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26.5.12 0221
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Taboo Tuesday Card Predictions
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#1 Posted on 11.10.04 2311.13
Reposted on: 11.10.11 2312.12
RAW presents WWE Taboo Tuesday
LIVE Tuesday October 19 from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee

One Fall for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H [Champion] vs. Chris Benoit/Shawn Michaels/Edge
STIPS: Fans vote for challenger.
STIPS PICK: Chris Benoit. HHH has beaten HBK repeatedly, nobody cares about Edge and Benoit has beaten HHH twice.
RESULT: HHH retains via cheating. Orton gets involved, too.

One Fall for the World Tag Team Championship:
La Resistance [Champions] vs. Wacky Mismatched Team That Hate Each Other
STIPS: The two guys who don't face HHH go here, so it's either HBK/Benoit, Benoit/Edge or Edge/HBK.
STIPS PICK: I'm picking Benoit for the main, so we get Edge & Shawn Michaels here.
RESULT: Shawn Michaels & Edge win, leading to fun zany results.

Legend vs. Legend Killer:
Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton
STIPS: Fans vote for match type: Cage Match, Falls Anywhere or Submission
RESULT: Orton wins.

Chris Jericho Has Nothing Better To Do Than Defend The Intercontinental Title:
Chris Jericho [Champion] vs. Rosey, Rhyno, Batista, Shelton, Tajiri, The Hurricane, Coach, Palumbo, Mack, Maven, Christian, Regal, Venis, Richards, or Tomko
STIPS: Fans vote on opponent.
STIPS PICK: Uh...Christian. The peeps love him. Alternate pick is either Batista or Shelton. No matter what, Jericho retains.
RESULT: I already told ya! Jericho retains.

Weapon of Choice Match:
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
STIPS: Fans vote on weapon of choice: lead pipe, steel chair or steel chain.
STIPS PICK: Lead pipe.
RESULT: ~KANE~. I'm betting that Matt Hardy reveals he paid Snitsky to kill the baby somewhere before Survivor Series, because we HAVE to have the insane saga continue with a non-sensical doubleturn.

Nacho Match:
Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff
STIPS: Fans choose stips: Hair vs. Hair, loser is servant or loser wears a dress.
STIPS PICK: Loser loses hair. Duh!
PICK: Bischoff, via EVIL means.

Fulfill Your Fantasy Pissbreak Invitational for WWE Women's Championship:
Trish Stratus [Champion] vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Nidia vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz
STIPS: Battle Royal. Fans vote on what the Divas are wearing: Schoolgirl, nurse or maid outfits.
STIPS PICK: Schoolgirl. C'mon!
RESULT: Stacy wins the title, setting up a rematch one-on-one at Survivor Series for some reason.

The "Didn't She Lose Already?" Invitational:
Christy vs. Carmella
STIPS: Fans choose match type: Aerobics challenge, lingerie pillowfight or evening gown.
STIPS PICK: Lowest common denomenator: lingerie pillowfight.
PICK: Christy.

Odd-looking card. 3 crappy-looking filler matches, and 5 that could turn out well.
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#2 Posted on 11.10.04 2326.23
Reposted on: 11.10.11 2329.01
World Title
Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
Tripps wins.

Tag Titles
La Resistance vs. Shawn Michaels/Edge
Michaels/Edge win.

Cage Match
Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton
Orton wins.

IC Title
Jonathan Coachman vs. Chris Jericho
Coach wins.

Lead Pipe Match
Gene Snitsky vs. Kane
Snitsky wins.

Hair vs. Hair Match
Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff
Bischoff wins.

Women's Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Nidia vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria
Stacy wins.

Evening Gown match
Christy vs. Carmella
Christy wins.
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#3 Posted on 12.10.04 0257.28
Reposted on: 12.10.11 0259.01
I got some questions. Does anyone know how we vote for the matches? Has the voting not started yet? Can anyone vote or do you have to order the PPV to do that? I'm confused .
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#4 Posted on 12.10.04 0559.31
Reposted on: 12.10.11 0606.15
Voting starts at the end of next week's Raw and carries on right into the PPV the following night. I THINK its just a bog-standard online poll, but I could be wrong on that. As for the show itself...

It certainly seems like they're relying on curiosity factor alone to sell this bad boy. There's only one remotely fresh match-up amongst the ME possibilities, and with Edge seemingly turning heel the fans aren't likely to get behind him for a title shot. Hunter Vs. Benoit/Michaels will probably be a good match, but we've seen it so many times before. Then there's the problem of fed-fan trust. It's a given that, whomever wins the title shot, Trips is retaining. Which then comes across as a huge FU to the folks who voted. They got to decided what is essentially a foregone conclusion, big whoop.

Anyhoo, quickie choices: I hope Edge wins to give us something a li'l different, but it's likely going to be Michaels....La Rez will retain the tag titles after Edge fucks his partner over...Orton will win in the cage against Flair-and I pray that the subs stip doesn't even get a sniff of winning, because it would kill Randy's in-ring heat dead...Batista beats Jericho for the IC strap with a little help from his friends....Snitsky beats Kane after some form of hijinx...Christy and Carmella suffer a Diva beatdown to end their match...Stacy somehow wins the Women's Title in the battle royale after everyone is forced to don the schoolgirl outfits....and Bisch shaves Eugene's head following-dare I say it-a Regal turn?
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#5 Posted on 13.10.04 1928.52
Reposted on: 13.10.11 1929.03
I was napping today and thought of something: Based on current angles, there's only a few bonafide Survivor Series matches on the RAW side. A World Title match, a IC Title Match, a Tag Title Match, and a Divas match. Smackdown'll have a WWE Title Match, US Title, Cruiserweight & a non-title filler match. That's a full card.

So who's in the RAW main event? HHH & Orton for sure. They've already done the 1-on-1 and it seems like they're trying to drag it out. Solution? The annual Elimination Chamber: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Edge & a sixth man...possibly Kane (if he's done with Snitsky) or Batista.

To further the ongoing Orton vs. Evolution feud, fuel has to be added to the fire at Taboo Tuesday. The solution? Randy Orton costs Triple H the title to one of the three challengers, who then drops it back to H at Survivor Series. With us being told that the three contenders will be hanging around at ringside before the match (and probably DURING) and that every HHH match has Evolution at ringside, it's almost inevitable that there'll be a TON of interference.
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#6 Posted on 13.10.04 1956.07
Reposted on: 13.10.11 1956.13
World Title Match: HHH vs. Edge- Fans will go with Edge and the fans in Milwaukee will favor HHH. HHH retains (no matter who he faces).

IC Title Match: Jericho vs. Batista- Jericho gets the Animal and beats him with a rollup (again, Y2J keeps the belt no matter what).

Tag Title Match: La Rez vs. Benoit/Michaels- Whoever the challengers are, La Rez will keep the belts.

Legends Match: Orton vs. Flair- Fans choose steel cage, Orton wins after RKO.

Weapon of Choice Match: Kane vs. Snitskey- Fans choose lead pipe; Lita helps Kane win the match (Kane off the PPV loss snide).

Fans choose the stips: Eugene vs. Bischoff- Fans swerve us and pick the servant stip; Eugene wins no matter what the stip.

Women's title: Battle Royal- Fans choose schoolgirl outfits but Molly wears a 1950's schoolgirl's uniform. Stacy wins by some fluke and wins the title.

Divas brawl: Christy vs. Carmella- Fans choose Evening Gown, Christy wins.

Basically, the WWE wants the fans to be happy with this first "interactive" card, so faces will mostly dominate.
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#7 Posted on 13.10.04 2137.06
Reposted on: 13.10.11 2137.29
World title match...HHH vs ???
Choices: Edge/Benoit/HBK
My choice and decision: Edge, HHH wins but will have a rematch at Survivor Series.

IC title match...Y2J vs ???
Choices: "The Peanut Gallery" aka 15 candidates
My choice and decision: Batista, and Batista wins by Batista bomb pin.

Tag title match...La Resistance vs ???
Nominees: the two remaining from the World title match
My "choice" and decision: HBK/Benoit, HBK/Benoit wins when La Resistance flag use backfires.

Legend vs Legend Killer...Orton vs Flair
Choices: Cage/Falls count anywhere/Submission
My choice and decision: Falls count anywhere, Orton wins by pin on stage.

Weapon of Choice...Kane vs Snitsky
Choices: Lead pipe/Chair/Chain
My choice and decision: Lead pipe (Chair is so "normal" in today's world), Kane with a bop to Snitsky's head with pipe for the pin.

Fans choose the stips...Eugene vs Bischoff
Choices: Servant of winner/Must wear dress/Must have head shaved
My choice and decision: Must wear dress (Didn't Bischoff have his head shaved a few years ago), Eugene by backfired rulebreaking tactics by Bischoff.

Fantasy match...Divas
Choices: Nurses/French maids/Schoolgirls
My choice and decision: Schoolgirls under one Moolah and Mae Young, in a surprise, Victoria wins.

The two women who can't wrestle, but we'll put them in some kind of a match...Christy vs Carmella
Choices: Aerobics challenge/Lingerie Pillow Fight/Evening Gown
My choice and decision: The gowns, Christy wins, then takes off her own gown down to the bra and panties. Anyway, what is an an aerobics challenge anyway.

This is going to be quite interesting.

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#8 Posted on 14.10.04 1059.34
Reposted on: 14.10.11 1059.44
Picks for the first PPV dedicated to Scott Riggs

World Title: Trip vs. Edge: Remember the comments from early in the year where the McMahon Son-In-Law desperately wanted to work a program with Edge. Only way Edge will get a World Title match is by the Scott Riggs method. Trip retains.

Tag Titles: La Resistance vs. Michaels/Benoit: When in doubt, go with the wackiness. Michaels/Benoit win, developing tension to build up a 6 way Survivor Series match.

Flair vs. Orton (Falls Count Anywhere): Orton is ready to finish off Flair on the floor, when the Nature Boy yells out that Orton is his son. Orton is shocked, Flair lowblows him for the victory.

Kane vs. Snitsky (lead pipe match): Snitsky wins after Lita swerves Kane, and throws herself at her new lover Snitsky.

Jericho vs. Christian (I-C Title): Christian wins via outside interference.

SchoolGirl Match: The Stacy Kiebler push continues.

DivaCrapMatch (aerobics match): This will allow the introduction of Simon Dean. No Contest, as Kamala comes out, knocks out all 3 people, piles them on each other, and breaks out the 540 Shooting Star Press.

Eugene vs. Uncle Eric (Butler Match): Forgot about this one. Eugene wins, and his Uncle has to butle for him. Fortunately for Uncle Eric, a Governor will watch this, and make him head of household. A few years later, he will actually become state budget director. And, miraculously, Uncle Eric will be able to overcome his Gold Club problems and become Lt. Governor.

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#9 Posted on 14.10.04 1952.29
Reposted on: 14.10.11 1952.38
I think it's a mortal lock Jericho loses the belt. I'd rather see Shelton win the royal if Jericho's going over, and Batista if it's to be a title change.
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#10 Posted on 14.10.04 2147.17
Reposted on: 14.10.11 2147.17
Didn't J.R. say this week that voting starts at 10:00 -- not at the end of Raw?


World Title
I'll vote for: Benoit.
Who'll win the vote: Edge. Unless they do some really heavy last-minute HBK pushing on Raw, Edge is the only guy of the three who's really stood out lately.
Who'll win the match: Duh. Triple H.

IC Title
I'll vote for: Since A-Train isn't on the list (boo hiss), Val Venis.
Who'll win the vote: Batista.
Who'll win the match: Jericho.

Tag Titles
I'll vote for: Michaels and Edge.
Who'll win the vote: Michaels and Benoit.
Who'll win the match: Michaels and Benoit. Someone HAS to get the titles off La Rez eventually, and it's not like they're doing anything else with themselves right now.

Hello. My name is Kane. You killed my baby. Prepare to die.
I'll vote for: Lead pipe.
What'll win the vote: Lead pipe.
Who'll win the match: Kane. unless the WWE booking team comes down with an extra severe attack of the howling stupids.

Orton vs. Flair
I'll vote for: Submission.
What'll win the vote: Falls count anywhere.
Who'll win the match: Orton.

Fulfill Someone Other Than Myself's Fantasy
I'll vote for: French maid.
What'll win the vote: Schoolgirl.
Who'll win the match: Stacy.

The Miss Kitty Memorial
I'll vote for: Pillow fight.
What'll win the vote: Evening gown.
Who'll win the match: Carmella. 'Cause WWE are determined to get her over, even if we want her or not.

Eugene vs. Eric
I'll vote for: Dress. We've had enough hair-related hijinks this year, and the servant stip would just lead to more stupid backstage segments.
What'll win the vote: Haircut.
Who'll win the match: Eugene.

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#11 Posted on 14.10.04 2254.22
Reposted on: 14.10.11 2254.45
stp: "Who'll win the vote: Edge. Unless they do some really heavy last-minute HBK pushing on Raw, Edge is the only guy of the three who's really stood out lately."

He's not exactly running the best campaign by dissing the fans and attacking the two other faces. He's not supposed to win; it's the impetus (like the fourth one now) for his heel turn ...

stp: "Tag Titles
Who'll win the vote: Michaels and Benoit."

... wherein he can turn on his partner in this spot.

rsn: "Remember the comments from early in the year where the McMahon Son-In-Law desperately wanted to work a program with Edge."

Yeah but that was contingent on him getting over as a top face instead of getting booed. So change of plans to heel turn, I guess with the idea that turning heel will allow him more over as a face when he eventually turns back.

stp: "Who'll win the match: Carmella. 'Cause WWE are determined to get her over, even if we want her or not."

I assume Carmella is working this extra month for a little payday so WWE can pay off the storyline of the 10 weeks they spent making her the big heel. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, aside from the contest's inherent suckiness and the fact that they'll have a terrible match. But from a logic standpoint, it makes sense to have them do a quick feud. At least you're almost kind of getting something out of the months of useless segments.

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#12 Posted on 14.10.04 2317.25
Reposted on: 14.10.11 2317.36
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    At least you're almost kind of getting something out of the months of useless segments.

    (edited by JustinShapiro on 14.10.04 2356)

Yes. That something is more useless segments .
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#13 Posted on 16.10.04 0820.40
Reposted on: 16.10.11 0826.07
*World Title Match (choose the opponent)
-HHH vs. Michales --MY PICK: TRIPLE H-- It's between HBK & Benoit. Part of me says Benoit because next week (wow that's a long wait for a PPV post match reaction) HHH can say how he beat the internet which would give double meaning to the IWC in beating our luv child Benoit. But I'm going with HBK as Hell in the Cell was their last final we really mean it this time match, and that's been at least a couple of months ago, these two boys need their time together

*World Tag Team Title Match (surprise challengers)
-La Resistance vs. Benoit/Edge-- MY PICK: LA RESISTANCE-- Edge is moody.

*IC Title Match (choose the opponent
-Jericho vs. Benjamin-- MY PICK: SHELTON BENJAMIN-- Jericho has a lot more enemies than Benjamin. Benjamin wins without knowing someone cheated Jericho out of the title

*stipulation (cage match)
-Orton vs. Flair-- MY PICK: RANDY ORTON-- I'm going with Orton, but I can see Flair coming out of this the winner also. If it's a stip match like a cage you can always have Batista interfere costing Orton and Orton winning a rematch later on. But I'll go Orton slightly.

*stipulation (Steel Chain)
-Kane vs. Snitsky-- MY PICK: KANE-- He's got Lita in his corner, he can't lose. Snitsky might win, this is another one I'm not to sure of. I'm picking steel chain as it's the only weapon we haven't seen either guy use yet.

*stipulation (Hair v. Hair)
-Eugene vs. Bischoff-- MY PICK: ERIC BISCHOFF-- They are pushing the hair match so I went with that. Eugene gets his head shaved but much to Eric distain Eugene likes it.

*Women's Title Match (school girl)
-Stratus v. Victoria v. Kim v. Nidia v. Molly v. Keibler v. Jazz-- MY PICK: TRISH STRATUS-- Don't like this fluff gimmick match, but hopefully they won't be as dumb as to change the title with it.

*stipulation (lingerie pillowfight)
-Christy vs. Carmella-- MY PICK: CHRISTY HEMME-- Christy I think has the spunk, I don't think Carmella does so I doubt they'll be any bumping around. Pillowfight seems safe, Carmella runs away after a few connecting blows by Christy as Christy wins or something.

**It will be strange having to wait an entire week to get the aftermath of the PPV... I'm really going back and forth between Benoit and HBK getting in the World title. I think logicaly Benoit would be a better fit, but I think realistic HBK would get more votes.

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#14 Posted on 16.10.04 1146.22
Reposted on: 16.10.11 1149.42
The Card:

World Championship
Triple-H (c) vs. Chris Benoit
My Pick: Chris Benoit via Randy Orton interference

Womens Championship School Girl Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Nidia vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Molly Holly
My Pick: Stacy Keibler

Legend vs. Legend Killer
Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton
My Pick: Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Batista
My Pick: Batista, to hopefully move Jericho back to main event.

World Tag Team Championships
La Resistance (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and Edge
My Pick: La Resistance via Edge/Michaels fighting each other to set-up 1-on-1 Survivor Series match

Weapons of Choice Lead Pipe Match
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
My Pick: Kane, he can't lose again

Lingerie Pillow Fight
Christy vs. Carmella
My Pick: Christy, it'd be pointless having her lose her first ever match

Hair vs. Hair Match
Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene
My Pick: Eric Bischoff, via interference from The Coach
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#15 Posted on 16.10.04 1421.58
Reposted on: 16.10.11 1422.09
Triple HHH vs Benoit/HBK/Edge
Winner: HHH via Evolution over Benoit. He gets his win back.

La Resistance vs. HBK/Edge
Winner: La Resistance. HBK/Edge lose via Edge spearking HBK

Chris Jericho vs. the world
Winner Jericho unless its Batista, I don't see him losing the belt til Batista gets there.

Flair vs. Orton. Falls count anywhere.
Orton, because the push of doom continues and falls count anywhere is more fun to watch then the other two.

Carmilla vs. Krissy -Teddy match
Kriss wins even though the WWE wanted Carmilla. If they are smart, Carmilla will win, but I think they want this angle done with.

Women's School Girl Challenge.
Stacy. They want the belt on her, so she wins it in a freak way. Plus, its a winner for me, because minus Jazz this is one hot ass women's division. Even Molly will look good.

Kane vs. Snistky Chair Match
It feels like an Clue game, I'll take Kane with the win in the ring with the Chair. Previous winner, Gene in the ring with the chair killing Lita/Kane's baby.

Eugene vs. Bischoff haircut
Eugene I hate to say it needs the win. However, I sense a Regal turn coming which would suck since I think they would more than help the lackluster tag division. Eugene wins, because I'm bored with Bischoff, I have been since 2002.
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#16 Posted on 18.10.04 1336.13
Reposted on: 18.10.11 1336.15
(Quick note: I don't honestly believe that they'll book this on the fly, so between telling the fans what they want to vote for, and not actually counting the votes, I'm working under the assumption the entire PPV is already booked.)

- Christy over Carmella.
Reasoning: They just paid her $250,000. They better damn well give her the full-blown push.
- Stacy wins Diva Battle Royal.
Reasoning: All of this mini-push is recent weeks would be for naught unless she could "surprise" Trish, Molly, etc. in a match like this which doesn't require a pinfall.
- Eric Bischoff over Eugene, with the haircut stip in effect.
Reasoning: Nick Dinsmore already had close-cropped hair, plus losing a haircut match builds sympathy on the Eugene character, which they could certainly use right about now. I don't see Bischoff having a perfectly good hairpiece shorn for the sake of a storyline.
- Edge and Chris Benoit reclaim tag team titles over La Resistance.
Reasoning: I'm assuming HBK is in the main event. Giving Edge/Benoit the titles could come in handy if the rest of my scenario plays out...
- Kane over Gene Snitsky.
Reasoning: Time to squash the babykiller. Nuff said.
- Batista over Chris Jericho to win I-C title.
Reasoning; I mean, who else are they going to put in there? Tyson Tomko? Coach? Tajiri? Palumbo? At least this makes for an interesting match; and I think they can use the element of surprise to save face for Y2J later on.
- Randy Orton over Ric Flair (would be cool if they choose a cage)
Reasoning: Well, duh.
- Triple H over Shawn Michaels
Reasoning: Edge interferes, costs HBK the match. Afterwards, he joins Evolution, or perhaps... Edgevolution!!! Then he can carry on a storyline with Benoit (tag team partners who are on opposite sides) for the next little while, setting up Survivor Series as:
HHH, Flair, Batista, Edge Vs. Michaels, Benoit, Orton, Jericho

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#17 Posted on 18.10.04 1336.41
Reposted on: 18.10.11 1337.02
Someone should keep track of these every time we predcit matches, to see who is most accurate (or not).

Triple H v.s Chris Benoit- This is a tough one. I figure Edge isn't popular enough and Michaels/Trips has been seen many, MANY times. Triple H retains.

La Resistance v.s Edge/Shawn Michaels- I'd like to see La Resistance retain to keep some stability in the division, but I think the challengers will win and be short-term champs.

Ric Flair v.s Randy Orton (Cage Match)- I don't see any way of Flair winning.

Chris Jericho v.s Christian- I'll say Jericho retains.

Kane v.s Gene Snitsky (Lead Pipe)- I'd vote for a chain match myself. Hopefully, Kane dominates and wins, but it won't be the last we'll se of Gene-o.

Eugene v.s Eric Bischoff (Hair v.s Hair)- We've seemingly been persuaded to do hair v.s hair, but I'd go for the servant one. Eugene wins because humiliating Bischoff is a sport for Vinnie Mac.

Diva Battle Royal (Schoolgirl outfits)- It would be a disservice for Stacy to win, but it looks like that's where they're headed.

Christy v.s Carmella (evening gowns)- Christy wins and hopefully, we'll see the last of Carmella.

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#18 Posted on 18.10.04 1442.29
Reposted on: 18.10.11 1448.29
I'm not going to be able to watch this PPV due to schedule conflicts. And, suprisingly, I don't really care. I've enjoyed the RAW brand (some of it) lately, but this PPV holds ZERO interest for me. Although, I am upset about missing the PPV debut of GENE SNITSKY~! Eh, maybe InDemand will have a replay of it over the weekend.

World Title:
Triple H v. Shawn Michaels-- Hunter wins, as they'll probably want to keep the title on him until he and Orton face each other (presumably at WrestleMania). Could be Hunter/Benoit, but I'm sure WWE will do everything in their power to book Michaels as the only strong one out of the three on RAW tonight. And I'd be shocked (SHOCKED, I SAY) if Edge won this.

World Tag Title:
La Resistance v. Edge & Chris Benoit-- Edge & Benoit win the titles, do the 'Whacky Tag Partners who Hate Each Other' angle, this leads to a PPV match at Survivor Series or whatever the next RAW-Only show is.

Cage Match:
Ric Flair v. Randy Orton-- I can't imagine why they'd have Flair win, but stranger things have happened. Still, they probably want to keep Orton strong going into WrestleMania.

Intercontinental Title:
Chris Jericho v. Christian-- Could be Jericho/Batista, but I'll go with Jericho/Christian. Jericho retains because... I dunno'. He just does.

Lead Pipe:
Kane v. Gene Snitsky-- Either Snitsky wins, furthering the feud and giving Gene some monster credibility, or Kane wins and Gene goes back to the training camp. I suspect a baby-carriage will be involved.

Hair v. Hair Match:
Eugene v. Eric Bischoff-- Bischoff loses and gets his heads shaved, because old feuds never die.

Diva Battle Royal (School-girl outfits)-- Trish wins. Or Stacy. Does it matter?

Lingerie Pillow Fight
Christy v. Carmella-- Christy wins. Carmella disappears for a couple months, Vince offers her a fat contract, and she comes back, does nothing usefull, and gets paid a boat-load of money for it. WHEEE~!
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#19 Posted on 18.10.04 2219.14
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Ok, what I want to see. However, I should warn everyone that I like to play the spoiler and I may be choosing people just for the unintentional comedy.

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs Edge. They've got the seeds planted for a heel turn, so I'd like to see that all go out the window when he wins the vote.

Randy Orton vs Ric Flair: Submission match. Make it Flair's strength.

Kane vs Gene Snitsky: I don't know. This choice sucks. Um, we haven't seen a chain match in a while.

Chris Jericho vs Tajiri. I just like Tajiri. And I MUST choose a face here.

Eugene vs Eric Bischoff: losing hair is boring. Being a servant is dumb. LOSER WEARS A DRESS FOR A MONTH (as wwe. com puts it)!

Diva Battle Royal: French Maids. I think school girls has been done (and it's kind of perverted, in a way. They're dressing up like they're in school, so it's like we're supposed to ogle schoolgirls or something like that).

Christy vs Carmella: Going against expectations would mean the aerobics challenge. But screw that. Evening gown match (because I am disappointed in the lack of wrestling in this show, eh, Excalibur?)

Tag Team Championship: La Resistance vs Benoit & HBK (although I admit Benoit & Edge [with the obvious USA chants that will happen] would also be humorous).
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#20 Posted on 18.10.04 2224.42
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Here's how I voted:

Hunter's opponent is Benoit.
Orton vs. Flair in a cage.
Kane vs. Gene with a steel chain.
Jericho's opponent is Regal.
Diva Battle Royal: Naughty Schoolgirls (sigh).
Eugene vs. Uncle Eric, loser loses hair.
Christy vs. Carmella in an evening gown match.

Apparently quite a few people are voting tonight!
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