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17.6.18 2109
The W - Pro Wrestling - 12/23 Raw
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Where has all the BOD gone? ...and a Fashion Report, too.

Robbie, in multi-hued singlet, with Kane, in straps and spandex, vs. Samoan Jobbers, with Rico, in black leather suit. Man, these guys are SO jobbers. Okay match.

UncleEric is watching DeadCowMan, in black denim, chat with The Chief. Spike wants, and gets, a match.

JR, in black cowboy hat, has a band.

Test, in blue full-cuts, with Stacy (where's the BOD?) vs. D-Lo, in blue jeans, jean jacket, green shirt, shades, and head-hanky. He's an angry brown man. Not unentertaining.

JR does some ass worshiping. Damn you, Spyro!

DeadCowMan and Chief (what a lovely couple) explain how the Royle Rumble will work. Hey, let's get some heat on the local guy. Well, I know when MY bathroom break will be.

Hey, Coach interview's (thanks Excalibur05) HHH's Door!

H-man, in H-full-cuts, vs. Hurricane, in mask and cape, with a NEW, more green shirt. Man, Lillian's sparkly tonight! Goo short match.

Dave, in black/red undies, with Whoo!, in sportscoat and no-collar shirt, vs. Spike, in "Pound 4 Pound" shirt and camo pants. Spike is YOUR ragdoll in peril. Squishy squash.

Santos L. Halper match. Okay, two bathroom breaks tonight.

Jericho, in black silhoutte pants, with Christian, in black overalls with gold splats, vs. Booker, in WHITE undies, wearing the belt, and Goldie, in IWantThatRobe, and more black stripes on his face than normal. Yippie! The crowd was HOT, the action was GREAT, the ad break pissed me OFF. Excellent match.

Kane and Robbie chat. Dude, Kane's folks are dead (although his father, Paul, is still alive, presumably). "Man, I knew I shoulda gone with Chutes and Ladders." Dontcha' get it, Robbie, Kane's a tortured soul! Whoo! and Thhhor consult.

Thhhor, in iron cross sweatshirt, with the belt on his shoulder, spitting water, with Whoo!, gives us some exposition. SPP, in chainmail, +1 vs. crusierweights adds to the expository effect. (Why does he wear chainmail, +1 vs. cruiserweights when there ARE NO "cruiserweights" on Raw?) Thhhor tries to explain economics to SPP, but he doesn't use the phrases "freaks, peaks, leaks, and teets", "boomshakalaka", or "booty daddy" so SPP can't understand him. Ooo, when roidmachines arm-wrassle!

So, I can't take two bathroom breaks, as much as I may want to (my bladder just isn't THAT small). DeadCowMan and Chief announce. Lance and Willy, in undies and with flags, vs. FULawler, in half-singlet and white pantyhose, and JR, in black hat, Oklahoma sweatshirt and sweatpants, with his band. Wow, how odd is it to hear Bischoff doing play-by-play. OMF'nG! JR is now undefeated in his wrestling career!

Overall: okay show. Two bathroom break matches, two too short matches, too much backstage plotting, arm-wrestling, and only one good match. It was entertaining, but nothing memorable (as it has been of late).

We NEED the IC title back. Not that I don't like Booker/Goldie vs. Jericho/Christian, but it's just that the tag-team division is now made up of guys who are on the verge of main eventing and NOT established tag teams (except the Samoan Jobbers, who would job to my grandmas). With the IC title, these guys could be SOLID singles stars and be percieved as real threats for the WCW/IC/Euro/Hardcore title.

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The Great Thomas

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#2 Posted on
Just a few words...

JR/King vs. Storm/Regal For MATCH OF THE YEAR!!!

Imagine Dingbat doing babytalk: philosphosize upon your inner warrriorness...(baby)waahh....(Dingbat)destructivity and iglooitis seem to be deterrring the inner warrior from enveloping you....(baby) waahh....(Dingbat)magnodestructivation will be your salvation...(wife) the baby wants its bottle....(Dingbat) that was the message I was conveying to the greatness of warriorness in it magnanimous omnipotent hemotoma.

-The Warrior and his new daughter, according to redsoxnation.

Since: 12.10.02
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#3 Posted on
It was good enough for the taped Holiday Throwaway show. Better then that Thanksgiving Smackdown.

I cracked up at HHH's, "You're built for show and I'm built to go" liner. Yes, that's why you're injured because you're not built for show but built to go.

Mr Heel II
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Well I think I'm satisfied with the way they're handling my favorite match of the year. The Rumble is essentially the Rumble, and the only promise is whoever wins gets the title shot for his respective show's title. That's better than any of the scenarios I came up with.

That JR's a HOSS! But he could stand to drop a hundred pounds if he wishes to further his career.

I personally can't believe all of the women involved in the six-panties-tag match could keep track of what team they were on.

So was tonight Vince's payback to JR for making him do the ass-kissing schtick last year?

Memo to Lawler: The Rock wants his shirt back.

They even advanced a storyline or two on the Holiday Throwaway. D'Lo gets heat with Test and the Dudley's are setting up a feud with Storm/Regal.

RVD/Kane - The skits are NOT working.

My vision of a RAW writer's meeting: "Why does everybody love Smackdown so much and hate RAW? What are they doing that we aren't?" "Say, have you noticed they take commercial breaks during the matches?" "Why yes! That must be it! Let's try it out and see if it bumps us a ratings point!"

Eh. Fun show. I had nothing to really complain about.

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Boudin rouge

Since: 1.3.02
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#5 Posted on
The Triple H segment was GOLD! I laughed my ass off at the way HHH was trying to fight off Big Poppa Pump's inevitable arm wrestling victory. Man, this week's segment and last week's segment have made my interest in this feud grow. Why couldn't they have done something like this for Michaels, Kane, or RVD?

D-Lo is becoming SUCH a heel to hate! I really hope they don't take this angle to ludicrous N.O.D. levels of stupidity. Maybe WWE will have D-Lo Brown's character develop in such a way that he's merely scapegoating others and displacing blame for his lack of success.

EDIT: Oh, I'll just mention it here, in case I don't post for the next couple of days-- Merry Christmas, everybody! :)

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David Crockett sez it best, folks: "Look at 'im, Tony! Look at 'im!"

Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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#6 Posted on
D'Lo's the least convincing stereotypical brother I've ever seen. Even worse then The Coach on Heat.
Mike Sweetser

Since: 2.1.02
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#7 Posted on
That was D-Lo? I thought the WWE had gotten really desperate and signed Konnan.


Mike Sweetser
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Since: 6.1.02
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#8 Posted on

    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    D'Lo's the least convincing stereotypical brother I've ever seen. Even worse then The Coach on Heat.

Which is why it RULES!

The Goldust doubting himself is a nice angle, but I still wish we'd get Jericho vs. HBK built up for the RUmble instead.

I was disappointed that Raven was nowhere to be seen (did he do anything on Heat) after watching Test last week.

The RVD/Kane segment was alright, Hungry Hungry Hippos rules! I don't know what is Kane's problem.

You know, Morley has a good look, a good voice and is pretty good in the ring, I don't see why he can't be big in the near future.

The main event was nice but I don't really understand it. The whole show Morley/Bischoff were pissed at JR/King, and Morley's new gimmick is to uphold the law and make decisions. Then JR/Lawler CHEAT TO WIN (Los Guerreros they are not) so this is the most perfect time to use Morley's current gimmick since he got it! Why not have him reverse the decision due to the Dudleys cheating! I just can't believe that they would end Storm/Regal's 8 match winning undefeated streak on Raw against two non wrestlers. Well actually I CAN believe it, but don't LIKE it!

Lance's Response:

The King of Keith
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Since: 4.11.02
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Raw rocked rocked rocked tonight. I was cheering my ass off for Lawler and Ross (sadly, the strap stayed up...).

The tag title match was great with some more inspired work by Goldie. Am I the only one who completely marks out for that power slam he throws??

Bischoff was ON tonight as play by play. He had me laughing so hard that people were checking up on me.

Batista powerbombing Spike on the railing was terribly brutal. Match was ok, but Batista needs to vary his moveset more between clothesline/kick/powerbomb.

The stars of the night, though, were Lawler and Ross. Give credit where credit is due...this match was fun city. Nice to see JR finally not get embarrassed in OK.


Since: 2.1.02
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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.65
Raven did indeed do something on Heat that will more than likely serve to build on his thing with Test & Stacy with the new year. :)

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Since: 18.11.02
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#11 Posted on
Hey, I thought Raw was a great show tonight. In my opinion, the best in the last few months (somebody's gonna call me an idiot for saying that, I know it. Oh well.) The only thing is, I wasn't so sure about the placement of certain segments. I don't know, I probably would have had the arm wrestling match at the turn of the hour, the JR/King vs. Storm/Regal before the main event, and the Tag Title match as the main, considering the hype job. Ah, maybe I'll end up liking the order of things better tomorrow. Who knows?

Once again, I actually give a crap about something Scott Steiner is doing! He's not making me groan in apathy, which is a first. I'm actually interested in this feud. Who'd a thunk it?

That Santa's Little Helper Match (whatever that means) wasn't bad, but my eyes were melting looking at all that red in the ring (which has red ropes! AAAGGGHHHH!!). Couldn't it have been like, a red vs. green tag match? And before people start bitching about Jackie getting another pin over Victoria, remember, this match was just a fun diversion and means nothing.

Hey, I liked the Test vs. D'Lo match. Definitely a lot going on in that one. Will this turn into an outright feud? If so, what about Raven? I expected him in a feud with Test after last week. Wait and see, as they say.....

A powerbomb on the barricade? OUCH! Why do this to yourself, Spike?

Hungry Hungry Hippos!!

D'oh! The phone rang and I missed the finish of the Tag Title Match! I saw up to when Booker kick Jericho when he had Goldust in the Walls, and then next thing I saw was the champs celebrating their victory, and considering the commentary, I'm guessing Goldust got the pin, right? I guess I can look at the spoilers to see how the finish went.

Hey, how 'bout that HOT crowd tonight! You don't hear too much noise like that on Wrestling TV anymore.

Also, anyone notice that "WWE FEARS SEX" sign in the front row? Looks like somebody found a fan!

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
Anyone else love this? I am talking about when they cut to F-view and King looked at J.R. with his head down and said "that just sucked". I really thought he was talking about the last match for a second. If ANYONE happened to tape that and can post it it will make every shitty match from now to eternity all worth it if I can hit that wav. file.

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#13 Posted on

    Originally posted by ManiacalClown
    Raven did indeed do something on Heat that will more than likely serve to build on his thing with Test & Stacy with the new year. :)

Well what did he do!!?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Lance's Response:


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Hey, how 'bout that HOT crowd tonight! You don't hear too much noise like that on Wrestling TV anymore.

Try watching Smackdown and the other taped shows, where even on Velocity, jobbers get tons of heat for slapping Rikishi?? Surrrrrrre. Right. Canned heat anyone? At least in two matches, I saw the crowd standing up and cheering. Mostly, I find myself looking at the crowd during big pops or boos, looking for anyone who's actually making noise... and on taped shows, you rarely find anyone who is.

What I want to know about RAW is WHERE DID THE SEAN O'HAIRE SEGMENT GO?????????? They could show it on Heat, but why bother? It was an evil Santa gimmick for O'Haire, it is pointless after two days from now.

(edited by chill on 24.12.02 0210)
Net Hack Slasher

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#15 Posted on
Tip for Quezzy, check out the Heat Spoiler(Finally) Thread.

As for Raw, I am really happy that I don't use the "Bathroom break" philosophy, mostly because one of the best things watching wrestling for me is being pleasantly surprised. And tonight I was pleasantly surprised over and over again by segments going in that I thought was going to be pure crap and ended up being really enjoyable and fun. I don't read spoilers but I'm sure this looked bad. This show is a perfect example for me as bad on paper, great on TV. I mean it had female santa outfit match, arm wrestling and announcers in main event, that has bad written all over it but all those segments I ended up enjoying alot.

-RVD/Kane v. 3Minute Warning- Well certainly better then last weeks match. RVD had an off week last week but was back in form tonight, Kane looked good. 3MW didn't' screw anything up. So good match... Rico fired them up after the match, is another 3MW push coming soon? Probably

-Test v. D'lo- Okay the one segment that I didn't like was this one. This overnight change in D'lo (in anyone) is hard to buy. The match looked shaky. I noticed once Stacy was standing on the Lilian side of the ring yelling at Test/D'lo and went to a close up of her face and all of a sudden she was on the entrance side? what did they cut? THe match was pretty boring.

-Bischoff interview- Glad they explained the how the Rumble was used. The best use of FUView ever listening into the Ross/ Lawler conversation during the break. Tony S on speed dial (ha). Oh I was praying for Ventura to get a huge pop, but if he did I'm sure they would edit it out lol. Ventura replacing Lawler oh shall I dream and wish upon a Christmas star it would happen.

-Hurricane vs. Nowinski- Hey it's the Hurricane and HE WON that's cool. Nowinski is in Oklahoma and didnt' make fun of them, that's bad. Heavy duty spinebuster by Nowinski.

-Batista vs. Spike- That rail shot on Spike was sick.

-Trish/Jackie/Stacy v. Victoria/Ivory/Molly- This was Fun. The girls looked really sweet in those Santa outfits, especially Trish good gawd (now all I need was Lilian introducing her first while she's wearing an elf costume, ummm ohh). I usually hate gimmick matches especially in the holiday types WWE does, but this match was so much fun. Like I said the girls looked cute, there was enough fun wrestling spots, including great spot with Ivory jumping off the apron to Jackie just to get met with a boot. I take women wrestling seriously but I had no trouble with this sort of gimmick holiday match. Again one of the best I could remember and if you skipped it, Well IMO you missed a pretty fun 10 minutes. Plus it's always cool to see Molly and Ivory make it on the A-show.

-BookDust/ Team Chris(tain)- Thank you WWE for bringing back the 15 minute hot tag matches that they started doing a couple of weeks ago. And this week it was just as great. Real nice storytelling by Jericho reminding Goldie that he lost to Christian and he's the weak link. Great job in playing it out in the ring and keeping Golddust in the ring most of the time. The false pin was a great add on and perfect timing for a commercial break. The entire time I was looking for an HBK run in surprised it didn't come. Nice build through the entire match and Jericho played the jerk so well that I was more then happy with Goldust getting the pin on him.

-HHH/Steiner armwrestling-HHH came out and of course I rolled my eyes. Then he started making excuses for not fighting Steiner and my attention grew. Steiner came out and HHH challenged him to an armwrestling match. Again I thought this was going to be bad, but I somewhat got into it then seeing Triple H cartoonish over the top selling of Steiners comeback, I loved it! And then being the big ego maniac that he is goes right in for another one just to get his arm slammed to the table a couple of more times in quick fashion. Look I hate both these guys but the WWE did a great job tonight atleast grabbing my interest.

-JR/King vs. Regal/Storm- In the beginning I didn't like it, my hatred of the King goes really deep. I was wishing that Regal gives his "accidental" stiff kicks to Lawler's jaw, now that would be a early christmas present, Lawler's jaw wired shut, I didn't like it seeing Lawler taking care of business by himself and getting so much offense actually I hated that. But then when JR got tagged in, I have to admit I got into it and the Dudleyz run in and the emotion of the crowd and the great job from Bischoff. Pretty great occasion match.

-other stuff- F-View catching Trish zipping up her boots. Merry X-mas to me and anyone else who likes seeing Trish in a little Santa outfit positioning her legs to zip her boots LOL...I could see RVD/Kane relationship is going to be a guilty pleasure of mine, I'm finding their interaction to be really funny... Did anyone catch Lawler talking about how labels stick during the Goldust match. For anyone who should know it's this idiot

Line of the night Bischoff "Ventura might be available after his governor term runs up".

This show really seemed to hit it's mark, fun backstage segments, good inring wrestling, good inring buildup, some fun segments that I thought were going to be bad. Everything seemed to run very smoothly. Don't know taping a show makes it that much better, but if it does I wouldn't mind going live only every other week. I enjoyed this tapped show as much as any live show they had on in the recent past... Chill that's one advantage I said SD always had over Raw the Heat Machine, and when used right it's effective and when used poorly it really looks bush league. Tonight if they did use it looked like the majority of time they did it during the right times, by making a decent pop sound better, unlike when they use a no reaction for a pop, which they done on SD and other shows a lot but the crowd sounded legit into most of the nights happenings.

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Random Raw Thoughts:

BookerDust-Jericho/Christian was very good. Did anybody else notice that Goldust was in tears after the match ended? I also liked Jericho's promo on Goldust.

The Batista squash was enjoyable.

I was a little pissed that they didn't air the Sean O'Hare segment last night.

I liked the Steiner-HHH arm wrestling match. I'm really digging this Steiner-HHH feud.

Main event was better than I thought.

Overall, a better than expected RAW.

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#17 Posted on
Yep. Everything was fun as hell. I'm really glad I watched.

I marked for -

JR (surprisingly)
Hungry Hungry Hippos
GOLDUST (yes, his rapid power slam rules!)

What sucked -
D-Lo's man boobs are even more noticeable in the wife-beater than in the wrestling singlet. YUCK

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.36
I managed to avoid spoilers for last nights RAW and wow did that make the Golddust/Booker vs. Jericho/Christian match amazing for me. I actually had convinced myself that they were setting up Goldust to lose, so as a result I found myself really drawn into the match and paying extra close attention to every near pinfall or submission move.

Great storytelling by all involved in that match.

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#19 Posted on
Nice to see no Jeff Hardy on RAW. Hopefully, thats a pattern that will continue into the New Year. I'm sorry, but JR's whining through every segment about how its only 2 days before X-Mas and he loves his job in his home state was annoying by the 5th time he did it. Particulary when it was during the tag title match. When D-Lo first came out, my first thought was, God, why are they turning him into Konnan. I despise Konnan. Keep Rey Mysterio away from D-Lo so he doesn't think he has to become gangsta Rey again. It was fun watching the crowd during the Test/D-Lo match, as most of Test's offense was met with dead silence, then, as the crowd looked comatose, you could almost see the chimp warming up the heat machine. And, could that continuity person they supposedly hire focus on Kane, as he's switched from Freaks 'r cool to moody again, and his backstory is jumping back and forth again. Tag Title match saved the show.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.

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#20 Posted on
I didn't like Raw. The Kiss My Ass flashback was more entertaining than the show, even though they edited out the Undertaker.

Last week I was complaining about the Interview Main Event. Now we had an Announcer Tag Team Main Event. I was hoping the match would be saved by a run-in, but it didn't happen.

The best thing was the tag team rematch which was only good. And Hurricane winning was good.

Together Triple H and Scott Steiner have great chemists...or do I mean chemistry...whatever.

The show could've used Shawn Michaels. The rest was all filler. I'm sure I'll enjoy next weeks clip show better.



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'Sup? Hey, here's something ironic. Everybody on the net pretty much thinks that Stephanie McMahon is an overdramatic camera hog. Maybe she is, but then I saw her go nuts on the opening segment of Smackdown last night, and I'm laughing my ass off.
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