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24.6.18 2102
The W - Random - 24 5-6
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Holy Crap they got some 'splaining to do bout Marie.

I guess they started the task with Kate's sudden "we used to live in Saudi Arabia" backstory, but I'm dying to see what the rest of the set up is.

Also, I don't know if I've ever seen a TV woman look as sexy as Marie right after she shot Reza.

And three weeks till the next episode?? There are so many wonderful cliffhagers after this hour.

One of the better epihours I can recall, even with my "bullshit" reaction to Marie being the bad Warner.
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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I believe the deathcount was 3 for this episode.

Terrorist #2
CTU Agent

But I'll let the official scorekeeper make the decision.

And man, Marie had ME fooled. I still think Bob's in on SOMETHING, though.

And mark down my vote for "Setting a Cop Car on Fire" as the stupidest thing Kim has EVER done.


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#3 Posted on
Whoever the woman was that wouldn't let Marie in the room originally is probably dead too.

Good episode. I do find it somewhat hard to believe that Maire is so deep into this, while Kate is clueless.

Sherry is like the Big Show. She went from tweener to sorta face to full heel in an hour.

I hope Ohio State beats Miami.
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Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

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The way I handle the body count is only for confirmed deaths that are mentioned or shown being killed or post-kill. Therefore the secretary type doesn't count yet.

1. The torturing interrogator
2. Reza's CTU guy
3. Reza

The count now stands at 64.

For me, he first few acts really seemed to drag, but they will provide exposition for the greater conspiracy, that's required for the final 8 hours. Much like the "let's call the guy in New Orleans" episode from last year.

Why does Kim have barely a scratch on her? Did her bouncy aura protect her?

That was a GMC police vehicle. What happened to all the Fords?

I'm guessing Tony/Michelle hinted romance is the Season 2 version of the amnesia storyline. Then he learns she is a White Sox fan and all is lost.

If I needed another reason to hate American Idol (beyond the lack of a gong), the fact it will delay the show for 3 weeks sure does the trick.

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I was going to wait till the encore to watch 24 due to Raw X, but FX isn't showing this week's episode til the next new 24, I guess. So I watched both shows

Anyway, I was shocked at the Marie turn.

More annoying crap from Kim.

Mason was hardly on, but his scene with Michelle was very good.

Actually Sherry is more like Lex Luger, than the Big Show.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

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I certainly didn't see that coming. And just when I was starting to really like Reza too. Reza's CTU guy was also pretty cool, with the whole giving him a front row seat to the end of L.A. thing.

What's up with the women on this show? First you have Nina, who has an affair with Jack AND Tony just to get information, then after all the hugs and kisses she shared with Jack, she kills his wife. Now you have Marie who dated Reza for 2 whole freaking years and that was a complete sham and after all the hugs and kisses she just blows him away in cold blood. And I am not surprised by Sherry at all.

My favorite part of the show was after CTU took down Nina, Jack flashed her that smirk. He's got that thing down perfect.

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From: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

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#7 Posted on
Wow!! What an episode. Strange things are happening. Never would have expected things like that before the show.

That being said, I knew there was something strange going on when Marie returned to sit on Reza's lap and say everything is all right darling!!!!

How long until the folks at CTU realize what's happened?

As for the Kim story... Crap!! The cop suddenly loses his mind and rolls the car instead of simply stopping first, then putting out the fire. After the car rolls two people are seriously hurt, but Kim is 100%, yeah right. How is she going to do anything without her man.

Not convinced that Sherry is really heel. She may just be using info she found out to her advantage with the Pres...

Can't wait until the next one... Three weeks, aw crap!

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Since: 11.1.02
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I thought it was a fantastic episode. So many plot twists.

I was just waiting for the CTU guys to help Jack. Last week, I was screaming at the TV for that. But they came through this week. And how about Jack's beanbag shot? That was pretty awesome.

Kim, Kim, Kim. Every time I see her in one of the split screens, I pray they don't go to her scene. And they invariably do. Excuse me, officer, can you put my seatbelt on me before you careen wildly off the road? It was just a bandana fire!

David, don't trust your ex-wife. Somehow she has all these miracle contacts throughout the government. Something tells me she is not all bad, though. And how many NSA people is he going to trust today and then arrest?

Finally, we see Tony again! Hooking it up! Umm, can't he meet anyone outside the office?

3 weeks? I can't wait 3 weeks. Luckily Purdue comes to Champaign for an ass-kickin' next Tuesday night. That should keep my mind off it for a while.

-The Big Kat
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#9 Posted on
Let's see....

So it was Marie! I thought the way she just bounced herself right back into Reza's lap was weird, and I guess I figured her out at just the same time as Reza. "Nobody had access to this computer....except.....oh crap!" There goes the evil goatee theory (well, except for Sayed Ali.)

How did Nina not expect one of the CTU guys, who were all in her face at the end of last episode, to take her down in this one? I noticed Keifer's Chris Benoit-esque smile after she got shot. Maybe it's a Canadian thing :-)

Who was that agent who let himself get spotted by Kate's torturer guy? Fire him!

More Kim Bauer stupidity. Whatever.

Tony and Michelle? Was I the only one that let out that frustrated groan when that whole thing came up? Ugh! Isn't it possible in Hollywood for a dude and a chick to work together and not want to start fucking? I don't want to fuck any of my female co-workers! I don't care if there is a bomb. Hell, that's the last time I'd get a hard-on for anybody, I would think.

You damn well better believe that Sherry's evil! You can't get that many super-secret reliable government contacts that the president doesn't know about...hell that your spouse doesn't know about, unless you're evil. Come on, everything has worked out perfectly for her! EEEEEVVVIIIIIIILL!!!!!

Then there's this whole Coral Snake stuff. Good eye Jack! So the threat is foreign AND domestic? Yeesh!

American Idol? GGGGGRRRRRR!!!!

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Since: 16.6.02

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
The Whisper...

Maybe 24 is secretly in cahoots with Nina and the rest of the bad guys.

Or maybe I'm just used to inexplicable heel turns coming out of left field...

Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.65
I forgot about the whisper. It was driving me nuts and just fell out of my mind. Maybe Nina isn't a heel at all and Jack's wife isn't really dead and...

Oh fuck it.

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Dr Unlikely

Since: 2.1.02

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#12 Posted on
Marie could have had a Van Dyke and just shaved it off. Maybe the Warners were circus people. You don't know!

This was another really top-notch episode that suffered only in comparison to last week's unbeatable episode and the previews kinda giving away Marie shooting Reza.

The death toll has to factor in the agent outside of the room, they showed her there earlier, she had to buy it some time. The cop driving Kim and Jake Gyllenhall back to LA is almost certainly dead...but maybe not, because that would kinda make Kim into a cop killer. I still think he's dead, though, if only to validate my earlier predictions that both he and Tony's Partner would buy it.

24 adds two more moments of greatness to his list, with the way he just out-willed Nina to get out of the cliffhanger, and the nonchalant way he popped out from behind the riot shield and took down the torturer. In addition to the return of the Bret Hart Smirk, he also got the line of the week this time when he told Nina "I'm already dead!" I'm going to start saying that to people all the time. But I'm not part of the Brotherhood of the Dead like 24 and George Mason, so maybe I shouldn't be a poser and disgrace their memories.

George Mason again made the most of his screentime. You know those Raw moment of Zen threads up in the Wrestling folder? RVD's got nothing on George Mason. "Everything else is just background noise." Straight up. Plus, he put things into motion so that Tony will get some. Now that's a boss.

Sherry officially (unless you're all right and it's a swerve within a swerve) being evil again seems to reinforce the possibility that the financial backers that Palmer pissed off last year are behind the coup.

I hope Kate doesn't mess up 24's style now that she's tagging along. No Nina, she. Next episode, the previews show us a different form of torture being implemented (won't say on who for those who missed the previews). That's the third in this season alone. What a show.
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