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The W - Pro Wrestling - 2003 Statistics Through July
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More rankings! They mean nothing! Yay! If you haven't seen these yet, all the parameters are explained in the May thread, so go ahead and check that out. This includes all PPVs - including the UK-only one, RAW, Smackdown, Velocity and American Heat shows, but not the UK-only ones that air the week of PPVs. (Why Insurrextion and not the UK Heat? Because I said so, that's why.) This includes everything up to this week's Smackdown, but does not include Heat and Velocity matches taped for this weekend, much to my chagrin.

You see, my biggest gripe this month is with the immediate de-push of Ultimo Dragon. Why? Because if he'd have gotten *ONE MORE* televised match (or had been on Smackdown this week instead of Velocity), I'd finally have ten Cruiserweights and enough to do a proper Top Ten. (I actually had eleven for about two days, and then Chavo got hurt and Crash got fired. Oh well, between Ultimo, who's #5 match is tonight, and Zach Gowen, who's sitting at four matches himself, I should finally have enough come August's end.) Gail Kim has finally given me enough to do a Top Ten Females list (although, as much as I love Molly, if they'd have given her one more week with a win, I'd finally be able to have another #1 who isn't Torrie Wilson. And, with no one for Torrie to fight except Nidia and Dawn Marie, I don't think she's going to fall out of #1 anytime soon.)

Another interesting note, and one that shows how far this guy's truly come, The Big Show's been in 12 main events between Smackdown and PPVs this year. They also happen to be his last 12 matches. The Big Show hasn't been in a match that wasn't the main event since he swung Rey Mysterio into the ringpost at Backlash. Normally, the IWC would be up in arms about such a development (and, if we're talking about the Big Show of even 2002, rightly so), but I don't think anyone's even noticed. Between Brock and Kurt, they've finally found opponents for him that click.

Anyhoo, without further ado, yer rankings:

10. Randy Orton (6-4-0: 60.00%)
9. Goldust (11-7-0: 61.11%)
8. Garrison Cade (4-2-0: 66.67%)
7. Scott Steiner (19-9-1: 67.24%)
6. HHH (16-7-1: 68.75%)
5. Booker T (21-9-2: 68.75%)
4. Rene Dupree (10-4-0: 71.43%)
3. Rodney Mack (15-6-0: 71.43%)
2. Sylvian Granier (10-3-0: 76.92%)
1. Goldberg (9-0-0: 100.00%)

(That's right - Garrison Cade. That's what Heat'll do for you. He was #2 until the loss to La Resistance this week. And goddamn if I'm not sick of those two up so high. Hurry up and depush them already.)

10. Chris Benoit (20-14-2: 58.33%)
9. Rey Mysterio Jr. (18-11-0: 62.07%)
8. John Cena (15-9-0: 62.50%)
7. Billy Kidman (11-6-0: 64.71%)
6. Eddy Guerrero (22-11-1: 66.18%)
5. Kurt Angle (10-4-1: 70.00%)
4. Brock Lesnar (19-6-2: 74.07%)
3. Billy Gunn (6-2-0: 75.00%)
2. The Undertaker (11-3-0: 78.57%)
1. Sean O'Haire (8-1-1: 85.00%)

10. Dawn Marie (1-6-0: 14.29%)
9. Jacqueline (5-11-0: 31.25%)
8. Molly Holly (7-11-0: 38.89%)
7. Trish Stratus (10-15-2: 40.74%)
6. Nidia (5-6-0: 45.45%)
5. Jazz (9-9-1: 50.00%)
4. Victoria (13-11-0: 57.17%)
3. Ivory (5-4-0: 55.56%)
2. Gail Kim (3-2-0: 60.00%)
1. Torrie Wilson (10-3-0: 76.92%)

5. Tajiri (12-13-0: 48.00%)
4. Brian Kendrick (12-11-0: 52.17%)
3. Nunzio (12-9-1: 56.82%)
2. Rey Mysterio Jr. (18-11-0: 62.07%)
1. Billy Kidman (11-6-0: 64.71%)

10. Booker T (21-9-2: 68.75%)
9. Kurt Angle (10-4-1: 70.00%)
8. Rene Dupree (10-4-0: 71.43%)
7. Rodney Mack (15-6-0: 71.43%)
6. Brock Lesnar (19-6-2: 74.07%)
5. Billy Gunn (6-2-0: 75.00%)
4. Sylvian Granier (10-3-0: 76.92%)
3. The Undertaker (11-3-0: 78.57%)
2. Sean O'Haire (8-1-1: 85.00%)
1. Goldberg (9-0-0: 100.00%)

10. Christian (9-18-1: 33.93%)
9. Christopher Nowinski (5-14-1: 27.50%)
8. Spike Dudley (6-17-1: 27.08%)
7. Jamie Noble (7-20-0: 25.93%)
6. Al Snow (2-6-0: 25.00%)
5. Steven Richards (6-18-0: 25.00%)
4. Tommy Dreamer (4-13-0: 23.53%)
3. Kanyon (2-8-0: 20.00%)
2. Shannon Moore (5-21-0: 19.23%)
1. Funaki (5-24-0: 17.24%)

(Poor Christian. That's what jobbing to Booker T 200 times in a row will do to you.)

5. TIE: A-Train; Booker T; Matt Hardy (32)
4. Rob Van Dam (33)
3. TIE: Eddy Guerrero; Charlie Haas (34)
2. Shelton Benjamin (35)
1. Chris Benoit (36)

5. Chris Jericho (6)
4. TIE: Kane; Rob Van Dam; The World's Greatest Tag Team (7)
3. TIE: Kurt Angle; HHH (11)
2. The Big Show (12)
1. Brock Lesnar (18)

10. Rob Van Dam (7/33: 21.21%)
9. Goldberg (2/9: 22.22%)
8. Kane (7/29: 24.14%)
7. Shawn Michaels (3/10: 30.00%)
6. Ric Flair (4/12: 33.33%)
5. Kevin Nash (4/10: 40.00%)
4. HHH (11/24: 45.83%)
3. The Big Show (12/24: 50.00%)
2. Brock Lesnar (18/27: 66.67%)
1. Kurt Angle (11/15: 73.33%)

(edited by OlFuzzyBastard on 2.8.03 0111)

"So, we've got Uday and Qusay. Now, how about the eapons-way of ass-may estruction-day?"
---The Onion, What Do You Think?, 7.30.03
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#2 Posted on
Thanks man. I really appreciate you taking the time to do all of this. Anyway, here are my random comments...

Goldust is a top ten RAW wrestler? That's weird, wait a second, he is behind Garrison/Lance Cade? What the hell?

Brian Kendrick is 12-11? Wow! I've seen Velocity maybe 3 times this year(but never the whole show), didn't know he wrestled on TV that damned much.

Dammit, Al Snow is in the top ten worst wrestlers of the year I love that guy...

Sean O'haire is the top SD! wrestler? Hmm...

The biggest problem I have with your method is the inclusion of tag team matches. It's almost a paradox with me. I mean, I understand that people like Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin would be NOWHERE in the rankings without the inclusion of tag teams, but it does hurt other people. Main Eventers like HHH only lose in tag teams. If you took that part of the rankings out(or just included a singles category, which I think is important), HHH would be at the very top. Same with Lesnar I think(he's only lost 2-3 matches right? The one against Angle(with Eric) and tag team stuff).
Anyway, that's my input. And damnit, while we are talking wrestling, when the hell are my Summerslam tickets going to be here?! I leave for ASU on the 20th, and the tickets are guaranteed to be here at least 48 hours before the event. But I leave 5 days before! I emailed ticketmaster and they said they would print and mail my tickets early, but they still haven't arrived! I'm kinda worried Just thought I'd let you all know that since it's on my mind.

Since: 6.1.02
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#3 Posted on
Congratulations to Kanyon for moving up two spots to third worst record! He's moving on up! Watch out Goldberg!

And I think taking out tag matches would be stupid. They do count towards peoples records. Saying tag matches don't count would be saying that the tag titles and all the tag teams don't matter too.

Lance's Response:

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#4 Posted on
Real cool calculations. Well I find them interesting thanks for taking the time and doing this

Trish's win/lose record is certainly interesting. I think there's a thin line between being a team player and being cool in putting other over AND being kind of wasted and misused not just for herself (Trish) but also losing ability to really put others over strong... I'm cool that she doesn't have Torrie's record and doesn't need to win every match, but when Trish loses 60% of the time with 15 loses as #1 girl who can get others over, it hurts everyone. It's hard to say someone got a big win over Trish when Trish loses a lot more then she wins .

Looking at the top 10 Raw male wrestlers, I'm thinking maybe you should start counting Heat wins as half wins LoL

Seeing the bottom 10 wrestlers overall reminds me how much I miss Christopher Nowinski

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#5 Posted on
A few thoughts on the SD side:

Even with neck surgery, Kurt Angle still has managed to have more matches than Taker. Perhaps instead of jobbing Taker, they've decided to take the phase him out philosophy.
Does the Bar Room Brawl crap count as a loss for O'haire, as he didn't win the match? Or, since it was crap, does it not count?
By next month, Bradshaw will probably be in the Top 3 of SD for winning percentage.
The good thing about Jamie Noble teaming with Billy Gunn: This should really kill Gunn's winning percentage.

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#6 Posted on
I didn't see Vengeance, and I couldn't find any clear results of the match and I decided that it sounded so incredibly stupid that it just didn't count. Besides, I didn't really need the Easter Bunny in my file, now did I? Sean O'Haire's one loss came in a tag match with Piper where they jobbed to Guerrero and Tajiri in what turned out to be Roddy Piper's last WWE match. Hopefully ever.

Bradshaw's 2-2-0 right now. He even sorta jobbed on Velocity last night. (Well, they were teamed with Funaki against the Bashams and O'Haire, and Funaki technically jobbed, but a loss is a loss.) It wouldn't shock me to see him and Faarooq crack the top ten, though.

And, yeah, Trish has been on a wicked losing steak lately. If they're going to de-push Kim, however, it pretty much has to stop because they're severely low on faces in the women's division. (And I think they've already given up on The Ivory Experiment that never really went anywhere.)

Tag matches are way too important to get rid of. Hell, most free TV shows are main-evented by tag matches.

Garrison Cade is a strange case, but I'm sure he'll be much closer to the bottom ten next month. (Three losses in a row and he has a losing record, you know.)

If I had counted last night's Velocity, not only would I have a Top Ten Cruiserweights section, but Ultimo Dragon would be ranked ahead of The Undertaker in the Overall Rankings.

"So, we've got Uday and Qusay. Now, how about the eapons-way of ass-may estruction-day?"
---The Onion, What Do You Think?, 7.30.03

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#7 Posted on
They mean not a jot but they're a whole lot of fun for those of us with little else in our lives anyway

I' assuming you didn't forget about the epic bikini contest in calculating Torrie and Sable's rankings now did you?

Curiously surprised also that Steiner isnt a bit higher up there, while glad that Lesnar is finally losing a few, even if they are mostly in tags.

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