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22.6.18 1806
The W - Pro Wrestling - 5/4 Smackdown
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-WWE Open.

-Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, and says that a lot has happened over the last week. Bradshaw puts over the Undertaker/Batista match at Backlash, and we hear from fans as well as see highlights of the match.

-Smackdown Open.

Boogeyman is seconded by Little Boogey this week, while Regal has Dave Taylor in his corner. Not sure who has the advantage there. Clean break in the corner from Boogeyman. Even a push of Regal into the corner off a tie-up from Boogeyman looks week. Boogeyman works over Regal in the corner but goes after Taylor, who came up to the apron, and a boot from Regal puts him down. Regal mashes Boogeymanís head against the steel ring post with his boot. Series of knees to the head by Regal. Back elbow by Regal finds the mark, which gets a two-count. Michael Cole promises the last few minutes of the Taker/Batista match from Backlash will be shown tonight. Boogeyman gets a boot up in the corner on Regal, who charges in. He then starts to seize, but Boogey hits the two-handed chokeslam. Before the ref can count to three, Taylor interferes for the DQ. Little Boogey gets taken out, but Kane comes out to save the day, chasing the fleeing Brits through the crowd.

WINNER: Boogeyman by DQ at 3:40.

-An exclusive look tonight at the last few minutes of the Last Man Standing Match from last Sunday.


-J.B.L. and Cole talk about the three-on-one ECW Title match from Sunday, then we see stills from that match.

-Backstage, Theodore Long, talks to Dusty Rhodes. Apparently, Long thinks Rhodes is talking to him for an assistant job, but Rhodes says heís talking about TEDDYíS job. Then M.V.P. comes in and Teddy asks if heís there to interview for Longís assistant position. Porter blames his Backlash loss on a bout with the flu. He wants another shot at the US Title or heíll sit out the rest of his contract. Teddy says heíll get his re-match if he wins his match tonight. And his match tonight, is against Kane. The winner faces Benoit for the title. As Porter leaves, he passes the line of applicants for the assistant job- Sgt. Slaughter, the Brooklyn Brawler and Miz.

-Tonight, weíll see the ending of the Taker/Batista Backlash match.


Last week, it was Kendrick falling to Deuce. He gets a shot at the other member of the team here. After trading counters, Kendrick gets a flying bodypress, then a dropkick and then clotheslines his man over the top rope. Kendrick flies through the ropes onto Domino on the outside. Domino catches him coming back in though, and Kendrick falls back out. Domino with a kneedrop upon Kendrickís re-entry to the ring. Domino hits a flying back-elbow but only gets a two-count. Bodyslam by the greaser and heís going to the middle rope. He catches a boot by Kendrick, then misses a splash in the corner. Kendrick kicks at Dominoís legs then hits a flying forearm. Enziguiri follows, but Deuce is on the apron. London tries to help, but gets shoved off. Sliced Bread #2 on Domino (and he kicks Deuce off the apron too) hits for the pin.

WINNER: Kendrick at 4:54.

-Later tonight, M.V.P. faces Kane and the winner will face Chris Benoit for the US Title.

-A look at The Condemned, in theaters everywhere.


-More fans give their thoughts on the Last Man Standing Match. Weíll have an exclusive look at the finish tonight.

In case youíre wondering, there are 331 days left until Kennedy cashes in his MITB at WrestleMania. Clean break in the corner. Hardy grabs a headlock and rolls Kennedy onto the mat. Kennedy grabs a handful of hair and sends Hardy off the ropes, but K.K. is shoulder-blocked down. After a headlock takeover, Hardy puts Kennedy into the headscissors. Back on their feet, Kennedy wrings the arm. Hardy reverses into a wristlock. Nice counter by Kennedy, and yet another by Hardy. Elbow catches Matt in the jaw though. Kennedy puts the boots to Matt, who is down in the corner. Irish whip, Matt gets the feet up on a charge and hits a couple clotheslines. Hardy again works the headlock takeover. Kennedy lands the forearms as Matt was against the ropes. Kick to the gut by Kennedy, and Matt (barely) back-body drops Kennedy over the top. Break time!


-We come back with Hardy elbowing Kennedy off the middle rope. That, surprisingly, only gets a one-count. Single-arm DDT by Kennedy after holding the ropes when Hardy put his head down. Roll-up by Kennedy gets two. Top wrist-lock by Kennedy, but Hardy fights out. Weak double-clothesline puts both men down. Kennedy is bleeding from the nose, by the way. That happened before the break. Kennedy tries to throw Hardy out of the ring, but Matt reverses it and sends Kennedy though the ropes. Kennedy uses his feet to push Matt into the ring steps. He throws the tag champ back in the ring for a pin attempt. It only gets two. Snap-mare take-over by Kennedy and he applies a neck vice on Matt. Matt fights out, once again and the two exchange fisticuffs. Matt puts his head down for, like, the third time this match, and Kennedy telegraphs it again. K.K. clubs away at the face of Matt Hardy with his forearms. Kennedy puts Hardy in what J.B.L. calls a ďhalf-Inoki choke.Ē Kennedy drives the knee into Matt, and again. He goes for the pin, but gets two. Crowd is behind Matt here. Matt fights back with a back elbow and a clothesline in the corner. Canít bulldog out though, as Kennedy shoves him off. Kennedy crawls for the briefcase but Matt kicks it away. Whip into the corner and a clothesline by Matt, who hits the bulldog this time. Matt gets a near-fall there. High elbow by Kennedy as Matt tries to follow up. Kennedy goes to the top, but Matt nails him. Kennedy drops him throat-first on the ropes, but Matt gets the side-effect in the ring for two. Kennedy gets a roll-up for a near-fall. High boots exchanged and another double clothesline. Matt gets the arm across the chest for two, then Kennedy does the same for two. Matt misses a fist, and Kennedy wants to go for the Lambeau Leap, Matt reverses, then does Kennedy and he gets the rolling senton for only two. From the top, Kennedy goes for the Ken-ton, but Matt gets the knees up. That mustíve hurt. Matt canít get the three-count though. Legdrop from the middle rope by Matt. Cover for only two. Twist of Fate, but Kennedy pushes out. Matt finally hooks it and hits it for the pin!

WINNER: Hardy at 18:57
Big upset here. First half of the match was a bit sloppy, but second half was great.

-A Smackdown exclusive, highlights from the Batista/Undertaker title match at Backlash. We see the ending of Batista spearing Taker off the stage.

-Teddy Long is backstage with an announcement. He says that next week on Smackdown, a re-match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Batista and Undertaker, and itíll be a steel cage match.


-Maryse welcomes us back to Smackdown.

Helms has new music thatís kinder on the ears than his last one. Side headlock by Yang, Helms gets hit with a shoulderblock. He then catches Helms with an arm-drag. Yang goes under the leap-frog and hits another arm-drag. He keeps working the arm. Yang tries another arm-drag but Helms throws him out of the ring. Back in the ring, almost a two-count on a Helms pin. Half-crab applied by Helms, who puts a foot right on the back of Yangís head. Heís also go the knee in the small of the back. Yang reaches the ropes and Helms hits a suplex. Helms gets a back-breaker for only two. Off the ropes, head-scissor take-over by Yang. Dropkick by Yang and an inverted atomic drop. Two-count off a hurricanrana by Yang. He goes to the top, but Helms catches him. Electric chair by Helms only gets two. Helms places Yang on the top and plans to suplex him off, but Yang holds on. Headbutt sends Helms down but heís right back up. Yang sends Helms face-first to the mat, then hits a moonsault for the win.

WINNER: Yang at 5:09
Another, albeit mild, upset.

-Batista is walking backstage, coming to the ring next!


-Batista makes his way to the ring. Heís got something on his mind. Mild ďTakerĒ chants as Batista speaks. As he was down on Sunday, unable to answer the ten-count, he began to wonder if it was all worth it. He decided, hell yes it was worth it. Even though he is in pain, heís ready to do it again. He says after WrestleMania, he vowed to regain the World Title. And in a 15-foot high steel cage, he will.

-Tonight, Kane face M.V.P.!


-Mark Henry is returning soon.

The announcer says ďThe Miz,Ē but the chyron says Mike Mizanin. Finlay nails Miz off the ropes. Finlay works an arm wringer, but Miz fights out and even slaps Finlay, throwing him out of the ring. Miz makes his mistake following Finlay out and Miz gets punched. Hornswaggle, from under the ring, pokes Miz in the eyes. Back in, uppercut sends Miz down, and another one. Kick-out at one by Miz after Finlay butt-drops the gut of Miz. Short-arm clothesline. Finlay goes to work taking off the turnbuckle pad. As the ref is distracted there, Finlay throws Hornswaggle into Miz. Elbowdrop by Finlay finds the mark. Finlay though misses a shoulder in the corner and hits the post. Miz takes advantage, even hitting a clothesline in the corner. Miz goes to the outside and looks under the ring for Hornswaggle. From behind, Hornswaggle hits Miz in the bottom with a shillaleigh. Finlay clotheslines him as he goes looking for the little man. Finlay misses.....something off the middle rope, as Miz put his feet up to catch Finlay in the face. Miz works on Finlay on the outside, until heís tripped up and dragged under by Hornswaggle. Miz comes out from under at the count of seven, with Hornswaggleís hat on. Miz decides to leave instead of putting up with the shenanigans.

WINNER: Finlay at 5:52.

-In a pre-recorded studio interview, Undertaker says Batista will step into the demonís playground next week. And next week, Batista will rest in peace.

-Kane takes on M.V.P. in a #1 contenderís match for the United States Title.


-Next week, Mr. McMahon faces Rob Van Dam on ECW. Special Quiz Question: If youíre Vince McMahon and one of your top talents is leaving soon, what do you do with him in his remaining time in your company?

(a) Thank him for years of service by letting him go out on top;
(b) Have him do jobs to younger wrestlers in an attempt to put them over;
(c) Have him do a job to you.

Kane has the advantage to start and bear-hugs M.V.P. Choke in the corner by the Big Red Machine. He then hits a bodyslam for a two-count. M.V.P. tries to get the upper-hand, but Kane throws him over the top rope. Trying to get back in, he is instead booted off the apron by Kane. Weíll see the rest of this match after the break.


M.V.P gets the advantage out of the break, working on one of Kaneís arms. Porter has trouble even covering Kane because heís so big. Itís the left shoulder of Kane, one that Cole says has been worked over recently. Porter gets a boot up in the corner on Kane, connecting with that left shoulder. The ref backs Porter away from Kane, who is in the ropes, and Kane surprises him with a clothesline. Kane canít capitalize, so M.V.P. starts working on the shoulder again. Kane fights back and catches Porter off the ropes with a big boot, then nails him in the corner with a clothesline. Kane misses another charge though, and goes shoulder-first into the buckle. M.V.P. hits his running corner boot for a near-fall. Kane gets a side-slam for two. Weak swinging neckbreaker by M.V.P. for two. Back-body drop by Kane, then a clothesline. Clothesline off the top by Kane hits. Regal and Taylor are on the apron but Kane chokes them out before they can hit him. Refís back is turned and Regal hits Kane with the brass knuckles. Playmaker by M.V.P. and thatíll do it.

WINNER: M.V.P. at 11:48.

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    Originally posted by geemoney

    WINNER: Hardy at 18:57
    Big upset here.
Why is this a big upset? Hardy has beaten Kennedy at least three times on Smackdown, from my memory - including handing Kennedy his first ever pinfall loss back at the taping I was at in Minneapolis in 2006.

Ah, let's steal from Obsessed With Wrestling (

    November 25, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Hardy defeated Mr. Ken Kennedy by DQ when Kennedy brought a chair into the ring!

    July 14, 2006 - SmackDown!: Matt Hardy defeated Mr. Ken Kennedy clean, putting an end to Kennedy's winning streak..

    August 25, 2006 - SmackDown!: Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Matt Hardy with help from Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms..

    March 16, 2007 - SmackDown!: Matt Hardy defeated Mr. Ken Kennedy in a MITB Warm-up match..

Looks like Matt's 4-1 against Kennedy. HE HAS HIS NUMBER.

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I guess, but thinking in terms of where Kennedy and Matt are in the hierarchy of WWE, I consider it to be an upset. I guess what really matters is the follow-up; if Matt is still treated like a mid-carder and Kennedy is still pushed as a main-event act and there is little to no acknowledgement about this win, then it won't matter much.

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The Miz is one of Smackdown's breakout stars, I think. You can see the effort he's putting into his matches. I'm not familiar with his reality show performances, but he's really impressing me with his WWE stuff.

Cant' say I'm a fan of the new Helms theme, though.

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I'm personally hoping the plan is that as long as Kennedy's main-event push is a foregone conclusion, he may as well bring someone else up with him. In a perfect world, when all is said and done, Matt and Kennedy will both be main eventers.

But this reminds me more of what happened with Savio Vega and Steve Austin. At the end of the day, even though Savio had a winning record against Austin, Austin became the franchise while Savio was still Savio.

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Now if they ran with this and used it as a Shelton vs Helmsley it might actually become a pretty good feud.

Injured Taker vs Batista in a cage could be be very very ugly.

Is Smackdown still drawing good crowds? I like the show better than Raw, but they really are short on name brand star power. I just can't see the average fan getting to excited for the show especially once Taker off the show. The roster reminds me of Early 90's WWF.

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Matt beating Kennedy at this point has to be considered an upset. Kennedy is being pushed as the next big thing, and Matt is just co-tag champion because they had nothing better for him to do. Hopefully that changes.

With the push of MVP (like it or not), in addition to Kennedy, the upper card is getting quite a fresh makeover on SD!. There is room for one more with Taker out, if they are serious about pushing Matt.

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I would have popped for Brisco and Patterson standing in line behind Miz. But isn't this supposed to be where Vickie Guerrero comes in, plotting with Krystal to overthrow Teddy Long?

I'll give Miz credit for turning into a serviceable worker in a fairly short time, his mic skills make him a decent midcard comedy guy.

This was the first week I thought JBL was going overboard on putting over the young talent.

Is there any discernible purpose for Maryse?

Lastly, I make it two weeks to go until Judgment Day, and no matches announced. (Although MVP-Benoit III seems set now) I guess all three programs needed to deal with the Backlash aftermath, which Smackdown will continue to do with the Taker/Batista cage match next week... Yeah, this new PPV scheme is working out just peachy so far.

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I agree that idea is quite strange, as it makes way too many titles and further dilutes the talent into, what? 6 shows? Who'd buy a PPV featuring all women's wrestling? I think WOW's proven that it's hard to do.
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