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19.6.11 0405
The 7 - Movies & TV - American Idol 3.20.07 Top 11 "British Invasion Night"
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#1 Posted on 20.3.07 2307.18
Reposted on: 20.3.14 2307.40
I was unfortunately called into work this evening, and really didn't get to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to my thoughts and comments. So, I'm sure someone will post a recap.

However, it sure seems to me that Stephanie may be the one going home, and the Hate for Sanjaya will continue, because I dont see him going home, although I'd love to be wrong...

My Bottom 3 Predictions:

Sanjaya (mostly hoping)

And I hope to get back into the swing of things next week.
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#2 Posted on 20.3.07 2315.22
Reposted on: 20.3.14 2315.29
Stephanie, Phil and Sanjaya are definitely the worst for the overall show but sometimes we someone booted just for once performance and man Gina's performance has to be in that category. She just totally butchered the Rolling Stones.
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#3 Posted on 20.3.07 2316.35
Reposted on: 20.3.14 2316.38
It's been "proven" recently that the Bottom 3 may not necessarily be the LEGIT bottom 3... anybody surprised? Didn't think so. So I won't get into my guesses for that.

But, I'll go along with saying Stephanie is gone.
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#4 Posted on 20.3.07 2347.21
Reposted on: 20.3.14 2347.24
    Originally posted by chill
    It's been "proven" recently that the Bottom 3 may not necessarily be the LEGIT bottom 3...
It's been what now?

Surely you have a link to this astonishing proof you'd like to share with us?
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#5 Posted on 21.3.07 0229.59
Reposted on: 21.3.14 0230.07
After that outfit, I'm definately a Haley fan.

Stephanie is gone, for sure. There was just nothing to her performance at all.

Sanjaya actually wasn't nearly as bad as he has been, but he was still pretty awful. I loved how they kept cutting to the shot of the little girl crying.

That was the best set of celebrity panelists they've ever had. Firstly because (gasp!) they seem to actually watch the show! Which means their critiques were genuinely helpful to that particular person. The only points against them I had was that Peter Noon looked way too much like Steve Irwin, and the look on Lakisha's face when Lulu was singing to her was just awesome.

Speaking of which, I think the show's transparant slant towards Melinda and, to a lesser extent, Lakisha is completley ridiculous. I think after Taylor won last year, they got together and decided they needed a "singer" and not an entertainer again, so they're just pushing the hell out of the two biggest shouters they can find.

I mean, dressing up Lakisha in a million dollars worth of diamonds (would they have gone there if it was Jordin singing that song?), is one thing. But Melinda's song was from Oliver. Ok, Oliver was not part of the "British Invasion." Every other contestant had to pick songs by British bands from that time period and find some way to make them contemporary. But Melinda would be out of her element doing that, so what does she get to do? Sing a balad from a friggin' musical. She's a great singer don't get me wrong, maybe the best they've ever had on there (I don't think she's a great personality, by any means), but it's a little ridiculous.

I mean poor Gina's shoehorned into doing the "rock" thing whether she likes it or not (and the judges have to keep telling her every week that that is to be her "thing"), and everybody else is made to jump through terribly elaborate hoops just to get noticed. That's why I loved that both the celebs this week basically stood up and said, "This really isn't a singing competition, you know?"

So bleh. Maybe that's just the conspiracy theorist in me talking, eh? I really, really, really hope Blake wins. He and Sligh are the only really contemporary artists in the whole competition right now.

Also, for no apparent reason, other than I think he looks stupid, Chris Richardson needs to go.
Brian P. Dermody
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#6 Posted on 21.3.07 0300.55
Reposted on: 21.3.14 0301.29
Haley's outfit: Sometimes an otherwise sweet-appearing girl dresses like a high-class call girl. Sometimes that's just what the night calls for. Well played.

Zzz. Zzz. Blake sucks. Search your heart, you know it's true. Zzz.

Jordin Sparks standing next to Ryan Seacrest: How tall is this guy? I know Sparks comes from NFL stock and all, but for real? She doesn't look especially big, but it reminded me of the 80s WWF interviews where Okerlund would stand on the floor and the wrestlers would stand on an apple box.

Why do I like Gina like I do?

Oh Sanjaya. Dear, sweet, woefully overmatched Sanjaya.

Now, the judges had a little issue while The 'Crest was telling us how to vote for Sligh. Was it because of the "Hi Dave", a presumed shoutout to votefortheworst? Or was it Ryan reenacting Sligh's mic stand shenanigans with an unwitting "jerk-off" motion?

I want the FCC to go up one side of Seacrest and down the other for that one. Check your Tivos, you know I'm right.

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#7 Posted on 21.3.07 0818.48
Reposted on: 21.3.14 0819.03
Haley - So she went the Kat "show'em your boobs" route, and now is working the legs. Well it really wasn't bad. She's finally got a sorta personality now and is picking better songs for her. Or I am just distracted?

Chris R. - Was Peter kinda dissing him there? Less singing out of the side of his mouth this week. Eh, he's ok. I hate myself for that.

Stephanie - Still boring, still ugly and what the hell was with the boots with that dress????

Blake - Absolutly perfect song for him. Oh and the pants? Were you going golfing later? I'm pretty sure he's the one Sundance referred to as thinking he has this thing won already.

Lakisha - I'm convinced the hair stylist for this show likes to play with these people. Cause they can't possibly have thought this was a good idea. Ugh. Plus, stop showing your cleavage. It works for Haley, not you. And you in no way should ever, ever, ever try to be sexy again. This one will give me nightmares for a week. Should have listened to Lulu.

Phil - Phil still sucks.

Jordin - Damn. She really is a contender. The look, the attitude, the voice. Gets better every week.

Sanjaya - I.... ? ? Who? What? ###*(&^%!@-=$$*?? ok think positive, think positive. He sang loud finally. His sister's hot. Yeah.

Gina - I was so against her even trying this song. Wasn't as terrible as I thought it might be.

Chris S. - Why are the still holding the mic stand? Just at your side there? Yeah, that. You're um, ok. If you're gonna slap someones hand in the audience, do it like a man.

Melinda - Really boring song. And wow, could you have picked a worse outfit? Why the hell do I notice these things? Oh yeah, grew up with two older sisters. Bitches. She sings perfectly every time though.

Jordin kinda sorta stepped into my top spot for this week I think. Maybe.

Sanjaya should go home of course. Can you even imagine what happens if he doesn't? That's right, he gets to go on tour with them after this! Top 10 baby!

Um, let's say it's either Phil or Stephanie going home.
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#8 Posted on 21.3.07 0932.44
Reposted on: 21.3.14 0932.58
I really know the women much better than the guys due to having been busy on tuesdays when the genders were still split, so I guess I must have missed when Blake came off as anything more than a warmed-over 90's boy-band reject. Seriously, he seems like the kind of kid who would have been chosen for some sort of 98 degrees knockoff and given the role as the "cute one who can beatbox".

Jordin impressed me tonight. If I had to guess I'd say this thing is cruising towards a final three of Melinda, Jordin, and Chris Sligh. Lakisha started out so strong but she has been slipping, and I feel like the audience is going to tire of her, especially if Jordin continues to improve.

Haley is hot. Somewhere Hugh Hefner is drawing up proposals to her and Antonella as we speak.
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#9 Posted on 21.3.07 0947.06
Reposted on: 21.3.14 0947.11
I thought this was a stronger week, comparitively, than previous efforts. It also helps that I actually liked some of the songs this week!

Haley - safe, please continue dressing like that.

My wife likes Lekesha...I found her VERY boring this week. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being a "shocking" week with her in the bottom 3, but not going home.

I'm not sure what to say about Sanjaya...still kind of speechless. I think he may actually be safe...Phil and Stephanie should be nervous.

But my favorite part of the night? When they brought Ashley (the crying girl) on stage at the end of the night...there was a quick cut to another (VERY unhappy) little girl in the audience who seemed to be thinking "Bitch!" because she didn't get to go onstage too.
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#10 Posted on 21.3.07 1050.22
Reposted on: 21.3.14 1050.23
    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by chill
      It's been "proven" recently that the Bottom 3 may not necessarily be the LEGIT bottom 3...
    It's been what now?

    Surely you have a link to this astonishing proof you'd like to share with us?

I put quotes around the word to make it as tongue-in-cheek as possible. Basically, believe it if you like or don't. Most people I know already believe this is true, and I've thought that at times since season 2 when I started watching Idol. Hell, if I was running the show, I'd do the same. Voters may be less likely to vote for singers who appear safe the week before.

I'm kinda surprised to see people acting like this is a shock - I don't believe we're ever given the voting results, so really, the producers can do what they like with the Bottom 3 and we'd never know. The issue isn't the lowest vote-getter, but rather the two people who are brought to center-stage with him/her. If it's true, it's basic reverse psychology and at times in the interest of creating drama or buzz.
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#11 Posted on 21.3.07 1104.20
Reposted on: 21.3.14 1104.36
Wait, wait, wait. A link to a story quoting a "very reputable source" posting on a message board? And what makes this source reputable?

A "very reputable source" (my wife) told me this is silly. What drama or buzz was created by bringing Phil and Sanjaya to the stage if they weren't in the bottom three? Please explain how this would make for better tv?

And the logic of the writer in saying it was to have fans of Haley or Stephanie "let their guard down"???? The posts in that thread even contradict each other, as the "source" says they really want Sanjaya gone but the logic was that if someone was in the bottom three but not kicked off that they would get a vote surge the following week.

Please tell me you really don't think this is a compelling arguement.

I'm not saying they wouldn't ever do something like this, just that I have zero reason to doubt that those really were the bottom three and am not buying the reasoning.

(edited by wmatistic on 21.3.07 0916)
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