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25.5.18 0609
The W - Pro Wrestling - 5-time, 5-time... CAPTIONS!
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Bronx, NY

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You know the drill - so give the captions.









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The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
From: Miami, Florida

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#2 Posted on
1. While Kurt and the sewing lady are mesmerized by the WWE logo on the table, the UPN logo sneaks by undetected.

2. Rock: Hey, I heard you got fired. Don't worry, I got you a great opening as an extra for "Helldorado"!
Austin: What?

3. Booker T: Damn! I wonder if I can stick all five of my fingers up dat huge nostril o' his!


5. Flair: Don't feel so bad about not being a six-time champion, Book. You'd probably have to surgically attach an extra finger to your right hand to do a Spinarooni. I'm a 16-time World Champion. This is why I don't do Spinaroonies...

6. Thus, Austin and Hunter began a tug of war to see who would be the first to hold down the new talent...

7. Behold! Undertaker prepares to chokeslam Fred Durst for butchering his entrance theme...

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Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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1: Kurt: "WOW, Vince hired Wanda Sykes is sew up my costume!"

2: Rock: " you see Steve *sniffles* that's why I make fun of your lack of hair...I TOO AM BALDING! *sob*

3: Booker: "Aha! Well pairied my rapier witted friend! This battle of wittisms is over!"

4: "Remember kids, only you can prevent Brain Damagery!"

5: Flair: "I'm not shitting you Book ...three testicles...wanna see 'em?"

6: Hurricane thinking: "And that's when it occurred to me...this is the highlight of my career."

7: Taker: "I know I said I loved you last night, but that was just pillow talk, baby."

Hah...hah...hah...hah! YA SCUM!!!
Krankor: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Since: 8.6.02
From: Canada

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#4 Posted on


Seriously, six weeks? Are you sure you're a doctor?

So here's my agent's card, man...I think we can squeeze you in as an extra on that new Seagall movie.

So you'll buy some shit from my store once they release me, right?

With Edge out a year and woozie from painkillers, he foolishly agrees to Vince's suggestion that the following year's downside guarantee be paid entirely in hats.

So I pass the pilot the doobie, and the next thing I know the plane's going down...David Crockett starts pissing himself...

The young rookie's abmition to choke out everyone who ever refused to job to him is halted when he realizes he only has two hands.


Sure you did, Fred. And I banged Miss Elizabeth.

"Whatever I just posted above is what your mother said in bed last night."

Since: 2.1.02
From: Stafford, VA

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The coyote goes...1) Kurt: Smell that?


Rock: Hold on, I got some notes written on my hand here...

3) Booker: Dude, the chick in the 4th row is flashing.

4) "As you can see, when the patient puts his finger to his temple, he grins voraciously and urinates himself.

5) Flair: ...add some chalots, capers, some shrimp, and a touch of white wine. Belisimo.

6) Hurricane: C'mon guys! Sell the Tongan Death Grip! Sell the Death Grip!

7) Taker: You should be honored.

Durst: Because I'm embracing the Undertaker in the ring at Wrestlemania?

Taker: No, because you're the first 'crack addict' in the ring at Wrestlemania since Jake Roberts.

I own a Gamecube, and I own Eternal Darkness.

Since: 23.5.02
From: NYC, baby!

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Clearly the main cause of Angle's neck injury is those darn Olympic medals he wears all the time!


Austin looks up in surprise to see Bizarro Austin staring right back down at him.


Booker: Look, Hunter, you KNOW I beat you at mini-golf, so you gotta do your part of the bet and grow your goatee back.
Hunter: Never.


Edge: My teeth are brighter than DDP's!


Naitch: Hey, Booker, pal, please beat me up right now. ANYTHING so that I don't have to hang out with HHH tonight!


Sugar Shane: Finally, it's Hurricane Appreciation Night! Hey, when you guys hoist me up on your shoulders, try lifting me by my legs.. not my arms, okay?


Little Boy: Hey, lemme go! Get your claws outta my back!
UT: I vant to zink my teeth eento your neck. Eet lookz zo tezty, and I am zo thirzty.

A la la la la, I can't hear you.

Since: 12.8.02
From: Grayling, Michigan

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1) Miss, how do my hemroids look?

2) Hey man, you stay the hell away from my wife!

3) Dude, you got this big hangy boogy thing right there!

4) I'm so glad I'm on Smackdown so I won't be held down by "Mr. Nose". Smart thinking!

5) Book, what did you lace this with!!

6) What did you both say about my mama!?

7 I thought you guys wern't putting out anymore CD's!? Damn you, Fred!!

Austin's still a champ to me

Ya know how people say you'll go blind by "doing it" too much? Screw that, I think I went deaf!
Pickled pork

Since: 2.10.02
From: Missouri

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#8 Posted on

Kurt makes sure to greet Earnest Miller's momma on the way to the ring.

This spring, Steve Austin will be handing out diplomas to SCU's 2003 graduating class.

BOOKER T: "Hunter, I just noticed something. You've got one big ass nose!"

EDGE: "I stole this hat from that guy from U2."

RIC FLAIR: "Heres the deal. You pinned Triple H in a tag match so he gets to pin you for the next 3 consecutive singles matches. It is the law of 3, consistant as gravity."

Right as Hurricane is about to perform the double chokeslam, he suddenly starts to regret eating all of those bran muffins this morning.

UNDERTAKER: "Tell me the truth. I've got to know. What exactly happened between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake?

Quoth the Norman Darter, "Well Forevermore!"
It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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YOU'RE my new doctor? Any way you can shorten my time off to a month? It's almost sweeps, you know.

ROCK: You know, if you get yourself a tan, you can be the Rock's new stunt double.

BOOKER T: You keep asking for Taker-roonies, but JUST ONCE, I'd like to see you do an H-aroonie!
HHH: Ha! Not on THESE quads!

EDGE: I should be doing toothpaste commercials, not HAT ADS!

RIC FLAIR: I'm sorry to tell you this, Book, but you'll probably be the next one released. But look at it this way. At least this isn't 8 years ago, or you'd be getting a Fed Ex.

HURRICANE: Come on, you guys! Rock put me over! WHY CAN'T YOU???

UNDERTAKER: How about you be my new partner? You can't be any worse than the one I have now. don't lactate, do you? It was funny the first time I saw it, but now it's just gross.

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You know it won't be long now. May God help us all!
Scott Summets

Since: 27.6.02

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I only have one caption and its for the Ric Flair 3 fingers pic.

Record Exec. "So Busta, we make Pass the Couvasier part 3!!!"
Booker T "If you call me Busta again I'm gonna break your neck Sucka!"

RIP Curt Hennig: Yeah, they call me a redneck, but you know---that's a beautiful thing!

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C'est moi, c'est moi, I'm forced to admit!
Jason K. H.

Since: 16.7.02
From: Palma

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Kurt: So you couldn't just try doing the sewing before the show?


Austin: I'm telling ya Rock, that Cornhusker's Lotion does wonders.
Rock: You know, my hands do look and feel silky smooth, now.


As Booker taunts HHH, the ref nonchalantly burshes the WWE logo off of Book's shoulder.


Distraught over missing a year of action, Edge threatens to take his own life. No one has the heart to tell him that they all no he doesn't have a real gun.


A confused flair gets ready to thump a pineapple to see if it's ripe.


HHH: Dammit Steve, you just had to tell him you thought Superman would've kicked the Green Lantern's ass.


Luckily for everyone there, Fred Durst knew the Heimlich Manuever. Now maybe Taker will learn that even Big Evil has to chew his food.

"You're watching FOX. Shame on you!" --Jay Sherman, The Critic

Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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Ummm... miss? Sorry about the mix up earlier. I'm really not Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Rock - Look man, you gotta be picky when you're looking for a wife. Check mine out, she's a vice president of Merrill Lynch.
Austin - What?


Look man, I know I'm not going over at Mania. Must you keep whispering that under your breath during my promo?


Ummm.. HHH has me at finger-point and he wants me to read this: "You stupid Internet marks are ruining the business. You motherfuckers know about everything ahead of time now! We here at the WWE don't know how to deal with you, so we're gonna villify you and treat you like a radical marginal fringe! Even though you're our fanbase, you're not our LOYAL fans, the fans who buy t-shirts and shut the fuck up and don't ask questions. What, most of our fanbase is online? No, that can't be right, it's COMPUTERS, only fat, socially awkward people use those! Right? Like in the 70s? Fat nerds, right? No girlfriends! No? The average person uses a computer? Bah!! You're fucking things up! We don't know how to deal with you! We knew how to deal with you as a collective, unwashed mass, dumb marks that would pay good money to watch squash matches! Don't read the sheets, they know nothing! None of our disenfranchised midcarders call them and dish dirt about what's going on, they're MAKING SHIT UP! JR doesn't get to write a column any more because he was giving away too much. Too many people were learning about the inner workings of Oklahoma football and barbecue sauce. But the rest of that stuff is bullshit! Look, just trust us."


I'm old and frightened.


Yeah, this is probably gonna happen


Don't go anywhere, Fred. This shouldn't take too long.

-- Asteroid Boy

Wiener of the day: 23.7.02

"My brother saw the Undertaker walking through an airport."
"Was he no-selling?"
El Nastio

Since: 14.1.02
From: Ottawa Ontario, by way of Walkerton

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1: Kurt to woman: "You dad drinks, because you cry".
2: "Steve, it hurts. HURTS!"
3: Book to HHH: "I better be getting a rematch after Wrestlemania"
4: "And I got THIS scar from.....
5: "Sixteen time sixteen time sixteen time sixteen time sixte...."

6: Hurricane slowly realizes that no, he can not in fact chokeslam Austin and HHH at the same time

7: Taker: "I LOVE YOU MAN!".
Durst: "Let go of me!"

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, CA

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#14 Posted on


    Angle: So, who has to wear that outift you're working on?
    Wardrobe Lady: Haas and Benjamin. When you leave, they're becoming TEAM SPANGLE!!


    The Rock IS Ryan Seacrest! Steve Austin IS Simon Cowell!
    American Idol: The Movie!


    Booker: C'mon! Nash went down to Hogan's finger!


    ::Realizes he can't top Asteroidboy's caption::


    Flair:Listen, Book, we all have to job sometimes. I mean, I was the 3-time, 3-time, 3-time Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion! Then I had to put that Japanese punk over!


    The cover of "What If?" #65.


    Taker: Did you just call me Britney? Let it go already!

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Since: 3.10.02
From: Right side of the tracks

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    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    So I pass the pilot the doobie, and the next thing I know the plane's going down...David Crockett starts pissing himself....

Evil Antler God
Potato korv

Since: 10.1.02

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    Kurt: Jeez Booker, I told you those roids wouldn't be good for your health....


    Rock: Look I know you're important to the business and all Steve, but everyone left the autograph session six hours ago
    Austin: What?


    Booker: Look down there *flicks Hunter's nose* gotcha!


    Edge: I'm just going to keep poking myself in the temple until I forget the fact I'll be in midcard hell for the rest of my life


    Flair: Let this be a lesson to ya Book, never try to push the limits on how far you can get a finger up your nose. The consequences are deadly, man.
    Book: Dude, who the hell let Leslie Nielson in here?


    Hurricane: Now let's see who they REALLY are! ......ah crap, no masks. Okay, you can both kill me now


    Taker: *pat pat* Okay you're clean, go 'head, go 'head

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Since: 19.5.02
From: Toronto

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1. As much as Kurt sympathizes with Booker T's mom, he realized that her sewing all the wrestlers trunks was the only way that Booker got ANY pinfall victory over HHH.

2. Rock: "Steve, I'm going over at Wrestlemania."
Austin: "What?"
Rock: "It says so here on the sheet I'm holding."
Austin: "What?"
Rock: "Steve, please stop that."
Austin: "What?"
Rock: "It's not going to work..."
Austin: "What?"
Rock: "I'm still pinning you."
(Long pause)
Austin: "What the hell happened to your hair?"
Rock: (After longer pause) "I'm leaving now."

3. You know, I wonder what might be the only scenario that the writers would have let Booker get the title (rubs chins, fades into dream sequence)

Booker: Trips! Over there Chyna and Steph getting it on lesbo style!
HHH: Huh? (Looks over to where Booker's pointing)
Booker grabs belt from Patrick and runs out of ring, laughing all the way.

4. Christian attepmted a Wet Willie, but unfortunately missed.

5. Flair: Busta Rhymes! Huge fan, my man!
Booker: .... Ric, it's me, Booker.
Flair: Pass the Couvarcier! Love that song! "Don't this shit make a nigga wanna jump, jump!!
Booker: .... You've been hanging around RVD again, right?
Flair: Hey, you were the bomb in Haloween: Resurection!
Booker: .... Flair, please go bug HHH.

6. And then, Shane Helms woke up.

7. Undertaker: "Dude, fly's open."

By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

ESPN's Bill Simmons

Since: 5.3.03

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#18 Posted on
1. Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're using THAT to repair my freaking neck?!?
2. Rock: A ROCK concert - get it? Because my name is The Rock, and....
Austin: I left staying at home for THIS?
3. Hold it, dawg! HE'S the only one allowed to hold me back!
4. I'M dumb? Which one of us gets to take a paid year's vacation?
5. Flair: That looks pretty serious, Book. You better have a *real* doctor look at that.
Booker: You mean the woman outside working on Kurt's neck isn't a real doctor?
6. .... Able to leap glass ceilings in a single bound....
7. You had me at hello.

"Triple H, The Rock says they didn't keep you at the bottom of the barrel just because you wanted to say goodbye to your roody poo friends in Madison Square Garden. No! The Rock says, they kept you at the bottom of the barrel because you absolutely suck."
Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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#19 Posted on
I think Hogan's My Dad clearly wins this round...the Hurricane and Limp Bizkit ones would normally put him over the top, but the Flair plane crash sealed the deal...

Hah...hah...hah...hah! YA SCUM!!!
Krankor: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#20 Posted on
1. I want something that says "flamboyant" while not coming across as gay. Afterall, the Fashion Report would have me for breakfast were THAT kind of snafu to happen.

2. Rock: Sorry, Steve, but it looks like I sat on your sandwhich. Austin: That's okay; it's better than Debra's cookies.

3. Oh my God, Hunter, I think you should get this looked at.

4. Lookit - my DAMN STOCKINGCAP!

5. Flair: Let me demonstrate, Booker. See, your topknot is obviously too big. It can't even fit through this ring I make with my fingers. Booker: Tell me you didn't just say that.

6. The Hurricane knows he has to let one go, but he can't for the life of him choose which one.

7. The Undertaker shows his sensitive side by whispering sweet nothings into Fred's ear. Fred just likes to be touched.

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