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19.7.12 0701
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW #949 8/1/11
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#1 Posted on 1.8.11 2206.50
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2207.08
TONIGHT: CM Punk returns to Raw and he’ll get a live mic to explain his return. Also, The Miz & R-Truth take on John Morrison & Rey Mysterio. And, we’ll get a Divas #1 Contender Battle Royal, and some hype for Summerslam. As my sig suggests, I’m also live Tweeting during the major TV shows and PPVs, so feel free to join me for that too (@gregmparks)!

-WWE Open.

-We began with an overly dramatic video package, beginning with Punk winning the title from Cena at Money In The Bank, and ending with last week’s championship face-off.

- Fireworks (and the Raw theme, curiously) went off inside the arena. Michael Cole was the first voice we heard, saying for the first time in WWE history, we have two legitimate WWE Champions.

- “Cult of Personality” played and CM Punk walked out, holding the belt over his head. During his entrance, Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and JR were shown at ringside. Cole said JR was the “special guest,” but Lawler corrected him and said JR is back for good.

- Punk got the mic and before he could speak, took in the adulation from some of the fans (as there were some boos). “The champ is here!” said Punk. Punk gets -1 points for using the word “monumentous.” He talked about leaving and said he loved the company but hated the people in charge. Punk talked about the domino effect of him leaving, that being Vince McMahon being removed from power. Punk said the audience, for far too long, has been fed scraps and haven’t been given what they deserve. “I’m going to make this fun again,” said Punk. Punk said he wants to be the voice of the voiceless, and mentioned appearances at Comic-Con and Jimmy Kimmel. He said he decided he can’t cause the change in this business that he wants to see, just by sitting on his couch at home. He said he made the call to come back, and his timing couldn’t have been better. He said in his absence, WWE has already reverted back to the status quo of John Cena being WWE Champion. Lots of boos, but Lawler said it was “another mixed reaction.” They are really going hard on producing the announcers to keep Punk a heel and Cena the babyface. Punk said Cena is as much a champion as the guy at ringside with his Shopzone WWE Championship. He said no matter what bogus tournament took place while he’s gone, the fact is, he holds the most important title in the World. He said he is the best pro wrestler the world has to offer. He said he was the WWE Champion, but then Triple H’s music interrupted and he came out.

Hunter, in his suit, stood across the ring from Punk. Light “Triple H” chant. “H H H, he’s the COO” said Punk. Trips said he would address the WWE Title soon, but first, he wants to explain why he re-signed Punk. It came down to just being plain good for business, the same reason he brought back JR and John Morrison. He said no matter the personal feelings, he wanted Punk back. Punk was stuck on that last line, wondering what he thought about him personally. Trips said Punk was smug, overrated, attention-seeking and puts too much stock into his own hype. Punk said it must be like looking in the mirror for Hunter. Punk again complained about Vince, and how he let main event caliber talent go, like Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar. Triple H told Punk to tell the truth about why he re-signed. Punk said he did: He wants to facilitate change. Hunter said Punk really just wanted to hear his own voice. He said Punk calls the mic a pipe bomb, but what if a pipe bomb goes off and no one is around to hear it? Great line. Punk said he was WWE Champ, but Hunter said Cena is also champ. He said he’ll fix that situation later tonight. His music started playing and he began to leave, but Punk told them to cut the music. “I do love Motorhead,” Punk said. He said the pipe bomb was about to go off in the forest and he wanted Hunter to hear it. Punk said he wasn’t going to promo class or media training, but he’s here to stay.

He wanted to talk about egos, then did the Hunter-Hearst Helmsley bow and called him by that name. He alleged that Hunter was always stepping on people and even when carrying HBK’s bags, he was telling people what to do. Punk asked Hunter how many times he’s said, “gee, I just don’t think he has what it takes,” while lying in bed with his wife. He said he was dressed like a poor man’s Conan and said Hunter is a bully who likes to throw his weight around and push people around, but Punk said he likes to push back. Hunter said he’d be the first to admit that he has a massive ego. Hunter said his ego is telling him to slap every tattoo off of Punk’s “skinny fat ass.” Huh? Trips said he wasn’t going to do that, because this is bigger than that. He said he took the COO job for the fans. He said there are rules, whether he likes them or not, and strongly suggested Punk not break them. “Or what?” Punk asked. He asked if Hunter would beat him up or fight him. He asked if Hunter would punch him in the face, or does he have to ask his wife permission first. He dropped the mic like a bomb (more like a grenade), then left the ring. That segment clocked in at about 24 minutes. Lots to digest there, and the smug look Triple H had on his face when Punk was nailing him with words wasn’t as effective as if he truly got upset.

- John Morrison was parkour-ing backstage, and Rey Mysterio, his tag partner for tonight, was there as well.

- Tonight, a Divas Battle Royal for the Divas Title #1 Contendership.

[Commercial Break]

- Kelly Kelly, the Divas Champ, joined the commentary team.

(1) Divas Battle Royal To Determine #1 Contender to Divas Championship
Melina and Gail Kim were out in the first 20 seconds, then Rosa Mendes shortly after. Sounded like a remixed version of Eve’s theme played as the combatants gathered in the ring. Kaitlyn was out, then Beth Phoenix tossed Tamina out at :52. Alicia Fox kicked AJ off the apron at 1:15. Down to the Bellas, Beth, Natalya, Fox and Eve. One of the Bellas saved the other and dropkicked Natalya through the ropes at 1:35. Seriously, a commercial break? It occurred at 1:52.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:25 of the match. Lucky for WWE the match during the break didn’t go like the first part, where two-thirds of the ladies were eliminated. The Bellas were trying to eliminate Beth Phoenix. Fox and Eve were going at it on the near side. Fox tried a baseball slide on Eve but Eve missed and Fox slid right out of the ring at 6:05. Eve went out at 6:57 via one of the Bellas. Beth put one Bella on each shoulder and dumped them at 7:14. Nice.

Winner: Phoenix, at 7:14. Artificially high time due to the almost 4:00 break.

Kelly went into the ring and Beth grabbed her by the hair. She tossed Kelly out of the ring, then into the barricade. She asked for a mic and said Kelly’s days as the perky blond bimbo are officially over. And there’s your heel turn for Beth.

- Miz was wrapping his wrist backstage when R-Truth came up to him, still talking to invisible people. Miz seemed less-than-thrilled to see Truth talking to himself. Truth said the two were the same but Miz said they were nothing alike. Truth reminded Miz that he said Triple H being in charge was a huge mistake. Miz said it’s not just a huge mistake, but…”a conspiracy?” asked Truth. Truth did the comedy misspelling of the word, then Miz yelled at Truth and asked him to give him room to get prepared. Truth asked if Triple H was going to bring Punk back all along, then why were the two of them competing in a title tournament? He told Miz to be careful, otherwise, he was gonna get got.

[Commercial Break]

- Some historic sights in Indianapolis were shown, while Cole reminisced about Indy being the city Rock first used the “it doesn’t matter…” catchphrase.

- Josh Mathews was backstage with John Cena. Cena said for Punk you live by the sword and die by the sword. He said Hunter has a crucial decision to make regarding the WWE Title. Cena said it pertains to him, so he’ll be there to see what Trips has to say.

- R-Truth and Miz came out for their match. During Miz’s entrance, they showed Miz on George Lopez last night. They went to break before the babyfaces came out.

[Commercial Break]

(2) R-Truth & The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio & John Morrison
Cole did a little bit of re-setting, talking about Triple H’s announcement in the first few minutes regarding the WWE Title. Ah, I’ve longed for the glory days where Triple H is talked about in every segment. Wait, no I haven’t. Miz and Morrison were going at it, with Miz getting a near-fall. Morrison pushed Miz into the corner and landed a back-heel trip. Seated senton by Rey for two. Rey head-scissored Miz out of the ring and then baseball slid Miz into the announce table. Truth was taken out as well. Seated senton on Truth, and Morrison did a spinning corkscrew onto Miz on the outside as well (but came up a bit short). They went to break at 2:15.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:05 of the match. JR’s word-of-the-day calendar must’ve been set at “ubiquitous” for August 1st. Cole kept talking about all of Miz’s media appearances. Rey and Miz found themselves both on the mat at 7:05. Short DDT by Miz for a near-fall. Truth tagged in and applied a rear chin-lock to Mysterio. Mysterio kicked out of the move, but Truth’s Lie Detector got a near-fall. Miz came in and tried his best to keep Rey from making the tag, and did so. Miz came off the top, but was dropkicked by Rey. Morrison got the hot tag and the crowd was fully behind him. Morrison with a Pele-like kick after he missed his finisher. Truth was set up for the 619 but Miz pulled him out and tossed him over the barricade. That led to Morrison taking Truth’s Pay Dirt for the win.

Winners: Truth and Miz, at 11:03. Nice match, especially the finishing sequence.

After the match, Miz connected with the Skull-Crushing Finale on Morrison. Truth then belted Morrison with a water bottle.

- Cole made fun of JR for telling him to have some Sanka earlier, and JR was not taking the bait. JR sent it backstage to Triple H, with Josh Mathews. Trips said he’s not bothered by Punk’s comments since he’s been hearing them for years, but that Cena better keep it strictly business later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- This week’s Summerslam Recall: Summerslam 1988, Honky Tonk Man vs. The Ultimate Warrior for the IC Title. Interesting choice.

- Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero came to the ring. She talked about the controversy surrounding the WWE Title, and said Ziggler has proved himself far superior than Cena and Punk. Ziggler said last week, he told everyone to “follow that,” and he said to every WWE Suuperstar under contract. And he meant that no one will have his talent, technique, or charisma. He said he’s more of a man than anyone in the arena. Alex Riley came out to dispute it, saying Ziggler hides behind women, or in this case, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie ran down Ziggler’s credentials and Riley said “excuse me” to move Vickie out of the way so he could address Ziggler directly. Riley said Ziggler reminds him of Miz…Miz hid behind him and Ziggler hides behind Vickie. He told Ziggler to drop Vickie if he wants to be a real man. Ziggler took off his suit coat as if he was going to go toe-to-toe with Riley, but instead, he slipped out of the ring. Ziggler pretended to not even know who Riley was (I heard him say A.Ry earlier in the promo!).

- Still to come, Triple H settles the WWE Title controversy.

- Cole plugged’s poll: Who do you believe is the true WWE Champion?

- Zack Ryder and Santino were shown in a split-screen, while the New Nexus were on the other side. We’ve got a match coming up next!

[Commercial Break]

(3) David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder
New theme music for the (now former) Nexus members. They showed Ryder beating Cole last week. Santino took down McGillicutty but McGillicutty did the same. The heels double-teamed Santino, then the crowd began a loud chant of “We Want Ryder.” Stunner by Santino, then a hot tag to Ryder. Jumping back elbow, but Ryder got his knees up on a corner charge by McGillicutty. Cole, of course, hated Ryder. Otunga broke up a pin, but Santino threatened him with…my God…is that a Cobra sleeve? Ryder missed his rough-Ryder legdrop. Otunga to the middle rope and after a back-breaker by McGillicutty, Otunga landed an elbow for the win.

Winners: Otunga & McGillicutty, at 2:23. Hey, the former Nexus members needed a win, no doubt about that.

- Triple H’s announcement is still to come.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole told fans to head to SYFY immediately after Smackdown to see Edge on “Haven.” Shouldn’t he assume they’re already watching? Or at the least, plug Smackdown first, then Haven?

- They showed some highlights from the opening talk-fest.

- Mathews was backstage with Punk. Punk said he has no idea what Trips is going to say, but he tested Trips earlier and Hunter passed with flying colors, so he’s sure they’ll get along just fine. He said he did just beat Cena at MITB, so he should be champion.

- Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio for the next match. It’s…well…next.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan “Air” Bourne
Cole called out JR for Tweeting about him being a tool and not saying it to his face. “You’re a coward!” said Cole. Lawler said “at least you won’t be called onto the carpet for your Tweets.” A shot at Cole for his Tweet about Mathews that got him in trouble? Del Rio took Bourne down and then kicked him. Back-breaker by Del Rio for two. Del Rio worked he arm of Bourne, who made it look good since he can twist so easily. Bourne worked back to a vertical base, but Del Rio headbutted Bourne down. Bourne kneed Del Rio in the head on a suplex attempt and Bourne kicked at Del Rio’s legs. Bourne went to the top for his finisher, but Del Rio jumped up and kicked him in the head. Bourne sold it beautifully of course. Del Rio locked in the arm-bar and got Bourne to tap.

Winner: Del Rio, at 3:40. Why not just put him over a jobber rather than ruin Evan Bourne further?

Del Rio again went to the cross arm-breaker after the match. Kofi Kingston ran in to make the save. He ran Del Rio and Ricardo off.

- Triple H was walking backstage. Lawler called him “WWE Champion,” no doubt force of habit, before correcting himself. He comes out next.

[Commercial Break]

- Lawler plugged Cee Lo Green’s “Bright Lights Bigger City,” the official Summerslam theme.

- The results are in: 54% of people think John Cena should be WWE Champion, while 46% voted for CM Punk.

- Triple H came out. He said that he has thought about this for a long time. He said both Cena and Punk have legit reasons for why they have a claim to the WWE Championship. As Hunter was going to explain the plan, John Laurenaitis, with a mic, came out. “Push Zack Ryder!” someone yelled at him. Laurinaitis told Hunter to hold up. He introduced himself to the fans, who booed him. He said he took over the job from JR and said it’s his job to sign new talent and manage their contracts. Hunter asked Johnny why he’s making this “Career day.” Laurinaitis (Okay, I’m just going to refer to him as Johnny Ace) said Hunter has worked corporately for a very short time, while he’s worked for Vince for over ten years. He said he knows what Vince would want: Strip John Cena of the WWE title. Cena then came out.

Cena said it was an interesting group in the ring, and said there’s a lot of thinking to do. But Ace hasn’t done any thinking, since he’s been Vince’s right-hand man and yes-man for so long. Cena actually does a nice Ace impersonation. Cena said he’s not going to let someone who used to carry a skateboard strip him of the title. Ace said Cena is out of line and his decision came solely because CM Punk beat him at MITB. Cena said MITB was full of great moments, but the best was him punching Ace in the face. He said it was so good, he wants to do it right now. Triple H said he didn’t have a problem with that, but as Cena advanced toward Ace, he left the ring. Cena asked Hunter if he was really going to strip him of the title because Punk beat him one time. Hunter said he wasn’t going to strip Cena of anything: His claim to the title is legit. Hunter said he didn’t speak to Punk after Comic-Con but did send him a contract. He never heard from him again until Cena was beating Rey and Punk walked up with a signed contract saying, “play my music.” That’s why Cena isn’t going to be stripped of the title. Punk then came out.

Punk said Trips wouldn’t strip Cena of his paper championship…then he paused for the fans to chant his name. Punk was worried Hunter would strip him of his WWE Title, and said things would be back to the status quo where WWE puts smiles on people’s faces and he finds a toile to throw up in? Hunter said both men need to stop whining like little girls. He got in Cena’s face and said he’s not “Hunter,” he’s his boss. Triple H said things will get settled at Summerslam when Punk faces Cena, one match, one undisputed WWE Champion. Some applause from the fans, but not much of a reaction. Hunter then left the ring and went to the back.

Punk dropped the mic, took off the belt and raised it over his head. His music then played. Cena dropped his mic and put the title over his head, and his music played. Punk got on the second rope and raised the belt over his head as his music played again. Then Cena did it on the other side of the ring and his music played again. Punk raised it again and his music played, then Cena did. The segment, and show ended, with Punk’s music playing. Guess he won.

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It's False
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#2 Posted on 1.8.11 2209.06
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Oh lord, Vince McMahon can leave, but we'll always have the evil corporate archetype. Welcome to the club, Johnny Ace! And we went through a lot of dramatics to set up the obvious unification match at the PPV.

Glad to have Beth Phoenix back on the heel side. And I love that Beth's taking things back to basics. She doesn't do any of this cutesy gossip type stuff that the Bellas do. She just kicks ass.

Good to see John Morrison's picking up right where he left off. He's 0-2 in his comeback and he ate a post-match beatdown to boot. Why they brought him back to immediately make him look like a loser is beyond me.

Cole really tried to derail the commentary throughout the night, so good on Lawler and JR for assertively going back to talking about the matches. That's the kind of thing I wish I could get from Booker and Matthews, who just let Cole completely dictate the direction of the commentary, which is NEVER on the match.

RIP to the Nexus, once and for all. Are Otunga and McGillicuddy the first pair of tag team champions to get repackaged in mid-title reign?

And speaking of former Nexus members, I take it that Mason Ryan's been demoted?


    Originally posted by Mr Shh
    Johnny Acehouser!

Because great minds think alike...
    Originally posted by @CMPunk
    “@SeanGrandePBP: Vince McMahon's right hand for the last 10 years was Super Dave Osborne?” I've been calling him Funkhauser since '09!

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#3 Posted on 1.8.11 2217.02
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2217.44
So the big decision that Hunter had to ponder for days was to let them have a match? That's what costs us a true main event tonight?

That was almost so predictable that it was unpredictable.
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#4 Posted on 1.8.11 2221.35
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2224.07
Gotta agree, HHH's smug reactions almost killed that segment. Would it kill him to act pissed off when someone calls him a cuckhold?

On the flip side, big kudos for the explanation as to why the second title is legit -- that he sent Punk a contract but didn't hear a thing from him until Punk handed it to him just after Cena won the title. When they pay attention to little details like that, the big picture usually ends up for the better.
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#5 Posted on 1.8.11 2222.41
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    Originally posted by It's False

    Good to see John Morrison's picking up right where he left off. He's 0-2 in his comeback and he ate a post-match beatdown to boot. Why they brought him back to immediately make him look like a loser is beyond me.

They have small plans for him.
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#6 Posted on 1.8.11 2222.55
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2225.58
I don't believe 54 percent of the WWE Universe say that John Cena is the legit champ.

The three man commentary doesn't work. Never has, never will.

And it looks like Riley isn't completely dead, he's going to feud with Dolph. Oh goodie......

Zach Ryder eats a pin tonight and Otunga has gotten HUGE over the past few months.. hummmmmmmm.. and no Nexus arm bands.

And Punk's heat is heading downhill... By the end of the show, Cena was getting more crowd reaction then Punk.... And the Summerslam match was going to be obvious.

Below average Raw.
Mr Shh
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#7 Posted on 1.8.11 2223.50
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2226.57
Johnny Acehouser!
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#8 Posted on 1.8.11 2227.25
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2227.29
    Originally posted by shawnpatrick

    The three man commentary doesn't work. Never has, never will.

It has, but not when 2 of them are play-by-play guys.
Heenan/Schiavone/Dusty (or Zbyszko) was always entertaining.
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#9 Posted on 1.8.11 2238.29
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2238.47
Punk happily saying "Pipe bomb!" while dropping the mic at the end of the opening segment was the highlight of the night.

When Beth dropped the mic on Kelly after her match, I was hoping she would just say the safe. And then we get a camera shot of a bunch of dudes wearing her boyfriend's new t-shirt booing her. Nice.

Good point about the attention to detail about when Punk signed his contract vs. when Cena won.

How long has Santino been wearing a cobra sock on his arm? And is Mick Foley aware of this?
Boudin rouge
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#10 Posted on 1.8.11 2243.03
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2244.14
The music duel at the end was pretty fun. It felt like an epic tug of war with the soul of the WWE Universe on the line.
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#11 Posted on 1.8.11 2246.35
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2249.47
Great, that's what I need to see, all heels winning (or one babyface winning who turned heel right after) tonight. They gave Ryder a nice little nod with the Cole stuff last week and now he gets pinned in the tag match? You couldn't pin Santino (and I like Santino)? Evan Bourne goes right back to the jobber level he was at before the injury?

This was a sucky Raw, which was made worse with Cole, JR and Lawler as the commentators.

I can't wait until next week when all the babyfaces get revenge the week before Summerslam!
John Orquiola
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#12 Posted on 1.8.11 2248.00
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2255.44
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
      Originally posted by It's False

      Good to see John Morrison's picking up right where he left off. He's 0-2 in his comeback and he ate a post-match beatdown to boot. Why they brought him back to immediately make him look like a loser is beyond me.

    They have small plans for him.

Real small plans.

But if you believe COO HHH*, it's good for business. If that business is making me laugh.

*Incidentally, to me that makes Hunter the COOHHH. Also, after a week, I've determined I hate him in charge. The COOHHH doesn't show ass for anyone. Why should he when the boss styles himself as being able to beat up anyone on the roster?

(edited by John Orquiola on 1.8.11 2052)
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#13 Posted on 1.8.11 2250.12
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2256.50
- This show did a great job promoting John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis.

- HHH vs. Punk looming post-Summerslam has me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I think their mic work tonight showed potential, but then again HHH SMIRKED AND SKINNY FAT AND OMG HE'S GOING TO BURY HIM. And it also looks like HHH is going to be the "I'm just giving the fans what they want because I'm all about the business" babyface to Punk's tweener role, droppin' insider bombs that the half of the crowd over the age of 18 gets.

- Punk's promo pre-HHH wasn't that great. Let me tell you a story, I wanted to quit, and then I did, and then I wanted to change things, and Comicon Jimmy Kimmel, the end. HHH's rationale for why Punk wanted to re-sign, that he realized he wanted to be heard by a lot of people and only WWE can do that, wasn't awe inspiring either but actually made more sense.

- The little static scratch added before Cult of Personality and Punk stopping the ring music to keep his promo with HHH going for multiple minutes were nice little anti-athority, changing the staid WWE system touches.

- When R Truth was all "WHY DID HHH HOLD A WORLD TITLE TOURNAMENT IF HE RE-SIGNED CUM PUNK MIZIMY?" I was all "Yeah!" And then when HHH explained it I was all "YEAH!", which is the pleasure of lowered expectations.

- I thought last week that JR back would be worth any Vince through Michael Cole needles. I was wrong. Cole still runs the announce table and apparently Jim Ross was brought back only to say "THERE'S A WRESTLIN MATCH GOING COME ON" every few minutes. Also, I don't know if you knew guys, but Ross and Lawler? Old.

- After Cena laid the Punk-esque truth bomb on Laurinaitis, I'm wondering if there's anyone Vince McMahon employs that he actually likes. His voice reminds me of Super Dave Osborne, so he's got that going for him. Cena's impression of it was good, but Punk's impression of HHH's beat it by being very good.

- HHH, just because a guy loses to another guy in a title match one time, doesn't mean he should lose his title! YES IT DOES, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS, WHAT THE FUCK.

- I don't know how next week they're going to top the last two weeks' escalating Punk/Cena arms race of who can raise their belt the best. The music guy better be ready. I AM THE YOU CAN'T CULT OF SEE ME PERSONAL MY TIME IS ITYYYY NOW

- "So everything's just going to go back to status quo? Where we put smiles on people's faces and I find a urinal to puke in?" Yeah you tell him Punk! You ta...wait you puke in a urinal?

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#14 Posted on 1.8.11 2251.00
Reposted on: 1.8.18 2257.07
Mr. H's no-selling that first segment took the legs out from under Punk. You know Hunter just couldn't resist doing that shitty "oohhh scary" finger gesture-thing. The same shitty gesture that SUPERCOOLHEEL Scott Hall used to make any babyface look like a moron pussy.

I hate that gesture.
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#15 Posted on 1.8.11 2316.31
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The way the Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler segment should have gone:

Riley: "Drop her. Let ME carry your bags!"
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    Originally posted by I Breastfeed John Madden
    You know Hunter just couldn't resist doing that shitty "oohhh scary" finger gesture-thing. The same shitty gesture that SUPERCOOLHEEL Scott Hall used to make any babyface look like a moron pussy.

    I hate that gesture.

I agree, it was dumb when SUPERCOOLHEEL Shawn Michaels did it, too.

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#17 Posted on 2.8.11 0138.00
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Considering how the Sin Cara experiment has been working out, you'd think HHH would want to put some better effort into helping get a new headliner-level talent over the hump. And if H can say on-air that Punk busting him for marrying Steph is old hat, doesn't it follow that Punk has to escalate next time?

(Alternatively, if Punk is the guy who reached out to the hardcore/internet fans, is there a better way for H to heel than no-selling the promo?)

After being skeptical the first week, "Cult of Personality" has really grown on me, that last minute was a strong visual to get the 'Champion vs Champion' idea across. And whoever first called in last week's Raw thread that there would be no mention of Rey's rematch can collect - not even an interview segment to get Mysterio's reaction to winning and losing the big title in one night.

Nice touch, using Johnny Ace to cause a false finish on the closing promo.

And why has Cole gone back into full obnoxious heel mode? Not storyline-wise, I mean broadcast quality wise. It was stupid that he even remained in the booth after his Lawler program, but I thought Cole toned it down to quite tolerable before last week. I mean, you can get heat this way, but unlike using it productively such as Vicki as a manager, Cole is just crapping all over the announce booth (and the wrestlers trying to get their own stories over).
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Jericho responds to Punk mentioning him in his promo tonight. Gotta wonder if he's working an angle or really feels this way.


Everyone is so excited that @CMPunk mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash...I don't give a shit. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk.

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Zack Ryder owed an apology.
Cherries > Peaches
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#20 Posted on 2.8.11 0310.37
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    Originally posted by Hokienautic
    Gotta agree, HHH's smug reactions almost killed that segment. Would it kill him to act pissed off when someone calls him a cuckhold?
I don't think that word means what you think it means.

    Originally posted by John Orquiola
    *Incidentally, to me that makes Hunter the COOHHH. Also, after a week, I've determined I hate him in charge. The COOHHH doesn't show ass for anyone. Why should he when the boss styles himself as being able to beat up anyone on the roster?
I know I don't know what that phrase means. ??? (I don't think I've ever heard that phrase before.)

Big build to the big announcement of how we're going to resolve this unprecedented dilemma: we're gonna do the bleedin' obvious. Alright then.

Why do we need John Laurinitis involved in any of this? Does he need 2 PPV payouts for some reason?

Suddenly, Mr Woo-woo-woo is Teddy Long's assistant on SD, & has a losing match on Raw. I suppose that's moving up in the world.

Four whole matches, two of which were totally Impact-worthy. One pretty squashy. And the fourth just felt pretty arbitrarily ad hoc.

Yeah, not a strong Raw show.

    Originally posted by Hobbes
    - "So everything's just going to go back to status quo? Where we put smiles on people's faces and I find a urinal to puke in?" Yeah you tell him Punk! You ta...wait you puke in a urinal?
I wondered about that too. I suppose we're left to assume that, being straight-edge, he has minimal experience vomiting in public places.

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