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The 7 - Random - Do you carry cash anymore?
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#1 Posted on 7.10.04 1624.42
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1625.25
Last Saturday, I was at a function where someone brought the food and we all chipped in a few bucks...problem was I didn't even have a few bucks.
I use my debit/credit card to buy gas at the pump, get a Whopper Jr. meal at the Burger King drive thru, pay late fees at the library, buy stamps and ship at the post office, get groceries, etc. etc. On the occasions I do carry paper money, I'm so thrilled I run the the store and buy a Mountain Dew or something to celebrate. Then it's gone. My paycheck is electronically deposited, then some of my bills are automatically drafted on certain days of the month. It's no wonder some people can't name any of the presidents on money, they never see it.
Anybody else find themselves going cashless???
Are we all in trouble if the terrorists take out the banking networks and nobody's card works?
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#2 Posted on 7.10.04 1627.15
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1627.27
You have BurgerKings that take plastic?! Sheesh. You're lucky.

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#3 Posted on 7.10.04 1637.56
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1638.02
My sole purpose for carrying cash is to pay for my morning 20-oz. iced mocha (no whip), at the drive-thru coffee place. Only because it's cash only.

On a somewhat related note, I hardly EVER write a check anymore, what with paying bill online.

EDIT: McDonald's charges 79 cents for a debit/credit transaction, so I always use cash there as well, but that's more of a "Do I have cash? If yes, maybe McDonald's, if no Wendy's or JITB" kind of thing.

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#4 Posted on 7.10.04 1640.59
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1642.45
    Originally posted by Jaguar
    You have BurgerKings that take plastic?! Sheesh. You're lucky.


All the new ones apparently do it. Our ancient one here just got remodeled, and they now take plastic. The new one, way outside of town, hasn't started yet.

As for whether I carry cash, yes I do. I hate using my debit card, because then it means I have to update my checkbook, which is a mess enough without having to subtract numerous charges under 10 dollars from it on a regular basis.

All the bars around here have a cover, which necessitates carrying a few bucks, at least. I also like carrying cash to the bars, because, once I'm down to five bucks (for cab fare), it's a sign that I should go home and pass out.

On the other hand, the only way you can start a tab at the bars around here is to give them a credit card (so if you run off, you still have to pay), so I usually carry at least one with me.
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#5 Posted on 7.10.04 1706.43
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1707.29

In Canada, we can use plastic just about anywhere. It could be because we have few banks and they're federally regulated, but just about every financial institution in Canada supports the Interac standard for financial transactions. Unlike most of the US, we can use our bank client card to pay for things and the money is simply transferred from the selected account (you can tell the bank which accounts you want available). And these days it's getting harder and harder to find places that "don't do Interac".

"Check Cards" (I cannot get used to that spelling) are similar to this, but they generally come from credit card companies. They also aren't universally accepted. Up here, if they a place takes credit cards 99.9% of the time they take Interac too.

I do know from talking to some American friends about this, that a lot of them are a) uncomfortable with the idea of direct bank account access at the local corner store and b) very strongly wedded to the very idea of money as something that's carried around and spent in hand-to-hand transactions.

I love not having to carry cash; on the other hand, the banks make the most of this new dependence by charging exorbitant service charges. So you're encouraged to pay a monthly fee that grants you X transactions per month (this includes transfers, withdrawals at ATMs, on-line banking, and Interac transactions). If you find yourself running over that, you get dinged pretty hard per transaction.
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#6 Posted on 7.10.04 1715.27
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1715.28
I use cash for parking and lunch..that's about it. 20 bucks usually gets me through an entire week. I could go cash-less for lunch, but there's a few mom n' pop type of places that I like to frequent that haven't upgraded to plastic, yet. Or else, they require that you spend at least 10 bucks if you plan to pay by credit card. I also dig those self-service checkouts at grocery stores.

Most of the regular 8-5 downtown parking lots around here take credit cards. But after 5, or for special events, the rates fluctuate and you have to pay cash to an attendant.

Every now and then, someone will try to act all smarmy by saying how stupid I am for charging a 4.78 BK Value Meal. I've always paid off my credit card bills, monthly, for over 10 years I've never been nailed with a finance fee.
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#7 Posted on 7.10.04 1718.58
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1718.59
McDonalds is trying harder and harder to ban cash from my wallet, but for some reason, the closer you get to St. Louis on the Illinois side, the less likely it is you'll find one that accepts the magic plastic. All the rural franchisees with no competition honor them, but go two blocks south of the mall and *boom*, it's a big sign saying "NO CREDIT CARDS, YOU DICK." Well, maybe not the last two words.

Since White Castle is being stubborn, too, I usually have to keep ten to twenty bucks on me. If Steak 'n Shake hadn't gone to plastic, I would just forget the bank exists and turn my check over to them.
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#8 Posted on 7.10.04 1753.00
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1753.53
Almost never carry cash anymore. Its more of a decision between a place that takes Discover, or places that only take Visa/MC/ATM. Very few places that I would be, or wish to eat at these days don't take the magic cards. Part of that might be that I'm mostly on or around a college campus, and anyplace that only took cash in that enviornment wouldn't make as much money.
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#9 Posted on 7.10.04 1815.44
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1818.09
I have actually started to carry cash more often for a couple of reasons.
1) I have better self control with cash. It's harder to hand over 2 $20 bills (for me) than it is to write a check/receipt for the same amount. I think about it more because I can see the end of the resource (ie my empty wallet).
2) Along those lines I can ration out how much I have for descretianary income. When I run out, I run out.
3) My wife usually has the checkbook. Rather than trying to manage 2 different books of checks, my choice is to use debit or credit cards. I also tend to lose the receipts for those. Money just makes me less sorry when I go to balance the checkbook.
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#10 Posted on 7.10.04 1838.02
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1838.21
Being the paranoid one here, all I use is cash. I hate the idea of using a bank card cause having worked retail, I know how easy it is to steal people's numbers. I don't use credit cards and cut up any I do get, throwing away the pieces in different locations. I also don't keep any cash in my wallet, seeing as it could get lost or stollen. I keep cash in multiple pockets just in case, even a few buck in my shoe just in case.

You NEVER know...
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#11 Posted on 7.10.04 1913.49
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1913.57
you gotta have cash at farmers market and In'n'Out. and most urban pharmaceutical suppliers don't take plastic either. But yeah, I too have gone about 75% electronic.Although I only use the credit card for emergencies (like the $800+ dentist bill I just ran up) or the rare online purchase.
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#12 Posted on 7.10.04 1924.01
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1926.02
I try to carry a few bucks on me, but the wife and I usually use the debit card.

I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to discover that not a single food stand at Dodger Stadium accepts cards. Souvenirs sure, but not food. I went hungry at the 9/15 game against the Padres.
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#13 Posted on 7.10.04 1941.29
Reposted on: 7.10.11 1941.34
    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
    I try to carry a few bucks on me, but the wife and I usually use the debit card.

    I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to discover that not a single food stand at Dodger Stadium accepts cards. Souvenirs sure, but not food. I went hungry at the 9/15 game against the Padres.

I'm pretty sure most stadiums/arenas are setup like this because they have to keep the heavy traffic in the food lines moving whereas the souvenir stands carry much higher priced items where plastic is essential.

tarnish outlined how almost everywhere in Canada you can use your bank card or credit card. Gas station pumps to McDonalds to school cafeteria's. I usually carry about $60 of cash at all times but it usually stays in my wallet a long time because I just use debit or credit.
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#14 Posted on 7.10.04 2119.27
Reposted on: 7.10.11 2121.40
    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
    I try to carry a few bucks on me, but the wife and I usually use the debit card.

    I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to discover that not a single food stand at Dodger Stadium accepts cards. Souvenirs sure, but not food. I went hungry at the 9/15 game against the Padres.

Weird. At Comiskey here the stands that are built into the building itself take credit cards, but the free standing cart like stands only take cash, but they serve the same things so you can get all the food in the place with credit, you just might have to hike a bit to it.
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#15 Posted on 7.10.04 2222.29
Reposted on: 7.10.11 2229.01
Cash would be a step up for me, I usually deal in silver. The only plastic I have is a BP card and ATM. I hate plastic, don't like leaving a papertrail. Of course I can't get a loan, without three cosigners, which sucks cause I don't know if there are three people who like me, let alone like me THAT much.

So as soon as I got some certification, I'll get up to my ears in debt, pay it off, cancel the shit, and be free myself from the bonds of mandatory cooperate slavery forEVER.
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#16 Posted on 7.10.04 2343.45
Reposted on: 7.10.11 2344.00
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    I hate the idea of using a bank card cause having worked retail, I know how easy it is to steal people's numbers.

I know! Where I worked, we had access to account numbers and expiration dates on a regular basis. I was always surprised that my scummier co-workers didn't do something about it. I couldn't believe that our receipts printed out full account numbers instead of the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234 that some places do. It always leads to paranoia on my part, because I know how easy it would have been for me to be a thief.
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#17 Posted on 8.10.04 0224.51
Reposted on: 8.10.11 0225.51
To be honest with you, I can't imagine NOT carrying cash. For any small purchase ($20 or under) I use cash. I like knowing exactly how much I've got, and having a semi-limit on how much I can spend. Besides, it just seems a bit more appropriate to pay cash for a cheeseburger or whatever. I have paid with a check card or credit card, but it's just as convenient for me to hand over a five than to hand over my card and sign the slip.

The only thing I use my card for is large purchases, mostly bills, DVDs, and video games at the moment. It's convenient then because I don't have to constantly have a hundred bucks on me if I go shopping and see something I like, and I don't have to think about how much I just spent.
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#18 Posted on 8.10.04 0628.44
Reposted on: 8.10.11 0629.02
I always try and carry at least a 20 with me. If I go to a game, the beach, etc., I always carry $100....
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#19 Posted on 8.10.04 0636.36
Reposted on: 8.10.11 0638.36
I always have some cash on me - you never know when the car is gonna break down and you need to get a tow.

Otherwise though, I use the ol' GM plastic and earn my way to the next whatever-mobile. I also pay it off religiously every month. All my bills are direct-debit, and my payroll is direct deposit. My bank also offers free online banking, so I can set up payments and such myself. My only beef is that I cannot seem to set up a direct payment for the credit cards to pay them off every month. I am surprised that the companies don't offer that as an option. Especially for the times I am out of town for awhile and can't get the mail or get online to pay it right away.
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#20 Posted on 8.10.04 0722.24
Reposted on: 8.10.11 0722.34
I'm old school and always have cash on me. When I worked in the city I always had somewhere between $50 and $100 on me at all times. Now that I am out in the suburbs I carry a little less. The cafeteria here at work doesn't take plastic so you have to have a couple of bucks for their overpriced salads and sandwiches. I always use a credit card at gas stations and grocery stores no matter how much I spend because I want the frequent flyer miles tied into the card.
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