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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW 9/12/05
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#1 Posted on 12.9.05 2210.43
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2211.33
Well… in continuing with this month’s ongoing theme of the Inexplicable Sudden Push of Some Really Sucky Big Guy, and in continuing with the unfortunate rise of the handicap match designed to punish people (as if *that* ever works), WWE Champion John Cena, six days before his title defense against Kurt Angle, will face both Angle and *Tyson Tomko* in a two-on-one match.

Why the hell Tyson Tomko? He’s not even the best sucky big guy WWE could have picked for this role. Of course, if you start showing the least bit of promise, odds are your job’s gonna be on the line soon… and if you don’t believe me, ask Matt Morgan.

No doubt Chris Masters will show his ugly mug again tonight, and another vignette or eight will show that make me want to tear my own eyeballs out. Big Show and Gene Snitsky will continue the long march towards the match nobody wants to see. On the other hand, anything Matt Hardy or Edge-related ought to be interesting.

I had a bizarre dream a few hours ago about Randy Savage joining The Four Horsemen. I *guess* the group my deranged mind came up with was Savage, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson. But yet I distinctly remember Mongo McMichael getting booted out of the Horsemen to make way for Savage. *shrugs*

The following yaddayaddayadda, do it and you clean it up.

We go straight to pyro, no RAW theme music. And we are live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now *here’s* the theme music.

Well it’s the big show, and of all the ways you could have started the show, why did you start with him? It’s not as if you’ve done anything interesting with him recently. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like Big Show, but… a feud with Snitsky was the best they could come up with?

Oh, this *is* interesting… he’s gonna be facing Edge. Oooh, I take it back—provisionally. Maybe for a change *Edge* will get his injured ass beaten up on, or Matt will gain an edge on, ha, Edge.

The two men circle, Edge goes into a rear waistlock, and Big Show pries his hands apart and knocks him down with his butt. Edge grabs Big Show’s head, but Show gets him against the ropes, whips him, and knocks him down with the shoulder. Edge goes downstairs with a kick, and grabs Big Show’s hand, but Big Show presses him over his body and throws him crotch-first onto the ropes. Rolls him around a little bit and knocks him down… now he gets him in the corner and chops him hard. Big Show’s hung up on the top rope, and Edge goes with punches, and a dropkick to the knee allows Edge time to gain an advantage… but a Tornado DDT is denied. Big Splash by Big Show in the corner, and he’s about to go for the chokeslam, but Snitsky comes in and interferes. As long as Show has the advantage the match continues, but when Snitsky starts getting punches in the bell is rung.

Matt Hardy makes the save, and Bischoff comes out immediately to make it a tag-team match, which I saw coming the moment Matt came in. Matt and Edge start, and the two trade blows… clothesline by Matt takes Edge down, Matt picks him up an tries a piledriver, but it’s countered into a back body drop. Edge regains an advantage, whips him into the ropes but mis-times a dropkick, allowing Matt to hit the catapult into the corner, but he only gets two. Big Show’s tagged in, and he chops Edge in the corner and chokes him with his boot on the mat. Two-count by the referee. Edge’s head is slammed into the corner, and Matt’s tagged in, punches him in the corner, whips him into the opposite corner, and Edge lands on top of the ropes, straddling them. Matt kicks him twice, tags Big Show, and he drills a field goal kick to the extreme lower midsection, knocking Edge out of the ring. We go to break.

You know, last week when these four men got involved, I figured they were gonna go the tag-team route anyway. Why the heck they couldn’t have simply had a tag-team match without the deus ex machina to change it from a singles to a tag match (as if *that* hasn’t been done before) I don’t know.

We come back, and the bad guys have the advantage—I bet you didn’t see *that* coming. We see that during an attempted Hardy Leg Drop, Hardy’s left arm was dropped on the rope by Edge. And indeed, Edge has an armbar when we come back in, and an armbar takedown is hit, as he continues going after that arm. Edge smashes his arm on the ringpost, tags Snitsky, who lifts Matt up and drives Matt onto the top turnbuckle. Tag made to Edge, and Edge puts a cross arm bar on Matt. Heels continue the advantage, Snitsky’s tagged in, but an attempted slam is reversed into a Scorpion Death Drop by Matt. Matt’s trying to roll over and tag Show, but Snitsky gets to Edge first and Edge quickly prevents the tag. But he done pissed off Big Show, who cleans house a little bit, knocking Edge outside the ring… but Edge drills Big Show with the briefcase and he won’t be getting up in a while. Back in the ring, Matt hits a Side Effect, holds off Snitsky’s attempts to charge him, connects with the Leg Drop… but Lita grabs his leg at a bad time, and Hardy like an idiot goes after her instead of his opponents. He’s got Lita by the Hair, preparing for the Twist of Fate… Edge’s spear is blocked by Matt’s foot, and Matt prepares for the Twist of Fate on Edge… but Lita field-goal kicks Matt in the nuts and Edge hits the spear for three.

Post-match Edge continues the beating, lifting Matt up for Lita, who hits the Twist of Fate on *him*. Heh. Lita’s a natural-born heel, if you ask me.

And tonight Ric Flair will again do the job for Chris Masters, yay.

But tonight’s main event is Cena vs. Angle and Tomko. What’s Tomko doing in the main event? (What’s Masters doing in the same ring with Flair and Michaels?) Good point.

And speak of the devil, when we come back the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels’s music plays, but he’s just gonna have an interview with Todd Grisham, apparently.

TG: Well Shawn, we’d like to take this opportunity if you don’t mind to show everyone what happened last week as you took the Masterlock Challenge.

[They roll the footage. I saw it, and was pissed off by it last week, I didn’t have any need to see it again.]

TG: Well Shawn, what are your thoughts…?

HBK: Y’know Todd, as I look at that, there’s a part of me that wants to get incredibly upset. And there’s another part of me that says, “Shawn, what were you thinking?”

And sorry, he went way too fast for me tonight.

Masters is a young guy, 6’4”, 265, and Michaels allowed him to put his best hold on him and there wasn’t any money on the line? Why’d he do it, then? Because he’s the Heartbreak Kid, and he’s an icon, he’s made a history of overcoming adversity, and so on. And that’s why Masters chose to come after Michaels, because he knows that HBK always reaches down and takes himself and his opponent to another level. But tonight Masters is going to have his hands full with the 16-time World Champion, and speak of the devil…

Ric Flair comes out, says that tonight Masters is gonna have his hands full with the dirtiest player in the game, and that at Unforgiven he’ll win his first Intercontinental Championship from Carlito. And Michaels asks Masters how he’s gonna put on the Master Lock when he’s chewing on size-10 leather boots courtesy of HBK’s Sweet Chin Music.

We see a vignette talking about Cena, Angle and Tomko… OK.

Back from break, we hear the faux-Sinatra music, which brings out Kerwin White and his golf cart. Please tell me he’s not facing Shelton Benjamin, ‘cuz I wanted to see those two at Unforgiven. Not that facing him tonight would necessarily be a deal-breaker for that, but based on some of the questionable decisions WWE’s made…

Yeah, here comes Shelton Benjamin. Ha, Kerwin hangs up his jacket before the match. Shelton immediately grabs an advantage with a rear waist takedown, and Kerwin breaks away… but Shelton uses some collegiate moves followed by a shoulder-block… Kerwin knocks him down, Shelton kips up, drills Kerwin with a clothesline and then a clothesline while Kerwin’s seated. Shelton continues the advantage until Kerwin hits a dropkick… he then grabs his clothes hanger and prepares to hit Shelton with it, but the referee grabs it away from him, so while his back is turned, Kerwin takes off his shirt and chokes Shelton with it. But Shelton soon regains the advantage, with a Samoan drop, clothesline, snap back-breaker gets two, and my typing just isn’t fast enough today. Shelton hits a back body drop, but lifting Kerwin up, he hits a jawbreaker. Kerwin tries to kick him, but Shelton blocks it, kick blocked, but Shelton does his spin kick thing. Kerwin goes out of the ring, is dragged back in, but Kerwin hits Shelton in the gut with his nine-iron, earning a disqualification. Kerwin’s coup de grace is hitting Shelton across the back with the nine. The irony of Shelton’s “Ain’t No Stopping Me Now” music playing while Shelton’s down in the ring is funny.

We see a promo with Kurt Angle, in which he says he’s an Olympic gold-medalist, a 4-time WWE Champion, and the greatest pro wrestler in the history of the business. To make a long story short, he says he’s also the most vicious son of a bitch on God’s green Earth, and that he holds Cena’s entire future in his hands. Man, I need a TiVo.

We come back and we see last week’s diva-related events. Lawler shamelessly plugs Bod Man Body Spray, even spraying it all over himself. PMS comes out, and Candace says that they’ve been having so much fun with Ashley the last couple weeks, they wanted to do it again—and they’ve got a very special surprise for her.

Ashley is incredulous that they think she’s gonna come down there and get jumped by them again, but she’s got a surprise for them—Trish Stratus is back! Trish and Ashley rush the ring, and for a moment they’re at a disadvantage, but they clean house. Nice Matrix move by Trish to duck a Victoria clothesline, which connects with Torrie Wilson instead. Trish hits a Chick Kick, Ashley hits a tackle, etc., etc., bottom line is Trish is back and she’s apparently a face again! I guess she didn’t have much alternative, since the only other female face on the roster was Ashley.

Back from the commercial break, we see a vignette about the Cabana last week, and WOO! we hear Ric Flair’s music playing. Too bad I know exactly what’s going to happen in this match and am not looking forward to that result. I don’t give a shit if he’s 50-plus or not, dammit, he’s Ric Flair and you’re not. And Masters is just a waste of perfectly good pyro (and ten minutes of airtime) that could go to just about anyone else. Hey, I miss Christian’s spark curtain, let’s bring that back.

Flair and Masters circle, and the WOO chants are incredible. Masters wants a test of strength, but Flair brings the head games, backing off and slicking his hair. Now they lock up, Flair with a headlock, tries to shoulder-block Masters, but fails twice. Masters taunts Flair with the WOOs and slicking his hair back, but Flair gives him a free lesson with some basic wrestling holds followed by chopping Masters in the corner. He chops him in the ropes, but Masters whips him into the ropes and military-presses him to the mat. Another whip into the ropes, and a second military press. Masters is already signaling for the Master Lock, but the rolls towards the ropes and to the ring apron.

But Masters suplexes him back into the ring, and gets a two-count. Masters lifts him up, but Flair chops away at him before Masters regains an advantage with punches. Whips him into the corner, Flair lands hard, and Masters gets two. Now he chokes Flair, and breaks it before 5. Hee, Flair gets him with a thumb to the eye, and I’ll give Masters credit for throwing a blind punch to sell it. Two hard knife-edge chops knock Masters down, and a third one, and Flair’s going up top, which never works—and it doesn’t this time, either. Whip into the ropes, slam takes Flair down, and again Masters is signaling for the Master Lock. He almost gets it on, but Flair counters with a kick, and Masters clotheslines him over the top rope. Flair takes his time getting back to the ring, and hen he does he’s slingshotted on the top rope. Ah, but Flair pulls him out of the ring, whips him into the ring apron and starts going to school on Masters, hitting devastating chops and punches. But a press slam ends that little run, and as we go to commercial Flair’s down on the floor outside the ring.

I’ll give Masters just the *slightest* bit of credit—he’s improved enough that I could see somebody carrying him to a decent match. But he still sucks, way too much to be a viable main-eventer, and his matches lack excitement because of his plodding offense and the knowledge of *exactly* how the match is going to end.

Coming back, Masters has a bearhug on Flair, gets him in the corner, whips him and knocks him down. He goes right back to the bear hug, and while I understand it’s supposed to be psychology, I wish he could find a more exciting way of targeting Flair’s back. The bearhug is one of the most boring moves ever. Flair bites Masters on the bridge of the nose, and Masters throws Flair across the ring, applies another bearhug, and almost succeeds in winning the match with it. But Flair breaks the grip, chops Masters while he’s down, and now hits the chop block to Masters’ knee. Flair’s up and he looks pissed… he kicks Masters again in the knee, and starts tearing at Masters’ face while he continues kicking away at his face. Flair bites, claws, and brings all the offense that earned him the nickname of the dirtiest player in the game. Masters tries choking Flair, but Flair escapes, knocks Masters down, and applies the figure-four leglock. But Carlito comes in, hits Flair with the I-C Title belt, and the bell is rung.

Michaels comes in immediately to help Flair, and hits Carlito with the Sweet Chin Music, but Masters slams Michaels shoulder-first into the ring post twice and then applies the Master Lock. And ho-hum, Michaels can’t escape. Now play Masters’ music because he LOST! HA! So much for your undefeated streak—Flair wins by disqualification, and I’ll take that as a consolation prize. (Not that WWE will acknowledge it—and indeed, no winner was announced.)

We come back, and Eugene and Tajiri are tag-teaming with each other? Interesting. Their opponents are Cade and Murdoch. And we’re told that the World Tag Team Title will be on the line at Unforgiven when Cade and Murdoch battle Hurricane and Rosey for the belts. Cool.

Murdoch and Tajiri start, and Murdoch grabs the advantage immediately. Man, Murdoch is ugly. He slams Tajiri down, tries to do it again but Tajiri hits a drop toe hold, and Murdoch loses his cool. Eugene and Cade are tagged in, and cade grabs the advantage for a moment before Eugene applies an airplane spin, and yeah they’re going a little too fast. In any event, C&M get some tandem offense on Eugene, who is playing the face in peril tonight. They hit some cheap moves while the ref isn’t watching, the whole nine yards. But Eugene hits a backslide to briefly break the advantage… unfortunately the ref was being distracted by Murdoch at the time. A dropkick by Murdoch is denied, and Eugene hits the Stunner… the tags are made, and Tajiri’s handspring elbow drills Cade, and he nails Murdoch with a kick from hell. Tajiri applies the Tarantula on Cade, but Murdoch breaks it up… Eugene goes after Murdoch but is held back by the referee. Back into the ring, Murdoch hits a sit-down powerbomb on Tajiri, and Cade follows with the Macho Man Elbow Drop for three. Pretty impressive showing by C&M, and I think we’re going to have long-overdue new World Tag Team Champions at Unforgiven.

We come back, and join Lita already in progress. The man won’t hold Matt down, because the *woman* will, hee. Another intense promo by Edge.

So… at Unforgiven, Matt Hardy faces Edge in a steel cage. Trish and Ashley will battle Victoria and Torrie Wilson. Carlito defends the Intercontinental Title against Ric Flair. Big Show battles Gene Snitsky. Shawn Michaels takes on Chris Masters, who’s still being called “undefeated” though he lost tonight. Hurricane and Rosey defend the World Tag Team Title against C&M, though it’s not shown here. And John Cena will defend the WWE Title against Kurt Angle.

Cena in Bischoff’s office. “Eric—Mr. Bischoff. About tonight, this handicap match, I’m out, I don’t want it, I’m talking tonight, I’m talking the pay-per-view.” Cena’s about to hand the WWE Title belt over to Bischoff, but psyche! As if we didn’t see that coming.

Kurt Angle’s music plays, and the “You suck!” chants are hurled at him as well. But we do it out of love.

Back from commercial, Tomko’s already in the ring. I wonder if this means Tomko is now *Angle’s* problem solver. Cena comes out, and we ring the bell with Cena starting off with Tomko. Bischoff comes out, Cena turns his back, and Tomko gets the jump on him, getting an *extremely* brief advantage before Cena regains it… Cena gains it back, Angle cheap-shots him and comes in off the tag, gaining an advantage on Cena, and wow, my typing is so slow today. Sorry about this. In any event, Tomko hits the K.O. Kick to finally allow the heels to earn a sustained advantage, maybe. Cena is able to kick out at one, and we go to break.

We come back, and Angle is stomping a mudhole in Cena and now he chokes him with his boot. Angle hits a snapmare, and begins tearing at Cena’s face. Angle applies a sleeper, but you know how that’s gonna end… babyface comeback’s denied, though, with Angle clubbing Cena’s lower back. A tag made to Tomko, slam gets two, Cena hits a top-rope clothesline, and begins pummeling Tomko in the corner. But from behind, Angle hits a massive German Suplex on Cena. Tomko tags in Angle, who smells blood, and starts kicking Cena… now he hits mounted punches. Cena denies the pinfall attempts, and Tomko’s tagged in, and continues to wear down Cena. He punches and kicks Cena in the corner, pinfall gets two, Angle comes back in and continues bringing the pain. Vertical suplex gets two, and Angle gets pissed at the referee. A reverse chinlock applied by Angle, and Cena begins getting to his feet—back suplex takes Angle down. Both men are down, and the ten-count gets to seven before Tomko’s tagged in—and Cena immediately gains the advantage. Two clotheslines, arm drag, fisherman buster, Spinebuster to Angle, Tomko kicks Cena downstairs, splash in the corner denied, and Cena goes for the F-5… but in a spectacular move, Angle hits a German Suplex on Cena while Tomko’s STILL ON CENA’S SHOULDERS. He hits a second German Suplex, but Cena breaks out of the third one, F-5’s Tomko, and gets three. Immediately Angle jumps Cena, ripping at his face, tearing away at his arm, hitting a European uppercut and a knee to the face, and finishing him off with the Olympic Slam. But I take it back, he’s not even done there—a knee to the groin, and then Kurt smashes Cena’s leg into the ring post, and Bischoff taunts Cena while Angle chokes him with his boot. “Who’s bush-league now? I’ll take your belt, I’ll take your career, I’ll take your dreams, and he’ll [Kurt] have whatever’s left.” Wow, Bischoff can bring the intense anger.

And as Angle taunts from the entrance ramp, Cena’s eyes display pain, anger, and something I didn’t expect to see, but I can’t deny that I did—fear.

DASCOOL!: Everything Angle and Cena-related, except for Tomko’s presence. Tajiri and Eugene had a serviceable match with C&M. Great to see Trish Stratus back, and she’s jumping right into a match at the PPV.

YOU SUCK!: Michaels goes down to the Master Lock again, but at least in WWE Logic that means HBK *should* win at Unforgiven. Tomko’s presence in a main event is inexplicable, and Snitsky continues to be an annoyance to me.

WHAT?!: I could’ve sworn they were building up to a Shelton/Kerwin match at Unforgiven, so why have it six days before the PPV instead, and not schedule a rematch? Gotta have Shelton on a PPV, for cryin’ out loud.

Overall, I was entertained by RAW… or at least it didn’t piss me off as badly as the last two weeks have.
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#2 Posted on 12.9.05 2222.54
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2223.12
Line of the Night from the King: "Lita is behind Matt, but not in the way Matt would like." (Read it again) The King is flat-out weird sometimes.

Kerwin White is gold, and Chavo has always made lemonade from lemons. He sold Amway and made it entertaining, and I will always hold Pepe-loving, Eddy-hunting, Eddy-trap-laying Batshit crazy Chavo close to my heart. The sweater vest on the hanger was awesome, and anyone that drives a golf cart to the ring is my new favorite wrestler.

JR is so ridiculously over-the-top as the face announcer for Cena matches it is cringe-inducing.
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#3 Posted on 12.9.05 2226.49
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2226.59

Geez, could that show have sucked any worse?

That Michaels/Flair bit at the entrance way was just plain unwatchable ...

The only match even worth a crap was the Shelton/Kerwin match, but I just can't get into it thoroughly with Chavo in that terrible gimmick.

I had planned to watch the PPV on Sunday ... now, with the reports from last night's TNA PPV & the shit tonight, I'll be saving my funds for Bound For Glory.
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#4 Posted on 12.9.05 2231.04
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2231.52
Unless Cade/Murdoch are going to have multiple finishers, they must have dumped the flying bulldog. And, what does this do to Rob Conway's flying elbow?
To see Flair/Masters was to see Flair/Koloff or Flair/Luger. Only difference is that Flair is 17-20 years older and isn't even a shell of his former self. If they were going to extend Masters, this was the right situation to do it in. Was impressed by the reversal into the side slam on the floor by Masters. I thought the rule was that when Flair is a Face, the top rope actually has a chance to work. He has won the World Title off the top rope. End of the match is servicable, as it reminds people the figure 4 could win a match, thus helping Flair for the match with Carlito, while Masters uses the ringpost to work on Michaels shoulder to further injure him for the full-nelson.
Where have you gone 30 day rule, redsoxnation turns a lonely eye to you. Of course, how Trish is all of a sudden a face is as shocking as not defending the belt for 6 months. I mean, what is this, WCW in '95 with Hogan?
Matt Hardy: Version Enhancement Talent should be his name after Sunday. Edge is theoretically still going to be a title contender if he ever remembers the briefcase, thus he will go over to remain strong, while there is nothing else for Matt Hardy to do after his feud with Edge, as they've already jobbed him out to lower rung guys.

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#5 Posted on 12.9.05 2239.02
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2246.47
The opening contest-into-a-tag-match was alright. Does ANYONE think Matt has a chance to win Sunday?....The Shawn interview was good, though it was surprising to see them do it on the rampway....Shelton/Kerwin was pretty good for as short as it was. Entertaining too....I wonder just how much training Ashley has undergone in preperation for the match Sunday? I'm guessing Trish wrestles most of the match anyway....

Didn't see much of Flair/Masters, but giving these two 15 minutes was a bit of a surprise....The tag match was good too; I'm already a fan of Cade and Murdoch; Cade certainly has the look to be a star....The Cena 2-on-1 stuff is getting old. We saw it with Carlito and Jericho too, and he always came away the victor....Overall, a pretty decent show considering what they've churned out lately.
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#6 Posted on 12.9.05 2306.48
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2309.07
    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Now play Masters’ music because he LOST! HA! So much for your undefeated streak—Flair wins by disqualification, and I’ll take that as a consolation prize.

The WWE never acknowledges losses by DQ or countout when it comes to ending someone's undefeated streak. I learned that the hard way waiting for Tatanka's to (finally) end way back when, and they've proven as recently as Hassan that for some reason they've never explained it only counts for pins or submissions.

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#7 Posted on 12.9.05 2327.28
Reposted on: 12.9.12 2327.41
Why do guys keep naming getting named Lance? I understand that it's a hard-sounding name, just like Rod, but geez, it's kind of ridiculous to me. Someone should make a wrestling name generator, that just names everyone Lance and Chris.
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#8 Posted on 13.9.05 0005.46
Reposted on: 13.9.12 0006.55
The second Trish got in the ring and did the beat-down of the heels, I realized how badly I missed her. Unfortunatley, aside from Victoria, who the hell is there for her to work with?

Last week I sort of got in to the whole Chris Masters thing. This week, however, I went right back to having no interest in him whatsoever.

Overall, totally forgetable RAW tonight.
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#9 Posted on 13.9.05 0011.57
Reposted on: 13.9.12 0012.04
    Originally posted by Mr. Boffo
    Why do guys keep naming getting named Lance? I understand that it's a hard-sounding name, just like Rod, but geez, it's kind of ridiculous to me. Someone should make a wrestling name generator, that just names everyone Lance and Chris.

As far as I know, he wrestled as Lance Cade on the independent scene and was re-christened as "Garrisson" when first brought in because Lance Storm was still active, so it's not a case of WWE being overly-relient on that name. Unless you're making a broader statement about the choice of names for males in American society.

You know, I've been thinking about this, and as much as they don't set my world on fire, a team like Cade/Murdoch is a big step in the right direction for re-building the tag division. They're two heels with their own distinct personality that are still identifiable with each other, and have found that perfect balance of having a gimmick but not being TOO gimmicky. The problem, though, is that there isn't a strong face tag team to oppose them, and what the division really needs on both shows are two teams going at it who are strong in their roles and the fans can get into. Hurricane and Rosey obviously aren't that, which is obvious since they're basically being fed to Cade/Murdoch. Looking at the rest of the roster, I don't see another tag team that they've really been trying to establish. Hopefully they won't just throw a team together randomly and try to push them to the sky, since that wouldn't work either. Val/Viscera as the next top face team? Egads, I hope not.

WWE should be kicking themselves for releasing the Dudleys.

    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Unless Cade/Murdoch are going to have multiple finishers, they must have dumped the flying bulldog. And, what does this do to Rob Conway's flying elbow?

He only used that once, AFAIK, to defeat Matt Hardy. His official finisher is the Ego Trip.

RAW tonight was just so incredibly...blah. I had a hard time believing that this was a show leading into a PPV, but then again I'm not too enticed by the card for the show so that might have something to do with it.
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#10 Posted on 13.9.05 0025.03
Reposted on: 13.9.12 0025.28
    Originally posted by Deputy Marshall
    As far as I know, he wrestled as Lance Cade on the independent scene and was re-christened as "Garrisson" when first brought in because Lance Storm was still active, so it's not a case of WWE being overly-relient on that name.

Fair enough. It's just I never seem to run into guys named Lance in real life. But in wrestling, there was Lance Storm, now there is Lance Cade, and in TNA there is Lance Hoyt. Those 3 guys, and Lance Bass from 'NSYNC are the only Lances I have ever heard of. So from my point of view, it seems like only wrestlers (and 'NSYNC members) ever seem to be named Lance.

Edit: Just remembered Lance Armstrong.

(edited by Mr. Boffo on 13.9.05 0028)
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#11 Posted on 13.9.05 0127.28
Reposted on: 13.9.12 0129.01
Another boring RAW (even worse than last week) that did absolutely nothing for me.

It's as if WWE is holding back and trying to stick it to Spike TV by giving them shit ratings with boring and blah RAW's, then possibly turning around and blowing their load when they start up on USA.

Also, I could think of alot better scenarios to finally bring back Trish than the one they used tonite......what a waste.
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#12 Posted on 13.9.05 0135.39
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    Originally posted by Kevintripod
    Another boring RAW (even worse than last week) that did absolutely nothing for me.

    It's as if WWE is holding back and trying to stick it to Spike TV by giving them shit ratings with boring and blah RAW's, then possibly turning around and blowing their load when they start up on USA.

Except that this was pretty much an identical RAW to all the ones they've done pre-ppv for the last while. Someone already pointed out the "singles match -> tag match" and the "Cena wins handicap match" stuff too.

It seems to just be the way that they book now.

ps. I think it was pretty obvious that Trish was going to be a face (people miss her too much) so I don't really care that she just "came out" as it at least let her have a good crowd pop she could enjoy rather than just running out to save Ashley mid-match. I REALLY wish someone would have told Ashley before she went out "Hey, you don't have to announce who Trish Stratus is and talk over her return. The fans will already know. Also, stop giggling after every sentence! It's so annoying you even ruined the next match!"

Tribal Prophet
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#13 Posted on 13.9.05 0721.36
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Could not have been less memorable.

Tajiri gets squashed in a team with no setup? God.

If they'd get the green the fuck out of Helms' hair and make Rosey a big fat pissed off braddah again I'll show you a viable face tag team.
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#14 Posted on 13.9.05 0904.05
Reposted on: 13.9.12 0904.30
Masters was the more interesting performer in the ring last night, and he worked the back in fine style, especially the impressive sidewalk slam on the floor. His offense was better than Flair's, who's become almost exclusively a chopper. I will credit Flair for working the leg with more than just one move before slapping on the figure four. Easily Master's best match so far. While you might refer to the Flair/broomstick chestnut, consider that when Flair took over the match, it got pretty boring. But I still think he and Carlito can have a fun match at the PPV.

Otherwise, I flipped to RAW during downtime of the football game. I thought it odd for Edge to wrestle against Matt at the beginning and then cut a promo against him an hour later, but everything Edge does has made me root for him in this feud. He's sold this feud better than Matt, particularly on the mic.

Oh, and Cade/Murdoch stole the show. Both guys could be breakout stars; I can't get over how well Cade has his style down. The Lovely Mrs. Tracker couldn't figure out Murdoch's tantrum at the beginning of the bout against Tajiri, so we now call it his "I just walked into a spider web" dance.

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#15 Posted on 13.9.05 1006.29
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1007.11
If I'm not mistaken, didn't they still consider Hassan undefeated after he was DQed because the DQ wasn't really supposed to happen? I think that was the match where it was kinda obvious the finish was supposed to be Benoit coming off the top rope and headbutting the ring bell, letting Hassan get the pin. But Hassan didn't get into position in time, Benoit's head didn't hit anything, and after a few moments of confusion and trying to decide whether to sell it as having happened anyway or not, they decided against it and improvised a DQ finish instead. Because it wasn't scripted, I sorta assumed the E just opted to pretend the loss didn't happen. But maybe they set an unintentional precedent there.

On Cade/Murdoch: This was the first time I've seen them, and I was unimpressed. I thought their match was kinda sloppy and dull. I was disappointed, too, because I was looking forward to them. But who knows, maybe they'll get better. Something I really like about Cade and Murdoch is that they're the kind of tag team I haven't seen for a very long time: the partners with divergent personalities that complement each other. We often see the tag team with similar personalities, the just-thrown-together tag team, or everybody's favorite, the tag team with wacky mismatched personalities. But Cade is cool and collected while Murdoch is crazy and unhinged, Cade takes care of himself while Murdoch is a sloppy, out-of-shape drunk (or so it's implied), and it all makes sense. (I was wondering if TNA's AMW was this kind of tag team, too, but then I realized that they started out as the wacky-mismatch team, then morphed into the similar-personality team.)
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#16 Posted on 13.9.05 1054.12
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1054.46
Something else about Cade and Murdoch: When was the last time we saw a heel tag team that were built up as legit bad-asses? I think the last time they gave that push to a heel team was 3-Minute Warning. Every other heel team tended to follow the "chickenshit" route, who are not so much capable, but simply lucky and did some capable cheating.

Granted, it's early. There's still plenty of time for them to have Cade/Murdoch go the same route.
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#17 Posted on 13.9.05 1240.33
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1242.01
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    I thought it odd for Edge to wrestle against Matt at the beginning and then cut a promo against him an hour later, but everything Edge does has made me root for him in this feud. He's sold this feud better than Matt, particularly on the mic.

It pains me to talk about this wrestling this week, because I forgot it was Unforgiven this weekend and so completely FUBAR'ed my final WWE Fantasy week (and chance to possibly by miracle overtake the top spot in the league). But I digress.

Yes, Edge has impressed me too; the "welcome to the devil's pulpit" line may have finally won me over. He still kind of bores me in the ring, but I'm really liking him on the mic.
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#18 Posted on 13.9.05 1814.18
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1818.08
    Originally posted by Tribal Prophet
      Originally posted by ekedolphin
      Now play Masters’ music because he LOST! HA! So much for your undefeated streak—Flair wins by disqualification, and I’ll take that as a consolation prize.

    The WWE never acknowledges losses by DQ or countout when it comes to ending someone's undefeated streak. I learned that the hard way waiting for Tatanka's to (finally) end way back when, and they've proven as recently as Hassan that for some reason they've never explained it only counts for pins or submissions.

    Tribal Prophet

Yes look for the magical WWE phrase "His shoulders have never been pinned to the mat for a three count". If you happen to catch it then HE or SHE is still undefeated in the WWE.

Sort of like what TNA pulled in the 3 way X-Division match where Samoa Joe wasn't pinned in the match but still lost to AJ Styles. It was still pointed out he was "still undefeated" in, i'm guessing, singles matches.

My Raw Review

Glad to see Trish back in action and looking fine :-)

Chris Masters is growing on me but still as I've said shouldn't be fighting Shawn at PPV and Flair gave him a lesson in wrestling.

Cade/Murdock=80's throwbacks with Eugene. Tajiri was the only one in that match looked current.

Cena/Angle is looking pretty good.

I liked it overall. If I was a channel flipper it would've been during the Masters match.
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#19 Posted on 13.9.05 1824.58
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1827.03
I think Masters/Flair was the match of the night. No it was not the most technical macth of all time nor was it supposed to be. I may be one of the few but I am really starting to take to Masters. He was doing a great job of playing along with the Dirtyest Player in the Game routine. He would play to the crowd when needed and was selling the cheap shots Flair was dishing out all match.

Overall I would say that this was the first time in awhile I have seen a Flair match a didn't think ok now comes the backdrop, then chop. He didnt even do the Flair flop in the match.

Props to both Masters & Flair for entertaining me.
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#20 Posted on 13.9.05 1839.02
Reposted on: 13.9.12 1843.18
Kurt Angel was just kinda sorta getting boring on Smackdown. They move him over to RAW and now he's the baddest ass on the show. I'm not complaining, because this is how he should be booked. He's pretty much the only guy on either roster who can out 'wrestle' everyone else there.

He has to win Sunday, damnit.

Why does Kurt Angel have to be a BAMF and win the title just so John Cena doesn't have to lose it to Helmsley when he returns.

Come on, you know that's what's happening here.

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