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23.5.18 1555
The W - Pro Wrestling - 2/3/03 RAW Thoughts
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Hopefully no one is making this thread as I post it. Anyhows... I guess that I enjoyed RAW tonight (I'm pretty easy to please).

Anyhows, I missed out on the first 10 minutes or so... so, I didn't get to see Latino Bischoff or Test and Stacy... Hell, the less Test, the better... although, I missed Christian and his Steve-O trunks.

I thought that the little 3MW/Dudley Boys Match was fun, basically because we see fatass Rosey doing a bigboy Splitmuthafuckinlegged Moonsault that would've killed Bubba Ray. At least there really weren't any blown spots during the match, and the beat down was fun.

Molly and Victoria was a lot of fun, but the crowd killed it. I just don't know why they were so dead for this match. If we had a hot crowd, this match would've been so much better. Victoria fixed the rising top problem this week, and we got to see the Widow's Peak after a long absence. I liked the Jazz and Victoria face off after the match... I also saw Stevie making a little eye contact there with Jazz... hopefully they have something in store for us there... even JR made allusions to Stevie and Jazz's past.

Book&Dust against Regal&Storm was a nice little match. Nothing too sloppy, a hot crowd that had no love for Goldie, and a nice, old school face loss made for a real treat. I liked the real classy end of Book & Dust... but the end of the show... man.

RVD and Kane was just fun. The highlighted each other's strengths without working too hard of a match. They hit most of their high spots, and damn, RVD kicked Kane in the friggin head when he was going for the Chokeslam. I liked the post match beatdown on Jeff Hardy, as it kept RVD and Kane together for a few more weeks, at least.

Its nice seeing Shawn's little appearances each week. I didn't mind too much that he layed Jeff out... I just think that they're slowly building the foundation for a great character in Jeff. Hopefully, they'll go somewhere with it.

Dammit... put Sean O'Haire in the ring and on my TV already.... Give him back his Seanton Bomb as well, instead of the Sitout Razor's Edge.

D-Lo and Maven was 'meh'... but I liked the end of the match when D-Lo thought that everyone was actually cheering for him... his face lit up like a fat kid in a Bakery. Nice to see that Maven did away with the spare tire.

It really made me sad to see Goldie sulking backstage. It also established real dick characters for Orton and Bautista. Even though we know it was staged, I was still a little scared when they showed Goldust getting electrocuted. I wanted to slap that biotch in the crowd that was laughing and jeering Goldust... at least get into mark mode when you're attending the show. Maybe we'll have a nice Orton/Book or Baustista/Book feud coming up.

The Main Event... well, at least Steiner didn't go for too many suplexes. Jericho took him to a watchable match, at least. I'm not sure whether or not Jericho or Steiner botched that Powerbomb at the end. It looked like Jericho didn't sit up enough into it. Steiner really botched up that powerslam, though. I was getting pumped at the end, though. I thought Steiner was going to go for the Frankensteiner and land on his head... but, I have no problem with the Super Samoan Drop...

The Bischoff scenes were alright... I really liked where he punked out that kid at the end... Sigh... still no Stone Cold.. I wonder what goes down next week. Don't get rid of Bisch...

Well, have fun, rant, discuss, whatever.

edit: Sign of the night: The Big Fat Kamala face in on the floor.

(edited by Manding0 on 3.2.03 2053)
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#2 Posted on
This whole show seemed like one of those cruise-control episodes before a big PPV or the start of a new direction. I'm guessing they're just waiting for the Austin thing to get started.

Black Gold's breakup was inevitable, and I'm glad it happened without those two fighting each other in the midcard for months on end.

Other than that, I guess boring is better than bad.

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I think this show was good for what it is, storyline movement. Raw has been stagnet in the last couple of weeks prior to Rumble, but since then, they have done a good of planting seeds for things to come such as Booker T's singles run, Jazz/Victoria, Jericho/HBK, lunatic Jeff, RVD/Kane. Bischoff being fired and Evolution. Granted Steiner has been useless and having him win this contender's match this early before the Rumble can only lead to more stagnation. If we get a hot five or four man tag team match between Evolution/Jericho and Booker/RVD/Kane/Test/Stiener than the next two Raws will be worth watching. I do think they need Regal/Storm to drop those belts and soon, I don't think I can take another two weeks of the black hole of suck.

By the way, what does the WWE have with a prolong face run with any of the belts minus Kidman. Is WWE trying build more heels than faces. If you look at this year, a face has not held the belt for a month including Brock after No Mercy. I think the WWE has to let a face run with a belt for at least three months, more than likly it will be Brock, but I think Booker T or Benoit deserve it more. Perhaps the problem with Raw is they are stuck in the mind set that chasing the belt is more important then finally getting it.


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#4 Posted on
The following post expresses the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He is biased, opinionated and bitter. You have been warned.

I read somewhere (probably from CRZ, it might just be an old saying) something that says boring is worse than bad.

    Originally written/typed/said by somebody who may or may not be CRZ
    The only thing worse than not liking something is not caring at all.

The preceding post expressed the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He was biased, opinionated and bitter. You were warned.

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#5 Posted on
The crowd was dead for the best match tonight because 1) HHH and the crew beat down the beloved Dreamer cause they felt like it, heat killer and 2) Molly and Victoria needed badly to do a promo, but Evolution, like always, took a lot of time.

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#6 Posted on
I thought it was a solid show that did good things to move the HHHorsemen "evolution" along. HHH did an excellent promo, they did a couple of beatdowns that made their point. I think it's been the best use of Flair since he returned, and I think it's good use for HHH for once.

I had zero interest in the Bischoff/Austin stuff tonight.

So who else spent the first few minutes of the show arguing with your significant other on who triggered the alternate audio button on the remote while trying to figure out why it wouldn’t go back to English?

Jericho in a feud that’s…interesting! Test in a feud that’s…interesting! Christian in a feud that’s…interesting!

Somebody should hook up Buford and Dawn Marie.

I am digging the idea of Victoria and Jazz.

Putting RVD/Kane against each other was odd enough (okay, there's a bit of justification there) but putting it together to continue the human sacrifice of Jeff Hardy? Why not just have Hardy sacrificed by the HHHorsemen as well (aside from apparently heading in a heel direction)

That's about my biggest complaint tonight. Another decent show.

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Since: 29.4.02
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#7 Posted on
I was very excited to see Bischoff take out his frustration on that poor yokel. He should have shown him his educated feet!

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Since: 12.1.02
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#8 Posted on
I LOVE the women's division lately. The Victoria/Molly match was great (I like any excuse to watch Molly wrestle, or just watch Molly...). Nice touches with J.R. mentioning Stevie Richards past with Jazz, then the pushing match between Jazz and Victoria. They might be setting up a four way at No Way Out, with a Molly face turn too boot!

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Since: 25.12.02

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#9 Posted on
Anybody else notice that HHH has his 1997 DX-early-days voice back? I'm waiting for him to tell me he's got a utensil that he'd like to stick in my drawers.
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Since: 10.1.02

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#10 Posted on
And in Gerwitzville, there can only be one followup of course

Goldust returns as ELECTRO~!, rampaging through the city until only the mighty HHH brings him down with his mystical Power of the Knee

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Since: 18.11.02
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#11 Posted on
Who the hell is Buford? Was that Stone Cold's BUTLER or something?!

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Since: 11.10.02
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#12 Posted on
I actually don't care for Jericho too much.


BUT...him yelling "ASS CLOWN" over and over while Stiener was fighting out of that surfboard was just about the funniest thing i've ever seen.

hehe i'm getting myself all worked up again thinking about it.


Since: 21.11.02
From: Los Angeles, CA

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#13 Posted on
isn't it: "Ask HIM!!!!", as in, "Ask him if he's going to submit!!!!!"?

oh well, just a minor note.

I was at a friend's house with cable today, and it was 6pm, which is the time I assume raw is on in CA, but it wasn't, so I guess I was wrong.

Glad to see things aren't totally under like you guys always seem to say.
Although (here comes another Hurri-mark message) it's a shame that Helms is injured. Oh well, may he go through a speedy recovery and get back to action.


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#14 Posted on

    Originally posted by Dagent913
    Who the hell is Buford? Was that Stone Cold's BUTLER or something?!

He was probably supposed to be one of Austin's ranching buddies.

Or it REALLY was Alternate Univers Jim Ross dicking with the viewing audience.

Raw It was pretty good in some spots, not so great in others. Nothing terribly offensively bad though. I liked that Shawn put over his feud with Jericho before starting in on Jeff. That was a nice touch.

The Jericho/Steiner match was pretty good for what it was, but like the whole show it dragged a bit.

Every week can't be an "Evolution" (excuse the pun). Baby steps, the build for No Way Out (and More importantly Wrestlemania) has been VERY good so far.

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Buffy 7.12 gets a 7.0 There was a lot of good stuff mixed in with some of that mediocre dialog.
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Since: 7.1.02
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#15 Posted on
Am I the only one who thought the main event was suppose to have run-ins, but they ran out of time? I'm mean, when Triple H said "You know what to do", I pretty sure he wasn't referring to electrocuting Goldust.

I was thinking it was going to be Batista, Orton run-in, followed by the shocking Test run-in (because they made it a point to show him leaving). I was shocked when the match ended as it did. Maybe I'm the only one.

Since: 4.1.02

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
I was looking for the Test run in on Jericho but the clean pin by Steiner sucked way more ass than I could have hoped for.

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Since: 12.10.02
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#17 Posted on
I would've liked some wrestling on the show, that would have been nice.

Since: 28.3.02
From: America, land of freedom.

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#18 Posted on
Yay, Bishoff beat someone up! He's very strong and deadly, do not underestimate him. One time he knocked the Sandman out with one kick.

(This is because he knows karate)

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Stafford, VA

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#19 Posted on
I said it before in another thread; Jazz/Victoria is the most intriguing storyline on Raw folks.


Bischoff should have known better than to break a glass of beer over the head of a jeering fan. Not only can the guy sue, but it's also a waste of beer, and he'd better have a whole lot more glasses lined up for other people that have a thing or two to say about him, the hair-dying, wife-swapping creep.

Only the WWE leaves it's breakers somewhere somebody's head can be thrown into. Not only that, but with the money Vince makes, maybe he could afford some new ones that don't, you know, kill you when you touch them. It should also be noted that Goldust was CLEARLY breathing after the whole incident, so the man NO SOLD DEATH.

Why does Steve Austin have a guy with a beer gut named Bufort house sit for him when he goes out to a bar? Unless Bufort and Steve are going to do the whole Billy and Chuck fiasco again...

If it's Evolution, which means survival of the fittest, why the hell are Flair and HHH involved? You know what the elderly and the injured are in the animal kingdom? Food.

3 Minute Warning? Third Rope Snapping!

And why do the Dudleys need to feud with Val Venis to get over?

Jeff Hardy pushes RVD off the turnbuckle, then slaps Kane? If the schmuck had thought to remove the mask, Kane would've run off and RVD would have sold being tossed long enough for an impact move. Then he wouldn't have gotten kicked in the face by Shawn Micheals. Maybe paying for that broken microphone will prohibit the use of stupid looking and needless ring gear. All those arm bands aren't going to bring out the Warrior in you, Jeff.

(edited by Lexus on 4.2.03 0311)

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#20 Posted on
I think "Buford" is Texas-speak for "Ralphus."


(I also note that "Buford" is the name of the main character in "Walking Tall," a remake of which Rock was recently announced to be starring in. Coincidence?)
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I haven't watched Smackdown since the split. Being able to watch RAW and keep one storyline has freed up my thursdays to watch CSI (one of the best shows on TV.)
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