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20.5.11 1947
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11/18
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#1 Posted on 18.11.02 2209.55
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2210.24
...And a fashion report, too.

The good - my FFL team...wins?
The bad - the Packers...lose?
The ugly - sleep deprevation.

The Fashion report isn't so much about wrestling as it is about fashion. And it's not so much about fashion as it is about funny nicknames.

DeadCowMan and Whoo! chat in the parking lot. HHH conspiracy watch - even when HHH isn't on Raw, he's on Raw.

SexyOne, in white shirt and tan jeans, carries the belt to the ring. Robbie, in a black T with white dragon, comes out to add a few minutes. DeadCowMan, in a dead cow, adds HIS minutes to the promo. Shawn rips on the necro bit.

Rico, in shiny pants, and Rico and Jamal (one wears a 00 jersey, the other a 3-minutes shirt) vs. Spike, in a Pound 4 Pound shirt, and Bubba, in his black cut-off shirt, and DVon, in a DVon shirt. Oh, new Dudley music. So, will they continue the DVon/Bautista rivalry? FYI, Rosey is the one with no hair on the side of his head. Okay match.

Stacey does marketing stuff.

Uncle Eric watches DeadCowMan on the phone. BigPenisPump drops in for a visit.

Testicles, fingernails, blah.

Jeff's hanky is actually a t-shirt. Un-Un-Americans, w. flags, beat Tommy, in WW shirt. Very fast.

Scott wears chainmail, even though we ALL know plate mail gives a better armor class. Blah blah yakkity smackity. Y2J, and his beard, wearing the tag title belt, talks sense. Steiner makes me long for an Undertaker promo.

Womens' match.

H-man, in a sportscoat, w. blackboard, vs. Al, in black trunks. Hey, y'know what would be neat? Having a hardcore division on this show (since they like to have hardcore matches so often). Ow, Chris looks like he got stabbed.

DeadCowMan and Val (or the wrestler formerly known as Val) chat. Hmm, must've been more "trade" fallout.

Whoo! in his suit, vs. Kane, in spandex and straps. But, no, DAVE, in burgundy/gold undies, does a number on Kane. Hey, you think that might've had something to do with Flair's compliments to DAVE last week?

Ooo - Extreme Ops. Hey, that's probably got a lot of plot depth and character development. Not.

F-view shows Jericho/Christian in the locker room.

BookerT, in hot crotch, flamin' Booker black undies, w. Pyro, cuts a promo. vs. AdBreak, vs. Robbie, in black singlet w. white dragon and RVD, vs. Y2J, in pink/purple trunks, wearing the belt, with "king of Saliva". Ha! Everyone hits everyone else's move! Good match, Steiner run-in was crap.

Hey, do you think I don't like Steiner? You're right. He's a roid-job who rambles on the mike. And he wears chainmail!

1 minute over-run. Damn you, Jessie and other guy!

Okay show - some down segments meant I didn't mind doing some chores. But some good segments kept me glued to the screen, too.
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#2 Posted on 18.11.02 2214.14
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2216.59

    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Hey, do you think I don't like Steiner? You're right. He's a roid-job who rambles on the mike.
Just how many catchphrazes does the guy have?!
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#3 Posted on 18.11.02 2215.17
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2218.48
How dare the production team on RAW taunt me like that? Jericho interrupts Steiner with the Return of the Best Theme EVER...only to use the crappy Saliva song again in the main event.

Oh, the rest of the show wasn`t bad.
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#4 Posted on 18.11.02 2221.12
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2221.15
I thought RAW kicked ass tonight. Were the matches spectacular? No. But they didn't need to be. What needed to be done tonight is simple. First they needed to publicisize what went down at Survivor Series so that it seems like missing a WWE PPV is a big mistake. They did that. They needed to clear up the title situation, establishing a champion and his main challenger. They did that. They needed to start new storylines to carry over the next month. They did that. They needed to continue the slow burn of Booker T. They did that. They needed to let Jericho let loose and give Steiner something to play off. They did that. They needed to make sure Steiner looked strong as possible as soon as possible. They did that. They needed to build anticipation for next week's show. They did that as well. And they needed to keep Triple H as a part of the show without making him the focus of it. They did that.

Mission accomplished. Best RAW in a LONG time.
Super Shane Spear
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#5 Posted on 18.11.02 2221.17
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2222.59
However many catchphrases Steiner has, the fans seem to know them. That's at least one good sign. Another good sign is that the Dudleys retained that instant crowd reaction they had the last time they were a face team back in 2000-2001. On any given night, the Dudleys can get some the loudest pops in the house, and any match that the crowd doesn't sleep through is a good one.

(edited by Super Shane Spear on 18.11.02 2022)
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#6 Posted on 18.11.02 2227.56
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2228.23
I thought RAW was pretty "gosh darn" good to quote HBK himself.
For the oddest reason I think of Public Enemy everytime I see the 3 Minute Warning. Once again Al Snow and Mr. Harvard keep me intrigued. Finally, that was a nice main event with some rocking exchanges of finishing moves there. The Jericho 5 star was particularly nice, in my humble opinion.
I watch and enjoy wrestling in any shape or form, but it makes me that much happier when it happens to be as good as it was tonight. I'm just waiting for someone to yell at me for liking this "garbage"...
Aphrodites Reflection
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#7 Posted on 18.11.02 2231.46
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2237.48
I thought it was a quality show. I was especially fond of Nowinski this week, his who getup was great and again used a nasty heel trick at the end to get the win. How can you make the fashion report and not mention his tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, and his yellow backpack.

What else was good:

I enjoyed the triple threat for the number one contender's match, though the Steiner interference was predictable from a mile away. Beyond that, all three men did a great job after a huge match last night.

We have been predicting Testicles shirts/merchandise on this board the last few weeks, and here it is. There seemed to be a bunch of Testicles signs in the crowd, or else they showed every single one on TV.

Wow, they were able to pull off a good show and Triple H wasn't on it, only mentioned in passing. If this show gets good ratings, would it turn the WWE upside-down? Probably not.

What didn't work:

All the squashes were discouraging. Kane's especially. I realize that they are probably building a Kane/Bautista feud here, but come on WWE. This is the same Kane that layed out everyone else in the chamber last night with chokeslams. The same Kane that won the TLC (4?) match without a partner. Kane who a month and a half ago was holding both the tag titles and the IC title. Kane who.... was destroyed by Bautista tonight in less than 2 minutes, barely able to get one offensive move in. I am all for a big man vs. big man feud, but between two nearly equally matched opponents.

Also Stacy being demolished by Victoria wasn't really enjoyable at all. Stacy hasn't won a match since I can remember, even her gimmicky bra and panties, bikini, mud, jello, and any other silly T & A type match you can think of. JR even said it, she is a manager, not a wrestler. Why have Victoria squash her? If the WWE needs more women for the division (which it does) get some real women wrestlers, and leave Stacy to be Test's mouthpiece.

Half and half:

Scott Steiner. I didn't mind him that much, although his arms look WAY too huge to be natural, especially compared with the rest of the body. He almost looks like a modern rendition of Popeye. But his promo was pretty funny, and he did look quite impressive crushing Jericho at the end there.

Overall, I was entertained but left wishing for some longer matches, less squashes. But that might be a good thing, they whetted my appetite for a Kane Vs. Bautista/Flair matchup.

(edited by Aphrodites Reflection on 18.11.02 2334)
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#8 Posted on 18.11.02 2232.45
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2243.36
I thought RAW was pretty good as well. I'm surprised HBK is wrestling next week. I just hope they can follow up with a couple more good shows in a row.
The Great Thomas
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#9 Posted on 18.11.02 2239.59
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2250.15
What about Chris Harvard? That cut on his face in his match was sick! Was that a blade-job, or a real injury?
Boudin rouge
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#10 Posted on 18.11.02 2241.01
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2251.14
I thought it was pretty damn good Raw in a long time most definetly
Mr Heel II
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#11 Posted on 18.11.02 2257.45
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2259.03
"Does necrophelia offend you as a Christian, Shawn?" "No, it offends me as a WRESTLING fan!" Thank you HBK.

How stupid is Richards to stand there while Kiebler has a loaded airgun pointing at his crotch?!?

Nowinski tricks Snow again. Snow gets in all the offense and one little slip at the end...Are we really seeing how smart Nowinski is, or how DUMB Snow is?

Steiner. The face gives me a Harley Race vibe. The mouth gives me an Ultimate Warrior vibe (except he's coherent.)

I'll pop any day for a 3-D. How great it is to have the Dudley's back together.

I agree with HardCore Joe, I think of Public Enemy whenever I see 3 Minutes.

SICK chair/jaw collision. Dreamer sells it like nobody's business.

Good show.

(edited by Mr Heel II on 19.11.02 0724)
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#12 Posted on 18.11.02 2301.38
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2301.47
To me, setting Steiner up with Jericho is a dumb move.

In my mind, they have to put over that there's only one reason for Steiner to come here: to be the heavyweight champ. Again. Period.

But they blew it.

Steiner needed to come out while HBK was cutting his lame promo, point to Michaels from the ramp, and say, "Look, pal, I don't know who the f **k you are, but you're wearin' my belt!"

And then let the chaos begin.
A Fan
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#13 Posted on 18.11.02 2302.11
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2303.02
Good fast show. I will say every time Lance/Regal come out, the show seems to die a slow death. I guess they are taking up HHH's spot for the night. The good thing about Raw besides no HHH was they keep doing small things that leads me to believe they are going in the right direction.

-The Snow/Nowenski is a nice build to Maven/Nowenski.

- Victoria is coming off great is the insane heel, nice new finisher too by the way. Steven Richards has been toady for almost every great heel, those two fit nice together.

- Big Poppa fits nicely on Raw and if he was a heel it would be a great foil for RVD, Booker T or Kane, now he fueds with Jericho which everyone has done succesfully. He is over with the fans, but it is a better heel than face.

- HBK and Bischoff shoot comments were a nice touch even for the dead quite Conn. crowd. I can't believe Vince decided to build the WWF there.

- HBK as champ is honest. At least, they are admitting, HBK is not going to wrestle every week and he is a better champ already than HHH. The thing about being champion is being honest with the fans, HHH doesn't do that, he states he is the best wrestler on Raw knowing there are ten other guys better than him. He was right a few years ago, but now he is a shell of a shell of his former self.

- Batista as the new Horsemen. He squashed Kane cause it will get him over. It makes sense to throw those two together for the time being. Batista needs someone to put him over and if Taker gets nailed to the cross for not putting Brock over then so should Kane.

- Bischoff as antagionist to everyone, I get the since Eric will be gone soon. He is pissing off everyone so eventually Vince will come down and put a stop to it. Leading yet to another non-wrestling fued between Vince and Eric/Steph.

A Fan- Good show taking nice baby steps in the right direction

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#14 Posted on 18.11.02 2315.56
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2317.20
I always think of Men of a Mission when I see 3 Minutes.

I am not coming in here for weeks after Steiner beats the hell out of Jericho at the next PPV. The amount of whining will be incredible, lol.

(edited by dskillz on 18.11.02 2117)
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#15 Posted on 18.11.02 2320.09
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2320.11

    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    How dare the production team on RAW taunt me like that? Jericho interrupts Steiner with the Return of the Best Theme EVER...only to use the crappy Saliva song again in the main event.

Well...I'm personally hoping if they were going to continue the Chris(Tian) team that they could use the Saliva theme as their team music,change the Y2J intro video to gold and add in Christian Styled bits,and thus the Kings of The World are Born!

(Make Jericho champ and bring back the US champ for Christian and we are set :P)
Potato korv
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#16 Posted on 18.11.02 2324.51
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2325.06
I think Victoria getting involved with Stacy was to set up a Steven/Victoria vs. Test/trish match next week but I might be wrong. Looking at Victoria tonight, her face reminded me of Ivory with black hair. What was with the Hardy non-match tonight though? Is he injured from last night? The way he wasn't wrestling reminded me of the way Davey Boy Smith had to wrestle whole match against the Hart Foundation because of Dynamite Kid's back injury when The British Bulldogs lost the tag titles.
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#17 Posted on 18.11.02 2332.17
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2341.44
Definately, the BEST RAW in a LONG LONG formula:

They accomplished a lot with this show, they created new feuds/storylines, progressed current ones, they set up a DREAM match for next week, HBK vs RVD, and had a real good main event, by the best guys on the show...that's what they should do. It makes you interested, and wanting to tune in.

Hell, even the women's division looks better, thanks to that AWESOME finisher by Victoria.

Now, how long can they keep this up, and can we be lucky enough not to have HHH on our TV's for an extended time?

If HHH HAS to be on air, how about his rehab? I sense a My Sacrifice video being made at this moment on his water-spitting therapy...
Lap cheong
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#18 Posted on 18.11.02 2345.27
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2351.00

No HHH was refreshing. The show seemed to have a good pace and they are building towards a HBK/RVD match next week which is nice. Now they just need to get the belt off HBK. Nobody cared about his interview. Yeah, the IWC ate it up but the crowd was not excited.

The Dudleys back together is a good thing.

Snow/Nowinski = Gold

Big Poppa Pump was sweet but the antics during the match would be better served for a heel rather than a face.

Hopefully, the momentum generated here will carry over into next week.
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#19 Posted on 18.11.02 2359.32
Reposted on: 18.11.09 2359.45
The crowd isn't buying Shawn as the champion but atleast they played it off like he kinda lucked into it.

I just hope for Shawn's sake that this last run doesn't leave him like Tom Billington.

Quote of the night - "How can we have a show without The Game? That's not possible, is it?" - Jerry Lawler.
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#20 Posted on 19.11.02 0022.47
Reposted on: 19.11.09 0023.03
I hit the show at about ten minutes in tonight--had a rehearsal for a show I'm in and got out earlier than expected, and had the beer and peanuts (in the shell, of course) waiting for me back at home. Disclaimer--this is random. I'm just remembering things as they come to me.

I liked what I saw of the opening--but it kind of gave away the ending of the show, in my opinion--when the champ says he's pulling for someone in a match, how can you not pick that guy to win?

Main event was awesome--especially the stealing of finishers. And, of course, kudos to those guys for working tonight after a hell of a match last night! The Steiner-ference was telegraphed as well, but as long as he comes in and makes an impact, that's all I care about. He and Jericho could work off of each other well on the mic, especially if Jericho works in references to Scotty being unintelligible (which I'm sure he will).

While I'm on that--I like Jericho. A lot, actually. I think he's got what it takes, for the most part. However, and it's gotten better in recent weeks, he just looks tired when he comes out there. This is never more evident than when he spouts of his catchprases ("King of the World" and "Huge Rock Star). He looks like he's going through the motions and doesn't care anymore. It doesn't come out when he's in the ring (especially lately), and most times it doesn't hit on the mic, and as I've said, it's improved, but he still has that me, anyway.

I LOVE NOWINSKI!!!!! He was better last night, but he's gold, and hopefully he'll go far. That match with Snow was great, and I like the way they work together--I'm really looking forward to seeing him work with Maven. This whole angle is going slow and intense, and that's just the way it needs to (great backpack and lunch container, by the way).

How many people did they trade for Show?

Nice to see the Dudleyz back with all their familiar spots--it'll be that way for awhile, but they'll come back and be their old entertaining selves. I think the can work great matches with people whose last names aren't "Hardy" or who aren't blond guys from Canada. It's just good to see them back together, where they belong--and that was a BIG bandage on Rico's arm.

I hope this thing with Storm/Regal blows over soon so that Dreamer can go on to something more meaningful. I like the guy, and don't want to see him just stuck in the same thing week in and week out...

Nice finisher for Victoria--I also like her alliance with Stevie--it's roughly the same thing they did with him and Jazz, and it'll work just as well.

Great show for me, and I'm really looking forward to next week: DREAM MATCH!!!! Although, I'll probably just wind up wincing like I did for the chamber--I'm concerned about Shawn. But, I can't wait!
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