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18.6.18 0258
The W - Random - [24] He's back
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The Ford Ad sucked. The time continunity was ALL MESSED UP. The show might have been commerical free, but it felt like it was an extra long one itself.


oh wait, midnight Seoul. Never mind.

Nothing like screaming in the morning. Looks like they're making Bane (<- probably inaccurate comic book reference there.) I like how he screamed at him as if he was going to cre at that moment. I hope this ends up making more sense than the opening bit from last year they never really got too much. Oh I guess it was a tourture device. Those evil Americans.

I think the Prez heard the scary music and knew it was up.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH she's sad she missed the first few hours too. Wow it took even less time for them to have Kim wearing little. That's not at all surprising. She looks older. Well duh but she does. Unseeminly long staring there.

He may be a president, but he still opens door for women.

I bet Tony misses all the old relatively normal double agents. And Milo. Hey look he still has teh Cubs mug. New Girl #2 looks suspicious in ten seconds of screen time. Good work!

Hey look the main character. Only took us five minutes.

Captioning shows they oblivarted some of the exposition as Prez drove to the bunker. Wonder why. Oh no he's gonna be shot at giving a speech again. I'm shocked they didn't say "homeland security". It must suck going to a meeting smelling like fish. nuclear. I love how they tell you horribly terrible news and then go "it gets worse" every time. Gory pics just for no particular reason. Ahhh, that Korean guy was Park. Second Wave is meta. Who we blaming this on? I hope they make up a fake country. Well I guess we don't get to know yet. Graphic pics for no particular reason. WELCOME BACK SPLIT SCREEN WITH CLOCK.

She's a nanny, I hope we've been clear enough. Scones. Also, that guy is pyscho creepy, I hope we've been clear enough. "You know Kim, you've got a great body!" Not only did we kill Teri, but also subtlety.

Ah, a country with no particular name. Is he supposed to be Iraq? You could see Saddam saying that. 1/3 of the population? China? He didn't quite look it.

Oh no Jack's stalking his daughter. You knew before they pulled back and the sappy music started to play. Dramatic phone ringing. If you don't want to talk on the phone, why do you leave it on. You sense there's a distance between them, as illustarted by the distance between them in reality? That kid could be Teri/Jack (and/or the rapist) kid. Except she's a little too old. Jack scares children. Kim seems older. Exposition conversation - the good thing is that when we get a few hours from now, we won't be having these. I hope. Oh no leering dad is spying on them. I guess that's what all dads do on this show.

More changed lines. They must've not liked how his scenes came off the first time.

Farsi, of course. People who speak foreign languages on this show are EVIL, you see. He's GONNA KILL HER oh it's only episode one. TEN HOURS TO THE WEDDING. I think that's how far they've got it planned now. Reza, what a name. She's supicious! Because he speaks a foreign langugage! This is just an odd feeling and nothing more, surely. Last we'll hear about it. MOM IS DEAD.

This had to go with no commericals because people would get tired of waiting for Jack to do something and flip away during the break. Ah, Prez's people have their own agenda.

Weirdness with changes still - there was a removed "plane flying overhead". Why does Jack have phones if he's not going to answer them? Is he expected to hear about his prescription at Walgreens or something? That photo looks PhotoShop-ish, but I give credit for someone having the forethought to keep it from last season. Well he'll take the call from the PREZ. Is there a good time to save the world? PEP SPEECH. They've got a bond.

Please don't go back to Kim. Aw crap. Oh wow she's psychotic too. Good job researching who you'd be working for. The new chick who isn't annoying is cool. Oh no I sure hope Tony isn't involved with her too. It's weird that Fake Becky is on Scrubs, followed by Darlene on 24 and Roseanne NEVER. Nice way to softly put to the group George. You must be thrilled to be there now that everyone's going to die, Paula Darlene.

Thanks for explaining that lots of people could die from a nuclear device. I wasn't sure about that until the big red circle. Leave the Prez alone to think deeply in peace. That's his best skill.

Oh no more evil people speaking foreign languages (Arabic). Green light si never good. Powder is never good. Wait, they don't know exactly when the bomb will be ready? That's unlike thsi show.

Wow, she broke down within 3 minutes. Tony's turn for pep speech - I wasn't convinced. Jack don't need an ID card - they know who that man is. They really should have like a picture of him on the wall after last season. What up Tone. "I'm all right." HAHAHAHAHA. Looks like we have our 5 people in CTU who are important this season, plus Jack. Haha, Jack's walking out! Who cares about saving the world when you can save yourself. Tony's paying for screwing up last season, I see. Well that went well - this show is gonna be awful short this season with no Keifer. Don't have second thoughts! Oh wait that kid could be his kid, oh no.

George still is a weenie. Oh no, Kim's so not gonna be there when they go to pick her up, is she. Yea, Tony's really good about keeping track of Jack's family members. And Kim never has problems getting away. If she's just a programmer, why is Darlene at thsi meeting? I thought she wanted to be a comic book artist anyway.

Why do we care about this wedding? Gee, she's totally let go of her suspicions and he's totally not suspicious. He's got the Luger going - all nice in front of Sting, all evil the rest of the time. She must be really dumb. Hip hop to conclusions. Well this can't end without someone dead. Probably not for a couple hours though.

Time for Prez to take control of his adminstration - if his wife ain't gonna run him, no buerecrat is going to do it. "I don't want my own people work against me." "Sir, I'd never work against you." They should cut to a shot of his wife - but they cut to the new executive chick, which is not a good sign for her usefulness.

George gets the cold shoulder. "You going to tell me what you're doing?" "No." Ah her name is Michelle, that's good to know. Oh we're not supposed to feel any symphathy for what may just about happen - oh man he really did shoot him! Whoa

Oh no Kim. There's weirdo dad. Oh lovely family beating. Can we go back to the fun of a sudden gunshot. What do you think he's doing Kim? Charades? They like editing dialouge. He's so clever! Wow, this is a pretty disgusting plot twist.

He's shaved. It's ON.

It takes two weeks for Jack to get back in trouble! YAY!


Kim is better but boy I have no interest in that and don't see how it does anything but give her something to do until we need her kidnapped and all. The rest? Cool.
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#2 Posted on
I'm sure people have said this in the past, but it's *amazing* how quickly Jack drives around Los Angeles during rush hour, isn't it?

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I have no interest in the domestic violence drama either. I hope that's just a device to like get Kim in a hospital or something to meet up with her pops. Just like hopefully Harry Hamlin Jr. doesn't turn out to be affiliated with TERRORIST ACTIVITY oh man that would suck. Maybe he'll get killed in some kind of crossfire and we can all say yay and then it will all have served its purpose. Otherwise it's like Boston Public's teen hooker who's on the run after kidnapping her incest baby. The madness needs to stop someplace people.

Hey look it's Michelle Forbes! Chris will be so happy!

I liked 24's humanitarian regular guy struggling with internal demons beard. Ooh but it made me laugh and I was like "oh man I can't wait until he shaves it off" and then OH MAN HE SHAVED IT OFF

Also, the possibly shady fiance looks like Enrique Iglesias, which rules. You can run you can hide but you can't escape 24.

Exactly how many blonde women who look exactly alike are on this show now?

Not shabby, but not great that my favorite part of the show was 24 shaving off his beard, and also me making up names for all these actors I don't recognize.

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See, I was totally in favor of 24's asskicking beard. Some guys have an asskicking jacket, the jacket hanging in the back of your closet that you dig out when your friends come by and tell you that your buddy Steve just got beat up and you have to go get those guys who did it, but 24 grew a beard like Captain Ahab.

I felt bad for George Mason, as things relate to facial hair. You know he was feeling all good about himself because Tony lost the soulpatch, and now his wussy beard would be the king beard of the office, but then 24 saunters into CTU with his shattered soul mountain man beard and George Mason was heartbroken, because 24 did it to him again. If they make a third season, George Mason should order Tony to shave his head so the little hair Mason has left is the only male hair in the department, and that's when 24 walks into the office with circa-1982 Lionel Richie hair and George Mason just breaks down crying.

I actually came to love the character of George Mason in the early evening of last year's season. When he was out in the field on top of Lou Diamond Philips' secret werewolf prison, you could tell he wanted to be friends with Jack, but it just wasn't gonna happen, so he took up the attitude of "Oh, 24, what kinda mess are you gonna get us into now?" He wants to be a gruff but loveable boss so bad, but all of his underlings are either hardened killers, secretly evil Germans or Tony who doesn't actually seem to have a job. I feel for him. I hope, if he survives this one, he gets a good job as a TV station manager or editor of a newspaper on a sitcom.

I guess Milo died or something, if Darlene has his job. I guess Darlene doesn't have to worry about her family, because they're all still in Chicago (except Dan Conner, he died). But who in the office is going to let the information get out so Larry David can tell Mindy Rieser?

I'm thinking the abusive father/husband/employer is just the spur to get Kim on the run, because CTU needs to have Kim in order to guarantee 24's cooperation and if they can't find her, he'll wander off again. They have to give Tony something to do, he can't just hunch over computer terminals for a whole day. You know what would be awesome? If Tony had a really important decision to make at some point during the day, and they had a shot of him in the bathroom hunched over the sink just like 24 had this episode, and when he looks up, the Soulpatch is back like he just willed it to grow at that moment.

I predict that both the mother and the abusive father will get killed so that 24 can take in the little girl and get to raise other kid that he never got to raise so that she, too, can someday be kidnapped. And maybe the Enrique Iglesias looking guy will end up killing him to gain Kim's trust at some point, because she's got to get kidnapped at some point.

I haven't been able to form much a feeling for the third plot yet, with the nosy sister and the terrorist, but her widowed father looked like he could have been Owen Wilson's dad. I bet his company makes bomb stuff, like Uranium 234. Except I guess you don't make that and they probably don't even use that for bombs anymore, but whatever. And he'll probably get killed, too.

24 killing that guy was awesome. I rate that above the early morning thumb removal from the first or second episode last year, but not quite as good as the 10 AM threat to use the rolled up wet towel to pull out the limo guy's stomach lining.

I got the impression that the country where Second Wave sets up shop was supposed to be Afghanistan. Prime Minister Ben Kingsley kind of had a Hamid Karzai look going with his (better than George Mason, not as cool as 24) beard. I don't know if that fits in with the blowing them up thing, but I guess it might explain the Second Wave name. Palmer's Reed Richards grey temples were cool, it's the outward sign of the cost of his soul instead of having a beard. I hope his kid gets involved in the cover-up of a death this year, too. It should be his thing, like how Kim gets kidnapped a few times a day once every year. At the end of the day, Palmer and 24 can laugh about their wacky kids.

The Germans are all behind this, right? I mean, I'm going on Teri's suspect ID of whatever moon language Evil Nina was talking in at the end of last year, but they still have to be up for something. They got the Euro, what more do they want?! Bastards.

I thought the pre-show Ford commercial was going to stop at 8 AM, like these people in the commercial were driving their Fords right before LA was about to blow up. Then at the end, we could have seen them at 9 AM, driving their Fords but still oblivious to the fact that LA was going to blow up. And Jack gets around LA so fast because he drives a Ford! Unless he didn't. I forgot to look.

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Random 24 Thoughts:

I hated those Ford commercials.

I laughed at the Cubs mug.

What role did Michelle Forbes play.

I think Eric is going to be an annoyance this year.

That Kim plot really dragged down the show.

Jack shooting that guy was kinda cool. It was better than what Sipcowcz would've done.

I liked how Jack was clean-shaven at the end. Hey, he listened to Mason.

Isn't Nina supposed to be back at some point some season?

Overall, 24 was very good, with the exception of that crap with Kim. Next week should be good as well.

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    Originally posted by tomvejada
    Random 24 Thoughts:

    I hated those Ford commercials.

    What happened stateside? Here in Ontario, the show started right at 9:00 pm, and then went commercial free up until the time when the clock turned over to 9:00 am. Then there were commercials, but nothing that was Ford related. There was a GMC ad.

    That Kim plot really dragged down the show.

    If they're going to show her scantily-clad in the opening minutes of the show, could they please do it in the same manner of scantily-clad people that appear in the opening minutes of Law & Order:SVU?

    Isn't Nina supposed to be back at some point some season?

    Her character is listed on the offical 24 website. There's also a cheesy "Marie & Reja's Wedding Page" done in a very bare bones HTML style.

    Overall, 24 was very good, with the exception of that crap with Kim. Next week should be good as well.

    I'm in for the season.

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Hey, I LIKED the stuff with Kim. I couldn't stand her last season because she was so whiny and annoying in an pre-adolescent manner... anything that makes her seem like an adult is a GOOD THING, I say. And that storyline's looking to get even more interesting next week. Too much time this week, maybe, but it wasn't horrible at all.

And Jack is still the sympathetic SOB that we know and love. :)

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I liked it. I didn't even watch the first season until my brother bought it on dvd. Then I watched the whole thing in a week. I really wish I hadn't seen any commercials for this one, as Jack shooting whoever would have been much more surprising. So I didn't watch the scenes from next week.

The Kim stuff was ok. I guess they want her to be on the run and in peril again. Got to get there somehow.

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I thought it was a pretty good opener. No Mia Kirshner, though.

I could have done without the abuse parts. Don't you think Kim would have taken a self-defense course over the past year? Kickboxing, anything. I was just waiting for her to slug that guy, but no dice.

Jack finally turning back into a CTU agent was what I was looking for. I don't need to see him hugging a picture and crying. He walks into CTU, 15 minutes later he is killinga hostage. Welcome back, Jack.

I never like the wife in last year's show. I am very glad she's gone, but it looks like Kim might have the same story. She really needs to pick her spots better.

Overall, a good start, and as usual, I can't wait for next week.

-The Big Kat
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