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#1 Posted on 5.4.03 0948.14
Reposted on: 5.4.10 0949.35
The WWE has interesting days ahead. The return of the former WCW World Champion has sparked heated discussion among wieners in Wienerville. However, we all know full well when the ratings pop a 4.2 this week, he’ll be showered with praise by the powers that be. Vince will have no choice but to put his faith into the man – and push him to the moon. Whether you like it or not, we’re in for a summer of squash matches and endless video packages.

Welcome back Kevin Nash!

It’s Kevin Nash appreciation weekend on! Throughout the weekend, current plans include to see video reviews of Kevin Nash: The Outsider, Starrcade 1998, and the following….

Coliseum Video is running on Diesel power!!! Truckstops, knees, and big boots for everyone!

STAN LANE gets the honour(?) of bringing us more Diesel action than you can shake a stick at! He’s taken his greatest moments and thrown them all onto this tape. Watch him take on HBK, Owen Hart, King Kong Bundy, PLUS a special bonus match recorded for this home video. Get this….he faces Jeff Jarrett just for us!!!

But first, back to Royal Rumble 1995.

BRET HART vs. DIESEL (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

This is Diesel’s first big title defence after defeating Mr. Bob in MSG, November 1994. Diesel shoves Bret to the corner – but Bret is back on Diesel with a waistlock, and gets him in the ropes. Punches are traded, Bret loses. The crossbody fails, and turns into a slam from the big man – but Diesel misses with an elbowdrop. Doesn’t matter – Bret is immediately clotheslined over the top, and upon getting back to the apron, gets dropped again. Bret, now aware he’s not getting back in the ring with the kind of guarding Diesel’s got going – grabs a big leg, trips him, and slams the knee around the ringpost. Bret back in, and slams Diesel’s leg to the mat, drops a knee on knee, elbowdrop – and works a kneebar. Another kneedrop – followed by jerking of the leg. Diesel stands, Bret kicks away like a prick, and continues jerking the leg around in various directions the leg simply isn’t meant to bend. A figure-four follows – and Diesel’s in some trouble under 4 minutes in! He nearly gets counted down – but manages to keep a shoulder above water long enough to prevent a fall. Diesel’s long legs keep him close to the ropes – and finally he graps one – but Bret is being a dick tonight and won’t let go until a count of 3. Diesel stands – and Bret is right back on the leg, pulling Diesel back to the middle of the ring, dropping an elbow, a knee, and back to the figure-four! Once again – Diesel nearly gets counted down a number of times, but gets to the ropes for safety. Bret hangs on to the leg as long as he can before the ref starts getting SERIOUS. (After about a dozen failed 1, 2, counts.) Bret kicks Diesel in the leg some more and he has no other choice but to roll out to the floor, so Bret hits a tope and hammers away. This is a slaughter… But wait – Bret gets too cocky and goes to whip a man twice his size, and gets thrown into the steps on the reversal. Diesel slow to make his way back in, but stays in control, whipping Bret hard to the turnbuckle. Here come the elbows! Bret staggers out of the corner – and we have a sidewalk slam, which gets 2. Bret crawls to the ropes – and gets nailed with the straddle, and it looks fairly vicious in comparison to Every Other Straddle He Ever Did. Backbreaker – cover – and Diesel gets 2. High knees in the corner – no pictures are taken – and Bret is down. Whip to the opposite corner, Bret crashes in back first – Diesel picks him up, but it’s not a Truckstop…it’s a backbreaker submission on the shoulder. After 30 second, Bret slides down the back – tries a sleeper, but gets thrown over Diesel’s shoulder.

We clip ahead to find Diesel stuck in a figure-four again. Diesel’s throwing punches at Bret – and the hold is finally broken. More shots are taken at Bret’s back – so Bret counters with a kick to the bad knee, sets him up in Shattered Dreams position – but it’s only so he can yank the leg in ways it wasn’t meant to turn. Bret backs up slightly – charges, but Diesel moves and Bret’s shoulder connects HARD! Diesel starts driving knees into Bret’s bad ribs and back – and then a really stiff gutwrench suplex follows. It only gets a 2. Diesel foot choke in the corner is broken up – so he tries a big boot in the corner, but Bret moves and Diesel hits the buckle with the leg. Now it’s REALLY a target – so Bret rolls out, grabs the leg and starts swinging for the fences around the ringpost. A chair is brought over – and Bret nails Diesel in the knee! The fans are booing that one audibly, ESPECIALLY when the referee fails to disqualify the Hitman. Bret calmly walks to the middle of the ring and applies the Sharpshooter. But fate interjects itself, as OWEN HART rushes the ring – attacks Bret, exposes the turnbuckle, and throws him into it ribs first. Owen walks off… “He’s a loser! I’m the king of the family!” Again the referee hasn’t called for the bell…and informs HOWARD FINKLE that the match must continue. I haven’t a clue why. Diesel hobbles around the ring and covers Bret. Bret manages a last second kickout – and the match goes on! Diesel tries to ram Bret face first into the exposed buckle, but Bret kicks at the knee again, and trips Diesel into falling face first on the bolt! Bret throws punches and ducks Diesel’s. A flurry knocks Diesel out. Bret celebrates – but Diesel gets back up and throws a number of punches at Bret – knocking him upside down on the bottom rope, hanging towards the floor. Diesel sees a chance for revenge and grabs a chair – but Bret sees it coming and gets back in the ring as quickly as possible. Upon getting to the middle of the ring, he suddenly collapses clutching his knee. Lawler smells a rat, Vince doesn’t think so. Diesel stupidly walks over, goes for a Truckstop – gets small packaged…for 2! The fans thought that was it! Bret’s fine – throws punches, tries a waistlock, but both guys run into Hebner HARD, and he’s out. The fans squeal…and SHAWN MICHAELS hits the ring to attack Diesel. OWEN HART and BOB BACKLUND aren’t far behind though to even the score and beat the hell out of Bret. The referee sees all this and has had more than enough. (19:17 aired) **** JEFF JARRETT and THE ROADIE are in as well, just because beating on Diesel is just that fun… And that’s all we’re gonna get.

JEFF JARRETT (with The Roadie) vs. DIESEL (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

This match took place on an episode of Monday Night RAW. Jim Cornette notes that Jeff Jarrett has the best figure-four since the Nature Boy…Buddy Rogers. Well that’s kind of insulting to the real Nature Boy, who had been busting his ass for nearly 20 years at that point. I’m talking of course about independent legend “Nature Boy” Jose Henriquez. Diesel comes right at Jarrett with a series of forearms – and a clothesline takes him down. Straddle on the middle rope – over the top clothesline – and Diesel gets a chant going while posing. Jarrett gets back in, and fares no better than the first minute – getting choked out by the boot in the corner. Diesel whips Jarrett – charges the corner, but Jarrett leapfrogs and comes at him with the shoulderblocks. It doesn’t last. Big hiptoss from Nash – but the snake eyes misses. Jarrett climbs the buckle for the 10 punch count-a-long – but the referee pulls him aside. The Roadie attacks, and gets thrown into the turnbuckle as a result. Jarrett is then tossed over the top and on to Roadie – leaving them in a heap. Jarrett back to the apron and gets knocked off it a couple of times, before getting stuck in a tug-of-war between Roadie and Diesel. The loser: Jarrett, whose arms are pulled all over the place.

We clip ahead, and Diesel is thrown over the top to the outside. Roadie attacks with a flying forearm while Jarrett distracts. Jarrett suggests to the referee there’s a problem with the turnbuckle, and while the ref goes over to look, Jarrett drives Diesel’s shoulder to the ringpost. Jarrett and Roadie look like they’re having SO much fun finding any means necessary to cheat and get that belt off Diesel. Jarrett back in to pose briefly, before heading back to the outside to keep hammering away. Smartly, he breaks the count when the ref gets near 10. Diesel rolled back in. Jarrett goes up – flying clothesline, cover, 1, 2, kickout. Dropkick gets 2. The swinging neckbreaker hits HARD – and Jarrett follows by choking Nash in the ropes. Jarrett does the Diesel Straddle, slams Diesel’s head to the top rope – hits a Steiner Bulldog, covers…for 2! A top rope crossbody looks to be the end…but it gets 2 and Diesel’s HULKING UP!!! Sidewalk slam, snake eyes, big boot, Truckstop Powerbomb, say goodnight! (7:52 aired) ***1/4 What a fun little match. Roadie takes a big boot and Truckstop Powerbomb for his troubles.

Stan Lane can’t believe Jarrett was even capable of standing up after that match – and introduces our next match…

KING KONG BUNDY (with Ted DiBiase) vs. DIESEL (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

This one’s a Coliseum exclusive. Bundy jaws with the fans and draws decent heat. Diesel stands over Bundy, showing just how tall he is, so Bundy shoves him and kicks him in the gut. Heh, I love Bundy’s take no shit attitude. He kicks away at Diesel in the corner, and knocks him down with a right. Elbowdrop gets a close 2. More punches followed by a snapmare is good for 2. The rear chinlock is applied. Bundy squeezes away and shuts his eyes, so Gorilla yells “WAKE UP BUNDY! You’re in there with the champ!” I miss ya Gino. The referee checks Nash’s arm, and it falls twice – but on the third try he keeps it up long enough to prevent submission. Diesel gets to a knee, but is hammered down. Bundy with a whip – tries the Avalanche – but Nash gets a boot up to Bundy’s face. Diesel bounces out of the corner with a clothesline…and GETS THE PIN? (4:02) DUD The match WAS looking to be a decent little contest until that finish out of nowhere completely threw the whole thing off. Weird booking.

OWEN HART vs. DIESEL (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

This match took place on The Action Zone. If this match is half as good as their In Your House V contest, we’re in for a goodie. Owen to Some Fan: “Show a little respect…okay? I’m going to be the WWF Champion in a few minutes.” Owen dances around Diesel for awhile. Diesel goes for the clothesline – Owen ducks out of the way, and celebrates his great victory! “I am a king!!!” Owen charges, but gets thrown to the corner throat first, and takes some elbows. Whip across the ring – Diesel charges – Owen leapfrogs, and takes control. Shoulderblocks are driven in hard. Rake of the eyes, headbutt…and makes the mistake of going for a whip. That NEVER works on Nash unless you’re 400 pounds, so it’s reversed and Owen takes a snake eyes. Clothesline up and over the top rope. Owen jumps back to the apron, and hits a jawbreaker across the top. To the top rope…and Owen is caught and launched across the ring. Owen begs off – but it’s no good as he’s thrown sternum first to the turnbuckle. Clothesline drops Owen, and who should come wandering down but SHAWN MICHAELS. Michaels and Diesel jaw with each other, which gives Owen ample time to get to his feet, and drive a knee into Diesel, sending him over the top and to the floor. Michaels nails Diesel for good measure, and walks to the back. Owen comes off the top, and hits a double axehandle from there to the floor.

Clipped ahead – Owen’s kicking the hell out of Diesel’s leg. To the top…HARD missile dropkick!!! Spinning toe hold is attempted – but Diesel shoves him off and Owen goes shoulder first to the ring post. We’re hulking up. Elbows in the corner…and Owen stops the momentum with a thumb to the eye! To the top…but Diesel staggers into the ropes and knocks him down. And now the REAL hulking up begins. Owen pulled up by his hair and slammed down in a seated position, elbowdrop, big boot, you know the rest! (6:21 aired) **

SHAWN MICHAELS (with Sid) vs. DIESEL (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

This is their match from Wrestlemania XI, and we’re joined in progress. Shawn’s in control, and on the top rope. He hits an elbowdrop while JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS looks on. It gets 2. Diesel hits a couple of backdrops when Shawn tries a DDT. Diesel whips Shawn across the ring, tries a snake eyes, but Shawn slips off the back and applies a sleeper hold. He hangs on long enough to drop Diesel to the mat – and the referee goes to check on him. The arm drops twice, and of course stays up on the third try. Shawn jumps back on Diesel’s back as he stands – and gets launched backwards into the turnbuckle as a result. The elbows hit in the corner, and Diesel whips Shawn across the ring, following with clotheslines right behind him. Snake eyes is good, as is the Diesel Straddle. Shawn whipped again, and he Flair flips over the turnbuckle, before getting clotheslined to the floor. Diesel chases Shawn back into the ring, and knocks him down with a series of punches. They brawl out to the floor and trade punches. EARL HEBNER leaps out to keep Sid away, and twists his ankle. They head back in and Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! Cover…and there’s no referee. Sid tries to throw Hebner back in, but it takes awhile. Finally the count, and it’s only good for 2. Sid, channelling the spirit of Tank Abbott, goes for his knife. He slices away the turnbuckle, while Diesel hits a belly to back suplex. Both men are down…and it’s Shawn surprisingly who gets the strength to cover. It’s only a 2. Both men stand. Shawn goes to the top – leaps at Diesel – gets caught, and sidewalk slammed. Diesel catapults Shawn face first into the non-exposed turnbuckle, and he hulks up. Big boot, Truckstop Powerbomb, and Diesel joins Hulk Hogan as the only man to retain his belt at Wrestlemania (at that point in time… Triple H has since joined the crew.) (9:34 aired) *3/4

Stan Lane wraps things up.

Who says Kevin Nash can’t wrestle? On this tape, you’ll see him bump his ass off while reigning as WWF champ, and in the process putting on some VERY good matches.

Someone out there needs to justify the impending push…and it may as well be me. Bring on Big Kev!
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#2 Posted on 7.4.03 1919.17
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If I had Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and HBK all bumping like mad for me, I'd look great too.
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#3 Posted on 8.4.03 0715.54
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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    If I had Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and HBK all bumping like mad for me, I'd look great too.

No you wouldn't.

Thanks for the article cfgb. :)
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