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25.7.09 0311
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown and Velocity taping 3-25 SPOILER
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Madame Manga
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#1 Posted on 26.3.03 0231.48
Reposted on: 26.3.10 0232.45
Warning: This is a SPOILER post for this week's Velocity and Smackdown taping, March 25 in San Jose.

Not exhaustive or entirely in order--my husband and I were not taking notes! We aren't even sure who won some of these. ;-) For what it's worth:








We had decent seats: twelfth row of the first tier, opposite fixed cameras.

Dark matches:

Sean O'Haire defeated jobber from Los Angeles. OK, but not very exciting. O'Haire got a decent pop.

Chris Kanyon defeated jobber from San Jose. Better match. Names of jobbers as announced by Tony Chimel were not audible to us.


Funaki def. Jamie Noble w. Nidia. Good match.

Bill DeMott def. jobber by "unable to continue" after powerbomb. Teased return to ring to beat jobber up some more to decent heat.

Tajiri def. Johnny Stamboli w. Nunzio. Good basic Tajiri match with kicks and tarantula applied.


Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore def. Rey Mysterio and Brian Kendrick. Spanky showed some excellent moves.

Charlie Haas vs. Eddie Guerrero, with Chavo and Shelton Benjamin at ringside. Nice stuff.

John Cena cut a rap promo on Brock. Hogan seen backstage with Jimmy Hart.

Nidia spots huge blow-up of Torrie's Playboy cover backstage and complains about it to Jamie Noble. She says she's going to ruin Torrie's pretty face tonight.

Torrie Wilson def. Nidia. Torrie did a dropkick/slide into Nidia's face while Nidia stood outside the ring with a chair--basically a Van Daminator, which got a good pop!

Backstage, Taker goes to find Nathan Jones for his scheduled match with Chuck Palumbo. Unfortunately, Jones has already ambushed Chuck in the locker room, and looks for Taker's approval over Chuck's inert form. Taker chuckles and says he's got to explain to him that there are some good things about what he's done and some bad--including the fact that Jones will now have to make his debut at Wrestlemania instead of tonight. So no Nathan Jones match on Smackdown--make of that what you will.

Many, many promos shown on Titantron for Hogan vs. Vince at WM, including another recap of the contract signing in blood. Diva ad by Torrie.

Big Show and A-Train taunt Nathan Jones backstage. They say that his years in prison give a whole new meaning to "Down Under". Jones seethes.

Show and A-Train vs. Benoit and Rhyno. Show actually gets decent heat. Benoit receives excellent pop. Match is all about Show's size and strength. Benoit sells Show as immovable and able to fling him across the ring with a flick of one arm. Nathan Jones runs in to big pop, not unexpectedly, and begins to beat on Show and A-Train. Again not unexpectedly, he gets into trouble. Taker runs out to reinforce him, to huge pop, and they clear the ring. Taker and Jones salute the audience and exit. Pause at top of ramp with backs to the audience (some jockeying by Taker to get Jones in line with him) and they do the simultaneous fist-raise a la Brothers of Destruction. Great pop for that.

Angle confronts Brock in his dressing room, and gives long, intense speech about how he doesn't care if this is his last match, because he's done it all anyway. Brock replies in kind. Good segment.

Hogan enters, to sustained and gigantic pop, and milks it. He says bad things about Vince McMahon, mentions the streetfight stip for their WM match and vows to leave Vince in a pool of his own blood, brother.

Chavo vs. Shelton Benjamin w. Eddie and Haas at ringside. Run-in by Benoit and Rhyno ends in crossface and general melee.

John Cena def. Rikishi. Stinkface goes off, but Cena, to vocal amazement of audience, lifts and holds Rikishi across his shoulders for a good eight or ten seconds before bodyslamming him. Impressive move. Cena calls out Brock and goes up ramp to find him. After Rikishi exits, Cena returns (some sort of miscue?) and says Brock is coming. Brock appears at top of ramp, removes shirt, comes down to ring. Brawl ensues.

End of show was abrupt, with no off-camera shenanigans. Angle made no appearance out front, to our disappointment.

My general impression was that this was a good solid show, but not amazing. A few blown spots here and there, but no major cockups other than Cena's premature exit. Promo-heavy to set up WM matches, but we both enjoyed the wrestling very much. No truly awful matches or segments, though the Hogan/Vince shill is wearing on me by now.

Arena was reasonably full, with a few upper sections dark. One sign confiscated at ringside by photographer. No fights, no trash thrown at the ring, and the smartasses in the row behind us (chanting "Holy Shit!" for Irish whips and "You Fucked Up!" whenever possible) were soon silenced by the man sitting next to my husband, who sounded like a psychopath but was otherwise polite.


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Mild Mannered Madman
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#2 Posted on 26.3.03 0310.36
Reposted on: 26.3.10 0313.06
Jobber against O'Haire was Tommy Drake. He comes from Phoenix, AZ, and has fought for UPW & Pro Wrestling Iron.

Jobber in match #2 was Chad Collyer, a former developmental worker trained by Dean Malenko.
Spaceman Spiff
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#3 Posted on 26.3.03 0745.09
Reposted on: 26.3.10 0745.53

    Funaki def. Jamie Noble w. Nidia. Good match.

    Tajiri def. Johnny Stamboli w. Nunzio. Good basic Tajiri match with kicks and tarantula applied.

WTF? Nothing against Funaki, but Knoble shouldn't be jobbing to him on Velocity. Knoble is arguably the best all-around cruiser on the roster, and one of the best all-around talents on the entire roster, and he's reduced to job-boy because of Nidia's perceived "weight problems".

And why, why, why does the FBI continue to job?
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#4 Posted on 26.3.03 0803.54
Reposted on: 26.3.10 0807.20
Why does the FBI continue to job? Simple. Vince didn't create the gimmick.
Spaceman Spiff
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#5 Posted on 26.3.03 0823.46
Reposted on: 26.3.10 0824.37
Actually, Stamboli beats Tajiri


    Dark matches

    Sean O'Haire b Tommy Drake with the edge in 4:41. Crowd got bored as soon as O'Haire started working a body part. Of course he doesn't really know how. Big pop for the finish and people were murmuring razor's edge.

    Chris Kanyon b Chad Collyer in 5:48. They announced Collyer from San Jose to get a big pop. Last night he was announced from Sacramento. Very good reaction to Kanyon. Collyer is a good wrestler and is the kind of opponent that Kanyon can do well with. Good near falls and Collyer got one near fall that popped the place big. Kanyon won with the flatliner. Second or third best match on the show.


    Our boy Josh got a so-so pop. Ernest the Cat can't announce, but he has a lot of natural charisma. People enjoyed seeing him dance. I'll bet none of them actually watch Velocity and hear him announce.

    Sho Funaki b Jamie Noble with a total phatass tornado DDT in 4:53. This was the second or third best match on the show just for that move. Noble deserves better.

    Bill DeMott b Apollo Khan in 1:55. They did an injury gimmick where Khan got offense on DeMott. DeMott leveled him with a hard clothesline and they sold it like Khan was injured and the match was stopped with the UFC TKO finish. I don't think people believed Khan was hurt because they popped big when DeMott after the match gave him a power bomb.

    Johnny Stamboli b Tajiri in 4:42 with a powerslam after interference by Nunzio. Tajiri did, in fact, work a near miracle here. Fans cheered Tajiri a lot after this match, apparently recognizing this.


    Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore b Rey Mysterio & Brian Kendrick in 5:15. Best match of the night. It was great until the last minute, when things got sloppy, but sloppy in a way that I think they can be edited. Nobody booed Hardy but they cheered Mysterio more. Hardy got a legit superstar reaction and it wasn't just women cheering. By far the best crowd reactions as well. Kendrick did a swinging DDT that was even better than Funaki's earlier in the show. Hardy pinned Kendrick after two twists of fate. The first was one sloppy, and Matt, like a pro, did a second one right away so you'll never see the first one. After the match, Mysterio did the 619 on Moore, but Hardy gave Mysterio two twists of fate and left him laying. Every about the segment was strong

    Hogan showed up with Nasty Nick and Jimmy Hart.

    Eddy Guerrero b Charlie Haas in 4:54 with a messed up cradle. Haas worked on Guerrero's left arm and people were barely okay with it. But the match fell apart, in a way that I don't think they'll be able to edit to take it all out. We'll see, but when Guerrero and Haas were on different pages for the finish, I really expected them to continue the match.

    Well, the advertised debut of Nathan Jones didn't happen. That was probably a good thing. He was supposed to face Palumbo. Undertaker found his psychotic friend, who showed Undertaker a laid out Palumbo. Undertaker then said he would try and teach him what was both good and bad about what he just did.

    They had not one, but two different clips airing on different parts of the show of Shane training Vince. Yes, Shane is back. However, Stephanie was never on the show. First clip was Vince lifting in the gym and doing bodybuilding poses. Vince is no genetic freak, but he is a freak. The other, later in the show, was Vince wrestling, and whomping ass on Dr. Tom Prichard. That wasn't pretty at all. They handled the build-up to a lot of the matches a lot better tonight than last night, but I still can't get into this main event.

    Nidia is still mad about Torrie Wilson being in Playboy. She asked Jamie Noble if Torrie was pretty. He's screwed.

    Torrie Wilson b Nidia in 2:11 with a DDT. Wilson was giving Nidia the lamest chops and the fans were laughing doing the Flair "Whoo"

    O'Haire did a vignette telling people to eat whatever they want. As you can imagine, the majority of people enjoyed that advice

    Show & A-Train bumped into the psychotic Australian. They ended up talking behind his back, but he heard them and was not happy.

    Show & A-Train beat Benoit & Rhyno via DQ in 7:08. Mostly Benoit in with the Train, so it was okay. Show & Train were having their way when Jones ran in and started punching both guys. He threw about eight punches before they swarmed him, which was about five too many as people were starting to catch on. Undertaker made the save and he and Jones cleared the ring. I was sort of thinking that to make a new star, doing it this way is ass backwards, but since it's Jones, if they were doing it right, he'd be in OVW for a year before we saw him anyway.

    Hogan came out to a huge reaction. Every time the crowd started getting tired of cheering him, he did the eyes, started working, and brought them back. This was at least a couple of minutes before he started talking. He said if he were to lose, it would be his last match because he's a man of his word. Now that was funny. He teased that it might be his last match, which would have been fine if that wasn't the same thing teased two segments later. He didn't promise to beat Vince, only to make him bleed. Very good promo to build the match. When he left, the people behind me, who cheered like crazy seeing this man come out, after he left noted how bad it's going to be to see two 70-year-old guys fight.

    Chavo Guerrero b Shelton Benjamin with la magistral in 6:21. Crowd wasn't into this at all. Eddy and Haas were at ringside. After the match, Benoit & Rhyno came down, to atone for being stooges to the real stars earlier like A-Train, and Benoit put the crossface on Haas while Rhyno gored Benjamin

    Kurt Angle went into Brock Lesnar's dressing room. One thing was clear from this. Most people were not aware Angle was hurt. You could sense a few did. Very interesting reaction. Angle said that if his wrestling career ended on Sunday, he's okay with it, because of everything he's accomplished both as an amateur and pro. 90% of the crowd was doing the What business and laughing through this very serious and unfunny shoot speech. The other 10% was clearly unhappy at the lack of respect. After about a minute, Angle's serious talk had them and everyone took him serious. It was a great piece of business with Angle saying he's leaving nothing on the table and his plan is to raise the bar to what a great wrestling match is. He said to Lesnar that we're both alike and we're both the two best guys in the company. Lesnar said if it was his last match, he could also live with it and he also intended to raise the bar and said that Angle had a lot of guts. When this was over, they cheered Angle. A few minutes later when they were running down the Mania card with the visual and showed Angle vs. Lesnar, it got the biggest pop and everyone cheered Angle.

    John Cena b Rikishi in 5:28 with a death valley driver, which is his new finisher. Cena earlier in the show promised to call out Lesnar. Match had no heat, but there was a very major lesson here. When Cena got Rikishi up, and did the move, and then got the three, the whole place was in awe. Winning and losing, when it's clean and powerful as opposed to a fluke, does still matter because nobody saw Cena on that level. He then challenged Lesnar to come out. One thing for sure. Whether Lesnar can draw or not, people think he's the real deal. Cena elevated himself (and got lots of cheers earlier for his interview calling out Lesnar) but everyone thought for sure Lesnar was going to kill him. I believe the show ends with Lesnar not coming out and Cena going back to find him.

    But for those of us live, Cena came out, and Lesnar came out. They did a long stare down until Cena spit in Lesnar's face, and Lesnar hit an F-5 to end the show.

    Overall some good interviews and good well directed hype for the big show. No good wrestling on Smackdown after the opener

Madame Manga
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#6 Posted on 26.3.03 1112.29
Reposted on: 26.3.10 1115.39
>Actually, Stamboli beats Tajiri

Sorry, misread my husband's match list.

Should I even have bothered to spend an hour recapping this exclusively for y'all, dear Wieners? I'm not exactly feeling the LUV here. I think I admitted I am the sort of fan who sits back and just enjoys a show when she paid for good seats.

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#7 Posted on 26.3.03 1117.04
Reposted on: 26.3.10 1117.06
I'm glad you recapped it, even though I don't like what I hear re: Nathan Jones. It's hard to get a gauge on what the crowds are really doing on Smackdown because of the audio sweetening, but you say the fans were fairly into him and UT. Oh well, we don't shoot the messenger I guess
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#8 Posted on 26.3.03 1134.00
Reposted on: 26.3.10 1136.18

    Originally posted by Madame Manga
    >Actually, Stamboli beats Tajiri

    Sorry, misread my husband's match list.

    Should I even have bothered to spend an hour recapping this exclusively for y'all, dear Wieners? I'm not exactly feeling the LUV here. I think I admitted I am the sort of fan who sits back and just enjoys a show when she paid for good seats.


Hey, your report made me glad I stayed home, saved some cash and got a chance to catch up on my sleep (not to mention see "24" as it was airing).

That's probably not the kind of LUV you'd like to hear, but there you go. ;-)
Madame Manga
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#9 Posted on 26.3.03 1302.34
Reposted on: 26.3.10 1303.03
You're welcome. ;-)

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#10 Posted on 28.3.03 1757.30
Reposted on: 28.3.10 1759.04

    Originally posted by Madame Manga
    Should I even have bothered to spend an hour recapping this exclusively for y'all, dear Wieners? I'm not exactly feeling the LUV here. I think I admitted I am the sort of fan who sits back and just enjoys a show when she paid for good seats.


You don't get the LUV from some of us til Thursday/Friday when we non-Spoiler-Readers catch up after we see the show. (It becomes a delayed gratification sort of thing, dontchaknow.) So for us, its the extra fun things that we didn't see on TV that are entertaining in your live report.

They could have shown us the Taker/Jones fist raise -- that would have been fun. (Maybe they didn't want to show it til Nathan can hit his mark properly.)

Any thoughts from the Cena/Lesnar brawl about whether they could sustain an interesting run together, as some have been suggesting?

I'm really suprised they didn't actually produce Kurt for y'all. They could easily have had him herd out Tem Angle to help with some aftershow Brock brawling.

Polite psychopaths can sometimes be quite helpful, can't they?

Thanks for the live report details, dear Madame! :-)

Summer sausage
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#11 Posted on 28.3.03 1951.51
Reposted on: 28.3.10 1953.25
emma sez:

    You don't get the LUV from some of us til Thursday/Friday when we non-Spoiler-Readers catch up after we see the show.

Hear, hear!

I really like reading posts like yours, MM. Seeing a live show is much different from seeing it on TV, and the little tidbits like the loudmouths behind you add a nice flavour to the show I watched at home. Good job.

One question too: how did the casual fans around you react to the long segments building the Hulk/Vince match? On TV it seemed to me that Hulk lost the crowd with his long promo, and we've seen the "Vince training" bits before. Were people paying attention or were they grumbling?

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