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The 7 - CRZ's World - ECW #1 13.6.6 Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 14.6.06 0325.32
Reposted on: 14.6.13 0326.44
I must be OUT OF MY MIND.

Well, I'm probably not the only person somebody's said that about over the coupls of months when it came to discussing, let alone even THINKING about THE NEW ECW...

By the way, if this was truly ECW, then I would have to be Sean Shannon. I'm not, so it ain't.

You can believe what you want to believe, but the bottom line is the copyright notice still says "WW Entertainment" and it's still a Vince McMahon show. I just want to get that out of the way right now.

The REAL reason I decided to do this is (1) I'm naive enough to think it'll actually only last 13 weeks (2) it's only ONE hour (3) I don't trust anybody else to be "objective."

I'll talk MORE about myself in the coming weeks. Don't miss it!

My thought process is that some weeks these will be done in real time, some weeks I'll be out pretending to have a life and you'll get them on tape delay. I REALLY don't want to EVER use the rewind button on the DVR, so I'll attempt to use "mojo style" until I break down and get all anal-retentive again.

Oh, and just like this show ain't ECW, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't get your hopes up for "CRZ 1999" either. (At least, not in the first week.)

Do you think Paul E. wishes he'd brought it back on 6.6.6? (You know Vince does!)

I knew I was making the right decision when I was watching One Night Stand (II) and suddently I realised I could actually name the referee I didn't recognise last week on Smackdown! (it was Mike Posey). If I still care about stupid details like THAT, this should be a BREEZE.

Still, for all the times I've heard "ECW" said over the past week, I don't think I've actually heard "Extreme Championship Wrestling" said a SINGLE time. This is probably important. I hope I didn't just unwittingly invite Tod Gordon's lawyers to sue me.

Hell, even the Program Guide only says "ECW." That's like the shortest program title ever! "Kurt Angle, RVD & Paul Heyman. (L) TV-14, CC." Hmm, is it REALLY live?

ENOUGH CHIT CHAT! Let's push the button...

"You're REALLY gonna write this? You're crazy." - Kim (YES! I'm still married!)

No Opening

Let Us Take You Back To Last Sunday Where Shit Happened

The Next Night on RAW... A few excerpted comments from Paul...and Cena

DROWNING POOL TV-14-DLSV CC Let That Dude's Body Hit The Floor, 'cause he's still dead - you know, they should have included THAT guy in the tribute to fallen people during last year's One Night Stand oopsie moving on - the "tribe of extreme?" Really? Is that what you want to call it? The tribe? Huh.

As the more familiar "ECW" theme plays, we now see that an ECW "razor" logo now occupies the lower left corner of the screen, balanced out by the SciFi bug in the lower right. JUSTIN JASON ROBERTS (what, DeAngeliss has a day job or something?) welcomes out THE REPRESENTATIVE OF ECW - I GUESS THAT MAKES HIM REPRESENTATIVE PAUL HEYMAN while our hosts JOE E. STYLES and TAZZZZZZZZ remind us that WE ARE LIVE from the Unnamed Arena in Trenton, NJ 13.6.6 for the WORLD PREMIERE of ECW #1! I really shouldn't even bother trying a perfect transcript, but I guess I could always come back to this later. Okay, here we go... "Thank you very much, ladies and gentlement, it is my honour and my privilege to introduce to you ROB - VAN - DAM!" And, hey, there's ROB VAN DAM. They're trying to hide the Smackdown set with a curtain but you can figure out where it might be off to the left of the brick wall set they're entering through here. Ring ropes are BLACK! WE ALL CARE! Looks like our commentary team is behind and centre in relation to the ring as well. Van Dam carries the CENA title on his shoulder - that won't last long, I'm guessing. I should note the NEW van Dam shirt (buy now!) he's wearing. "Thank you - and thank you! You all saw it the other night at One Night Stand, I defeated John Cena. And won this! Say hello to your new champion - POINTS - TO - SELF. You know, John Cena said he was gonna show up here tonight, Paul." "Really." "Well, that's awesome! I hope he comes to our premiere, and does the right thing, helps us celebrate. Because I am extremely excited about being THE champion of the NEW E - C - W!" Joey sneaks out our first "the new breed unleased" of the night. "Well that's a very good point because, Rob, you did beat John Cena for the WWE title, is my honour and my privilege to present you with something I - I've known for a long time you would one day hold - Rob van Dam, I hereby present you with the NEW ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!" Let's see it! I didn't notice but Heyman had a black bag - and out it comes. Hmm, looks just like the old one...kinda! Rob holds it high. Joey: "What a historic moment!" Rob has one on each shoulder now. "Honestly? I can't think of a greater honour for my career than this right here. ... Obviously I accept this and cherish it - I wanna keep this one too." Ha! I was wrong. I don't mind. Crowd reaction is mixed. "I can pull it off! This is the ECW World Championship! And I will wear it proudly. And look at this one - it spins!" Before we can fully get our yuks, the music hits and out walk EDGE & LITA. Paul: "Oh, this is good! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the #1 Contender for THE title at Vengeance. Accompanied to the ring by Lita, here on the ECW World Premiere, I give you EEEEEDGE!" Edge has his "RAW" graphic, of course. Styles reminds us that Edge is an invited guest. Edge is offered Paul's mic. "Paul... I wanted to personally thank you for inviting us. And Rob, I just wanted to tell you that no matter what I think of ECW personally...I resepct you. We got a lot more in common than you might think. We both won the Money in the Bank ladder match. We both cashed in the opportunity, and we won the championship. You and me? We broke the glass ceiling, and we did it because of our ability. So I want to tell you that it's gonna be an honour to face you and tear the house down at Vengeance." Hand offered - hand shook! Edge backs off, and Paul raises Rob's hand - but go figure, there's Edge with the SPEAR! Edge points to himself (and shows off his armpit sweat - anything less would be uncivilised)! And away they go - out through the crowd this time. Edge turns back to the ring to gloat - but fails to notice that JOHN CENA is standing behind him. Edge does the slow head turn for comedic effect - Cena right, right, right, back over the barrier, into the commentary table - but now van Dam is out of the ring and HE wants some of Edge. Cena pulls him off and returns to punching - now taking turns beating on Edge - now van Dam and Cena with a staredown - Edge takes the opportunity to run van Dam into Cena - low blow for van Dam - and Edge makes his retreat back over the barricade and out through the crowd. Cena pops Heyman with a haymaker for good measure (!) and then takes off after Edge. The "ECW LOCKER ROOM" comes out to check on Paul (wotta bunch of ass kissers!) and we head to our first break.

I stole this part from Cubs
Ad for SciFi show
Ad for SciFi show
Burger King


Get extreme by spending money on a ticket in Philadelphia (24th), Belle Vernon (25th), Huntington (26th), Toms River (1st), and York (2nd). Belle Vernon? YORK? Where the hell are these places? Are Superstar Steve Austin and Woman going to be there? Then why do they keep showing me that clip?

Backstage, THE SHAKY CAMERA TECHNIQUE HAS RETURNED! Paul is very "How dare they" and says that the only way to fight Monday Night RAW folks bringing Monday Night RAW to ECW is to have ECW bring ECW to RAW. I guess this is...cross-pollonation? I'm feeling allergic. Say, ain't there some other brand or something? Noooo? Oh.

As THE ZOMBIE heads to the ring, I can already sense that this here is one of those things where they try to get Internet idiots to say "Okay, HERE we go. See I TOLD you those SciFi CRAPHEADS would make them to screw this up with all their SciFi CRAP" and then mere moments later right after the SHOCKING SWERVE is pulled then those same people are all like "ohhhhh maybe it'll be okay now after all. glug glug glug." Well, let's see if I'm right THIS time or if I've again fallen victim to the very overthinking I'm always criticising. Shh, he's got something to say! "EUUUUUUUUGGHHHHHEHHHH" - oh, never mind. "UUUUUHHHHHHHH....UUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHUHHH..." and this goes on for a while. And now...oh, YOU probably saw this coming before I did!

THE ZOMBIE (no hometown, no weight) v. THE SANDMAN (this entrance SUCKS) - cane, cane cane cane cane cane cane cane cane, White Russian legsweep, I may have missed a cane at the beginning, but I don't think I should bother going back to check, 1, 2, 3. (0:16) Here's a replay of almost the entire match. At least there's a lot of "dust" flying off the Zombie. Tazz says we've seen the last of the Zombie. Hey, vanquishin' is thirsty work, gimme another Budweiser!

Somewhere else, we see a cardboard cutout of - oh, wait, that's a real human girl! "Hi - my name is KELLY and...I'm an exhibionist. Which means...I'm gonna take off all of my clothes...for you....tonight!" OH MY GOD IT'S SOMETHING FOR THE SCIFI NERD DEMOGRAPHIC

Here's a Video Look at D-Generation X. They'll reunite at Vengenace a week from Sunday. This would NOT be an ECW pay-per-view....but then, even the ECW pay-per-view these days aren't ECW pay-per-views, so it's all good!

SciFi show ad
Axe Snake Peel (I swear that voice doesn't belong to that guy in the hood)
"Nacho Libre"
Cingular Wireless from Bellsouth (the heck?)
Geico Motorcycle insurance
SciFi ad

Here's a look at the marquee - yep, ECW - and the stately Sovereign Bank Arena.

Let Us Take You Back To Last Sunday and One Night Stand and he's still got two Zeds in his name and I bet they show damn near the entire match. Styles actually says "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" more times than the zero times he says "Extreme Championship Wrestling." Interestingly, Lawler gets an "ECW" name graphic instead of a RAW one (maybe only winners get their branded names?). Hey, he slapped Joey AGAIN! Joey should have seen that coming. Joey almost dismantled the entire set there. See, here's the thing: you have one of the great talkers in the biz in Lawler and he says....nothing. This match appears to have gone (0:36) so Lawler at least lasted longer than the Zombie did.

Am I the only one who misses the manly, bass-filled "static" sound effect? The one they're using for transitions here sounds more like a church fart.

ECW'S ONLY OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, KURT ANGLE (no hometown, no weight) v. JUSTIN CREDIBLE (Ozone Park, NY - 225 pounds) - Styles mentions that Credible is a former ECW champion, but I STILL don't like his chances. Takedown by Angle,

working on opening up various facial orifices, crossface, back to the claws. Swing and a miss by Credible - German suplex by Angle. Picked up - and dumped out to the floor. Justin sells better than he did on Monday. Back in - double leg - and up and over the shoulders. Angle mounting...and now slapping the back of the head - forearms for good measure - now has a keylock and some more slapping. Back up. Credible is pissed! Angle headbutts. Angle with a body scissors and choke - Credible goes ahead and taps. (1:47) Tazz says chokes are legal, and Angle is lethal - and in a league of his own. Cut the music as Angle stomps Credible out of the ring. "Randy Orton - ECW rules - WWE rules - no rules at all - I'm gonna do the same exact thing to you at Vengeance as I did at One Night Stand. I'm gonna make your ass tap out! 'cause you're lookin' at the face of the new E - C - W - YEAAHHHH" Oh, I should note that as you might expect, this week it was the "ECW" mouthpiece, yeah. Replay of the headbutt, rear choke, tapout.

Backstage, Paul addresses - you 'n' me, I guess. Or maybe the nebulous RAW. Who can say. It's almost like we catch him in mid-utterance... "You want extreme? Huh? You wanna FEEL extreme? You wanna learn what extreme is all about? Tonight...I'm gonna SHOW you extreme. Tonight, everything I had planned for this show is now out the window." Let me just stop here and say HAW HAW HAW. PLANNED. Okay, back to Paul. "I'm gonna take ten of ECW's best - and they're gonna go out to the ring tonight for an extreme battle royal. Anything goes! And you wanna talk about extreme? All weapons legal. And the winner - the winner of this extreme battle royal is going to face John Cena at Vengeance. And almost as importantly... is gonna join us this Monday when ECW takes this fight to Monday Night RAW."

Tazz is aghast! All weapons legal?! Exclamation points! Extra Z!

"Hi. Coming up next is me (Kelly) and...I'm gonna show you all of my assets!" Poor girl is all hunched over! Hmmm, I wonder if she's a wrestler.

SciFi show ad
SciFi show ad (Well, if you consider "Doctor Who" a SciFi show - and why not?)
Seadoo film series
"Superman Returns"
Verizon wireless
Hydroxycut scam pills
Capital One for small business

Here's an ad for the ECW book - well, the WWE's ECW book. I think Scherer wrote one that nobody bought or something. "The Rise & Fall of ECW" - hmm, so this is the......?

Another look at the marquee - and down at ground level is ... some dude in the Sinister Minister's outfit with fangs.

THE NEW BREED IS UNLEASED HERE TONIGHT ON SCIFI! Let Us Take You Back To Earlier Tonight when Edge - wait, that's not the NEW Breed, that's the Old BROOD. I'm pretty sure we saw all this at the top of the hour. Yep, sure enough Cena is standing behind him again. He falls for that every time! I guess we could already take out our pencils and predict the Triple Threat match just in time for SummerSlam.

Roberts requests that we please welcome KELLY! Or is it KELLI? Perhaps it's KELLE. Hey look it's a BUTT. She sure can't dance, though. I forget, is this wrestling? Standing on a small stage just off to the side of the brick wall isn't exactly DANCING ATOP OF THE ECW ARENA - well we're finally getting to the bra so let's see how they break this up - OH MY GOD, SHE'S A MAN - oh, I see, she's just going to keep her hands in front of her breasts until the end of time. Her bottoms stay totally on. I think this was....a complete waste of time? (What's the matter, don't you LIKE girls?) Ummm...I guess she just wa'n't my type. Still this was a far cry from ALL of her clothes so once again, fans, ECW DOESN'T DELIVER

Time now for the previously advertised EXTREME BATTLE ROYAL:TOMMY DREAMER (Yonkers, NY - 265 pounds) v. SABU (Bombay, India - 220 pounds) v. AD BREAK

Say fans, if you missed One Night Stand, which was Last Sunday, why not consider buying the replay?

No, not replay - umm - "Special Encore Presentation." Yeah. I think this is the second time I've seen THIS set of clips, but THIS time there's an ad at the end!! They're really putting this hour plus to good use, aren't they!

Scifi show
Burger King (he IS saying "big fucking chicken" right? "HUCKIN?" What does that even MEAN?)
Subway (gotta be local, it's that retro ad that confounds me)
Local Smackdown! taping ad (they still haven't added ECW to it - I got a presale password from the Target Center so yes, Kim & I WILL be there - let's hope nobody DIES this time) - oh wait they DID tack on a mention of ECW in the last three seconds. So if bell time is 7:30, but ECW is live at they tape Smackdown before and after, or move up the bell time, or.....??? I guess we'll know in four weeks

AL SNOW hits the ring to make it - hey, is that DANNY DORING *AND* ROADKILL in there? There's still hope for the tag titles!! Many grocery carts of plunder surround the ring, and many homeless Trentonites have probably had their possessions robbed as well Looks like five so far. STEVIE RICHARDS (Philadephia, PA - 235 pounds) hits the ring with his "I'll show you - you'll see" Kronik music. LITTLE GUIDO & TONY MAMALUKE - THE F.B.I. hit the ring with BIG GUIDO and looks like THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS TRINITY has dyed her hair an ugly colour. Here's BALLS MAHONEY (Nutley, NJ - 361 pounds) and HIS entrance sucks, too. Soundalike "Big Balls" don't cut it. BIG SHOW (7', 500 pounds) comes to the ring with a "Wreckless Intent" ad - oh, let me take a wild guess as to who might win this thing now. Lots of people going THROUGH the ropes but I'm pretty sure those are eliminations in this place either. Show scoops up Roadkill - and sorta fallaway slams him outside. The ring is clear of everyone who isn't the Big let's take an AD BREAK?!?

SciFi show ad
And here's another
"Nacho Libre" - stretchy pants are for fun
Axe Snake Peel
Stargate SG:1 - I think I said this was a SciFi show ad earlier - well it is
Geico gecko sucks (with an accent!)
SciFi spot to signal the local ads!
RoadRunner high-speed online (I've got it!)
HOM Furniture (maybe two here)

NEXT ON SCIFI: HellRaiser 8: Hellworld, The Twilight Zone, and The Twilight Zone!

Is it just me or are there a buttload of ads in this show?

Yep, STILL no eliminations as we come back. Dreamer tries the cane on Show - no sale. Show with the open-handed slap on Dreamer. Cookie sheet here, sign there, trashcan lid there, Show is still slapping Dreamer's chest - why not. I'm bored! Tazz says everything is done to the extreme! "The wrestling, the aggressive, the sexuality, the verbage! ... This is what makes us better than them!" It's STILL a pretty crappy battle royale. Sabu's outside and setting up a table for later. I guess he's all better from Sunday, hey? Four guys with weapons taking turns on Show - he's still standing. Al Snow has Head - well, Al Snow is first out via the choke (6:20). Doring out (6:27). Show now has Richards - double choke - and he's out. (6:54) So long, Roadkill. (7:02) Cobra clutch takedown for Mahoney - and now Mahoney is dispensed (7:21). Dreamer wearing out a sign on Show - Show to a knee. Dreamer inexplicably leaves him alone. Oh - now on all fours for Sabu to hit a Hardyz Poetry in Motion - sorry, "Air Sabu" on Show! Or...kinda. Show puts him over the ropes (but landing on the apron - oh, so HE'LL win). Dreamer pressed by Show - and dropped through the table (7:59). Mamaluke & Little Guido decide to try the doubleteam - and instead show that cruiserweights can definitely fly when they're facing the Big Show. Guido pressed onto Mamaluke. Out goes Mamaluke (8:39) and out goes Guido (8:45) We've got Big Show and Big Guido - loser can't be "big" anymore?

Staredown. Right by Guido, right by Show, right, right, right, shoved over the top and out (9:07) but Guido hangs onto the arm - back comes Sabu (a-HA) leaping off a chair and WHACKING Show in the back with another chair - Show is up and over - and out! And your winner and the man to face Cena at Sabu. (9:19) Hey, I think that was actually ELEVEN men. Let's take replays of the - errrrr - highlights. Oh, wait...that's it? Yep, there's the WWE copyright notice. Hmmm, looks like they ended at 10:02 despite the cable guide having the window open until 10:05. Interesting. (Well, not really interesting. I just didn't want to end on a weak note.)

Now that I look back...I didn't identify a single official tonight. Oh, well. There's always next week!

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#2 Posted on 14.6.06 0344.19
Reposted on: 14.6.13 0345.26

    I knew I was making the right decision when I was watching One Night Stand (II) and suddently I realised I could actually name the referee I didn't recognise last week on Smackdown! (it was Mike Posey).

OMG! I can sleep soundly now.

It's all yours, dude. As long as you use a better font. Also, continue giving me credit for stuff I stole from you.

Now that I think about it, my favorite part is how, after 1 week, I can identitfy zero guys as faces or heels. They're just guys, feuding with guys on shows that aren't on Sci Fi.
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#3 Posted on 14.6.06 0737.09
Reposted on: 14.6.13 0742.13

    Burger King (he IS saying "big fucking chicken" right? "HUCKIN?" What does that even MEAN?)

Isn't it "big cluckin' chicken"?
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#4 Posted on 14.6.06 0749.46
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    Originally posted by CRZ
    By the way, if this was truly ECW, then I would have to be Sean Shannon. I'm not, so it ain't.

If you were Sean Shannon, I would be more confused than I already am. A CRZ recap! Very nice. A thirteen week run of CRZ recaps? I think the over/under is 8. Kim probably thinks 2.
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#5 Posted on 14.6.06 0759.32
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Well, this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. Kudos Zed!

    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff
    Isn't it "big cluckin' chicken"?

I always thought it was "big buckin' chicken". Did they change it for this new commercial or something?
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#6 Posted on 14.6.06 0953.08
Reposted on: 14.6.13 0953.28
I think they changed it so they could register a domain name (
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#7 Posted on 14.6.06 1017.55
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1018.00
That was totally awesome except I had to squint to read your font. I know you were going for the OLD SKOOL effect from the Slash, but dude, bump that size up a couple of notches.
I laughed out loud on your Zombie segment and the part about Kelli being a cardboard cutout. I actually thought the same thing.

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#8 Posted on 14.6.06 1109.27
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1109.39

What possessed you to do this?

Now that I remember the actual reason I'm a W, I think it's about time I get my eyes washed.

I feel insignificant
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#9 Posted on 14.6.06 1121.59
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1122.05
*bows* Not worthy! Not worthy!

Nice job and welcome back. It's nice to read a CRZ recap again.
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#10 Posted on 14.6.06 1202.26
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1202.37
Your ticket will say "WWE Presents Smackdown and ECW," anyway.

Nice to see this by the way.
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#11 Posted on 14.6.06 1340.15
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1342.30

(me speachless over a CRZ recap)
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#12 Posted on 14.6.06 1404.44
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1406.25
Considering the Newbreed was being unleashed, where were Sean Royal and Chris Champion?
I think Vince had enough fun releasing the Dusty DVD on 060606.
Does it really qualify as an ECW show if I can't see 3 advertisements telling me how I can order November to Remember '95?
Each time they mention Tommy Dreamer is a former ECW World Champion, they should show a video montage of his world title reign. The montage might last longer than the reign though.
They really needed a Pulp Fiction segment at the end.
Beautiful seeing a 7 year old having a home made sign, made out of glitz, in honor of Sabu. Nothing says ECW Arena, I mean Disney tapings, than that.
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#13 Posted on 14.6.06 1551.56
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1556.10
    Originally posted by CRZ
    By the way, if this was truly ECW, then I would have to be Sean Shannon. I'm not, so it ain't.

As long as you call Tazz "Tazz" and not "Pete," we're fine.
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#14 Posted on 14.6.06 1728.53
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1729.01

    Originally posted by CRZ
    Burger King (he IS saying "big fucking chicken" right? "HUCKIN?" What does that even MEAN?)

I think it's a term that bike enthusiasts use that has some meaning in cross-country or off-road biking. That's what's happening in the commercial, more or less, right? I don't have any idea what it means, but I've heard it in that context before.

And the first one was Big Buckin' Chicken while he was rodeo'in it up, riding a bull or whatever. So the pattern seems to be finding activities that end in "ucking". Big Puckin' Chicken playing hockey. Big Tuckin' Chicken making his bed. Big Suckin' Chicken doing these commercials.
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#15 Posted on 14.6.06 1831.30
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1837.16

apparently its something to do with bikes. Good lord are ALL W's out of touch or something?

BTW, never was around for the glory days of the CRZ recap. I liked it.
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#16 Posted on 14.6.06 1838.37
Reposted on: 14.6.13 1839.21
This alone makes the ECW comeback so worth it.
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#17 Posted on 14.6.06 2219.57
Reposted on: 14.6.13 2220.21
    Originally posted by CRZ

not to be picky but it's "Trentonians"

Thanks for the recap of a show I never would have watched even if I knew it was on. It's just fun to read your recaps again. I may be tempted to not watch again next week.
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#18 Posted on 14.6.06 2229.26
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All hail the return of the CRZ recaps. it's good to have them back.
The Guinness.
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    Originally posted by CRZ-The Recap God
    ..until I break down and get all anal-retentive AGAIN.

I enjoyed the recap. It was nice to see you back at your old game. I was a long time Slash reader and a W lurker before I officially joined. The quote above made me laugh more than anything else though.

The recap was great, I hope to see many more (at least 12 of them). Keep up the great work!
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    Originally posted by SEADAWG
      Originally posted by CRZ
      Burger King (he IS saying "big fucking chicken" right? "HUCKIN?" What does that even MEAN?)

    I think it's a term that bike enthusiasts use that has some meaning in cross-country or off-road biking. That's what's happening in the commercial, more or less, right? I don't have any idea what it means, but I've heard it in that context before.

    And the first one was Big Buckin' Chicken while he was rodeo'in it up, riding a bull or whatever. So the pattern seems to be finding activities that end in "ucking". Big Puckin' Chicken playing hockey. Big Tuckin' Chicken making his bed. Big Suckin' Chicken doing these commercials.

Huh, I could have SWORN they were saying "Big Honking Chicken" ... Oh well.

And I think this was a great "CRZ 1999"-esque performance for Week 1. You've even pointing out the stupidity found during the commercial breaks; me like, me like.

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