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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Double A's 3/8/2000 interview segment with Flair and Luger
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#1 Posted on 12.7.02 0206.31
Reposted on: 12.7.09 0210.13
This is the interview talked about in the Double A thread, put here so those who want to read it can read it, and those who don't want to don't have to.


Out come TEAM PACKAGE - and while they traverse the aisle, we take a Special Video Look at them instead of seeing them hit the ring. Why? 'cause they had the clip, I guess. Who wants to stare at Elizabeth's headlights in that - mmm - yellow top - yeah, go ahead and show me Hogan's arm getting broken again instead of that. Clip's over, we seem them in the ring when we come back. Flair is ready ... to speak! "Ahhh, Winston-Salem! Tar'd, tar'd old Winston-Salem - I'd like you to all stand at attention tonight, recognise the fact that Team Package has been formed. And whether you like it or you don't like it, learn to love it - you too, fat boy - because, as you can see, wooo! it's the best thing going today. We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Package will destroy Sting at Uncensored. We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Nature Boy will destroy Hulkamania once and forever. But the crux of this evening's interview is my attempt to make an apology to the greatest physical specimen in sports today. Arn Anderson, Double A, I would like you to come out here, subservient one more time to the Nature Boy, apologise for making me look bad, and tell the Package you're - with - Team Package - and you shut up, fat boy. Double A - Double A, will you please come out here and tell the Total Package that you are a player, you're ready to rock and roll? Aw, thank God - come in here! Come on - you were making me look bad, now get in and shake hands, willy? Told ya - told ya he'd come out. Thank you very much." ARN ANDERSON *is* out and in the ring. "Let me start off here, ah, Ric, by ...clearing out something - did you say out here 'subservient' to you? See, I - I've stood beside you so long, that maybe I forgot to stand up to ya - I'm not subservient to anybody...let's get that started right out of the chute. Now, there's some familiar faces for both you and I, so let's don't talk AT these people, let's just talk TO 'em, and each other, 'cause this is, after all, about you and I...not him and her...isn't it?" "You don't want to just shake hands and jump over here - there's nothing to talk about! You gonna do what I ask you to do 'cause you're my friend - my best friend. You're gonna come over here and prove I'm not a liar! Now shake his hand, dammit. Don't make a fool outta me!" "Well, governor, it - it kinda goes like this. You ARE my best friend, and you brought me out here, so I'm gonna say a few things to you that you might not like, but you're gonna hear me out - this time. You see, Ric Flair, you got a 21 year old son, and maybe that doesn't matter to you, but Monday night was his 21st birthday. Now, you and I have up and down these roads, and we've been to towns just like this for the last fifteen years. You live in a million and a half dollar house, ya got two Mercedes, ya got boats, ya got motorcycles, ya got a bunch of money in the bank, ya got a closet full of the the finest clothes that money can buy, but the reality of it is, Ric - you and I are not very good fathers, and we're not very good husbands, 'cause last year, 200 of those days, we were up and down these roads. But you got a chance with David, who's with you each and every day be a father, because you see, three years ago this ended for me - it's over for me! It's OVER. And it's gonna be over for you soon - guys like David are just beginning. For him to get half killed Monday night - you not to make a move - again tonight - not to make a move - do you realise the pressure that he's under alone, just being your kid? How would you like to be Ric Flair's kid, the finest wrestler that ever lived, much less the strongest personality that's walking these streets - you realise what a pressure position he's under? Listen to 'em, Ric - they love ya! I've spent a lifetime idolising ya, but now I'm not standing beside ya - I'm standing up to you because, you know why? David can't. Now you got Luger standing beside you, who we've known for a long time - Luger was a Horseman - Luger's always been an egomanic, it doesn't detract from what he is...he's one of the finest wrestlers alive. We know that! I know that. Everybody in the back knows that. But the fact is - Luger cares about Luger. It doesn't matter about David - it doesn't about you, even matter about you, Ric - it's about Luger and Team Package - it's not Team Flair, it's Team Package! You ever think about that? Team Package. You're Ric Flair, by God! You understand what I'm saying to you? You're Ric Flair! And David Flair is your son. Don't give him a handout, Ric, give him a hand up. Be a a father!" "You know what really hurts about this deal? Did you read the foreword on your book? Did you read what I told the world? My best friend - that's between you and me! They don't need to know what goes on in our private life - that's you and me! And here's the difference - you decided to go home - on a private conversation with me one night, and raise your little boy. Me - I wanna ride the Lear jet! I wanna hang around Luger - I wanna stay all night _ I don't wanna go home - I've raised - four kids! I'm DONE being Daddy! I wanna ride fast again. I tried slowin' down - when I slowed down, this company kicked me in the ass - right in the ass. So, to this company, and to you, I your words, Ric Flair has strapped his jet-pack back on and I'm goin' all the way - and if it's with Team Package...forget about David! God, you're right - he IS my son! And you know what? He's had the world by the ass for 21 years... now he's gotta, what do you call it - (suck up), stand up, be a man - me, I'm going with the Package, and YOU - as my friend - telling you - walk over here right now, and don't make me look bad! You're making me mad. ... You're Double A! Don't go home and be Daddy anymore! Be the Enforcer! Be Double A! C'mon! Show 'im - I told 'im - show 'im! You're Double A - shut up, dammit! That's Double A! ... You're Double A!" "Here's the reality - you bet your backside, I'm Double A and I got maybe one or two good fights left in me...but the fact is, Ric, I'm reserving those fights for when I select 'em because, in the good old days, I'd have walked right over Luger to get to a better understand what I'm saying?" He backs up, Ric is audibly pleading. "Naitch, you promised you'd deliver Double A. I see his lips movin', but all I see coming out is a buncha misty-eyed gibberish! And there's no room in that for you and I and Elizabeth - where we're going - but - I'm giving it - ONE - MORE CHANCE. Because I'm gonna be there Monday night - to take out - (removes shirt) to take out Curt Hennig - once and for all [at this point, a "Luger sucks" chant is overdubbed - Jesus, WCW] - but Naitch - this is two strikes - three strikes, he's out - and as much as I love ya, YOU'RE out. Monday night's decision time - do you run with this, a Ferrari - or do you run with that, a broken-down pickup truck. You make up your mind, I'm outta here." Luger and Elizabeth leave Flair in the ring. He turns to Anderson. "You gotta make this right by Monday night, dammit - you gotta make this right! I wanna be part of Team Package - you're my best friend - you make it right for me! God only knows I've made it right for you your whole life. And you all - you know what you can do? Shut up punk! I wanna be part of Team Package! Double A, make it right by Monday night, I wanna be - part - of - Team Package, dammit! ... Double A! DO not walk away..."

I wish I'd have heard this interview myself, it looks damn good. Of course, I would have had to watch Thunder to see the interview, and by that point in WCW's life that would've been a considerable sacrifice on my part.
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#2 Posted on 12.7.02 1221.04
Reposted on: 12.7.09 1223.37
Yeah I think that was around the time I gave up on WCW too so I don't recall that promo (it was probably more due to the fact that I rarely watched Thunder). What came to me though is that I really miss the "shut up fatboy" shots Flair would always make. They may seem a bit stupid to some but those are just way too classic and I miss them a bunch. Too bad heel Flair's short recreation didn't have more of that.

I also miss the days of face Flair getting the cheap "mention city here" pop. ("I use to party here at ::mention specific place:: all night long, Jack! WOOO!) I guess Rock has pretty much taken over that now.


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