
Kings over Jazz in 4
Mavericks over Blazers in 5
Twolves over Lakers 7 I think after the whole "Twolves finally got home court and it's all for naught" and Garnett playing so outstanding this year is just part of the TWolves destiny to dethrown the Lakers
Ken Anderson
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#17 Posted on 18.4.03 2336.24
Reposted on: 18.4.10 2336.59
Jay Bower here from Ken Anderson's computer due to a total computer failure in my side of the apartment...

Man. whats with no one giving any love to the east. Detroit has wins over the Lakers and the Kings in the last month and came damn close to putting away the Spurs, the hottest team in the league. If Ben Wallace is healthy I see Detroit giving any team in the league a headache and I don't see anyone from the east laying down and being swept in the finals like so many east-haters seem to be doing.


(1) Pistons vs. (8) Magic
Orlando is my sentimental favorite in the east but Detroit is just too damn good to be beaten by a one man team, even if that one man does deserve the MVP. Pistons in 5.

(2) Nets vs. (7) Bucks
This is going to be a good damn series, the Bucks have really meshed with chemistry way better than it should be given the late season roster shakeup. Milwuake is dangerous in that they have NOTHING to lose. They probably weren't expecting to make the playoffs, they probably aren't expecting Gary Payton to stick around and they are just having fun. New Jersey in a hard fought 6 game series.

(3) Pacers vs. (6) Celtics
I am NOT on the Celtics bandwagon and I am really not on the Antione Walker bandwagon. Indiana in 5.

(4) '76ers vs. (5) Hornets
Another potentially great series, New Orleans could be a scary team to face in the east but I like Philly in 6. AI and Eric Snow are playing strong ball and even Derek Coleman is impressive lately.


(1) Spurs vs. (8) Suns
Phoenix is a fun team but the Spurs are a fucking machine right now, they are going to Maul the Suns in four in convincing fashion. They can win on the road, they can win at home, sucks to be the rest of the league.
(2) Kings vs. (7) Jazz
A younger Utah against a weaker western conference couldn't win a championship so I have no faith in them doing it now. Kings in 5.
(3) Mavericks vs. (6) Blazers
The Blazers self destruct and the Mavs build some respect, Mavs in 5.
(4) Timberwolves vs. (5) Lakers
The Lakers have been coasting throughout the season and everyone knew that come a month before playoff time, they would turn it up. They don't need 72 wins and they didnt seem to particularly want them, they are so incredibly confident that I wouldnt want to face them. Even with a weaker supporting cast, LA still has to be the favorites to win yet another championship and solidify themselves as a dynasty.
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#18 Posted on 19.4.03 1031.51
Reposted on: 19.4.10 1032.34

(1) Pistons vs. (8) Magic - ORLANDO in 6

(2) Nets vs. (7) Bucks - MILWAUKEE in 7

(3) Pacers vs. (6) Celtics - BOSTON in 6

(4) '76ers vs. (5) Hornets - PHILADELPHIA in 5


(1) Spurs vs. (8) Suns - SAN ANTONIO in 4

(2) Kings vs. (7) Jazz - SACRAMENTO in 5

(3) Mavericks vs. (6) Blazers - DALLAS in 5

(4) Timberwolves vs. (5) Lakers - LOS ANGELES in 6

The east is a real tossup and I have the 1,2 and 3 seeds all falling in the first round... The west seems more cut and dry on who the top 4 or 5 teams are.
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#19 Posted on 19.4.03 1437.04
Reposted on: 19.4.10 1459.01

1. Detroit vs. Orlando

Speaking as a Raptor fan, let's just say that I hate Tracy McGrady, but he's the one player I love to watch. Everything he does, he makes it seems easy. Orlando has a chance, simply because they have the best player on the floor, but I can't see McGrady going off on this team, even with Wallace injured. Orlando will be lucky to get more than 85 points per game, and there's more than enough firepower on Detroit bench. Billups as their go-to guy will catch up to them, but not in this series. Pistons in 5. Burn in hell, Tracy.

2. Nets vs. Bucks

I swear, the Milwalkee Bucks are the worst team in the NBA. I don't care what the standings say, how can a team with Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Glenn Robinson miss the playoffs, then be life and death to make it the next year, with Gary Payton and Cassell as your back court? Especially in the East? Wait, I forgot, George Karl coaches this team. Isiah Thomas looks and him and says "Man, are you a bad coach". I know Jason Kidd is pretty much auditioning for his next job with the Spurs, but that shouldn't get in the way of a sweep. Nets in 4.

3. Pacers vs. Celtics

And speaking of Isiah and bad teams, somehow, someway, the Pacers couldn't win the East, with probably the 3rd most talented lineup in the NBA (behind the Mavs and Kings). If Artest doesn't kill anyone, they should take this easily. BTW, what a trade Boston made for Vin Baker. Savvy. Pacers in 6.

4. 76ers vs. Hornets

Who cares. Sixers in 5.


5. Spurs vs. Suns

Boy, that Marbury for Kidd trade doesn't look so lopsided now. I like the Suns and I think that in a couple of years, this team is headed for the Finals, but it's time for them to take a beating. Spurs in 5.

6. Kings vs. Jazz

Kings in 6. This is going to be tougher than they think.

7. Mavericks vs. Blazers.

You know, everyone talking about the coach of the year being Rick Carlisle, Eric Musselman or Jerry Sloan. How the hell could you not give this award to Maurice Cheeks. Half of his roster should be in jail, every day he has to worry about Rasheed Wallace going nuts, he's had Chris Mills block the team bus and challenge his team to a fight, Damon Stoudemire and Jeff McInnis as his point guards, an 86 yr old Arveydis Sabonis.... and they STILL made the playoff. Incredible. Blazers in 7.

8. Timberwolves vs. Lakers.

Kevin Garnett has never gone past the first round. And the trend continues. Lakers in 5.
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#20 Posted on 19.4.03 1559.50
Reposted on: 19.4.10 1559.53

(1) Pistons vs. (8) Magic- TMAC will make this a series and id love to see Detroit knocked out early but i have a feeling that the Pistons will pull it out in 6
(2) Nets vs. (7) Bucks- The Nets will win but this will still be a tight series
(3) Pacers vs. (6) Celtics- everyone's upset special and i cant agree more. The Pacers just dont do a thing for me
(4) '76ers vs. (5) Hornets- Sixers will win bc the Hornets can only go as far as Baron Davis can take them


(1) Spurs vs. (8) Suns- Spurs in 4 or 5- Duncan will use and abuse ( even though i have hated him since WF)
(2) Kings vs. (7) Jazz ( Kings will win but Jazz might still a game
(3) Mavericks vs. (6) Blazers Mavs will pull it out I feel but the Mavs are too soft to make it much farther than this
(4) Timberwolves vs. (5) Lakers- Love KG but the Lakers got em- id say 6 games
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