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23.1.19 2104
The W - Pro Wrestling - 20 Man Battle Royal Winner
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From: Williston Park, NY

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.10
Here are the participants for that big 20 men battle royal with my comments as to who COULD come out on top:

1. Rhyno - No way. He will never ME a PPV.
2. Sylvan Grenier - No way.
3. Rob Conway - No way.
4. Steven Richards - No way.
5. Grandmaster Sexay (or his replacement) - No way.
6. Johnny Nitro - No way.
7. Garrison Cade - No way.
8. Shelton Benjamin - Not yet, but hopefully soon.
9. Rosey - No way.
10. Hurricane Helms - No way.
11. Christian - an obvious choice as a heel to face Benoit.
12. Val Venis - No way.
13. Batista - Possible but I hope not. Too early for him.
14. Kane - Working a angle with Hardy.
15. Matt Hardy - Working an angle with Kane.
16. Ric Flair - Possibly. It would be an interesting match with Benoit.
17. Triple H - Working with HBK.
18. Randy Orton - Will defend the IC against Edge.
19. Edge - Will go against Orton for IC.
20. Chris Jericho - Possible if they go face v. face or if they switch jericho heel. Unlikely that this will happen as I see Jericho v. Tomko.

So really, we are looking at Christian and Flair as heel challengers and Jericho as a face with Batista as a dark horse.

I am hoping for Christian as this is the PERFECT ppv to see if he can ME. With a HitC match and a solid undercard (Orton/Edge, Batista/Benjamin, Eugene/Regal) this is a good way to let some other talent see if they can run with it. I am not saying Christain should win, but I am saying the match would be stellar.

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The Amazing Salami

Since: 23.5.02
From: Oklahoma

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.19
Where did you find the 20 entrants?? I'm guessing but just wondering what your source was.

Eh....I don't know if there is another heel that would be interesting with Benoit (by that I mean outside of HBK or HHH). Kane sucks, Christian sucks...the rest of Evolution is either too old or too young.

If I had to guess, I'd go with Kane. I dunno why.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.07
    Originally posted by The Amazing Salami
    Where did you find the 20 entrants?? I'm guessing but just wondering what your source was.
You didn't see the graphic during last night's show?


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From: Calgary

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I hate to say this, but it's probably not gonna be Christian. With Judgment Day's buyrate expected to be hilariously low due to the crap main event (and The Great American Bash will likely be similar unless Smackdown can turn things around), RAW's pay-per-views have to be stacked and do big business to make up for it.

And from the graphic, the 19 Men [since there's no Grandmaster Sexay]:
-Over, But Face: Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho,
-Face, And Not Over Enough: Matt Hardy, Val Venis, Rosey, The Hurricane,
-Heel, But Not Over Enough: Batista, Rhyno, Steven Richards, Johnny Nitro, Garrison Cade, Sylvain Grenier, Rob Conway,
-Heel: Kane, Randy Orton, Triple H, Ric Flair

It's going to be one of the Evolution trio...or Kane. Every PPV needs more Kane, right?

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.68
Early "Internet Spoilers" are saying Kane for Bad Blood. I'm not betting the house on that by any means yet. Gawd, I'm starting to sound like JR! I'm really hoping it's somebody differnet...Christian sounds like a nice change of pace. I'm just hoping to be a little surprised to see who the winner is. Hey, how long has it been since we've had a televised Battle Royal. NO I DON'T MEAN THE SMACKDOWN ROYAL RUMBLE! Actually a battle royal match on TV?

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Dave Gagnon

Since: 25.7.03
From: Rimouski

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.88
My pick is Edge. There has to be a reason why Edge and Benoit are still champs. They'll used this to build a "Face vs Face, Partner vs Partner" match. Just my guess.

I think Jericho would be the better pick though.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.36

    Hey, how long has it been since we've had a televised Battle Royal. NO I DON'T MEAN THE SMACKDOWN ROYAL RUMBLE! Actually a battle royal match on TV?

There was the Diva battle royal a couple months ago. There was also the mini-battle royal on RAW to determine #30 in the Royal Rumble. Smackdown had a battle royal on Thanksgiving to determine the #1 contender which ended with the Cena/Benoit double elimination. The last time RAW had a 20-man battle royal was to determine the #1 contender at WMXIX which Booker T won.

Since: 26.1.03
From: Naples, FL

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.11
I'd like to see Jericho win it. Kane is a name that I'd cringe at if he won, but it sounds like he's a viable contender. Thing is, Kane is still in a feud(?) with Matt/Lita, and Jericho is in one with Christian (unless last night was the blowoff).

It would make sense for Jericho's feud with Christian to have finished up last night, unless they wanted to squeeze another PPV match out of the two somehow. Jericho could go right into a feud with Benoit next week.

Other than Jericho and Kane....I guess I could see Edge- it would add another dimension to the fact that he and Benoit are tag champs. Batista and Triple H are two I wouldn't be surprised to see win it.

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Since: 20.1.04
From: Fairfax, VA

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.13
If they do go with HBK-HHH at Bad Blood, then I can see them pulling off a face-face world title match, which is why I expect Jericho to win it. Kane is another possibility, although it would require a rather abrupt ending to the Hardy-Kane feud that's going on right now... then again, it's Matt Hardy, so nobody really cares.

    Originally posted by Wpob
    20. Chris Jericho - Possible if they go face v. face or if they switch jericho heel. Unlikely that this will happen as I see Jericho v. Tomko.

It wouldn't make any sense for Jericho to decisively go over Christian, then be pushed down into a lower-card feud with a crappy fresh-from-OVW big man who's a flunky for a guy he's just beat.

Since: 20.8.03
From: New Jersey, USA

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.09
Am I the only one against inserting a babyface to go up against Benoit? I feel that face vs face main events only work if a new and extremely over babyface goes up against an established babyface (Hogan/Warrior) or two extremely established babyfaces (Austin/Rock). Otherwise, you may be severely undermining the support of one or both of the babyfaces. For example, Benoit as champion is pretty established now, but to say his credibility is concrete may be premature. He has yet to have even one big-time face vs heel matchup, or one outside of HBK or HHH involvement, so his reign still needs to be developed.

I was against putting HBK into the WMXX main event because I felt that this could take away from the fans' support of Benoit, but when the fans backed Benoit fully anyway, I partially understood that. HBK has had his shot at the top for a long time, and he was a different type of face. But Edge and Jericho come from that same type of background as Benoit, where they have flirted with the top but have never fully got there. Putting a guy who just got there (Benoit) against a guy who didn't have a good shot there (Jericho) or a guy who really hasn't been that close (Edge) is pretty dangerous. The only way it would work is if either man turned heel.

With a fairly stacked card, I'd say you give this opportunity to Christian. Have Jericho and Christian as the last two men in the battle royal, and have Tyson Tomko/Christian together eliminate Jericho. This will once again even the score between Y2J and Christian for another blowoff in the future, while Tomko/Y2J and Xian/Benoit can take place for Bad Blood. I know that this scheme doesn't sound great for Jericho, but as long as Benoit's on the top (until Summerslam at least), I don't see a face Jericho being near the world title match.
Dave Gagnon

Since: 25.7.03
From: Rimouski

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.88
Correct me if I'm wrong (but I'm sure that I'm not) but if HHH doesn't have this title shot, it will be the first time that he's not involved in the World Hvt. Title Match in a PPV.

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Since: 19.3.04
From: Delaware, OHIO

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I don't wanna ruin your party. But its not going to be Christian or Jericho primarily because most PPV's are held in the US and a Canada/Canada fued won't work(Bad blood is coming home baby; Columbus, oh). much as i hate to say this its going to be Triple H. It could be Batista but i see him fueding with Tajiri for a while.

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Since: 16.3.04
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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.48
It almost looks like Christian out of that group, but they have showed they can pull off a face vs. face WHC match with Benoit/HBK, so I would rather put my choice behind Y2J, it seems his run with Christian is slowly coming to an end...

Boudin blanc

Since: 26.8.02

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
    Originally posted by mumsboy
    I don't wanna ruin your party. But its not going to be Christian or Jericho primarily because most PPV's are held in the US and a Canada/Canada fued won't work.

But Benoit isn't from Canada, he's from Atlanta, GA. And isn't Jericho from Florida now?

I don't think Batista would be a bad choice. Maybe have HHH inadvertently cost him the match, thus giving Batista motivation to join with Orton when the inevitable Evolution breakup occurs.

And just because Kane gets a title shot doesn't mean they have to can the Hardy feud. After all, Matt was feuding with The Undertaker at the same time the Dead Man was feuding with Brock. In fact, if it wasn't for Version 1 defeating the Undertaker on 2 seperate occasions, Brock might never have successfully retained his title in that feud.

Storyline wise (that is, building a storyline to go along with the feud), Flair and Jericho would be the two obvious candidates. Flair and Benoit have the Horseman history, whereas Jericho and Benoit have the Dungeon history. I really hope they save Jericho until Summerslam, though.

Had Christian won the cage match last night, I'd have given it to him in a heartbeat. As it is, he'd be coming into the program with no momentum.

I'm thinking, everyone should be glad that it's too soon for Mark Henry to be making his return.
Potato korv

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.67
    Originally posted by InVerse
    And isn't Jericho from Florida now?

Manhasset, NY



Since: 13.2.04
From: Brooklyn, NY

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.78
My picks

1) Flair ( his last shot before retiring officially, my guess)
2) HHH ( back to the movies, plus who wants to see HHH/HBK?)
3) Edge ( I thought I felt a little frictcion between them in their last tag match two weeks ago when HBK hit the ring and Edge was ok with him but Benoit attacked him, leading to them pushing each other. )
4) Christian ( Give him a shot to get over, he has the girl now, he's in the best position he might ever be )

Since: 25.4.03
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.88

Since the pre-Badd Blood buzz seems to be a Benoit vs. Kane match ... I'll go Kane ...

Plus, I'm wondering if next Monday's Lita vs. Trish match is setting up a Matt/Lita vs. Christian/Trish feud.

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I've heard KANE a lot but he's been wrestling like shit, and has been jobbing a lot, and is in a program with Hardy and Lita.

My Picks

1)Y2J: He's done with his Christian rivalry,Has a history with Benoit,Has been out of the spotlight for over a year(so he'll be a fresh face for the Main Event)and he been making challenges for the past couple of weeks.

2)Flair: To be the MAN YOU GOT TO BE THE MAN WOOH!!!!!
He was a horseman with Benoit and it would be his last time in the spotlight, but he's way past his prime and just job to Benjamin.

3)HHH: We haven't seen HHH vs. Benoit one on one in years(except in house shows *soiler?*)but he still has a lot of unfinished business with Benjamin and HBK

So the only logical pick is Y2J.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.67
I could see either Christian or Kane getting the shot, since they will have the Triple H vs. HBK match for the main event, but let me throw out another one...

Nobody. I mean come on, WWE has done it lots of times before. There is controversary or two people eliminated at once and there isn't a decisive winner. Since they already have a main event (Triple H vs HBK) and a matchup of Benoit vs. Jericho, Triple H, or HBK would be more Summerslam worthy they can save that match for Summerslam by having controversary over who won and the two of those people (Jericho and Kane?) face off at Bad Blood for the Title shot at Summerslam. Meanwhile Benoit has that tag title he can defend.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.43
I'll LIST(uh oh, WORD OF DOOM) some of the guys I think are contenders... Interesting there is quite a few guys that can make an argument for the spot. Many have good claims and reasoning to be in the World title match but everyone also has a draw back as well. (number in brackets who I think they are going with, but not necessary who I think is best)

Christian (4) - 2 weeks ago he threw it out there and I picked up on it. I thought all things did fit well into a little mini Christian push for the Badd Blood PPV and it did until Monday... Losing a main event that decisively to Jericho is no way to build a first timer World title contender as credible. But he's still my favorite choice of the contenders but the odds of it happening falling quick.

Jericho (5) - I'm against it, I do not like Benoit going back into another double babyface dynamic after having Shawn around the last couple of months. Benoit needs to go against a straight up heel so he can get 90% of the crowd with him... I really don't get the desire for this match. Sure it would be cool seeing these two guys at a main event setting but I really don't think this is the time for it.

Kane (1) - This seems to be some "insiders" choice. Depending what's Lita answer to the unknown question, the Kane/Lita/Matt storyline could be thrown to the side quickly if LIta turns on Matt and Matt goes in secultion. Or some shocking happening that both Matt & Lita leave therefore allowing Kane's dance card to be open... But the last two PPV, Kane got destroyed by the Undertaker and lost to freakin Edge! But wrestling fans do have short term memories I guess.

Batista (2) - My Darkhorse, he was put over really strong this past week. Only evolution member that dominated on Raw. He defeated Tajiri and stretcher him out like he predicted... They might want to keep it Evolution "In House" so Benoit defeating Batista to then feud one on one with HHH.

Flair (3) - Maaaybe, You have WCW 4 horsemen history, student vs. teacher. The man who said "Benoit can't with the big won"... You better not build it Flair as one last run for the championship. The fans LOVE RIC FLAIR, if they do that, he'll have more support then any babyface on this list.

Orton (8) - Grooming him for a top spot, but not going to pull the trigger with a one month Badd Blood World title match buil. They are saving the golden boy.

Edge (6) - A week ago he'd be higher on my list, I don't see any benefit or reason for to turn Edge and build him right away to a World title match. I mean that's JBL dumb LoL

HHH (7) - Wow HHHe's this low, HBK interferes to eliminate him... Watch him win LoL

Benjamin (9)- Naaa, let's just hope he finds a way out of the VORTEX OF DOOM~ he fell into during the HBK run in this Monday.

I really don't know who I'd put money on, they are chatting up Jericho having the momentum but I can see Tomko help eliminating Y2J causing them two to feud at the PPV. I think Benoit/Christian would help both, even Christian when he loses, but they already screwed that up having Christian lose to Y2J on Monday. Kane is being talked about, but his character right now I just don't see how he and Benoit cross paths, his focus doesn't seem gold but something else right now... After seeing Batista this week, he was made to look really strong. Stronger then any Evoluton member. They might just throw big mean heel with Evolution ties at Benoit. Flair an interesting name as well, but he's not really been portrayed as a wrestlers recently but dammit it's Ric Flair! Hmm all 4 Evolution members are in there, I wonder if they will plant the seeds of a possible break up with someone in this match.

I hate Battle Royal for this sort of stuff, Garrison Cade is on the same level as everyone else. I think it's a cheesy ineffective way to consider who's #1 contender... If either Jericho or Christian is going to be winning the Battle Royal they should have just had the cage match be the #1 contendership, it would seem like they actually earned it and not getting in the back door by winning some 10-minute battle Royal with Johnny Nitro in it.

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I think that segment could almost be a strong selling point for the show. There is clearly money in retro matches, but as long as they keep clipping the matches so badly it'll never work.
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