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#1 Posted on 15.11.02 1103.49
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1104.15
Prediction Time.

Victoria vs. Trish (hardcore women's title): If Victoria jobs here, she has no credibility left. Thus, she goes over Trish for the belt. Its easier for Trish to chase than be chased.

Kidman vs. Jamie Noble (Cruiser Title): Its about time they had the Redneck losing everything storyline occur. Kidman wins, and the Jamie Noble losing his trailer, his title, his girl and his dog angle will begin.

Regal/Storm vs. Goldust/Hurricane: Shows how little is left in RAW when they have to throw a match in with no angle at all. Regal/Storm win, unless this turns out to be a Scott Steiner destroys everyone run-in, followed by a trademark Scott Steiner Hooked on Stupidity mic session.

Dudleyz/Hardy vs. Rico/Three Minute Warning: I will go out on a limb on this one: A Jeff Hardy turn to join up with Rico leads to a victory for Rico/Three Minute Warning.

Why I believe in Polytheism (Angle/Benoit) vs. Los Guerreros vs. Edge/Rey: I think Los Guerreros get the belts, allowing them to continue the angle with Edge/Rey, leading to Rey getting put out for knee surgery by the Lasso from El Paso. Why I believe in Polytheism finally break up, leading to an Angle/Benoit stip match at the next ppv.

Big Slug vs. Lesnar: There is no rational reason why Vince McMahon would job a guy he has been building as a monster to the Big Slug. Not one reason at all. My prediction: Big Slug gets his 4th World Title, and Vince shoots himself in the foot yet again.

Elimination Chamber: Trip vs. Lost Smile vs. Jericho vs. RVD vs. Booker vs. Kane: This match will come down to the members of the Clique in one form or another. Lost Smile gets the belt, then forfeits it the next night on RAW, saying how God told him he could win the World Title again, but never said anything about him having to eventually job the belt.

So far, only 7 matches, perhaps something with Mattitude gets added during the weekend for the 4th SD match.
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#2 Posted on 15.11.02 1138.56
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1146.01
Section 102 at MSG baby! I'm gonna be there this Sunday for Survivor Series! Can't wait -- Anyway, here's my predictions...

If I a sudden, deadly, onset of vicious diahrrea, I hope to god it comes-a-knockin' during the hurricane/goldust vs. regal/storm match.

As for the other matches...

Kidman/Noble - I would hope Noble finally loses the title and gets a new storyline, but WWE has a way of keeping the CW belt on somebody just because they don't want to have to worry about booking it. My theory is further solidified by the fact Kidman's beaten Noble twice the past 2 weeks. NOBLE WINS.

3 Minutes/Hardy+Dudleyz - It's a tossup actually. I would EXPECT the vets of this match to win, but for the love of god, are they going to keep destroying 3MW like this? I think Rico ruins the chances...I'll cautiously say HARDY+DUDLEYZ WIN.

Victoria/Trish - Victoria needs this win for her credibility. WWE logic then states that Trish will win, augh. I don't know...It's pretty easy to predict what SHOULD happen, but I'm still weary on this one. I say WWE gets it right on this occasion. VICTORIA WINS.

Regal+Storm/What The Hell? - See above. Rarely do I give such a little stink about PPV matches; I get into almost any angle. But this sucks. Regal+Storm better win just because they're skilled grapplers, and I can see them gelling in the coming weeks, if done right. Goldust and Hurricane have nothing to gain, and the ex-un-Americans have everything to lose. REGAL+STORM win.

Edge+Rey/Angle+Benoit/Los Guerreros - I can't wait for this one. Seeing as it's an elimination (I think?), I'd venture to say the champs won't be eliminated first. I also can't see Angle+Benoit being eliminated first, for some odd reason. Guerreros by default go first then (even though I'd like to see them with the titles), and Benoit+Angle explode as Edge+Rey retain. In the coming month, they go on to feud, while Guerreros come back into the picture vs. Edge and Rey. That's actually a pretty bold statement. EDGE+REY WIN.

Elimination Chamber - This is a tossup for me between a bunch of guys. The reason I'm excited for this one is because WWE puts out JUST enough surprises to make you wonder about a match. I'm still not so sure about this one, but I'll go out on a limb, go with my gut, and say Shawn beats Hunter at the end. This would mean Hunter loses to 5 guys (in a roundabout way) and I think if he'll ever allow himself to drop the title, that would be a pretty good excuse. And he has no problem losing to his buddy I don't think -- He'll get the title back soon enough anyway. SHAWN MICHAELS WINS.

Brock/Big Show - I'm surprisingly happy with the way this is built up. They've actually made me feel as if Big Show has a chance. I'm still gonna go with Brock, broken rib and all, to hit an F-5 or Shooting Star Press to finish Show off (or maybe that's just what I WANT to happen, seeing as I'm gonna be there =). Heyman probably turns here also. BROCK WINS.

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#3 Posted on 15.11.02 1217.48
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1221.34
here goes

Kidman v. Noble: probably Noble but damn i hope not. Long runs like this tend to bore the crap out of me unless there's real heat to the feuds surrounding them.

Victoria v. trish: The womens division needs more depth to make it interesting. If Victoria loses it puts her back way too much so she should win it.

Regal/Storm v. Hurricane/Goldust: Seldom have i cared so little. I'll say Regal and Storm cos it looks like they're trying to make this team more permanent

3minutes v. Dudleys/Jeff: Tough to call but the 3 minute warning need all the help they can get after jobbing to the slug a few weeks back. They win this and Rosey and Jamal fight for the titles by the end of the year.

3 way tag match: Just sit back and enjoy. Almost certainaly match of the night and arguably the toughest to call. Probably los guerreros cos the others all look to be heading for singles pushes

Brock v. Big Show: Wise man he say, to win ppv main event one must first lay down and take it like a bitch on preceeding Smackdown. What were you thinking of Brock? Slug wins via Heyman interference. God i hope I'm wrong.

Elimination Chamber: Jericho rules himself out of contention ala Brock by being last man standing on RAW. Kane and RVD have had no heat going in to the match and HBK/HHH feud doesnt need the belt to be sellable. Booker wins with help from HBK. Can you dig that SUCKA...
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#4 Posted on 15.11.02 1227.26
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1229.01
Kidman/Noble - Kidman wins it. Nidia leaves Noble for Kidman.

3 Minutes/Hardy+Dudleyz - I have to say 3MW is going to win it here. Bubba Ray heel turn.

Victoria/Trish - Hrmm. Give some chick who's been in the business less than a year the belt, or keep it on a chick who was voted internet babe of the year in something that was angled more than anything else in the WWE. Victoria gets it, but only for about a month.

Regal+Storm/The Currency Color Brothers - Regal and Storm win here, but after a DQ because Goldust choses to kick Regal in the nuts. Storm gets chokeslammed.

Edge+Rey/Angle+Benoit/Los Guerreros - Angle and Benoit get eliminated first, due to their fighting. Sets up something for the next PPV, hopefully Rumble too. Guerreros win it, setting up Edge/Eddy.

Elimination Chamber - I'll really go out on a limb here and pick Jericho. Micheals and HHH gets set up for December, RVD, Kane, or Booker start to chase Jericho. Good to see the Intercontinental Title is still alive and kicking.

Brock/Big Show - Brock wins, albeit strangely. Sets up a rematch for December, which sucks since the Show can't seem to work long programs with people. Last good one was with the Rock, and that was in 2000.
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#5 Posted on 15.11.02 1244.18
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1244.18
Noble over Kidman. No swerves.

Trish over Victoria

3 Minute Warning over TL (no C)

Regal and Storm over 'Dust and Hurricane by some dasterdly shenannigans

Guerreros pin Angle or Benoit after much confusion, leading to some more Mysterio & Edge/Guerrero's feud and Angle/Benoit feud.

I'm going to go against conventional wisdom here and call Show over Brock after Heyman costs Brock the match accidentally (or somehow costs Brock the match for his own good). Brock gets the title back soon enough. He's got to lose sometime, this feud (I think) is working, and babyface chasing the monster heel always works. Caveat: Brock might not "lose" but somehow the title gets held up, a-la Hulk/Andre.

Elimination Chamber: You know, I have no idea. The whole "swerve at Survivor Series maion event" is totally throwing me. I'll call HHH, but I have no idea how.

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#6 Posted on 15.11.02 1501.53
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1503.20
Well, I'll keep my predictions short since I lost my state quarter collection...

Victoria (Because I like her, damnit)

3 Mins. (just because)

Regal and Storm (just because and I hate thrown together tag teams)

Los Guererros (because they are underrated by many and they make me laugh my ass off every thurs.)

Brock (because Show sucks as he is, no need to put a title on him to boot. Maybe not an F5, but interference). Paul stays with him, and I won't have to throw my lucky black wedge shoes at the TV..again.

Elimination Chamber: Booker T (why the HELL not?), while HBK costs HHH the title, causing them to go at it in the next couple PPV's leading to a retirement match in the new year. Anything remotely resembling Foley-Helmsley would be a good way to end the year. I'm not sure about the other guys, makes you think about the IC title, doesn't it?

There are my predictions. I stand by them, and you can call me delusional if you want about some of them, but then again, how else can a woman watch WWE for almost 20 years and NOT be delusional once in a while? Fingers crossed, and by the way, I don't have to pay for it this month! (my Brother paid)


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#7 Posted on 15.11.02 1515.08
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1518.52
Can you feel the excitement leading into this one. This could turn out to be one of those sleeper PPV or one of those I've-fallen-asleep PPV. Anyways:

Victoria vs. Trish (hardcore women's title): Sadly, this is probably the most though out storyline that RAW has to offer. Trish and Victoria has established themselves in their respective roles, and have actually made the women's title somewhat semi-credible. The match, itself should be solid, but look for Victoria to come out on top. Fun Fact: Ever since Bishoff retired the hardcore title and "hardcore matches", there's been roughly 954 of them, including this one.

Kidman vs. Jamie Noble (Cruiser Title): It's amazing how bland they have made Kidman and how useless this title has become. Both these guys are real good workers, but throwing them out there, giving them 10 minutes and telling them "Go make the crowd care" isn't helping anyone. Kidman himself is an amazing symptom of what ails the WWE right now, in that Vince is spending money on talent that isn't over due to a lack of push (Cena, Kidman, Moore etc...) or due to just being bad (Henry, Bradshaw, Farooq). It would really serve Vince well to either do SOMETHING with this guys to justify spending in the low 6 figures for them or just cut them to save money. Anyway, Noble retains. Fun Fact: Noble is, by far, the most sucessful from the original Jung Dragons.

Regal/Storm vs. Goldust/Hurricane: Wow, what a buildup THIS has had. Goldust continues to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers on RAW, popping the crowd and getting a great response, so they reward him with such a prime match on this PPV. 3.1 fellas, 3.1. And what a coup it was to pick up the Hurricane. Anyway, considering Storm and Regal might be a tag team for longer that 2 days, they will win. Fun Fact: Yes, it's true, Terri Runnels once allow Goldust to see her naked. Regularly.

Dudleyz/Hardy vs. Rico/Three Minute Warning: Now I might be wrong here, but I'm going out on a limb and say there might be some blown spots here. Nice to know that splitting up the 3 most popular teams in the history of the WWE has really skyrocketed everyone's career. Dudley/Hardy win. Fun Fact: 3MW, as far as I know, still suck.

Angle/Benoit vs. Los Guerreros vs. Edge/Rey: Well, this is the one to save the show. And hopefully, some of these guys can move on to meaningful singles pushes after this. As much as these matches have been entertaining, I'm sick and tired of them wrestling each other week after week, when at least 5 of them should be in the main event of all the PPVs next year. One day, we are all going to look back on this era and wonder how they could have wasted Kurt Angle like this. Los Guerroros take this. Fun Fact: Somewhere, in this world, Edge is thanking God he's not Christian.

Big Show vs. Lesnar: Never has a broken rib meant so much. With the possibility of Lesnar being out for 6 weeks, it's looking more and more like Show will be the champ.... Dear Lord in Heaven. I'm going to hold out hope and say that Lesnar goes over, Show injures him after the match, thus the 6 week layoff, and Smackdown has a month long tournament to put in a new champ at Armageddon, with Lesnar facing him at the Rumble. Lesnar, I hope. Fun Fact. If Show wins, he still won't be the worst champ. That still goes to our friend, Kevin Nash.

Elimination Chamber: Shawn Michaels vs 5 jobbers: Let's face it, this match is really about 1 guy. I'm amazed by all of HHH policital power that for the past month, he's been made to look like a pussy by a cripple and looked like a complete jackass all by himself. He has absolutely NO heat going into this and they have set it up that the only satifactory conclusion to all of this is if Michaels win. They better be careful, though, cause 6 years ago, Michaels was in a SS main event at MSG, and they booed his ass and cheered Sid, of all people. I can't believe we could concevably see Michaels vs. Steiner in a "Whos' back gives out first?" match at the next PPV. HBK wins.... Fun Fact: Booker, Kane, RVD and Jericho were in the main event last year in Survivor Series.... and they were filler then too.

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#8 Posted on 15.11.02 1543.18
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1559.01
Victoria vs. Trish - I dig the Victoria character. She does something that continues her physcho streak and wins the title.

Regal/Storm vs. Goldust/Hurricane - who cares. Regal/Storm win since they are an actual regular tag-team

Kidman vs. Noble - Noble has held this title for a long time by today's standards. I think he jobs it over to Kidman here.

Dudleys/Jeff vs. Three Minutes/Rico - Three Minutes win.

Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Rey vs. Guerreros - I think the Guerreros win here, since I think they will stick around as a tag-team for a while, while the others pursue single aspirations.

Big Show vs. Lesnar - I think the Big Show goes over. How do you make the big man credible? Have him win. This seems especially likely if Lesnar is hurt and needs to sit out a little while. Lesnar wins it back at the next PPV though, in some sort of gimmick match.

Chamber Match - HHH vs. HBK vs. RVD vs. Y2J vs. Booker T vs. Kane - Boy, lots of initials in this match! What the heck, I'll say that the man who has received zero build for this match wins. That's RVD. He wins, though as a result of something HBK does to HHH.
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#9 Posted on 15.11.02 1650.43
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1651.12
Elimination Chamber for the World Title
HHH v. Chris Jericho v. Rob Van Dam v. Kane v. Booker T. v. Shawn Michaels
Winner: Shawn Michaels
Because: It gives him a nice little title run to pad the end of his career, and puts the belt on the most over guy in the match. Sure he's injured and can't work a full schedule, but I couldn't see this run going more than two months anyway. If that. I say Triple H gets beat down for the early part of the match by Kane/RVD/Booker, but Jericho saves him. HHH then "cheats" to eliminate all four other guys until finally, Shawn and he go at it, leading to an HBK win.

WWE Heavyweight Title Match
Brock Lesner w/Paul Heyman v. The Big Show
Winner: Brock Lesner
Because: Although Lesner is hurt, I don't think that they'll give more than an afterthought to putting the title on Show. Brock will hit the F5 and win, but the story of the match will be Paul E. turning on him at some point.

WWE Women's Title Match
Trish v. Victoria
Winner: Victoria
Because: I don't really know. Because she'll probably win? Her gimmick is that she's "Hardcore for a woman wrestler" and "hates Trish", 1+1=Victor Victoria

Three Way Elimination for the WWE Tag Team Title
Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle v. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero v. Edge/Rey Misterio
Winner: Eddie and Chavo Guerrero
Because: Rey is injured and Benoit/Angle are headed for a singles feud.

Six Man Tag Table Elimination Match
Three Minute Warning v. Bubba and Spike Dudley/Jeff Hardy
Winner: Three Minute Warning
Because: They need it more. Spike and Rico go out early, and TMW overpowers Bubba and Jeff, and probably cheats, en route to victory.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Billy Kidman v. Jamie Noble w/Nidia
Winner: Jamie Noble
Because: This seems to be the very definition of a filler feud. Noble holds onto the title until they can put some heat on a face cruiser. Shannon Moore to fly in the face of Mattitude, maybe?

A Match...Match
William Regal/Lance Storm v. Goldust/The Hurricane
Winner: William Regal/Lance Storm
Because: I like that they're trying to stick with this "Team of Freaks" thing to get Hurricane and Goldust off of the backs of Booker and Kane. However, Regal and Storm have been shown to have more experience and luck as a team, and will go over here.

That's it? I'm guessing a Survivor Tag or two on Heat. One from each brand maybe?

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#10 Posted on 15.11.02 1729.23
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1729.23
Knoww hat? I'll go out on a limb and say this:

Scotty Steiner will leave Survivor series as the RAW World Champ.

Vince wants ratings? Bam...instant ratings.

I'll be at the local theatre, awaiting his arrival.
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#11 Posted on 15.11.02 1737.01
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1737.32
The Evil Necrophiliac Rapist VS Kane VS Booker T VS Chris Jericho VS Shawn Michaels VS Harvey Dee
FUZZY SEZ: If for no other reason than the fact that I've been saying to for months, Harvey's taking this one. HHH isn't retaining, I'm pretty solid on that, and, while Michaels will be able to stop HHH from winning, he won't be able to pull off the victory himself either. Have you noticed that RVD's been kept as far away as possible from the belt the last few weeks? They've hyped up Michaels. Booker's been HHH's main in-ring foe the last few weeks. Jericho's been destroying everyone to "soften them up". Kane and HHH - let's not even go there, again. Van Dam's stayed away from the apex of it - just going out there and winning matches. RVD pulls off the upset.
WINNER: Rob Van Dam

(Elimination order predictions: Jericho, then HBK, then HHH (because of HBK), then Booker, then Kane.)

Brock Lesnar VS The Big Show (?!?!)
FUZZY SEZ: Show? Well, they've built this up as well as they could, and it's probably got more intrigue than any Big Show match in the WWE since he was fighting Rock for the Wrestlemania 2000 title shot. Still, they've made Brock look too weak the last few weeks to job him here, especially after Heyman said that Lesnar can't beat the Big Show. Then the story is "accidently leaked" that Big Show might go over Lesnar. Then you realize we're talking about Show.
WINNER: Brock Lesnar

Edge and Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit VS Los Guerreros
FUZZY SEZ: This match'll suck. Total FFW material...

Kidding. If it's elimination rules, Angle and Benoit will cause their own elimination, and they'll go first. Either way, Edge and Mysterio are gonna retain.
WINNERS: Edge and Mysterio

The New Dudley Boyz and Jeff Hardy VS Three Minute Warning and Rico
FUZZY SEZ: Three Minute Warning still needs to make up from jobbing to the Show, no matter what they did with him since. The other team's a bunch of JTTS's anyway.
WINNERS: Three Minute Warning survives

Trish Stratus VS Victoria
FUZZY SEZ: Hopefully, Victoria doesn't treat us to more Hot Thespain Action, because my heart couldn't take it. That girl's the greatest actor this side of Al Wilson. (Congrats, Matt Hardy - Mattitude kicks so much ass, we no longer use you in that sentence!)

The match? Well, it'll be decent. Most likely, it'll spill backstage for most of the duration, giving the ring crew ample time to set up the Elimination Chamber.
WINNER: Probably Victoria.

Jamie Noble VS Billy Kidman
FUZZY SEZ: I like Noble a lot, and I love long title reigns, but it might be time to transition the belt off of him. I don't think the WWE will agree, though.
WINNER: Jamie Noble

Goldust and Hurricane Helms VS William Regal and Lance Storm
FUZZY SEZ: Yeah, a Scott Steiner run-in seems pretty plausable here.
WINNERS: No contest.

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#12 Posted on 15.11.02 1747.15
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1748.22
Chamber of Elimination: I so want Booker T. to win this, but the WWE has proven to not have enough balls to go with someone new holding their title belts, therefore, I think Shawn Michaels is winning this one.

Women's Hardcore Match: Psycho Victoria wins this. Her character just works so swell and this is a believable type of match for her. NOTE: It's a hardcore match, so look for another adversary of Trish's to help Victoria secure the win... ie. Jazz, who is due back any week now, or Ivory.

WWE Title Match: Brock Lesnar wins, via DQ. Paul E. will turn and get caught, taking a cheap shot on Brock. There is no benefit by giving the belt to Big Show, so Brock retains.

Three Way Tag Match: Simple, give it to the Guerreros. Rey goes on to feud with the winner of the Cruiserweight belt. Edge gets a new feud. Bring on Angle Vs. Benoit and make me a happy camper.

3MinuteMen Vs. Big Name Jobbers: This depends on if Jamal and Rosie are still in the doghouse for hurting Pat Paterson. If they are, well.... you know. Since it's a table match and elimination at that, Spike Dudley will be the last man standing.

Regal/Storm Vs. Goldust/Hurricane: Goldust and Hurricane are over and Regal and Storm need the heat. Look for the brass knucks to come into play and secure the win for Team Canada... er.. Un-American... er, Regal & Storm.

WWE Cruiserweight Title: Kidman ain't over and fans love the smut that Knoble and Nidia give. Kidman even has Torrie, who has a better angle working than he, and still ain't over. The winner will be Jamie Knoble. Maybe Shannon Moore will return from his honeymoon to interfere here.
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#13 Posted on 15.11.02 1757.27
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1758.50
Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman- Noble retains.

Regal/Storm vs.Hurri-Dust- Hurri-Dust

Trish vs. Victoria- Victoria becomes Women's champ.

Dudleys2002/Jeff Hardy vs. 3 Minute Warning- Dudleys2002/Jeff Hardy

Angle/Benoit vs. Los Guerreros vs. Edge/Mysterio- Edge/Mysterio.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show- Lesnar retains.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Booker T vs. RVD vs. Y2J vs. Kane (Elimination Chamber)- Shawn Michaels becomes World Champ.

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#14 Posted on 15.11.02 1823.40
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1824.51
Noble/Kidman: I just watched Kidman/Tajiri from Backlash earlier this year -- remember, that match where the crowd was actually chanting for Kidman by the finish? I'm hoping he does as well this time. And goes over.

Regal/Storm - Hurricane/Goldust: I kinda like the Hurridust team, but they ain't winning the tag belts in a match thrown together at the last minute. At least, I hope not.

Trish/Victoria: Victoria, leading perhaps to a Last Woman Standing match at Armageddon.

Dudley & Co./3MW: Hate 3MW, so I'd like to see them lose. They probably won't, though. Table matches are supposedly the Dudleys' specialty, and you know guys always lose their specialty matchse.

Benoit/Angle - Guerreros - Edge/Mysterio: Benoit/Angle disintegrate and turn on each other, so the Guerreros can cheat to win and get the titles from Edge and Mysterio.

Lesnar/Show: Lesnar retains. Any other result will suck so much that it will create a black hole right in the middle of the ring and kill half of New York City.

Elimination Chamber: The winner will be a broken-down spotlight hog who is nowhere near as good as he used to be and who has problems putting people over, unless they're friends of his.
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#15 Posted on 15.11.02 1917.36
Reposted on: 15.11.09 1929.01
RAW matches:

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Victoria
Hardcore Rules, for the WWE Women's Championship

This one looks to be a slam dunk, with Victoria chasing this belt for awhile now and it looks horrible to see her not win it again. Hopefully with hardcore rules, we can see Jackie Gayda do a runin and have both of them settle their differences and kick the shit out of her. The IWC praises the Women's division forever.

CubsWoo Says: Victoria
The WWE will do: Victoria
The Coin Says: Trish Stratus

The Real Man's Storm vs. Gold Sugar Cane:

Why? You'd think with the roster they've got right now you could have much better matches (Maven/Nowinski anyone?) but I suppose they needed something to do for the PPV. Just let Hurricane bust out the Vertebreaker again and all is well.

CubsWoo Says: Goldust/Hurricane
The WWE will do: Lance Storm/William Regal
The Coin Says: Lance Storm/William Regal

Whites Only Dudleys + The Other Hardy vs. Elton John and the Three Minutes:

Another match that I really don't care about. Rosie/Jamal/Rico should take the match and go on to beat Jericho/Christian until they get a real tag team division back on Raw. Besides, what's a table match without a Spike Dudley holy shit bump?

CubsWoo Says: 3 Minute Warning
The WWE will do: 3 Minute Warning
The Coin Says: 3 Minute Warning

Kane is not a murderer vs. Chris JeriKing vs. HBSaved vs. Come to Booker vs. Dude, you're getting depushed vs. Hunter Hearst messiaH (c)
The Elimination Chamber

The fact that you need to make a match and add 4 insignificant people to put the Clique over is disgusting. It'll be a good match if Vince can convince everyone that it's the "right thing" to put either the prodigal son or the part-timer over.

CubsWoo Says: Booker T(Wishful Thinking For Ell)
The WWE will do: Shawn Michaels
The Six-Sided Coin Says: Booker T

Smackdown matches:

Trailer Trash(c) vs. That guy who doesn't get powerbombed
WWE Cruiserweight championship

Please give this 10-15 minutes. This is the most underrated feud in the WWE right now and the 2 wins Kidman has over Noble make me believe this could be a lot of fun. Logic states Noble gets his job back but I'm going the other way and giving the strap to Kidman.

CubsWoo Says: Billy Kidman
The WWE will do: Jamie Noble
The Coin Says: Billy Kidman

The Ambiguously Friendly Duo vs. Los Rudos Guerreros vs. MysteriEdge (c)
WWE Tag Team Championship
Elimination Match

This should NOT be the last time Angle/Benoit team. Give them the belts back and let them keep 'em and then beat Jericho and Xian and have them feud over the WWE title while STILL being tag champions for the next two years and we'll all be in markout heaven. Expect Rey Rey to get a pin on Chavo and then have Chris and Kurt absolutely DESTROY him so he can go get a new knee or back or metallic exoskeleton or whatever he needs right now.

CubsWoo says: Angle/Benoit
The WWE will do: Eddie/Chavo Guerrero
The Three-Sided Coin Says: Eddie/Chavo Guerrero

The Big (insert hate here) vs. Baby Goldberg (c)
WWE Championship match

Brock goes over here. He has to. Big Show was the worst world champion since Bob Backlund AND he got to hold it for over a month besides. Awful, awful match that hopefully is saved by one hell of a SSP on Show. The F5 would be just as impressive, though.

CubsWoo says: Brock Lesnar
The WWE will do: Brock Lesnar
The Coin Says: Brock Lesnar
Mr Heel II
Lap cheong
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#16 Posted on 15.11.02 1950.14
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    Originally posted by SOK
    Knoww hat? I'll go out on a limb and say this:

    Scotty Steiner will leave Survivor series as the RAW World Champ.

I'm leaning that way too. I'm leaning towards somebody getting ambushed by Christian before the Chamber match and unable to continue, but Christian having his spot eliminated by Bischoff who brings in Steiner. Steiner wins and Christian thows a tantrum to get a title match on Raw, thereby setting up a Monday squash.
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#17 Posted on 15.11.02 2029.40
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Victoria vs. Trish: Victoria wins in a great brawl that ends with Trish taking a Mick Foleyesque bump. Trish genuinely seems interested in improving women's wrestling and would probably be willing to take such a bump in order to get women's wrestling over. I still don't find her the least bit attractive, though.

Kidman vs. Jamie Noble: They've hyped how Kidman has beaten Jamie Noble 2 weeks in a row, so obviously Noble wins here. He needs to drop the belt to someone a little more over than Kidman.

Regal/Storm vs. Goldust/Hurricane: Regal & Storm easily. Unless they intend for Goldust and Hurricane to win the tag titles in the near future, there's no reason to keep them together. Of course, I'd pick Lance Storm in a title match against HHH on Raw as well, so I'm not a particularly objective judge here.

Dudleyz/Hardy vs. Rico/Three Minute Warning: Three Minute Warning after Jeff Hardy botches a spot and accidentally puts himself through a table. In other words, I don't care enough to think up an ending for this one.

Angle/Benoit vs. Los Guerreros vs. Edge/Rey: Eddie & Chavo win after Angle or Benoit eliminates the other one in such a fashion as to be difficult to determine if it was on purpose.

Big Show vs. Lesnar: Show is going to win the title after Heyman throws in the towel on Lesnar's behalf, later revealing that he was on The Big Show's side all along. This allows Lesnar to lose the match but none of his heat and gives him a chance to recuperate from his cracked rib. Lesnar returns a month or two later with Bob Backlund as his new mouthpiece. (Ok, so I don't actually believe the last bit.)

Elimination Chamber: Kane wins. Of everybody in the match, Kane would make the single worst champion. He then proceeds to give the title to Katie Vick, thus rendering it held up since you can't give the title to someone but you can give it away. They then have a tournament for the belt to give it the imagined credibility that so many people fail to see.
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#18 Posted on 16.11.02 0137.24
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    I'm leaning that way too. I'm leaning towards somebody getting ambushed by Christian before the Chamber match and unable to continue, but Christian having his spot eliminated by Bischoff who brings in Steiner. Steiner wins and Christian thows a tantrum to get a title match on Raw, thereby setting up a Monday squash.

Except for the fact that this means Christian will get made to look like a jobber YET AGAIN, and then will be made to look like a jobber YET AGAIN against whomever he takes out of the Chamber (Kane, RVD or Booker T), this is a great idea.

(edited by Big Bad on 16.11.02 0238)
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#19 Posted on 16.11.02 1117.08
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    Originally posted by Mr Heel II

      Originally posted by SOK
      Knoww hat? I'll go out on a limb and say this:

      Scotty Steiner will leave Survivor series as the RAW World Champ.

    I'm leaning that way too. I'm leaning towards somebody getting ambushed by Christian before the Chamber match and unable to continue, but Christian having his spot eliminated by Bischoff who brings in Steiner. Steiner wins and Christian thows a tantrum to get a title match on Raw, thereby setting up a Monday squash.
I was think=ing along the lines that someone's left laid out in the back (Christian, probably...what's he doing there anyways?) -- and having Steiner show up. Or else, Steiner shows up toward the end of the match, and busts some ass. Maybe, unlike Kevin Nash, he'll walk more than three steps before getting reinjured.

I really want Steiner to go over as champ..I really do. I hope the WWEeeee knows what they're doing there.

Bus seriously. Steiner as new WWE champ. Smell the ratings?
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#20 Posted on 16.11.02 1239.18
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My Picks for a show that hasn't been promoted well enough for me to buy it...

World Women's Title Hardcore: Trish [c] def. Victoria
Table Match: Rosie/Jamal/Rico def. Bubba/Spike/Jeff
WWE CW Title: Noble def. Kidman
Regal/Storm def. Goldust/Hurricane
WWE Tag Titles: Los Guerreros def. Angle/Benoit & Edge/Misterio [c]
WWE Title: BROCK [c] def. Big Show
World Title Elimination Chamber: HHH [c] def. HBK, Booker T, RVD, Jericho & Kane

So, nothing will change, pretty much.
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