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The W - Random - 24 (4:00-5:00 AM) Thoughts
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Since: 2.1.02

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#1 Posted on
I was shocked when Palmer lost his presidency. I wonder if Sherry had anything to do with that.

Kim was back, though she wasn't on that much.

"Alex?" was the perfect way to end the hour.

Overall, another good 24.


According to the TV Guide preview for next week's episode "The Final Truth", the actor who plays the father of the girl who Kim was being nanny is in it.

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Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

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This was probably one of my favourite episodes this season. Anything that can keep me that distracted from the Stanley Cup playoffs (and I'm a former Ottawa resident) has to rock. It was probably my favourite ending so far, starting with a "That wasn't who I thought it was", and going to "HOLY SHIT!". Fortunately, I did recover quickly enough to turn to the game, think "With that crowd in front of Roman, just throw the damn puck at the net", and see the ending.

I was thinking that they would have had the hacker character turn up dead within seconds of Jack showing up at the apartment - ala Mr. New Orleans from last season. And it is refreshing to see a tape collection less organized than my own.

You just know that Jack wanted to put another redneck notch on his gun.

Here's last week's (very-belated) body count, and it was 90 heading into the show:

1-Guy in the brownish/yellowish shirt in the opening minutes
2-Guy who didn't get promoted
3-Generic security thug #1
4-The Interrogator that was far cooler than Kurrgan ever was
6-Redneck #1

There was another Generic security thug lurking around at the clinic that was only seen once. Nothing on this week's episode, so we're still at 96.

Here's a link to an interesting interview with Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle). For those that were wondering, yes, they were originally going to go with the Bischoff approved HLA route with her and Keri.

Click Here (

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Since: 7.8.02
From: Boston, MA

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
I think this the episode where Jack Bauer officially became a co-star. It's all about the President, now.

I noticed that our friend Ryan Chapelle was also Carmela's priest, Father Phil, on the Sopranos.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

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#4 Posted on
Wow, what a great episode for President and Vice-president. I did not think that he Palmer would end up losing that vote, somehow...

You just knew that Sherry would end up back in this mess somehow.

Chapelle becomes a little more than a bit-player at this point. He has to have been feeding the VP info...

3 hours left and now I am really wanting... I had begun to lose a little interest until last night.

And the real wonder of the world is that we don't jump too

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The Big Kat

Since: 11.1.02
From: Austin, TX

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#5 Posted on
I thought it was another great episode. It was a good thing Mike had that graphic "Yes/No" program all ready to go. Maybe Palmer should have noticed when Mike was having IT guys work on that all morning. And I was waiting for the SecState to say "I'm compelled to say no, but I'm going to say yes." And what happens when Palmer gets to appeal and wins. Those 8 Cabinet secretaries are fired, along with Mike.

Kim has to be the dumbest person on the planet. I know I've said it before, but here's her plan now: With Crazy Dad on the loose, let's take one inept cop back to his house at 4 in the morning and get my "stuff" instead of going home, and waiting for her dad to go back with her.

It was cool to see Sherry again. I figured she'd be back, along with Nina sometime soon. Can't wait for next week.

-The Big Kat
When you're tired of wishing on a falling star, you gotta put your faith in a loud guitar. -KISS
Dr Unlikely

Since: 2.1.02

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#6 Posted on
Does anybody still have this on tape and would be willing to check something for me? I swear that, after the Tony vs. Chappelle showdown, right as they were cutting to the next scene, there was a fast cut to a shot of George Mason (RIP) standing there in CTU. I'm telling you, it was there. He's totally going to share Tony's body, Firestorm-style. Or All of Me-stlye, if you're so inclined.

I was hoping to think of a way to promote more discussion instead of giant, thread-killing ramble, so I'll just say a few quick things: Respected Private Citizen David Palmer was great in this one, from "Do I look like I'm scared? Do you see me shaking?" to "I am the President of the United States. Don't call me by my first name." George Mason HAS to come back now, in either astral projection or nuclear superzombie form, just so Xander Berkley gets a chance to win his Emmy back from Dennis Haysbert.

Sherry was part of the coup, but not a Secret Evil German, and she's going to pull a swerve on Prescott and save Palmer's ass, which has been her plan all along.

Also, man, I called the shit out of this evil-ness. Chappelle = evil and Mike Novick was, in fact, leading (or being manipulated into leading) Respected Private Citizen Palmer down the moral path all day long so they could turn it against him at the end. Sweet. Now all they need is to reveal that Kingsley is Nina's Secret Evil German boss or also works for him, and have Aunt Carol be evil, too, and I nailed everything.
The Vile1
Lap cheong

Since: 4.9.02
From: California

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#7 Posted on
Whatever happened to Naked Mandy? Is it possible she could pop up again?

"I am many things Kal-El, but here I am god."

Since: 10.4.02
From: New York City, NY

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#8 Posted on
President Palmer needs a new chief advisor: Theodore Long!

"Well, you can't involve friendship with business. It has to be one or the other. It's either business or friendship, or hit the bricks!"
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Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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#9 Posted on
The BEST part was when Jack STOLE THE REDNECK'S SHOES (although this must have been so subtle that nobody noticed it in this thread yet).

One round down, three to go - *12* wins to go!
Chico Santana
Boudin rouge

Since: 2.7.02
From: Jaaaaamacia Mon, No Problem.

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#10 Posted on
Dr. Unlikely your post had me rollin. All of Me=Gold.
I miss Kim, but she will piss me off by being a dumbass sheep in the world of wolves once again. Kate has been playing the Kim role as off late, thank god that stopped this week.

When the season started I thouhgt Tony might be bad, it's a good thing he's not. Mike Novack must be killed and I want Jack to do it. And I think Chappelle might be in line for a face turn. Will Kim or Kate be killed, or would that be too much to put Jack through?

I love this show!

Ruby Trax
Summer sausage

Since: 10.12.01
From: The KZiM Tower

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.25

    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    I swear that, after the Tony vs. Chappelle showdown, right as they were cutting to the next scene, there was a fast cut to a shot of George Mason (RIP) standing there in CTU. I'm telling you, it was there.

WHOA I'm telling you I saw it too!!! At the time I figured it was just me being half asleep and retarded. But seriously I thought I saw him at that exact moment and I was like "Wha?" and then I just figured it was a quick cut of maybe Mike Novick or something that I was mistaking to be George Mason, but then I was like, dude, why would they put a shot of Novick THERE? And why would he look just like George Mason? And then I became half asleep again and forgot about it ... until now. I'm with you dawg.

Wait 'til the DVD comes out. Of course if it is not there, this will now haunt me for all times.

The only thing I enjoy more than doing the crossword puzzle is actually finishing it.
Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

Since last post: 4008 days
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#12 Posted on
Well, I just reqound my tape, and put it in slow motion. That is George Mason or his identical twin. If anybody else taped the show, it is in the opening credits portion of this episode right after "I don't have anybody to take you place right now".

It's a frame of footage at most.

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Since: 5.3.02

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#13 Posted on
Yep just checked my tape (which i taped in SVHS which has slightly better still frame capabilities than VHS) and there is exactly one frame of mason talking to Nina from an earlier ep this season followed by another single frame of what I assume was the wharehouse Mason got nuked at in an early ep. How odd.

In case anyone's interested. The other transition shots had
nothing interesting in them besdies the insertion of a blurry chess board between shots of palmer and the evil VP. Nice touch

The Big Kat

Since: 11.1.02
From: Austin, TX

Since last post: 1794 days
Last activity: 16 days
#14 Posted on
I totally saw that shot of Mason as well. I mentioned it to my friends at the time, and they thought I was nuts. So I just assumed it was wishful thinking. Thanks for giving back my sanity.

And CRZ, I thought it was weird to see the redneck shoeless, but of course Jack channeled Bruce Willis in Die Hard by walking on the broken glass before that, so he needed them. Luckily they were the right size.

-The Big Kat
When you're tired of wishing on a falling star, you gotta put your faith in a loud guitar. -KISS
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