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24.6.18 1159
The W - Pro Wrestling - 6/2 Raw Thread (Page 2)
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Since: 21.11.02
From: Williston Park, NY

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As some of you know, I have not had many positive things to say about RAW in the past weeks, but last nights RAW was real good and highly enjoyable, up to the Main Event. The Rock was awesome and showed that he is THE MAN of the WWE. No one can hold a crowd like The Rock. Nice rub to Booker T. Funny, with one segment, The Rock has done more to elevate Booker T than anyone else (coughHHHcough). Jericho is proving himself time and time again that he is worhty of the #2 heel spot. I am looking forward (if it happens) to him feuding with Booker T for the Intercontinental belt after Bad Blood. I even liked how they are building up Goldberg/Jericho. Although it reeks a little bit of "Will HHH pedigree Steffo?" from last year, it has still been done well. Even Test/Steiner is moving fine.

I loved Austin and Kane. I thought it was great. Kane needs to be in the title picture. Get him as far away from RVD as possible. I hope that he turns on RVD at Bad Blood, squashes him over the next few weeks and moves onto bigger things, which is Nash. A Nash/Kane match could be ugly, but it at least will elevate Kane if nash lays down, something he is good at.

Flair's promo was gold. Except for the verbal blowjob to HHH, it was classic Flair. I do not think the match with Michaels will be that good, but it will be entertaining. The big question is if HBK will not let the young talent go over him (Jericho, RVD, Jeff Hardy) will he let the older talent (Flair)? My guess is no way.

The ladies match? Eh. At least it wasn't Trish/Jazz. I kep waiting for Jackie to turn on Trish and Ivory at the end.

Redneck Triathalon? That could be enough to get me to order the PPV. Austin is comic gold. If done right, this could be a real funny segment.

My biggest problem: the ridiculous poll questions. What loser out there is watching RAW while on the computer AT THE SAME TIME???? Just awful

All in all, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. A full point off for the stupid poll questions and 1/2 point off for the main event, which was dull.

I look forward to next week to see how Jericho gets out of being speared.

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, CA

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Putting aside my issues with last night's main event and the main event scene in general, I have to say I like Evolution in its current form. You have past (Flair), present (HHH, though some would argue he represents past as well), and future (Orton). Three guys for three stages of the business. Plain and simple. When Batisita was with the group, it threw off the dynamic. If Flair's now an active wrestler, they should give Batista something else to do when he comes back. (Silent monster gimmick, perhaps?)

As for the show itself, it was a lot of fun. I felt embarassed for Earl at the end. The Hurricane/HBK pose was purely awesome. Did anyone else think that Shane was ribbing Shawn there? HBK looked legit surprised.

The Rock stuff was entertaining, but it made the Goldberg/Jericho feud take two steps back. I hope they have a decent heat segment for Bill next week.

Tonight, I'm at Smackdown LIVE in Anaheim! Kurt's back, baby!

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Since: 30.1.03
From: Stafford Springs, CT

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    Originally posted by Wpob
    What loser out there is watching RAW while on the computer AT THE SAME TIME???? Just awful All the time. They are right next to each other. I'll just go hide now.

Well, while I am looking like a big loser, I'll just go ahead and say that I really wasn't that keen on The Rock's bit last night. I liked Jericho and Christain, but I thought The Rock was really dull. I didn't think he made Booker T look that great either. It just looked like Booker was their as an excuse to get The Rock to do a little dance. I just kept waiting for Rock to leave so we could get on with it.

I did however LOVE the Booker/Goldust vs. Christian/Jericho match. Definitely the match of the night and the crowd was going bonkers for it too.

We were dying over at my place when Hurricane came out, and then gotten beaten up by Orton so that HHH and Flar could come and talk. It's like the writers were shouting "Take THAT, the internet!" And then followed up by a killer promo from Flair in all his crazy-go-nuts glory!

Overall, I had a fun time watching, minus The Rock and the botched end of the show.
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Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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#24 Posted on
In MY opinion, Raw started off well enough for me (IVORY!!!!!) with a good women's match. Not much in the way of wrestling for the whole show. But at least the NON-wrestling had a real purpose...except the triathlon thing. The Rock was funny as always, nearly getting trampled and all. Christian and Jericho are truly entertaining as well. Test and Stacy arguing was actually pretty hilarious, because I got something to eat, then when I came back, Stacy was all mad because Test SMILED at her?! I asked one of my peeps, "What's wrong with smiling at your girlfriend? He's happy to see her!" Then, he reminded me of last week, then I said, "Oh, THAT!" I totally forgot about that (for good reason), and we had a laugh. My peep then said, "No wonder she doesn't like him smiling at her, he looks like a chipmnk? Who'd want a chipmunk for a boyfriend?"

I REALLY enjoyed the Evolution promo. It definitely reeked of old school goodness (thanks to my Horseman wannabe big brother). How can you NOT love Ric Flair calling HBK his bitch ALL...NIGHT...LONG! My god, I nearly was in tears, that was WONDERFUL! Kane needed a fire lit under his ass for a long time. Somebody had to light it, might as well be Austin. The less said about the main event, the better. That ending was SHITTY, and my definition of SHITTY takes on a whole new meaning than yours, trust me. I am now convinced that while HHH is still a good wrestler, Nash is not, nor should he deserve to be the #1 contender. A snapping turtle is Rey Freakin' Mysterio (thanks Kurt) compared to Kevin Nash. Excluding the main event, Raw was again pretty good.

On that note, I'd like to give my condolences to Freddie Blassie's family. I wish I remembered more of him than just the Wrestlemania promos and his book, but I was getting into wrestling just after his era. Still, I was trying really hard throughout the night thinking of my earliest memories of him. Anyway, I didn't want to wrap up without giving my respect to Mr. Blassie. We love you, buddy.... this eulogy stuff sucks, man.

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Since: 25.2.02

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#25 Posted on
I'm kind of surprised at all the props being given to Rock for last night. I thought he was sloppy as hell, kept having to backtrack on his promos becuase he'd miss something, and sending him into the crowd was a dumb idea...He was MOBBED. He couldn't work out there.

Flair and Jericho made the show for me. Flair's promo was top notch, and Jericho is doing 100 percent of the work of making the Goldberg feud interesting. Great stuff.

So Foley's book is coming out and he needs a promotional outlet?

The Austin/Kane stuff was good. And hopefully not pointless in the long run.

For the first time in I don't know how long, a car segment on RAW actually ended with the car starting.

Not so great a show.


Since: 20.2.03

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#26 Posted on
I was hoping that somebody from the crowd would answer the Rock's question "Triple H" or somebody just to throw the Great One off.

Man, Flair is a cracked out old man. When he and Vince get on the mic, they just go crazy. Remember vince yelling Nananana nananana hey goodbye to Hulk, I thought his head was going to pop off. And Flair last night, "We got a limosine a MILE long....with girls!!!....and BOOZE!!!" It's entertaining, but man he seems coked out, specially with his hair all wet and him sweating all the time.

Anyway, ya gotta love Jericho and Christian, just gotta.

I really could care less about Test VS Steiner at Bad Blood. Hopefully it's a double countout so Stacy and go free.
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Since: 4.4.03

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#27 Posted on
Instead of sticking Stacy with one of these 2 useless wastes of space. Why not have her go back to being a heel Ms. Hancock and be Nowitzki's personal secretary. Those 2 could create a funny little thing together and it would give Nowitzki a nice rub. It would be hilarious with her coming to him saying how he has speaking arrangements here and there and some of the quips he could come up with.

BTW....they never answered why Nowitzki came out and helped Rodney Mack (something I wanted to know being a Nowitzki mark)

Since: 2.12.02

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#28 Posted on
The upset of the night was Goldberg's car actually working.

Flair is still the best in the biz with a mic. Rock is a close second, but his range is more limited than Flair. Rock can use humor to get HIMSELF over, but Flair can use emotion to get a FEUD over. I don't think there's any question that the Flair/Michael feud has more of a main event feel than the HHH/Nash feud.

I don't get at all what the WWE is doing with Goldberg. So far he's been punked out by Jericho (last week), looked like a moron running after his car (in a delayed reaction), got lost in San Diego (an area the announcers made a point of mentioning was his home town), spears a ref by mistake, and doesn't make the save when Jericho & Christian attacked Booker T & the Rock. It's a curious way to build up a monster face, isn't it?

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Since: 27.4.03
From: Houston, Texas

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#29 Posted on

    Originally Quoted By: asteroidboy
    assumed that somewhere inside that purple head, one of those pulsating veins finally blew. Or maybe when you blade a whole lot, you can spontaneously juice from the BACK of the head!

    Or maybe he's just a fragile old man.

I've solved that mystery by watching the tape over. Yes I do record wrestling, only because I work. Ric Flair started to bleed "the hardway" from the back of his head right after that stiff enzuigiri by Shawn Micheals. You could tell because imeadiatly after the kick Flair held the back of his head and it started bleeding.

So I guess in a way. Flair is fragile old man.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Blacksburg VA

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I agree with all the others that the Flair promo rocked six ways to Sunday, but one simple thing coulda made it even better: "When you're the icon, you don't hand over a title because you've LOST YOUR SMILE. You lose it in the ring, dammit. When you're the icon, you don't bow out because of some piddling injury. You TOUGH IT OUT." Add a little truth in and it becomes gold.
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Since: 4.2.02
From: Dudleyville's Gay Ghetto

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#31 Posted on
I didn't think it was possible to bust open from a kick to the back of the head.

You learn something new every day!

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Since: 29.10.02
From: New York

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#32 Posted on

    Originally posted by wordlife
    (something I wanted to know being a Nowitzki mark)

How does a Nowinski mark not know how to spell the man's name?

...Sorry, I have nothing positive to contribute anymore. But that was just waiting to be said.

Want my opinion of the war?

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Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#33 Posted on
I love how during the Kane/Dupree match, RVD was the most over guy out there. Yet, it looks like Kane will be getting ANOTHER main event push, while Rob is stuck feuding with Booker T for the "Guys Who Are Still Over Despite Being Horribly Squashed By Hunter Hearst 'Loves To Wear Gay Purple Tights And Boots' Helmsly" Title.

Wow, I need to calm down.

And may I say that I LOVED the old-school Ric Flair promo. WHOOOOOOO!!! Good to have the REAL Nature Boy back.

And when Flair mentioned that there were several Ric Flair imposters out there, did anyone else think "Just look over your left shoulder"?

(edited by OMEGA on 3.6.03 1447)

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
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Since: 12.1.02
From: BC, Canada

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#34 Posted on
A couple of things I noticed. The crowd went dead when Bisch announced the Test/Steiner match at Bad Blood. Also, the crowd was dead whenever Nash got into the ring, unless he was about to give HHH the Jackknife.

Any show with Molly on it is a good show. Well, good until Molly is off the TV...

Are you ready for Mahkan-mania to run wild all over you?

I mark for Molly Holly and Lance Storm.
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Since: 4.2.02
From: Dudleyville's Gay Ghetto

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#35 Posted on
Hunter Hearst 'Loves To Wear Gay Purple Tights And Boots' Helmsly"

As opposed to Christian and Jericho's matching purple tights?

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Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#36 Posted on

    Originally posted by Notorious F.A.B.
    Hunter Hearst 'Loves To Wear Gay Purple Tights And Boots' Helmsly"

    As opposed to Christian and Jericho's matching purple tights?

Yeah, but it's the purple BOOTS that really does it. Besides, at least Jericho and Christian aren't wearing them while swinging their phallic sledgehammers at another man's midsection.

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
Neither do I.
Notorious F.A.B.

Since: 4.2.02
From: Dudleyville's Gay Ghetto

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#37 Posted on
Besides, at least Jericho and Christian aren't wearing them while swinging their phallic sledgehammers at another man's midsection.

You'd rather have your homoerotic overtones limited to sadomasochistic submission moves instead?

It's just you against the group mind.

Since: 8.1.02
From: Modesto, CA

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#38 Posted on
I agree with Steiner looking smaller next to Stacey. It's not a good look. If they're smart they'll have Stacey turn heel and double-cross Steiner to go back to Test. She needs more spice in her character. I actually liked the idea of her managing them both and creating a "Stacey's Studs" stable, made up of a bunch of roided freaks, but I guess we won't see it.

For Steiner, put him back with Midajah.


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Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#39 Posted on

    Originally posted by Notorious F.A.B.
    You'd rather have your homoerotic overtones limited to sadomasochistic submission moves instead?

Maybe I'm more used to seeing that. I'm NOT, however, used to seeing overly-masculine men who wear purple boots and love carrying big phallic sledgehammers and go on interviews and talk about how they love having anal sex with their masculine girlfriends.

But I've got no problem with gay people. Just Triple H.

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
Neither do I.
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Since: 6.1.02
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-Ivory/Trish/Jackie v. Jazz/Victoria/Molly- Ivory is really a touchy, feely type of girl isn't she lol. Babyface girls get in the ring and Lilian greets them with smiles. Yes the smiles is back... Nice fast paced match. Ivory looked fantastic tonight, while Trish was taking most of the heels offense, Ivory came in with nice top rope dives and finished the match. Great reaction from Ivory of getting the pin and Trish being really happy for her, along with MORE HUGS Hey a 6 person tag that was fast paced and everyone knew the finish. What a concept lol. For gawd sakes Lawler enough with the horny talk, and no throwing in one line saying "these are great athletes" then going right back in saying how moves turn you on doesn't make it okay!

-Evolution interview- It was okay I guess. Flair was pretty entertaining in a crazy old man kind of way. Hated him bowing to HHH but not surprised. Good interaction between Flair and Michaels... A little unsettling thinking of Flair being in the room with HHH trying to get Stephanie to orgasm. Funny also a guy named "Heartbreak Kid" says he doesn't need to brag about women when the opening of his entrance song has a chick screaming "Oh Shawn Shawwwwn!" lol

-Steiner vs. Richards- Weak match, Steiner elbow drop looked like I couldn't hurt a child... DeadCowWalking announces my favorite sexiest stipulation. Winner gets the girl if she likes it or not lol

-Highlight Reel- Clever in getting Christian out there. Rock actually got some heel reaction (well he did leave a heel) when he entered. Fun interview, always a mistake to go out in the crowd and ask questions. They make us look stupid. Why does person in the crowd has to respond in their slipknot voice when Rock asks them question?... Jericho comes out and the segment becomes great. Telling the Rock to get his ass back into the ring just to ask him how it felt to get speared. Just greatness. Very fun segment.

-Dupree vs. Kane- The more I see this feud and the more I see pro USA J.R. The more I wish Heyman was doing commentating, he would push JR over the edge and have JR really lose it. I like these Frenchies, they have good talent and a nice act of taunting the crowd... Austin once again amazes me with acting ability. His intensity was amazing. Austin comes off as unstable this time around. Austin cutting off Kane's balls was good yet unsettling television.

-BookDust vs. Vitamin C- Odd as hell time to take a commercial break. a minute into a 8 minute match. It was a good match... But really liked the ending of Jericho outsmarting Goldberg, Lil' Naitch took a great bump/sell of the spear.

-Evolution vs. Hurricane/HBK/Nash- This match was really off. It was slow and the guys looked lost, One time HBK was going to do a pick Orton up expecting a Flair chop block for the longest time and it didnt come so he walked over to HHH for no reason threw a punch and then went to Orton and then Flair came in with a chop block. Nash again incredibly slow and tired, even removing his singlet seemed like a chore. Flair's bleeding like crazy, how did that happen! Nice crossbody spot by Hurricane on Orton that's about it... Total screwy ending, it was either Nash to break up or Earl forgot the ending. Because there's no way Hurricane was meant to kick out of a pedigree. If the screw up wasn't bad enough Earl had a baby fit in the ring and started getting angry with himself and didn't bother raising anyones hand to show who won. Is there any more poetic way to build for BadBlood crappy main event.

other stuff- Gail Kim promo shown, an Asian-Canadian coming to the WWE, I'm surprised they didn't name her SARS... Jericho put yellow paint on Goldbergs car and Goldberg actually drove off (why, I didn't see Jericho drive off?) I actually thought he was going to get it cleaned. Goldberg's got his priorities straight lol... Foley is the only person the came to mind when Austin talked about Special Referee.

Line of the night: JR "Nash knows how bad he is"

Sign of the night: "Don't push Test"

I think they did a decent show, the women match was above par. Very nice build to Jericho/ Goldberg, Flair/ HBK, and other undercard matches they seem to put into place well... The main event was bad though, along with Steiner/ Richards.

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It was at a Challenge taping in Regina, Saskatchewan, although it did air on both shows. Money Inc did a make title defense the previous night at the Superstars taping in Saskatoon, (where Hart defeated Flair for the championship)
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