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21.5.18 0416
The W - Pro Wrestling - 7/29 RAW (Page 4)
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    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    No it was Verne Gagne, mad at Shawn for not jobbing the AWA tag-straps like a man. ... This will all be woven together as part of Bischoffís plan to up the ratings, before, some weeks from now, it is revealed that he and Stephanie were in league all along, as well as Shane McMahon, Paul Heymen, Lee Marshall, the rest of the guys from WXO, Jim Crockett, Ted Turner, an angry and vengeful Superstar Billy Graham, Brent Bozell, and of course, for the first time EVER as a heel---LINDA McMAHON!

I love this stuff. My favorite run in here is Brent Bozell, the red-headed conservative Pundit. I never thought of him as a wrestling kind of guy...

Where is Jesse Ventura in all of this? We know it's really him that is the higher (gubernatorial) power. But maybe you knew that, since you slipped Verne's name in up top, slyly....

Goldie, Goldie, Goldie, my brother - mah brothuh - my strong, assertive, somewhat perverted tag team partner, Oh my brother - only in America, only in America, now can u dig THAT - suckaaaaaaaaaaa!! (Thanks to CRZ's transcription service)

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    Originally posted by Scott Summets
    Anyone else notice MALENKO was standing behing Booker when everyone was watching Shawn being put into the limo?

Yeah, I caught that and was trying to point it out to my boyfriend, but in the split second it took him to glance from one corner of the screen to the next, Deano was blocked out of the shot. Maybe he crawled in the trunk of the limo before they drove away from SmackDown last week.

As for the rest of the show?

Well, for me, Raw will TRULY be Jericho when Y2J gets on the mic and screams it over the bloated sack of protoplasm known as "Uncle Eric" after blasting him upside the head with a massive chair shot!

"My object all sublime
I shall achieve in time
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The punishment fit the crime"
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AWARulz...I'm all for bringing Jesse back. I swear, since he's not going for another term I say bring back the Body and have him do Smackdown as the color man. Anything to dilute the level of craptitude achieved by Cole and Tazz. I am sorry, but I can't ever REALLY enjoy smackdown, even when there are good matches and angles like last week's show, because of these two clods. Tazz can do Heat or Velocity or one of those shows hhere the likelihood of him being heard by me is far less. But he has no place on a marquee show. So many great Smackdown matches in the last few months, Edge/Jericho in a cage, that heat-laden match where Hogan and Edge took the tag-titles, that Edge/Angle cage match of a few months ago. (My, Edge is the star of Smackdown, isnít he?) My point is I didnít enjoy any of those matches as much as I would have if JR and the King had been calling them. But Cole might be bearable if they brought in Jesse the Body. I was also serious about Lee Marshall. The man was the most bitter, sarcastic play-by-play man Iíve ever seen in the wrestling business.

"The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist. And the greatest trick Hulk Hogan ever played was convincing the world workrate didn't exist."

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I think Tazz gets most improved. Since Tazz announced his retirement he's been the one getting better. Plus, I think in some ways that the 'B' Team is better than the 'A' Team. Tazz and Cole don't talk over every-damn-thing. Period. Plus Tazz has gotten funnier over the last couple of weeks (month or so). The best part about Tazz and Cole is Tazz and Cole have gotten a helluva a lot better about claling matches (especially the moves and putting people over) and they shut the hell up when there's a promo going on. Lawler and King are still good, but Lawler is one of those guys who needs a break every once in awhile, because he gets stale and he loses his bite a bit. JR, I just don't know, the only thing I can say is wrong with JR is sometimes he doesn't know how to put over the new talent. He seems at a loss when it comes to people like Booker and even Jericho sometimes. But, JR is STILL the best there is when it comes to sheer emotion. Period.

I RESPECT your opinion. Please respect mine. Or feel the wrath of Buddha!

J-Lo and Ja' Rule are the worst singing/rapping duo I've ever seen in my life (my response to the "totally live" performance of that annoying "Ain't it Funny" song at last year's VMA's. The show where everybody goes home happy and the winner's aren't really winners, they're just people randomly selected based upon their pop status).
J. Kyle

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#65 Posted on says:

Anybody else almost die laughing when JR said "You've told me on several occasions size doesn't matter" to Lawler?

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Allow me to sum up how great last night's Raw was with the following:

Benoit's hammerlock northern lights suplex.

That is all.

- Surprised you didn't know that...
El Nastio

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Rey's first match....

Tazz: "CORKSCREW TOPE by Rey Mysterio!".
Cole: 'What an amazing tope by Rey Mysterio!"
Tazz: "While most people try something simple, Rey tries to do it with a twist".

*THIS* is why I like Tazz. As a former *wrestler*, he knows the holds well and calls them. When has ANY WWE/WCW announcer try to properly call a move like that (other than Raven)? He's gotten much better at calling the general action as well. He and Cole do have a certian chemistry about them, which makes Cole a little more tolerable.

Of course, we can not forget 'ROCKETBUSTAH!".

There is no more dangerous weapon than patience.
Guru Zim
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Your a retarted looser.

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Last night's RAW was pretty damn good, but I don't mark out at all for Moolah and Mae, like some of y'all seem to. I thought they were painful to watch. I was relieved when Easy-E mentioned that they had 3 minutes to entertain him- watching the Island Boyz squash the fossils had me laughing my ass off.

On a side note, what is up with tag team names ending with "Boyz?" Couldn't they be a little more original? At least drop the damn z- are they all supposed to be rappers, or what? What's wrong with Boys, as opposed to Boyz? Is it just not edgey and attitude-ey enough for the WWE? Whatever the reason, it really annoys me. I suppose that had nothing to do with anything, but it was an itch that I needed to scratch.

As for the HBK whodunnit, I like it. Actually, I like it a lot. Angles like this are so much more fun that the traditional Wrestler A screwed/beat down/stole the girlfriend of Wrestler B, so now they'll fued until a PPV gimmick match angle. I have no idea who it could be, but I would rule out the Unamericans, HHH, Booker and Show, because they're too obvious. Too bad there's no butler in WWE. Maybe Coach did it. Or maybe it was a secret Smackdown! specops mission, purely to take out some RAW talent? In that case, maybe Steph did it? No matter who did it, I think this angle rules, but it seems to cut off my hopes of seeing HBK wrestle anytime soon. Oh, well.

The part of RAW I liked least was HHH's excuse for pedigreeing HBK. He stomped the shit out of him because he didn't want to be Hunter's bitch? Does that not fly with anyone besides me?

Anyway, great show, cool new angle, two bonafide kick-ass matches in Flair/Rock (loved how Rocky played the heel, but Flair should have won) ands Benoit/ RVD (maybe RVD wil move up to the main event now). Kudos, WWE.

Moo hoo ha ha.

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I still can't figure out how WWE passed on Tenay, even for the smaller shows. The Velocitys and Shotguns and Heats have been the undercard workrate (in US terms at least) shows for a long, long time, so why not put someone out there who's going to fit with that? Though, from the little I've heard, Mike might be more willing to call a spade a spade than what Stamford's used to out of its commentators.

El Nastio

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    Originally posted by Guru Zim

I stand corrected on this point, Guru.

There is no more dangerous weapon than patience.

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My opinion is that Raw was pretty good. The mathces were good and the action was fast.
Things that stick out. Booker T. and Eddy was good. The only complaint I have is that it is pretty unbelievebale that Eddy totaly kicks ass for 5 minutes then lose in 30 seconds like the last 2 weeks. Personally I would have liked to have Eddy win last week (with cheating of course) then lose this week.
Mixed tag. Not bad. Good ending kept the story alive.
RVD vs. Benoit. Those two are good wrestler with odd timing. Let them wrestle a couple of house shows and then they could put on a 4 star match at SS. Oh and RVD has a sweaty ass.
UT vs. Nowinski and Team Canada. The Unamerican name sucks. The match itself wasn't good but it was a squash so that's O.K. The conchairto sucked ass though. They need to practice it or come up with another crippling move.
Moolah and Mae Young getting their ass kicked served a purpose I guess.
Rock vs. Flair was fine. Not a great match but it was free T.V. The Jericho run in was unexpected and should set up a decent Flair vs. Jericho feud.
All around no real complaints. Good and moved the plot along.

I just have 13 words for you. How much wood would a woodchuch chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Guru Zim
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You REALLY should spell WOODCHUCK correctly in your sig. It's been months now, and I don't think you are EVER going to notice this if I don't bring it up.

Your a retarted looser.

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A forum so high class that the administrator goes out of his way repeatedly to correct spelling. Now I know why I love this place.

"And win, lose, or draw, trust me. I'm gonna respect myself in the morning, and you're gonna respect me." -Arn Anderson

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I enjoyed more of this than I thought would:

He stole the "Un-Americans"? My first reaction to this was "blah", even though I like Storm. By the end of the show, they seem to have picked up a little heat.

Bischoff? I'm still not a fan, but I haven't had to gouge my eyes out yet. Which is better than I had expected.

Moolah and Mae...this is where I started to get queasy...we do NOT need this "side show" week in/week out again. If this was just a "one off", then it served its purpose. I do admit, I flinched when Mae took the gods!

Rocky...feh...(see my post in the Rocky thread) God I can't stand him.

HHH/HBK...hmmm...remains to be seen. I did groan a little bit with the head through the window...wasn't there a story a while back that he had been "attacked" like this before? I believe it was used to explain one of his lengthier absences. It depends on where they go with this, but they've got a couple of good possibilites there.

Overall? I'm just happy to see some coherent story telling back, even if I don't necessarily like all the storylines.


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I think it was Trish who ran over Shawn Michaels, with Big Show's help. Storyline: she's Canadian, and a big fan of Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels running Bret down verbally while Bret can't answer back was sacrilege, as well as cold. Also, he suggest that she make "fat-ass" jokes on Molly. That hurt her popularity a lot, and almost killed women's wrestling in the WWE.

(edited by deadbeater on 31.7.02 0109)

"Business has just picked up" says JR. Then right on cue, Molly enters the arena! Never was JR any better in introducing someone. --Raw 7/15
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