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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Foley has probably never been treated more like garbage. WTF.

Perhaps it is time that Mick re-reads his first book where he talks about Terry Gordy and how he transformed from great to being a sad caricature of himself, because that is what Foley has become the past few years.
In terms of Bradshaw and Jericho: They were both badly blowing spots in a tag match the night before, so them being off-kilter in a one-on-one match shouldn't be a surprise.

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Well Foley didn't 3/4th die on a plane, he just pissed off the royal family. The Edge match and Flair feud showed he could still be great with something of substance -- I think he's under contract to do 2-3 matches per year, so if WWE wants to make those matches totally meaningless and pay this guy huge money just to not be in TNA, I guess that's their prerogative.

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    Originally posted by Captaincuba
    Crowd was only about 25% Rey and Edge ate it up. The final sequence was the second biggest pop of the night.

That whole thing really bothered me. I hate this whole "boo the faces, cheer the heels" thing that goes on at big events. It's like everybody wants to show how cool they are for cheering for the bad guy. Personally I believe that, as a fan at a live event, you have somewhat of a duty to contribute in a positive way to the product; you are part of the show. Booing Rey Mysterio and cheering Edge just doesn't fit into that.

I watched the show with a friend who isn't up on wrestling but used to watch it back in the day ('80s and early to mid '90s). He liked the Rumble match the best, and thought Flair should absolutely not be wrestling anymore. Much of the show, actually, was spent making fun of man-boobs, first Flair and then Big Daddy V.

As far as the Rumble match itself, it was the best one I can remember. The Cena surprise was great, and my friend and I loved how everyone just sat back and watched two old guys slap each other around. I liked the Taker/Michaels elimination, but the match seemed to lose some steam when the two of them left. I was particularly impressed with how much offense and staying power Morrison was given. ECW in general had a good showing, with Punk/Miz Morrison lasting for a while. Wasn't Matt Striker supposed to be in the Rumble?
Matt Tracker

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    Originally posted by sentonBOMB
    That whole thing really bothered me. I hate this whole "boo the faces, cheer the heels" thing that goes on at big events. It's like everybody wants to show how cool they are for cheering for the bad guy. Personally I believe that, as a fan at a live event, you have somewhat of a duty to contribute in a positive way to the product; you are part of the show. Booing Rey Mysterio and cheering Edge just doesn't fit into that.

If the heel is the more entertaining character (as if often the case), the blame lies in the presentation of the opponents. When I pay to see a show, I cheer for the guy I pay to see.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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Edge-Rey was probably the best non-Rumble match of the night. Jeff-Orton was close behind, but was hurt a lot by the ending. They are really building Orton up as a strong heel, but at the expense of Jeff splattering into the glass ceiling.

I said when the show began, that we would see if the WWE was interested in what the fans wanted (Jeff) or what WWE wanted (HHH-Orton). Well, the shocking return of Cena changed everything. And while his return was cool, does he really need to win the belt already? It could have been perfect for Jeff to beat Orton, and face HHH or HBK at WM 24, and Cena could get revenge on Orton in a grudge match. Oh well.

Previously on this board I was against Jeff and Shawn being thrown into a MITB match, but I almost hope Jericho is tossed into that match to get away from his comeback destroying JBL program.

Overall, a pretty decent show, and MSG always brings the noise, for better or for worse.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

-- Mahatma Gandhi
Boudin rouge

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#26 Posted on
My girlfriend couldn't decide what grossed her out more: Big Daddy V and his 3rd boob or Piper taking his shirt off.

Flair/MVP was fine by me, and a clean win for Flair in his last MSG match was certainly in order. Was it just me or has Flair's hair actually gone white? The bottom looked pretty yellow in comparison to whats left up top...

Jericho/JBL was pretty watchable minus the blown spots (which I'm sure have something to do with both guys only recently becoming active wrestlers again). And if theres one thing JBL is good for in the ring, its making me wince when he kicks a bleeding opponent in the head repeatedly. I can only assume the DQ is setting up a no-DQ rematch at 'mania, preferably with bull rope.

Edge vs Rey was a good match, but the headscissor's were driving me nuts... Rey would release and then Edge would blatantly run forward to go thru the ropes or get in 619 position. Kind of awkward looking if you ask me, but then again I can't do one so what do I know. Dug the ending; nice to see we'll be continuing with the Vickie in a wheelchair & neckbrace gag for awhile longer.

I don't want to talk about the kiss cam and resulting gross fat useless writer with a tramp stamp who shouldn't keep getting on tv in lieu of a punchline ending. At least the Santino parts were hilarious.

I don't think Orton winning buried Hardy the way some do; after all a 3 way for the main event at 'mania certainly isn't unheard of (not that I think they'll do it, but until they name the main event I'm not going to be ranting and raving about Hardy being buried or anything) and the Twist of Fate into RKO finish looked smooth as all hell. The RKO is a believable finisher for out of nowhere wins like that- I always thought that was one of the reasons people liked it when it was DDP doing it with the Diamond Cutter. That being said, the match was just "good", and you could tell the crowd was ready to explode for a Jeff Harvey win and were visibly deflated when they didn't get it.

UT and HBK were the highlight of the Rumble; once they went out the whole the thing seemed to drag (minus little bits here and there) and get cluttered up until HHH entered. Shelton must have a clear idea of where he stands in the pecking order; he lasted just about as long as Santino. Despite Cena's "point to pec, flash the ok sign" posing, I wouldn't be surprised if he's not 100% and mostly kept out of the ring til 'mania. And isn't he starting filming on a movie as well?

The Goon

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I understand from Live Audio Wrestling's broadcast after the show that Piper's awful figure is from the drugs he's taken to battle cancer.

Still, he should have left the shirt on.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.90
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Foley has probably never been treated more like garbage. WTF.

What about when he was squashed by Umaga a few months ago?

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    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    Hell, I'll take a Cena return any day of the week and twice on Sunday over what looked, up until that point, like an inevitable HHH coronation.

Quoted for truth.

MVP/Flair was fun enough, and Jericho/JBL was entertaining enough too. But the two title matches I thought were both great. I loved the knee work, and Vickie absorbing the 619 was a really cool spot. And Hardy/Orton was close to the best case scenario for an Orton win, as really Orton won by a fluke, and they made it abundantly clear that Hardy owned him for almost all of the match.

The Rumble was even more cramped than last year, but it worked better (probably because it was so front-loaded with strong workers and main eventers). However, there sure seemed to be a lot of problems with timing eliminations and big spots to ensure the camera was on. There really should never be an elimination during the entrance of a new wrestler, because no one is watching the ring. Same goes for Taker legdropping Snitsky. I loved when the action just stopped to watch Snuka/Piper, but I'm very disappointed that Foley didn't get to work with Snuka.

I really missed Cena, so much so that I even was cheering for him during the Rumble. I look forward to booing him at Mania though. :)

I find the most erotic part of the woman is the boobies.

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My friends and I thought that the sudden end to Hardy/Orton was an audible especially since Orton looked legit shaken up after the botched moonsault. Either way, I wasn't a huge fan of it. That being said I would love to see them get more time, and another match.

I agree that Cena needs to go heel, but you can't deny that the place went f-ing apeshit for the first minute or so when his music hit. My living room was also in the same condition with 2 smarks and 2 marks yelling "W-T-F! Holy crap!"

It says so right here in the wcw handbook!

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In retrospect, it seems that they found out Cena was healthy enough to wrestle and then decided to pull the plug on Jeff's push and make Cena the star of Raw again.

The Royal Rumble match itself propped the show from thumbs-in-the-middle to thumbs up. Really, the show will be remembered for John Cena's return, three months earlier than expected. It also seemed to be a night of botched moves. Starting off with Flair vs. MVP, Flair came about six inches from his face-hitting MVP's knee on a face-buster. The match itself was about what you'd expect from Flair these days. I had a small inkling MVP could take him to another level, but he didn't. And the clean win for Flair was a bit of a surprise.

JBL vs. Jericho was a bit disappointing, in my opinion. JBL showed some ring rust and we had another badly botched move here. The post-match choking by Jericho didn't really work for me. The Santino in-ring segment was a waste of his talents, spending most of his time getting heat with the New York crowd, then making us sit through Big Dick Johnson again.

Edge vs. Rey was pretty good, and I liked the finish, too. Orton vs. Jeff Hardy was on its way to being very good, but the finish seemed to come out of nowhere and I think really stunted Hardy's momentum. Poor Mike Adamle had a rough debut, and because I'm a fan of his work in the XFL and American Gladiators, I hope he can turn things around.

The Rumble match was quite good, especially the final few minutes. Most surprising was Shelton Benjamin's quick exit after weeks of building him up on TV. You really didn't know who was going to win. One thing you don't see much of anymore is multiple guys eliminating one guy, and you don't see guys laying on the ropes for a while and finally getting eliminated. It's usually the same old way; getting tossed, backdropped or missing a charge. But those are pretty minor complaints.
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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.00
I was there live. It seems to me, by reading the reviews, that the singles matches came off better on TV than they did live. Not to sound smarky or hypercritical, but I've been to many shows over the years, and overall, the quality of the in-ring product was the lowest that I've ever seen it. This isn't just my opinion, as many of the people I talked to during the show were commenting on how bad some of the spots looked and how poorly the matches looked at times. The Flair match was very basic, but looked so-so from my vantage point. Technically, it was the second best looking match on the card. Rey v. Edge looked horrible live, as basically every move Rey did looked incredibly fake and just plain bad (until the finish, which came off great). This could explain why the crowd turned more on Rey as the match progressed. There were a few REALLY casual fans in my section(barely watch wrestling, came with someone, and so-forth) who were wondering out loud what was wrong with Rey. As far as Edge's heat goes, isn't it interesting how people will get behing an interesting character who's really good at what he does? The JBL-Y2J match looked terrible, and it looks like JBL could have used some more time to tune up before getting into the ring on PPV. The Harvey-Orton match was the best executed match of the night, which I never thought I'd say about a Jeff Harvey match. There were plenty of good looking spots and lots of heat. I'd say at the beginning the crowd was about 80-20 in favor of Jeff, but after that abrupt finish, the planned standing O that Harvey was supposed to get drew some audible heckling and booing from the audience. I don't know.. the way they built to the match had me and everyone else expecting a suicidal high spot from Jeff. Maybe they shouldn't have used the Tron-ton on RAW and saved it for a nice DQ finish at the PPV, so Jeff could at least look good in losing. Also, if you're expecting a standing O for a losing effort, you need a match to be a little more... I think someone on an earlier post used the term "epic". Thats a good word. This certainly wasn't an epic match. In my opinion, they dropped the ball with the Jeff Hardy loss. I know they want to make Orton as strong as possible so that Orton-Cena at WM is as huge as possible, but I'm from the school that the more main event wrestlers you have on your roster, the better off you are. They could have had Former World Champion Jeff Harvey, to plug in to their roster in the coming years. Instead, we have Jeff Harvey, Upper Mid Carder, to fill up space. Who do you think would draw more money? Have they learned nothing from Kane? The guy hasn't won a match in 3 years, yet because he held the title for 24 hours ten years ago, he is still one of the most over guys on the roster. Maybe Jeff wasn't WELL.
The Rumble itself was awesome. Taker and Shawn got a good pop and that set the energy level for the whole match. 90 seconds seemed too fast as some things were missed during wrestlers entrances, such as key eliminations. I can't believe the pop HHH got, as he was the most over wrestler on the card until #30 came out. Say what you want about Trips, but he must be doing something right. The crowd was more into him than almost anyone I've seen at the Garden. He hasn't won a big match in a long time either. If he wasn't destroying the mid-card on RAW each and every week, I'd have a hard time understanding why the guy gets such crap from the IWC. Then again, Hornswaggle was crazy over as well. John Cena absolutely blew the roof off the place!! That was by far the loudest pop I've ever heard for an entrance in my life. Dont let the Cena haters fool you. That building was 100% pro-Cena for a good 2 minuted until the audience remembered that it was "cool" to boo Cena, then it was YAY-BOO business as usual. Also, I found it interesting that every single person in the arena was standing essentially from the time of Cena's entrance to the finish. That was an awesome visual, and I wonder if they caught it well on camera.

Overall it was an interesting night from a crowd standpoint. They really cheered the good wrestlers over the big, muscular freaks, who got poo-pooed on by the crowd quite regularly.

Sadly, being there live this time brought me to an epiphany of sorts. There can be no question now, the the WWE is being marketed almost exclusively to kids now. There are very few characters on the roster who appeal to the over 16 or 17 crowd, with Edge and HHH being the most notables. I don't blame them. The older crowds are too fickle, there is a ton of competition for that demo, with UFC and other wrestling and fighting companies vying for their attention. The WWE has decided (wisely) that its time to grow a new crop of loyal fans. The good news is that in 10 or so years, they will be cycling back to more adult themed stuff, much like they did with my generation in the 90's. I haven't seen this many kids in the audience since the Hogan era. That isn't a bad thing necessarily, since the WWE is doing an ok job of providing a little something for the adults in the audience, much like a Pixar movie. From a sociological standpoint, this (for me at least) is a historical PPV and in general, has probably provided us with one of the greatest moments in Rumble history (Cena's return).
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Cole/Coach announcing was really bad last night. They need to dump Coach if he's gonna be that emotionless about everything. I was getting sick of hearing Cole say "patented figure four" and "surgically repaired knee" all the time.

Cena coming out was a HUGE shock to me, but in a good way. However, if it means no more title shots for Jeff Hardy (who happens to be on the No Way Out poster) then it sucks. Jeff was a fresh ingredient in a main event salad that we've tasted a million times before.

Also, when it comes to Hornswoggle and Finlay in the Rumble, one thing confused me. Hornswoggle came out and went right under the ring. He never actually entered the ring. I always thought the rule was that you had to get into the ring by the time the buzzer goes off and the next guy enters. Chuck Palumbo was the next guy and Hornswoggle didnt enter the ring before him. So, technically, he was eliminated at that point. And Finlay should have been eliminated the moment he entered early. Using a foreign object has been done a few times in past Rumbles, so don't tell us he got DQ'd for that.
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My favourite parts of the Rumble match itself had to be a tie between Taker acting woozy after headbutting Snuka and CM Punk visibly marking out at the edge of the screen during the Piper/Superfly standoff.

Santino needs at least a 30 minute interview segment every week. Speaking of that segment, I'm surprised Ashley is being allowed to use the "double devil horns" hand gesture. I thought Edge was using that and, correct me if I'm wrong, he's a little higher up the pecking order than her.

Who on earth thought a JBL run on Raw would be a good idea? He's visibly out of shape and was the obvious detriment to his match. I think he'd probably be better off at this point as the voicepiece for another version of The Cabinet, a la Ted Dibiase's Million Dollar Corporation.

That's all I've got.


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#35 Posted on
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
      Originally posted by sentonBOMB
      That whole thing really bothered me. I hate this whole "boo the faces, cheer the heels" thing that goes on at big events. It's like everybody wants to show how cool they are for cheering for the bad guy. Personally I believe that, as a fan at a live event, you have somewhat of a duty to contribute in a positive way to the product; you are part of the show. Booing Rey Mysterio and cheering Edge just doesn't fit into that.

    If the heel is the more entertaining character (as if often the case), the blame lies in the presentation of the opponents. When I pay to see a show, I cheer for the guy I pay to see.

I can see this argument to an extent, but -- and with no offense intended -- the show isn't about you.

This wasn't like a one-time deal. Booing heels/cheering faces has become the norm because most heels have no clue as to how to be an effective heel. This goes all the way from the Indies to WWE. So, and I ask this honestly, if we're to assume this logic of "Whomever entertains me more, I'm going to cheer regardless of position," how is the face supposed to shine? For example, Rey Mysterio is about as over as someone can get, and yet he gets booed? Are the participants supposed to switch places in the match, or do they just keep going. Is Edge right to play up to how much they cheering him, or is he screwing up the match by letting his personal ego (not meant in a negative way) get the better of him and the character he's supposed to be portraying. Again, I ask all of these honestly.

(Speaking in generalities) Heels aren't supposed to have ZOMFG entrances, they aren't supposed to out-wrestle/shine the face in terms of move-set and they aren't supposed to be "cool." They aren't supposed to care about cheers, and they aren't supposed to be glorious in victory.

You can say what you want about them, but according to people who played their roles to perfection (Jake, HTM), there are only three types of heel: The Chickenshit, the Liar and the Cheating Heel. Those are your bases. Things like being cocky or overly-arrogant/confident are supposed to be the icing on the cake, not its thickest layer.

This is my opinion and how I was taught. Yes, you have a right to cheer/boo, but there comes a point when you're forgetting that the wrestlers are the ones who are trying to tell YOU the story, not tell a story you DICTATE to THEM.

Just my opinion.

It's just a message board, people. Chill out.

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You make good points Whattaburger, but about 10 years ago, ECW, Stone Cold, and DX redefined what a heel and face are supposed to be, and the business hasn't been the same since. It is actually sad in a way, that if you watch the Monday Night Wars on 24/7, circa 1997, the product has not changed all that much. But compare the changes from 1987 to 1997.

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#37 Posted on
How does one rationalize that the same mass of people:

1) Booed Rey and cheered Edge
2) Cheered Hardy and booed Orton
3) Rabidly cheered Triple H
4) Rabidly cheered Cena's entrance
4) Fell HARD for bush-league Giants-dissing

Isn't it dangerous to assign motivation to a large group of people like this? There's a bit of a disconnect between #1 and #2-#5.


Did any TWC customers in NYC have any problems with the HD broadcast, as in, they couldn't get it? I ordered the HD broadcast on channel 350 only to get a black screen. Long story short - Customer Service couldn't get me HD, so I had to settle for SD on channel 301.

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I think a big part of why they cheered for Hardy because of how well he was built (while Rey got his title shot via black magic).

What was Chavo doing in the Rumble? He already has a world championship. Here's hoping Cena takes him on at Mania. [/tongue-in-cheek]

I find the most erotic part of the woman is the boobies.

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Man, I am surprised that no one is taking a huge dump on the Royal Rumble, cause until the rumble itself, it was one of the worst PPV's I have seen in a long time. My thoughts:

- Flair/ MVP wasn't too bad. This retirement angle, IMO, deserves better than Flair being in curtain jerking matches. It just seems as though he should have a more grand exit than this.

-JBL/ Jericho was dissapointing, blown spots aside. I don't buy the "they're rusty" arguement (especially not Jericho)b/c even though they haden't wrestled for a while, it wasn't as though they were coming off crippling, career- threating injuries. They had have enough time to get back into shape and focus: to me, both just aren't as good as they used to be.

-Edge/ Rey Rey was fun to watch. The finishing spear from Edge was a nice visual. And I know people aren't too thrilled with the Vickie Guerrero storyline, but I think it's moving along smoothly for the most part.

-Flair in the back with the towel was... creepy, just creepy. I don't know why no one's talking about it, but I'm assuming the less said about it, the better.

-I can't stand the kiss cam when I'm at Shea Stadium between innings and I REALLY couldn't stand it here. In fact,with the expection of Santino and Maria looking smoking hot, the whole Ashley/Playboy announcement was awful. I don't see why the WWE is shoving Ashley down our throats; she is one of the worst divas of all time. The whole thing made me almost want to turn off the PPV at that point.

-Orton/ Hardy was pretty good to watch, but the ending threw me off a little. I wanted Hardy to win, but didn't think he would. Still, the decisive ending with the sudden RKO just didn't seem right for the momentum Hardy was getting.

-The Rumble itself saved the show. It had a good flow and some plesant surprises to it. Khali getting eliminated quickly was a bit shocking to me; I thought they were going to at try the "Disel" bit with him taking a bunch of guys out before getting thrown out later on in the Rumble, but it's Khali getting chucked early, so I won't complain. Superfly & Piper were fun to watch. Everyone's talking about Piper's horrible body, but I still think it's a million times better to look at than Big Daddy V or Ashley, to name two. Foley sadly has become irrelevant at this point. Why is he even bothering wrestling still? Finlay/ Hornswaggle was confusing and I'm getting real tired of the 'E protecting Hornsy. It's not like he's made of cheap glass, he can take a bump or two, so just squash him already. *Then* I would have a bit of symphony for him and would probably care more about the angle. When Triple H came out at #29, I was sure he was going to win... then Cena came out last and the it totally changed the way I saw the match ending. Good, surprising ending and now I'm really up in the air as to who is going to main event at Wrestlemania.

Overall, thumbs in the middle, leaning up. However, other then Edge/Rey, nothing before the last half is worth bothering with.

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#40 Posted on
I thought this was a pretty good PPV.

Cena's surprise entrance was great, although I'm still not won over by his ring work.

The ECW crew put in a good showing.

Jeff Harvey's loss was a bit of a bummer, but I thought it was a decent match.

I was really hoping for a Matt Harvey appearance, I'm still looking forward to a MVP/Hardy showdown...
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Nobody really knows when Rey is getting his knee scoped, but I'm guessing this match at SS will be his last for a bit. *But*, I read somewhere that he should only be out like 2 weeks. Same with Angle.
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