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16.12.18 2314
The W - Random - 24 (3:00-4:00 A.M.) Thoughts
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Another pretty good episode this week.

2nd straight week that Kim wasn't in it. Of course, next week she's on it. Kate though, had lots of Kim type moments.

Lots of deaths this week, including Yusef.

In the preview for the rest of the season , they said that "You won't believe who's behind this." Does that mean that there's a surprise heel turn somewhere?

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle
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Polska kielbasa

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Possibly Tony?
Jack tells Kim to shoot someone, so Kim may have returned to CTU hoping to meet with her Dad. Jack will call in about to return the chip, or talk to the President. But there will be some reason that someone will threaten Kim to try to control Jack. It has to be someone Kim knows, that's why she seemed to be hesitating.

Then there is also Nina. I think she will return in some capacity before the end of the season. When she was arrested after holding Jack hostage, Jack said something to her. I think it was "This is not over"

She could have been part of an elaborate plan made before Palmer was elected. They wanted him dead because he would have an easy foreign policy. Dislike for Palmer's current foreign policy has been mentioned this season. Then once Palmer was elected, the new plan was to eliminate CTU so that a nuclear bomb could go off and place the blame on the middle eastern countries. This would lead to war, which could have been the original motives from the first season for not having Palmer elected.

Also, it seems that the Peter Kingsly and the others pushing for a war to start are not really terrorists but are just looking to profit from the war. Possibly part of a company that makes parts for the military or something similiar.

Gary Matheson will most likely return also. I doubt the writers would have mentioned he was still out there if he was not going to show up again. Kim may shoot him even though it will be surprising how he finds her.

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The Big Kat

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I really enjoyed the "glimpses" over the whole damn preview we got last week. Looks like the lsat 4 eps are going to be pretty cool.

Was there any doubt Jack would wake from his death, have no problems, and then escape while killing three people? That was beautiful. I was yelling after that one, and after Jack opened the door and shot the thug at the end.

Kate definitely had a Kim moment when she brought those idiots to her house. What the hell was she thinking?

A pretty cool cliffhanger ending, with Prescott's meeting and Jack holding those guys in the bedroom. Can't wait for next week.

-The Big Kat
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Summer sausage

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This episode was great just for Mike Novick and his facial reaction to the news that Lynn had fallen down some stairs. He played that scene very well.

Why didn't Jack tell the doctor to inject him with something else, and then just pretend he was suffocating? That would have been a good plan too.
Ana Ng

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AHH! Don't mention the preview for next week! I never watch those spoileriffic things.

Awesome episode last night. I genuinely felt bad when Yusef died. He was the Middle Eastern Jack, sort of.

Way to go, Action Doctor! Finally, some random character shows intelligence. It's about time.

Tony sure punked out both Carrie and Chapelle. Almost makes up for kissing Michelle while Jack was getting tortured last week. Ok, ok, so he didn't know Jack was getting tortured, but it still annoyed me.

After almost of two seasons of seeing Mike Novick wear that "Am I evil? Maybe! Maybe not!" facial expression, we know he is full-fledged evil. He's a good heel. I'm just dying for someone to expose him. Anyone else think Sherry might be the one to tip Palmer off to the coup? It would certainly gain back a measure of his confidence, and give Sherry a reason to be hanging around next season.

How awesome is Jack? Seriously, how awesome is he? Those rednecks were doomed once Jack found out where they were.

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Ten Millionth Hit

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    Originally posted by mskj
    This episode was great just for Mike Novick and his facial reaction to the news that Lynn had fallen down some stairs. He played that scene very well.

Another Kim-less episode makes me happy. Here's a Kim article link for those that are interested.

I loved his reaction to Lynn's pointing as she was being loaded into the ambulance. Totally evil.

I'll update the body count later. I'm dubbing some tapes right now, and can't review the tape. It was at 90 heading into this week's show.

Who's behind it all? I said earlier I didn't think Nina would be back, so I'll stay with that prediction. Chapelle as Alberta Green 2.0 is too obvious as well. I'll pick Tony, just because.

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Dr Unlikely

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24 himself had three confirmed kills during the episode (Torturer #2, Terrorist Who Looked A Little Like George Mason, Other Terrorist) and one guy who probably isn't dead (the looter he shot at the end). Yuseff is dead. Lynne has to be kept out of the death column for now, but I suspect her time is limited. The other death I can remember was Torturer #2 killing Torturer #1 and getting himself into contention for the line of the week ("He said I just got promoted." BLAM) So that's five official deaths, one likely death and a bleeding redneck looter for the week.

The first torture guy let me all conflicted. When he showed up last week and had the glasses on, he had a More Evil James Spader thing going. But then he sort of had a More Evil Willem Dafoe thing. But once he took off the glasses, I was ready to settle on a Less Evil Judge Reinhold. But this week, he didn't look like any of them. I'm glad you're dead, pal. At least Miguel had the decency to look like Jake Gyllenhaal and Kevin Dillon had the decency to look like Kevin Dillon for consecutive episodes. Jerk.

It was indeed sad to see U-Cef go, what with his having made a great three week turnaround from annoying new guy to somebody worthy of hanging out with 24. On the other hand, I was running out of ways to spell his name. Still, he was a cool character, maybe this year's equivalent of Robert Ellis last season. The only thing they should have done was, when he crawled to the pay phone and tried to call CTU, he should have gotten through and heard "Hi, this is Tony Almeida..." and said "Tony, they stole the-" but get cut off with "Ha ha, gotcha! I'm not here right now!" like Jack Slade's answering machine when Kung-Fu Joe tried to call him.

Tony can't be evil, because they had that cool scene where he dropped the punk card on Carrie that was clearly their attempt at redeeming him after being a major wuss most of this season. He's still no George Mason, but this was a solid bouncing back for Tony in the post-soul patch era.

Speaking of that scene, was I right about Ryan Chapelle being evil, or what?

The Guy Who Plays Mike Novick continues to be great. I don't think he's part of the plot or the plot within the plot, just the plot within the plot within the plot. Which is to say, I think he's neither an Evil Secret German (the real badguys) nor an Evil Businessman Bent on Starting War (the old badguys with white hair who think they're the real badguys), he's just convinced that Palmer is wrong. Anyway, he's followed up his terrific job of being evil/not evil with his moral struggles and that super asshole "It'll be alright, Lynne!" move.

Speaking of the badguys, they introduced a crapload of guys with white hair who I vaguely recognize from other shows/movies this week, and it was driving me crazy trying to place them all.

I agree with Ana that somehow, Sherry is going to save Palmer's ass. She's been waiting for this all along, and she has those connections of hers, which probably extends to someone on the cabinet who she can get to vote to support Palmer. It was nice to see them bring back Palmer's head of security from last season, and even better to see him be a character Palmer can actually trust. I really like how you can never be sure when they're going to bring back a character from the first season or early this season and have him/her play a part. (Tangent - the reason, it turns out, Milo disappeared last season and isn't around this season is that he was a contractor for a computer security system, not a member of CTU, according to the 24 book.)

Speaking of people coming back, Gary the evil dad is so coming back before this season ends. I hope he tries to kill Kim with Miguel's missing leg, that would be cool.

And Nina is totally going to show up again in the last four. She has to, so we can get back to the Evil Secret Germans. My latest hope for season 3 is that Nina's Evil Secret German superior is revealed, and he gets evil plastic surgery to make himself look like Jack, in the old "Red Skull pretends to be Steve Rogers" ploy. So we'll have a Good 24 and Bad 24, with an attempt to discredit Jack. But then he'll realize that 24 is always going around killing people and torturing them and blowing shit up, so there's really nothing you can do to discredit him.

So, yeah, another killer episode. You can't kill 24. That's the third time he should have been dead in one day (Nina's trick, the bomb, Death By Torture), but he keeps coming back even more pissed. "Tell me what I need to know and I'll make sure you die quickly." Yes.
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