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22.6.11 1403
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Karlos the Jackal
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#1 Posted on 7.7.06 0319.02
Reposted on: 7.7.13 0321.19
Not bad tonight -- two matches worth watching!

Sonjay Dutt vs. Homicide: Dutt had Hernandez and Konnan with him, of course. I haven't seen much Homicide outside of TNA (and, really, there hasn't been much of him in TNA up 'til now), and neither have most people. Homicide looked solid if not spectacular, but I know better than to judge him solely form this match. They teased his Cop Killa (Vertebreaker) but Sonjay got out of it. (I think they referred to it simply as the "Killa.") Hernandez interfered and finished Dutt off with a crazy overhead choke toss (!).

LAX wins -- oh, wait, Slick Mark runs down and explains what happened and the decision is reversed. Man, if Slick Mark runs down EVERY time there's interference, he's going to be very tired at the end of the night. (At least he didn't have yellow cards with him.)

Looks like they're setting up Dutt & Killings vs. LAX...?

Slick Mark gets more camera time, arguing with Larry Zybyszko. Huh -- Tenay and West have a big red phone on the announce table. I assume they are awaiting a phone call from Commissioner Gordon.

After a commercial, Eric Young comes out and -- Say, here's Slick Mark again! He photoshopped all the hair off of Larry and put his head on a cartoon guy possibly drawn by Lash Leroux (I'm only guessing). AWESOME, Eric Young is playing second banana to a ref.

I hope Andy Douglas agrees to that haircut, man.

Monty Brown vs. Kenny King: Awesome, the ref is Slick Mark! I MISSED him! Squash.

Kevin Nash is really funny discussing the use of the body bag in pro wrestling. "We're gonna do something the wrestling world hasn't seen in...two weeks!" Inside the bag is...Chris Sabin! Humiliation abounds! Lethal makes the save -- Nash bails out immediately. It's Lethal & Sabin vs. Nash and Alex Shelley for Victory Road -- is there any way that Shelley doesn't get pinned?

Shelley's new Paparazzi Productions partner is Johnny Devine -- they've given him all these little ponytails to, I guess, make him look as "hip" as Shelley. Well, he looks as "hip" as Kip James, so that's something.

Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner: Pretty good match, actually, especially considering that I don't care that much about the Main Event scene in TNA.

Sting is Sting; Jarrett is Jarrett. Steiner continues to be used well and to do what he needs to do, to my mild surprise. Christian continues heelish behavior, including biting Jarrett on the forehead and pulling the three-countin' ref out of the ring and onto the floor. He also takes a crazy bump, going from the top turnbuckle straight to the floor, flipping over the turnbuckle post and landing flat on his back.

For the finish, Sting Death Drops Jarrett, Christian frogsplashes him, and Sting pins him -- clean, Christian's previous actions notwithstanding. After the match, Steiner lays out Cage and Sting and then gets attacked and driven off by Joe.

Don West picked up a really annoying rasping inhale at some point during this show which I don't suppose will be any better by next week.

So: We set up a few matches, hyped a couple more, showed off Homicide and Hernandez, and had a good main event. I call it a success.


EDITED TO ADD: I might as well put this here as anywhere. This is from Andy Douglas' MySpace:

"I know that a lot of you out there are curious and/or worried that Chase and I might be getting a new gimmick, new colors, and a new hair cut and color. As far as I know, this is all just a rumor. No one at TNA has approached us with this, asked us about it, or even brought it up. So, to answer your questions, as of right now no the Naturals are not cutting their hair. And don't worry, I don't think it would happen regardless!!!"

So, for what that's worth, there you go.

(edited by Karlos the Jackal on 7.7.06 0151)
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#2 Posted on 7.7.06 1122.41
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1124.14
Nash was funny to me... First time I caught his act in TNA without reading the spoilers .... "Split 25 million 3 ways, 6 million for you, 6 million for you and the rest is mine " bit...
Funny dude..
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#3 Posted on 7.7.06 1218.54
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1219.41
The Nash stuff was gold and Shelley and Devine have potential. I'm afraid that Shelley may get pigeonholed as just a comedic wrestler though. "That old chestnut." Sabin and Lethal don't hold a candle charisma wise to Nash, Shelley or even Devine and they're going to get out of this angle worse than going in.

Homicide v. Dutt was okay. Not great. Could have done without all the overbooking (interference, run-ins, ref overturning etc...)

The Rhyno segment was awesome, but they need to stop mentioning ECW and WWE.

Great segment from Douglas and the Naturals too.

Liked the promos from Christian, Sting and Joe.

Tired of the Brown squashes. Repetitive.

Main event was okay...a bit overhyped...but a decent brawl.

Decent show. Good angles and promos, nothing ring-wise to go out of your way to watch.
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#4 Posted on 7.7.06 1316.53
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1317.09
Is it just me or is Monty Brown extremely annoying to watch wrestle?
Polska kielbasa
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#5 Posted on 7.7.06 1340.24
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1340.59
    Originally posted by TheStallion
    Is it just me or is Monty Brown extremely annoying to watch wrestle?

Never liked him and I don't think I ever will like him.
Matt Tracker
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#6 Posted on 7.7.06 1416.04
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1416.08
    Originally posted by JohnHayduke
      Originally posted by TheStallion
      Is it just me or is Monty Brown extremely annoying to watch wrestle?

    Never liked him and I don't think I ever will like him.

He's one of the bright spots on TNA for me. If I had to list why I watched before ECW came back, it would look like this:

1) Sonjay Dutt. Brings it every match, wrestles in fifth gear, sells like a champ. The unsung MVP of Impact.

2) Monty Brown. A classic power guy. Hi's got a spooky physique, some decent mic skills, he can legitimately toss people around, and he's got the Pounce. The Pounce is the single most joyous wrestling move to watch. I laugh like a child when I watch it. The angle of contact, the manner of contact, and the sprawling of the opponent kill me. If he yelled "KA-PLOW" when he hit the guy, I'd pass out from laughter. There hasn't been anything like this in wrestling for me since Hurricane chokeslammed people and was so busy staring at his hands that he couldn't get a three-count.

3) Low-Ki's inevitably crippling Flying Stomp. I want to watch the PPV where he forgets to relax his kneecaps and he crushes someone's neck.

4) Samoa Joe. Just for the name alone.

5) AJ Styles. A craftsman. The timing of his curls in dives outside the ring make them both more credibly offensive and terrifying to watch.
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#7 Posted on 7.7.06 1551.11
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1551.47
As more of a work rate fan, I was suprised that the hightlights of this show were the promos by Ryno (!) and Joe. Great stuff there, and hardly seemed scripted at all. Was Lo-Ki even mentioned on the show this week?
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#8 Posted on 7.7.06 1603.04
Reposted on: 7.7.13 1603.11
I have to admit, the Nash/Shelley stuff is the funniest thing in wrestling right now. This clip alone made me laugh harder than anything DX has done:

Nash (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is doing wonders for Shelley. Shelley has enough personality to pull this off (he's just a little raw) and I think this will lead to a Nash/Shelley match-up down the road. Now, I have the right to take all of this back, because this is Diesel we are talking about.
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