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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Impact Wrestling #430 10-4-12
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 5.10.12 0008.19
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0013.35
Well, the Cardinals sure looked good for a while. Then everyone remembered who their QB was and all was right with the world. Woof! Kolb is just terrible! The Rams are a lot better than anyone thinks they are and are a dark horse for the division. Between Sean Payton's absence and Jeff Fisher's emergence, I'm going to go out on a limb and say COACHING MATTERS! Did the NFC West suddenly become the best division in football?

James Storm and Bobby Roode nearly kill each other and TNA referees, in the process, so Hulk Hogan brings in King Mo as special enforcer. Plus, Austin Aries starts to let the pressure get to him, as he blows off Jeff Hardy in last week's main event, only for Jeff Hardy to take the pin in the end. And Hulk Hogan and Sting get taken into the Aces & Eights clubhouse. Who will step up and face the Aces at Bound For Glory? Impact Wrestling starts now!

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Sting chat about the Aces & Eights. Hogan says Sting has to put a bullet in the Aces at the PPV. Sting says he'll be watching all the matches tonight to determine who to partner with.

Opening pyro! We are LIVE from the Impact Zone! Tonight, the X Division title is on the line and Samoa Joe defends the TV title against Rob Van Dam!

MR. ANDERSON makes his entrance for our first match. Anderson cues his mic and tells Hogan and Sting to gather around their monitor and watch this. second "catchphrase"? Ok, then.

Gunner wastes no time in attacking Anderson and hammers away in the corner. Anderson comes back with clotheslines and a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Gunner comes back with a corner elbow, but walks into an armdrag and a dropkick to send him out. Gunner takes advantage of a Kash distraction to attack from behind, as we see Sting watching on a monitor backstage. Anderson avoids a corner charge, but the rolling fireman's carry is blocked. Still, Gunner charges right into the Mic Check for the pin in about 4 minutes.

WINNER: Mr. Anderson - Too short to be worth anything.

Post-match, Kid Kash attacks Anderson, but quickly eats a Mic Check for his troubles. Hit Mr. Anderson's music! Music!

Backstage, Tara is on the phone with her Hollywood bf. Gail Kim enters the picture and takes umbrage to this. Tara talks about a double date with Gail and her "cable star" boyfriend. Gail responds that Tara should watch her back if she wins the title at the PPV.

Ad break

We look back at Tara turning on Tessmacher three weeks ago.

Gail charges at ODB, but ODB is the immovable object and nails Gail with a corner splash. ODB slams Gail and offers a crotch chop at Tara. Tess tags in and hits a dropkick to seat Gail in the corner. My bum is on your lips! My bum is on your lips! ODB tags in and tries to follow up with the Bronco Buster, but Gail crawls away for the tag. ODB whips Tara into the corner and nails her with the Bronco Buster! ODB whacks Gail, which allows Tara to attack from behind. Gail tags in and works over ODB. Running clothesline gets 2. Tara tags herself in to work over ODB herself. Standing moonsault hits knees. Hot tag is made and Tess is a house of fire. Here's an AAAAAAAAAHHH spinning headscissors! You know, out of everyone...EVERYONE that Tessmacher can choose to emulate, she decides on KELLY KELLY? Sweet Jesus. Dropkick sends Tara to the corner and a corner facebuster gets 2 when Gail breaks up the pin. Pier 4 breaks out, with ODB taking a swig from her flask! Gail disposes of ODB and tries to attack Tess from behind, but Tess moves! Gail's able to stop herself, but Tara shoves her into Tess! Widow's Peak finishes at about 6 minutes shown.

WINNERS: Gail Kim & Tara - Pretty good tag action. The KO division has completely left the WWE Divas in the dust.

Backstage, Bruce Pritchard has some paperwork for Al Snow to sign.

Ad break

Here's a video package on the Joey Ryan/Al Snow feud.

The Impact Wrestling theme brings out AL SNOW, who grabs a mic and begrudgingly introduces JOEY RYAN. Ryan gets a full entrance and comes down the ramp. Ryan completely hams everything up. God, this guy and his stupid scarf just scream "low-rent indy act". Snow says that he allowed his emotions to get the better of him and his actions put the company in a bad position. Snow apologizes on behalf of the company for his own actions. Ryan says he wants a real apology from Snow. Snow says he's sorry and offers the Hand of Friendship, but Ryan brushes it off. He talks loud and says nothing. Snow grudgingly pulls out a contract for Ryan. Snow tries to tell Ryan to check the contract, but Ryan continues to act like a smarmy jackass. Ryan wants a grand introduction, but Snow points out that the contract is only for one night. It's for Bound For Glory, where Ryan will face Al Snow. Hit the Impact Wrestling music!

Backstage, Kurt Angle offers his services to Sting, as we see the World Tag Team Champions of the World poking their heads out in the background. Sting doesn't want Kurt pulling double duty, but says he'll consider it. Bully Ray enters the picture and tells Sting that he should be in the main event at BFG, but isn't, because of the Aces. Ray wants to know what he has to do to prove himself. Sting tells Ray to make something happen, because he needs a BULLY on his team.

Ad break

Both men lock up to start and circle each other to an "RVD" chant. We move to a wrestling sequence, which Joe wins. Joe muscles Van Dam down with clotheslines before hitting the avalanche/enziguiri combo! Van Dam tries to take Joe down with a drop toehold, but Joe turns that into an STF! That's a MAN'S STF, not a shitty STF, like John Cena! Van Dam reaches the ropes and regroups on the outside. Joe comes out and eats a low dropkick. Joe fights Van Dam off and chucks him into the steel steps. Van Dam slams Joe's head on the turnbuckle and staggers him with a kick straight to the face! Springboard kick and Rolling Thunder gets 2! Corner spinning heel kick, but the monkey flip is countered when Joe puts RVD on the turnbuckles. RVD comes off with a crossbody and mule kick. Van Dam wants the 5-Star Frog Splash, but Joe's playing possum and simply picks him up off the turnbuckle. Muscle Buster, goodbye at about 5 minutes!

WINNER: Samoa Joe - Very good first title defense for Joe. They're going to make him a major force again sooner than later.

Backstage, AJ Styles argues with Chavo and Hernandez. The World Tag Team Champions of the World enter the picture to try and stir the pot.

Ad break

BOUND FOR GLORY MEMORIES: Dixie Carter (sigh...sure, why not?) recalls Sting becoming TNA World Champion in 2009.

Earlier today, we see King Mo arrive in the arena.

Elsewhere backstage, Austin Aries tries to make nice with Jeff Hardy. "Two great wrestlers were successful in the end, even though I kinda did most of the heavy lifting and you came in and stole the victory at the end." Ha! Bully Ray enters the picture and tells them that he has to prove himself to Sting, so he's going to do it by beating Jeff Hardy tonight. Aries takes umbrage to this and says that Ray should be targeting the world champion. Ray points out that he already beat the world champion! Yowza! Aries points out that Ray needed the chain to win. Ray says Aries is lucky he isn't facing him at the PPV. Jeff cuts in and suggests a triple threat later tonight. Aries takes umbrage to Jeff making matches, but Ray accepts this proposal and exits.

We go back to the three-way from last week, where Christopher Daniels steals the pin on Chavo.

Chavo tries to get the crowd behind him to start. We move to a wrestling sequence, surprisingly won by Chavo with a relentless side headlock. Kurt stomps a mudhole in Chavo, but we soon switch to Chavo hammering Kurt in the corner. Kurt comes back with a big back body drop. More mudhole stomping. Chavo tries to come off the ropes, but eats a clothesline. Kurt grabs a waistlock. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets 2. Second tilt-a-whirl is countered with a headscissors. Chavo hits a dropkick and a somersault senton gets 2. Chavo tries to come off the corner with a clothesline, but it's turned into a belly-to-belly suplex. Announcers note that the main event has become official. What? Don't they need a 20 minute interview segment to make a main event? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE??? Chavo gets a standing 'rana for 2. Three Amigos is countered with Rolling Germans! Anklelock is countered and now Chavo gets the There Amigos! Frog Splash misses! Angle Slam hits, but Hernandez provides the distraction, which allows Chavo to roll up Angle for the pin at about 7 or 8 minutes shown.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero - Good TV match. Nice to see Chavo putting on good matches again.

Post-match, the two teams get into a shoving match. Meanwhile, the World Tag Team Champions of the World enjoy their view from atop the ramp. Daniels enjoys a sip of his APPLETINI~!

Later tonight, we meet King Mo!

Ad break

Ion gets a quick start on Williams, but Williams quickly gets a flurry of rights. Running knee and clothesline sends Ion to the outside. Ion begs off, but Williams pounds on Ion with a side headlock before getting shoved into the steel post. Williams tries to nail Ion with a right, but favors the arm. Ion quickly takes Williams down with the juji gatame for the win in about a minute.

WINNER: Zema Ion - Oh come on, they couldn't get more than a minute out of Ion?

Post-match, Ion won't let go of the hold, so...

WINNER BY DQ: Douglas Williams - Laaaaaaame.

Post-match, Ion grabs the mic and says he's the first choice to help Hogan and Sting at BFG, but refuses to put his looks on the line. He's not just f'n pretty, he's pretty f'n catchphrase! Hit Ion's music! soon before Sorenson's ready?

Here's a video package on King Mo.

Backstage, King Mo prepares to make his first TNA appearance, next!

Ad break

Backstage, Bruce Pritchard and D'Lo Brown look at some house show footage. There's Matt Morgan (!) kicking the head off a referee! Pritchard demands answers as to why Morgan was there and why D'Lo didn't do anything about it. Pritchard tears D'Lo a new one and tells him not to let it happen again.

"COWBOY" JAMES STORM makes his entrance. Storm tells Bobby Roode that he isn't going to BFG to prove he's a better wrestler or fighter, but that he's the better man. Storm tries to turn the topic to King Mo, but...

Interruption comes from BOBBY ROODE, who says he doesn't give a damn about King Mo. Roode tells Storm to worry about him, because Storm has never beaten him. Roode says this isn't a match, but it's a fight and he'll keep going until Storm is a bloody carcass. Roode tells King Mo that he won't be getting in his way and wishes he was here so he could tell him that to his face.

So here's KING MO, complete with robe and crown. Roode gets in Mo's face and shoves him! So Mo shoves him down! That'll send Roode crawling back, as Mo makes his way to the ring. Now Mo confronts Storm, so Storm raises his hand and calls for beers. Storm and Mo toast to end the segment.

Backstage, Hogan and Sting talk some more, as Hogan says he already has his mind made up. Sting says there's one more match and he has a vested interested in Bully Ray. Hogan says he'll watch right alongside him.

Coming up next, it's a three-way main event!

Here's a video package on the Aces & Eights storyline.

We take a look at the Aces beating the shit out of Joseph Park some more, as Bane promises bad things for Hogan and Sting. We then see a CAR BATTERY sparking up before we fade to black.

Bound For Glory card rundown
-Aces & Eights v. Sting & ???
-TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian v. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle v. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
-STREET FIGHT: James Storm v. Bobby Roode (King Mo, Special Enforcer)

But first...

Ad break

We come back with Ray working over both guys until Jeff reverses a suplex. Big "Hardy" chant, so Jeff points it out to piss off Aries. Ray suddenly pulls out Jeff and chucks him into the steel post. Aries works over Ray and hits him with a second-rope clothesline. A corner charge meets a Hook 'Em Horns big boot! MOOO! But here comes Jeff to bounce off a doubled-over Aries for Poetry In Motion! Nice! Jeff works over Ray with his usual spots. Twist of Fate hits! Off comes the shirt! Swanton Bomb hits, but Aries breaks up the cover and tosses Jeff. Aries clamps on LAST CHANCERY~! before Jeff breaks that up! Aries and Jeff argue some more, which allows Ray to take them both out with a clothesline. Ray dumps Jeff and backdrops Aries on top of him! Aries hangs Ray on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick! "I don't need any of you!" Ohh...I don't like the sound of that. Aries calls for the brainbuster, but Ray stops it with a face rake! "WHERE'S MY CHAIN?!" He can't find it, so he grabs the belt instead. "MOVE IT, BITCH!" Ray measures Aries for a belt shot, but sees Jeff coming in, so he opts to toss Jeff into Aries! Bully Bomb hits and Ray pins Jeff at about 4 minutes shown!

WINNER: Bully Ray - Wow, that was WAAAAAAY too short for a main event match!

Post-match, Aries gets in Jeff's face and tells him that he had Ray! Big "Hardy" chant starts up! Aries gets up in the corner and gets boos! Jeff poses and gets a big pop. Oh, great. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a heel turn, I guess. Thanks a bunch, Impact Zone! You all suck!

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Sting exit the office to make their way to the ring, next!

Ad break

STING and HULK HOGAN make their way out for our main event promo. Hogan grabs the mic first and soaks up the "Hogan" chants. Hogan tells the Aces & Eights that they'll have to worry about Sting. Or "The Sting-Mon," if you're Hogan. Hogan says he and Sting have agreed on one man...Mr. Anderson! Um...didn't see that coming. Hogan invites Mr. Anderson out.

Anderson's music hits, but we suddenly go outside to see the Aces & Eights have completely laid waste to Anderson! doesn't look like he'll be coming out anytime soon. The roster checks on Anderson, except for Ray, who rushes the ring. Ray is outraged that they picked Anderson over him! Ray tells Sting that he needs to go to war with a warrior! Ray says that he's proven himself! "I want these guys worse than anybody else!" Crowd's booing this, because even THEY know how obvious this is. Ray urges Sting to convince Hogan. Sting turns to Hogan and tells him that they have to go with Bully. Well, sure, if STING trusts him! I mean, who better to measure trustworthiness than STING? Hogan shakes Ray's hand. Hit Ray's music! Closing credits are up and we're out!


You know...I realize that it's a lot of fun for this board to write the word "Sting" followed by the words "the Giant Idiot" back-to-back. Hell, he's practically made it a pastime. But good lord, he just makes it SOOOO easy! Did you see the look on his face when Ray was making his plea. It was just!!!


I there any possible way this doesn't end with Ray turning on Sting? Any way at all?

To put a coda on this, I reference what's STILL probably the funniest post I've ever seen on this board, from our buddy, Mayhem. With a few of the names changed (and here's the original, if you haven't seen it in its glory):

    Originally posted by Mayhem (with the names changed to fit tonight's show)
    I can just see the verbal exchange backstage between Hogan and Sting ...

    Hogan: So, Sting do you think that I can trust Bully Ray?
    Sting: Absolutely!

Sting the Giant Idiot, ladies and gentlemen!

Sooooo...Aries' heel turn...this annoys me for almost all of the reverse reasons that Punk's heel turn does, because rather than the company forcing this on everyone, this time it was a select group of fans that are forcing this on everyone. You know, at least Punk had a year to build his face run. Aries got...what...three months? And yeah, let's turn the guy heel because the dopes at the Impact Zone said so! Fantastic! Let's dump a potential fresh face of the franchise, just because these guys want to give Jeff Hardy his 100th chance. Bra-vo!

Aside from those pretty major annoyances, this was still a decent show. But man, were those matches SHORT, especially the main event. Hopefully, they go longer next week.

Until next time...I remain cautiously optimistic.

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#2 Posted on 5.10.12 0043.13
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0047.49
Pretty weak show, imo. I really loved seeing Joe shrug off RVD's offense and absolutely destroy him and beat him clean. The Joe we saw tonight reminded me of the unstoppable Samoa Joe from '05-06. The Joey Ryan-Snow stuff doesn't do much for me, but the crowd was really into it and I like Ryan. That said Al Snow shouldn't be in a match in your biggest PPV of the year in 2012. Thing I also noticed was Snow, who I never considered that big towering over Ryan. I have no issue with Angle doing jobs, but sorry he shouldn't be putting over fucking Chavo. I laughed at Kaz calling Chavo and Hernandez nacho libre. The Main Event was too short and man Bully going over both Aries and Hardy the last few weeks headed into their big match is interesting booking. Man King Month looked ridiculous in his get up not as bad as the King Sheamus get up, but pretty bad. Don't have high hopes for him. Anderson being named Sting's partner shocked me for a minute before I figured Anderson would get beat down and replaced. Sting being so trusting after being turned on so many times is too funny. He look ready to share a mortgage with Bully Ray and maybe open a joint account with him. Bully will turn on Sting and I think him being the leader of Aces and Eights is the right move. I can't help, but think Pritchard will be involved too with all the air time he's getting lately. All in all, below average show and the build to BfG hasn't been strong imo.Couple more thing: Holy shit is King Month's theme music awful, but really besides for 3-4 wrestlers all of TNA's theme music is awful. Also, the Impactzone fans chanting for Devon during Bully's excellent promo was pathetic. I mean of all the wrestlers that left the promotion over the years Devon is the one they can't let go of? Worst fans ever.

(edited by graves9 on 5.10.12 0159)
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#3 Posted on 5.10.12 0531.24
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0532.07
I can't recall who on this board labeled the live Impact Zone fans "Mutants" but that person is precise with words. What the hell do they see in Hardy? I also have a problem with the fact that TNA management just FEELS that they can't have a face vs. face main event between Hardy and Aries, just like WWE just can't a face vs. face main event. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Watching wrestling shouldn't be this blindingly frustrating.

Has Daniels always pulled a fully prepared Appletini out of random lockers?
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#4 Posted on 5.10.12 0656.05
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0656.21
If you skipped this show and just read the recap then you made the right decision this week. You can almost feel some of the momentum they have been building the last couple of months starting to slip away.

Aces and Eights had better work, because they are all in on this angle now. This isn't like Claire Lynch where they can just sort of drop it and move on. I have a bad feeling about all this.

Aries will not be a heel long. You are only a heel as long as you feud with Jeff Hardy.

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#5 Posted on 5.10.12 0750.15
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0752.52
My favorite Sting angle of all time culminated at Halloween Havoc 1995, where after years of being tortured by Ric Flair, Flair suddenly found himself on the outs with Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. Flair begged and pleaded with Sting to be his partner and help him out; with Sting warning him "if you screw me, I'm gonna kill ya".

At the PPV, Flair was 'left beaten' in the back, so Sting had to wrestle alone for about 20 minutes. Finally a bandaged Ric hobbled down to ringside, got the hot tag, and immediately initiated a 3-on-1 beatdown of Sting.

Anything that's a throwback to Stupid Sting Who Trusts Everyone No Matter What is worthy of a big thumbs up. I not only hope Bully Ray turns on him, but that he gets pleas week after week from more TNA stars to help him out in his quest for revenge against Bully Ray, only to see THEM turn on him.

Jeff Hardy: "Stinger, I know 4 weeks Bully Ray turned on you, then Mr. Anderson 3 weeks ago ... that Hulk Hogan stabbed you in the back on Impact just 2 weeks back, and Dixie Carter beat you and left you for dead in your tag-team match last week. But please Sting - let me help. We're brothers in paint, man."

Sting: "Well nobody who wears facepaint is an enemy of mine Jeff, let's tear it down buddy! IIIIITTT'S SHOWTIME FOLKS!"

(edited by cfgb on 5.10.12 0854)
Amos Cochran
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#6 Posted on 5.10.12 0805.18
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0807.42
It seems sooo obvious that Bully's going to turn that I bet they don't do it. Maybe Sting turns! That's always worked out well!
Tyler Durden
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#7 Posted on 5.10.12 0813.08
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0814.55
    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    It seems sooo obvious that Bully's going to turn that I bet they don't do it. Maybe Sting turns! That's always worked out well!

Makes no sense at all. So, that's probably what's going to happen.
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#8 Posted on 5.10.12 0907.44
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0914.16
I am not sure this is a full on heel turn for Aries. But if so, I am fine with it. He is way better as a heel, and I have been a little bored with his face run, other than his in ring performances.

So...Bully has now pinned both guys in the World Title match at BfG, thus making a strong case for a Title match against the winner, and is poised to turn on Sting? Sounds like the A&8s mystery is solved, it's just a matter of who is in on it with him. All clues point to Abyss, Jarrett, and Bischoff, which is a little too much like the Immortal formation 2 years ago. But Joe is the TV champ now, so I think that eliminates him because the leader of A&8s won't just be the TV champ. I hope I am wrong, and they have signed a big name to be the reveal, but I don't think so.
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#9 Posted on 5.10.12 0914.47
Reposted on: 5.10.19 0928.42
    Originally posted by Tyler Durden
      Originally posted by Amos Cochran
      It seems sooo obvious that Bully's going to turn that I bet they don't do it. Maybe Sting turns! That's always worked out well!

    Makes no sense at all. So, that's probably what's going to happen.
If Russo was booking I'd bet on this happening, but thankfully he isn't and I'm betting on Bully turning on Sting.
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#10 Posted on 5.10.12 1112.12
Reposted on: 5.10.19 1120.18
didn't have a problem with the triple threat because, if I'm remembering correctly, Hardy and Aries didn't hit a single move on each other, TNA DIDN'T give the main event away, they gave us Bully vs Hardy and Bully vs Aries, with the two switching out periodically--and since Bully's strong booking and obvious turn on Sting-ness could suggest a Bully world tittle run (perhaps how they got him to re-sign with the company) I can't complain too much.

also on those saying the "Aries turning into heel who want's respect" angle is failing for the same reason as the Punk angle, there is one HUGE difference. The crowd actually is picking Hardy over Aries, not like on Raw where half the people DO want to cheer for Punk over Cena, but the company says no. Areis never explicitly turned heel prior to (or during) this show, but he was booed right from his entrance tonight, the fans have chosen Hardy and stopped chanting Aries name, and it's unnerving him. It's actually subtle character development, as opposed to "OK I'm a heel now"

overall though, yeah kinda blah show, I didn't think it was as bad as most but pretty crappy. Amazing that they had better build to BFG last year in the last days of Russo's booking reign.
Amos Cochran
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#11 Posted on 5.10.12 1117.39
Reposted on: 5.10.19 1129.02
Regardless of crowd response, Punk's character turn is absolutely in keeping with his established persona. It's the natural endgame of the last year's worth of his booking.

And they easily could have booked this as face versus face. The fans may be booing Aries now, but that's only because he started acting the prick immediately after the last PPV.
It's False
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#12 Posted on 5.10.12 1318.01
Reposted on: 5.10.19 1324.15
Rare tweet from the world champ:

I see what he's getting at, but I don't think anybody can play the "tweener" role better than Samoa Joe right now.
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#13 Posted on 8.10.12 1809.52
Reposted on: 8.10.19 1829.01
I loved Aces and Eights' timing in annihilating Mr. Anderson right after Hogan announced Anderson was going to save the day for TNA. It was entirely predictable, but in a good way.

Bully Ray pins Hardy! Speaking of which, I enjoyed the segment that set up the triple threat match, where Bully Ray walked up to Hardy and Aries to challenge them. All of their personalities felt perfect there: Bully Ray the egotist, Austin Aries and his feeling overlooked, and Jeff Hardy as the ubercool dude who knows just how much sway he has.
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