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19.2.19 1103
The W - Pro Wrestling - 4/13 WWE Smackdown
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Tonight: Batista and Undertaker team up again (why?) to take on Finlay and Mr. Kennedy. Also, Deuce and Domino get another shot at the tag titles as they face London and Kendrick.

-WWE Open.

-Smackdown Open.

-Cole and J.B.L. preview the Tag Title match, plus, Finlay & Hornswaggle take on Mr. Kennedy in a handicap match. Umm...that’s not what says. Teddy Long is in the ring! Maybe he’ll explain it. In two weeks, Batista will get a re-match for his title at Backlash. Long announces it as a Last Man Standing Match. Now, Finlay comes out for his match.

Highlights of Mr. Kennedy-Hornswaggle at WrestleMania are shown. Kennedy gets a fair amount of cheers from the crowd. Kennedy takes the mic. He tries to apologize for what happened last week and at WM. Finlay insults Kennedy, then accepts his apology. Finlay warns Kennedy of touching Hornswaggle again, though. Kennedy also wants to apologize to “the little guy, under the ring.” Now he wants out of the match and Finlay shakes his hand. Teddy is having none of this though and makes his way to the ring. Long says they’ll compete in a tag match against Undertaker and Batista. Why is spoiling this before it (technically) even happens on the show?

WINNER- No Match.

-Backstage, Michelle McCool is getting fitted in her outfit when someone is being beaten in one of the locker rooms. Ashley is on the ground crying in pain while Jillian Hall stands over her. Apparently, Jillian used a fire extinguisher to the knee. Kendrick & London come onto the scene as Michelle pleads for someone to get help.


Deuce and London start things off, and London immediately goes for a small package for a two count. Deuce comes back with some power moves including bodyslam and shoulderblock. London, from the ground, kicks Deuce in the hamstring. Well, that’s just going to make him madder. Domino takes over, and London almost pins him with a roll-up. London with a blind tag to Kendrick and they hit a double-Japanese arm-drag (thanks J.B.L.). The champs can’t sustain momentum and Domino wears down Kendrick with a side-headlock. Another high arm-drag from Kendrick and he tags London, who does the double-stomp on the arm, though doesn’t look like he catches it fully. Deuce tags in and pounds London in the corner. London turns the tide with some forearms, then goes to hit the ten-count of punches on the middle rope, but flies off and takes out Domino on the apron (almost taking out ref Mickie Henson in the process). The champs fly to the outside (and nearly crash-and-burn in the process) as we take a break.


Back to the action, and the faces have control. Kendrick tags in to work on Deuce, keeping him in an arm-bar. Kendrick nails some right hands on Deuce, then dodges Deuce’s move out of the corner, but Domino caught him and choked him on the top rope. Domino tags in legally now, and hits a nice butterfly suplex. Kendrick works out of a sleeper, but a flying back-elbow by Domino catches Kendrick. Cover only gets two. Deuce tags in and hits a flying fist on Kendrick. Tag back in to Domino and they’re really working over Kendrick here. JBL and Cole have mentioned the lack of Ashley at ringside perhaps distracting the champs. Kendrick rolls out of the way and London is in. He uses his educated feet to take down Domino. Inverted atomic drop followed by a hurricanrana and elbowdrop, that gets two thanks to a save from Deuce. London to the top and the double-stomp on the back of Domino. Slow count by Henson and Deuce breaks it up. Kendrick tries to take care of him to no avail. Double-team and they hit the “Smash’em in the Mouth” finisher, but Henson disqualifies the duo for the double-teaming!

WINNERS: London & Kendrick by DQ to retain at 13:03
Good match, but the ending left something to be desired, though I do like when they show that the rules that are enforced actually MEAN something.

-Next, M.V.P. takes on Chris Benoit in a WrestleMania re-match!


-Cole and J.B.L. talk about the ending of the tag match we just saw, with highlights.

-Kristal and Teddy Long are backstage and Teddy’s giving her the smooth talk again. Deuce, Domino, and Cherry barge in in anger. Domino complains that the ref DQ’d them for no reason. Long says it was because they broke the rules. Teddy suggests they “roll up outta here.” Deuce has to be physically held back as the trio leave.

-We see highlights of The Condemned with commentary from those involved in the movie.

Non-title match here. Lock-up in the center of the ring, but that goes nowhere. Arm-drag take-down by Benoit, then they go for a test of strength, which Benoit wins. He then takes Montel Vontavious Porter down with a hammerlock. M.V.P. comes back with a side-headlock. He gets thrown off the ropes, into a drop-toe hold. Benoit floats over for a Crossface, but M.V.P. escapes out of the ring. Porter hits some right hands, but Benoit returns fire with chops. M.V.P. takes over, but has a suplex blocked by Benoit, who suplexes Porter down himself. He whips Porter off the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Back-breaker follows that into a cover for two. Benoit struggles trying to apply the Crossface, but Porter gets a foot on the rope. Porter is on the apron but some right hands give him some room to re-enter the squared circle. J.B.L. calls people who don’t like Porter “player haters.” Long rest-hold by Porter, but Benoit gets out of it and hits a German suplex. Porter slides out of the ring, but on the apron, Benoit comes outside to try to German suplex him off! That, of course, never works so Benoit pulls Porter’s foot off the apron. Porter though, takes Benoit down via steel post as we head to break.


Back from break, Porter is hammering away with right hands on Benoit. M.V.P applies his headlock with the arm barred again. Benoit fights out of it, German is countered but Benoit lands a headbutt. Off the ropes, Benoit hits a release belly-to-belly suplex and a beauty. Back on his feet, M.V.P. whips Benoit into the turnbuckle. Porter is upset over the slow count by referee Jim Korderas. Porter works the left shoulder of Benoit, the one that got rammed into the post earlier. Dropkick to Benoit, who is on the mat. A series of elbowdrops are hit by Porter. Pin attempt doesn’t work as Benoit’s arm is under the rope. Knee to the gut by Benoit, then a Northern Lights Suplex gets two for the Rabid Wolverine. Delayed vertical suplex by M.V.P., but Benoit uses his knees to counter it while he’s in the air (didn’t C.M. Punk just do that a week or so ago?). Benoit can’t quite lock in the Crossface, so he opts for the three German Suplexes. Up for the flying headbutt, but Porter is there to meet him. Benoit knocks Porter off though, but misses the headbutt. Both men are down here. M.V.P. is the first to stir, and he goes for a pin, getting only two. M.V.P. sends Benoit into the buckle and Porter follows up with a big boot. He takes too much time before the pin and Benoit kicks out at two. Crowd shows some life, chanting “Benoit, Benoit.” Boot to the head by Porter keeps Benoit down. M.V.P. gets stuck in a German, but eventually gets out of it. He has an idea to suplex Benoit out of the ring, but Benoit stops that. M.V.P. uses his momentum to roll-up Benoit, grabbing the rope for leverage, and getting the victory.

WINNER: M.V.P. at 20:01.
I don’t understand why they don’t just put M.V.P. over someone clean, especially here.

-Tonight, Finlay & Mr. Kennedy take on Undertaker & Batista.


-Kristal is backstage with M.V.P., who has an “I told you so” for the non-believers.

-Last week’s shennanigans with Undertaker, Batista and King Booker are shown. Cole says Booker will be out indefinitely.

-RAW Rebound, with Shane McMahon and Lashley in the lead roles.

-Coming up later tonight, Batista & Undertaker vs. Finlay & Mr. Kennedy!


These two have had their differences in the past. Daivari uses his speed to get around Kane but his offense has no effect. He goes off the ropes and runs into a big boot. Kane his a huge uppercut in the corner. Kane knocks Daivari’s block off in the corner, and this match has already gone longer than I thought it would. Side slam by Kane, who then heads to the top rope. Flying clothesline nails Daivari. Kane isn’t done though, as he goes to the outside with Daivari’s head draped on the apron. Elbow lands right in Daivari’s throat. Back inside for the chokeslam and the pin.

WINNER: Kane at 2:32.
After the match, Regal and Taylor attack Kane. Kane fights them off, but the Brits stay on him. The duo is able to escape without receiving a chokeslam.

-Later, Undertaker & Batista face Finlay & Mr. Kennedy!


-Mark Henry is returning that a warning for us viewers?

-The Condemned opens two weeks from tonight, as we see the trailer of the film.

-Batista & Undertaker make their entrances for the tag match, which is next!


Taker and Finlay start things off. Nope, Finlay tags out to Kennedy. J.B.L. touts that Kennedy has beaten seven world champs in the last eight months. Taker is in control with a headbutt in the corner to Kennedy. Whip into the opposite turnbuckle, but Kennedy catches him with an elbow coming in. Finlay tags in and he lays right hands into Taker. Finlay distracts Taker and Kennedy chokes him. Kennedy is back in, keeping Taker in their corner. Taker fights back with soupbones to Finlay and Kennedy. They’re still in the heel corner, so Finlay is able to tag in and go on offense. Tag back to Kennedy and the dead man fights off both wrestlers. Snake-Eyes to Finlay, and as Undertaker goes to hit the boot, Kennedy interferes. Batista tagged in during that and he slams both Finlay and Kennedy down, then sends Finlay out of the ring. Kennedy is caught off the ropes with a spinebuster. He starts hulking up and Taker tags himself in. The two have a stare-down in mid-ring as we go to break.


Taker is working the arm of Kennedy as we return, then gives a hard slap to his partner to tag him in. Batista drives some shoulders into the gut of Kennedy. He tags in Taker, who continues trying to take that arm of Kennedy out of socket. Taker wants to go Old School, but Finlay interferes to stop that. Taker is able to recover and tag in Batista. He stops Kennedy from making a tag. Suplex by Batista, then a cover, but it’s broken up by Finlay. Finlay then tags in and goes to work on the former champ. Batista with some power moves on Finlay, but still can’t get the pinfall victory. Taker is in as the tags are getting tamer between those two. Taker drops the leg over Finlay’s throat as the Irishman was lying on the apron with his head out of the ring. Taker wrenches the arm of Finlay back inside the ring. Taker goes over to his corner to climb the rope for Old School but Batista tags himself in. Finlay gets the advantage after the two faces stare down, then tags in Kennedy. Kennedy hits the Ric Flair Memorial Chop Block on Batista’s knee. Finlay gets tagged in and they’re working on the leg of Big Dave. Crowd is chanting for “Undertaker” here, interestingly, even though he’s not in the ring. Batista has the advantage on the mat, but they’re too close to the heel corner and Kennedy is able to tag in. Back to work on that left knee. Kennedy goes for the cover, only getting a two-count. Batista goes to the outside while Kennedy distracts the ref and Finlay goes to work on Batista, including a shot with the Shillaleigh. Undertaker is PISSED, as he chases Finlay, then throws the steel steps into the ring. Kennedy and Batista are back in the ring and Kennedy is on the offensive. He lands some hard right hands on Batista, who is on the mat. Back to a vertical base, Batista fires back with right hands of his own. Kennedy gets away though and tags Finlay, who stretches the left leg of Batista. Almost a half-crab applied by Finlay. Batista uses his other foot to shove Finlay off but that only buys him a second or two. Kennedy is in now, peppering Batista with punches, but he makes a mistake that results in a spinebuster. Batista makes the tag and Undertaker is a (funeral) house of fire. Finlay is deposited over the top rope, and Kennedy is chokeslammed. As Taker does the throat-slash gesture, Batista tags in. Finlay comes back and knocks Taker over the top rope and Batista finishes off Kennedy with a Batista Bomb.

WINNERS: Batista & Undertaker at 20:53.

We end with Taker, in the ring, staring at Batista, in the aisle.

(edited by geemoney on 13.4.07 2204)

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Really enjoyed Smackdown tonight. All the matches were great and really satisfying.

I hope this Finlay/Kennedy business will somehow end up with them feuding each other.

I thought MVP and Benoit had a great match and I'm annoyed that we have to get the better match on free TV instead of on PPV at Wrestlemania. Seriously, why couldn't they have had this match at Mania?

Since: 26.1.03
From: Naples, FL

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    Originally posted by The Vile1
    I thought MVP and Benoit had a great match and I'm annoyed that we have to get the better match on free TV instead of on PPV at Wrestlemania. Seriously, why couldn't they have had this match at Mania?

Their match at WM only went nine minutes, which could be a reason. You know, gotta leave time for the big matches.

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The Vile1
Lap cheong

Since: 4.9.02
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    Originally posted by geemoney
    Their match at WM only went nine minutes, which could be a reason. You know, gotta leave time for the big matches.

You mean like Ashley vs. Melina in that classic bout?

It's a 4 hour show and only an 8 match card. A US title match between two of your best workers from Smackdown is a big match. Just wondering, why the free TV match is better than the match you pay to see.
The Guinness.
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    Originally posted by The Vile1
    Really enjoyed Smackdown tonight. All the matches were great and really satisfying.

    I hope this Finlay/Kennedy business will somehow end up with them feuding each other.

    I thought MVP and Benoit had a great match and I'm annoyed that we have to get the better match on free TV instead of on PPV at Wrestlemania. Seriously, why couldn't they have had this match at Mania?

I'll take a good match any day of the week. Regardless if I am paying for it or not. I'm still watching. Sure I wish the WWE would give more ppv time to the great performers in the industry....but,...wait...wait....wait for can't top a hair match with Vince Vs. The Donald!

Seriously, I was happy enough with their match a Mania.

Regarding the "better match on free tv"; no matter what the booking is, I'm buying the big four. I think Vince knows this. If WWE keeps providing matches of this caliber (on free TV.) in between the non big four he will continue to get people like me to really consider buying the next non big four PPV.

I'm not a casual fan but I am not the most hardcore fan either. Vince needs peeps like me. The only way I am going to buy the non big four ppv's is by seeing great matches in between. That way I'll think "wow I can't wait to see (insert name here) against (insert name here), the PPV match has gotta be even that much better".

Sure, many times I am disappointed but it still is a great marketing strategy. I, like many others, think there is going to be a big pay off. One day I might get so pissed off at the WWE that I will announce that I am never going to watch a WWE show again because TNA is so great. I just don't see it happening anytime soon. Kudos to Smackdown for putting on the best show since Mania!

...edited to change "big five" to "big four"..thanks to CTX!

(edited by The Guinness. on 14.4.07 2027)

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Outstanding MVP/Benoit match, very good tag main event, good tag title match....yeah, not much to complain about this week.

I'm loving London and Kendrick's tag title reign, and it's great that WWE is seemingly making an angle over the fact that they're approaching record status. The good thing about having the belts on such a relatively unheralded team is that there's tension every time they wrestle -- hell, I thought there was a decent chance they'd lose to friggin' Deuce and Domino tonight. There's money to be made with this storyline, particularly if they were to get the Hardys involved for some kind of challenge bout at Summerslam or something.

If London/Kendrick hold on, they'll tie Demolition's 478-day title reign on (yikes) Tuesday, Sept. 11, and break it on Sept. 12. With the proper build, they could deliver a big-time match for that Tuesday Smackdown taping. This is how WWE should be using its history.

I don't know what is more disquieting -- the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes.

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    Originally posted by The Guinness.
    Regarding the "better match on free tv"; no matter what the booking is, I'm buying the big five.

Uh, there hasn't been a "big five" for five years now.

I used to be of that same mindset though. I had watched wrestling for so many years that it seemed unfathomable to miss one of the big four, but last year I finally gave up and didn't bother with Summerslam or Survivor Series. Cena's superman push and Hogan's return were major factors, but there were many other things. Around October I even gave up watching Raw (having given up on Smackdown long before) and haven't watched a single episode of WWE TV since then.

I still ordered the Rumble and Wrestlemania and probably always will, but five/ten years ago I would watch every second of WWF TV they threw at me. I even paid for every single one of those horrendous UK only PPV's where you knew in advance nothing would happen. In short, I used to happily spend a shed load of money on the company and in the space of just a few years they managed to drive me away to the point I'm barely willing to spend $50 a year on their two biggest shows.

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So did all markets get the "Nobody likes a stalker" commercial? And is that supposed to be a promo for a new wrestler, or is it non-WWE-related?
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X-E's co-Worst Poster of all time! says:

Well if I got it in Hawaii it's probably WWE related.

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