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The W - Pro Wrestling - 11-28 SmackDown!
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Since: 1.2.02
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Yummy, turkey! And, now that I've napped, it's time for...

Y'know I bet there won't be a lot of people making comments on this thread, so I'll post a whole lot of 'em.

...and a Fashion Report, too!

TheCat, in a tiger-striped suit, and Cole, in a white polo shirt, announce. I wonder if Ernie is up on the storylines. The majority of their commentary tonight will consisist of the words "Brock", "Heyman", and "screwed".

Steph, in skirt and long boots, with boobs, chats. Brocky, in "Brock" cow skull t-shirt comes for the rebuttal. The boys in blue wear...well, BLUE. Pardon, but the face/heel dynamic has just been thrown off-kilter.

Who bets Brocky comes back later in the show? I do.

Edge, in blue trenchcoat and trunks, with seizure-inducing strobe light and smoke effects, and Rey, in yellow ensemble, w. gold chain, vs. Matt (who has been to Plymouth Rock and thinks Thanksgiving is a boring holiday - what a heel!), in V1 shirt and those yellow/purple pants, and John, in black/white stuff (which reminds me of a Voltron character), with "B-squared", who the rest of us know a Bull Buchanan (maybe there's too much cow-related wrestlers already, who knows). NICE match.

Kurt chats with Steph. No need to tell me any of that stuff, Steph (God, I must cleanse my ears with bleach now). Fortunately, Kurt's innocence saves this bit (it's always hard to find a good straight-man in the comedy duo, you know). Hey, I don't want another "evil McMahon" storyline.

Kurt has music. See him talk.

Mark Lloyd, in SmackDown! shirt, sees SweedishPenisPump (SPP).

Tajiri, in black, w. white dragons, pants, vs. Chuck, w. no entrance, in black undies. Hey, funny how TheCat forgets all those issues he has with SPP in WCW. Since when is the mist illegal?

Steph preens. Ew, does she wanna be one of SPP's "freaks"? Will SPP be able to exist with Aunt Flow? (God, I must scrub my brain, with bleach, for having the thought even existing in my mind.) Moolah, with book, gets cheep pops (which is cool). Book a match ('cuz Steph's EVIL!).

Dude, I LOVE that Contra commercial! Yeah, the SHOE will hurt it! No, use the HOSE! Classic.

Hey, let's see a classic RAW moment. Mark talks to somebody who doesn't know Brocky - he's just waiting for his brother in law (right!). Matt and Paul (and Paul) talk; but Paul has used the power of his CELLULAR phone to know the news already. Torrie, in Indian outfit, walks - Kidman (NOT her boyfriend in storylines, now) chats (or tries to).

Let's continue the Dawn/Torrie's Dad/Torrie "pilgrim" form. Hmm, I'll say this segment ends in a foodfight ('cuz they've got FOOD in the ring). Ernie dances. Torrie, in fur-lined buckskin coat, with feather headdress, vs. Dawn, black/white "pilgrim" short skirt (the fans BOO). The top ring rope has been wrapped in leaves. A "turkey"? C'mon, we want the Gobly Gooker! "Turkey" is really Al, who (God help us all) gets the mike. Get 3-stooges with the food fight (I win the pool!). Well, at least this only takes up ONE WHOLE SEGMENT of the show (15 minutes of my life).

For those keeping score (like me!), it's been ONE hour and we've had TWO matches. Le sigh.

Kurt, in flag singlet and knee pads, and Ben-wa, in blue trunks, vs. Eddie, in black trunks with flames, and Chavo (growing a beard), in gold trunks with white splats. Chioda grows some balls and refuses to end the match with a countout. The only good stuff came after the ad-break. This storyline can go on FOREVER.

Noble, Nidia, and SPP interact. Later, Noble calls out SPP. SPP obliges, even though he's not had the one round necessary to don his chainmail coif. SPP destroys ANOTHER cruiserweight, does pushups, commits sexual assault (of some degree) against Nidia, and blabs. I'll summarize his promo: he's a hook-up, he bangs freaks with peaks, he's a boom-shaka-laka bigbadbootydaddy, and he wants you to holla if you hear him. Man, I could be his speech writer!

Steph, WANTS SSP...on SmackDown!, and Paul chat. Book a match 'cus she's...a face?

Kidman, in red full-cuts, wearing the belt, with new music, vs. Crash, in red/black full-cuts. HOw does Crash get a title shot? And what about him calling himself a "super heavyweight"; wouldn't that kinda disbar him from competing in the Cruiserweight division? A mildly entertaining match ('cuz I couldn't suspend disbelief with Crash in there).

Connect the dots - 10 minutes left in the show, we've got to have Moolah in a match, we've got to have (and Paul) in a match, Steph's a heel. Oh lord no. Sad thing is, Cole figures this out at about the same time I do. So, Moolah, in sparkly pink coat and black leotard, vs. (and Paul) in (black singlet). Brocky runs-in, and the boys (and girl) in blue are needed to get the suspended Brocky out of here. Y'know, if I were Steph, I'd be tearing the local security group a new asshole.

Overall: there were enough non-wrestling segments that I didn't care about that I typed this whole thing DURING the show (a lot during the "fashion contest"). Now, the FOUR MEASLY wrestling matches were good and all, but there was, to me, just WAY too much blabbing going on. Hope you all have had a good Thanksgiving (or, as you call it in Canada, Thursday).

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Boudin blanc

Since: 26.8.02

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#2 Posted on
I thought Crash looked awesome tonight. That powerbomb on the guard rail and then diving from the floor over the bottom rope into the ring to land in pinning position with his feet on the ropes looked really kewl. The whacked out face buster thing he did looked awesome as well. Never thought I'd see a show where I thought that Crash Holly had the performance of the night.

And I'd say the mist has been illegal since.. oh, the first time it was ever used? If not, why wouldn't he just start out every match by spewing mist? (Or do Japanese wrestlers have a built in preservation system that only generates the mist when they're getting their asses kicked?) Tajiri did a good job of hiding the mist covered Chuck from the ref.

Overall, I thought the show was decent. The ratings were almost guaranteed to be low no matter what happened, so why waste anything awesome when they know very few people will be watching?
Brian P. Dermody

Since: 20.9.02
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#3 Posted on

Why not just let Moolah take a few bumps from someone who can do it safely? After all, she's a...


< /Secrets of Pro Wrestling revealed guy voice>

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Modern Humorist

Since: 18.5.02

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#4 Posted on
I thought The Cat was very disappointing tonight. I don't expect him back anytime as a commentator.

Since: 26.11.02
From: MS

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#5 Posted on
i haven't seen it yet. my local station is some weird fox/upn hybrid they show both programing. so it won't be on tv untill saturday night at 10. then ill add my snide remarks to this thread.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#6 Posted on
Random Smackdown Thoughts:

So Steph's a heel, now.

That skit with Angle was saved by the mere presence of Angle.

That tag-title match was the only decent match of the night.

I'd prefer Tazz more than The Cat.

Overall, not one of the best Smackdowns, but still an alright show.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

Since: 18.3.02
From: Hartland, WI

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#7 Posted on

    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy

    Kurt chats with Steph. No need to tell me any of that stuff, Steph (God, I must cleanse my ears with bleach now).

Out of an overall good Smackdown, this was the one thing that made me wonder. Couldn't they have possibly come up with something else to get over the fact that Kurt is a little naive?

Let's see, our main demographic is young males...I've got it! Let's talk about womens plumbing problems...

Shortly after my revulsive shivering stopped I was able to enjoy the rest of the show.

8-3 OK...road games just suck!! We'll see how next week goes...

Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#8 Posted on
Oh how bad was this show let me count the ways. BR(et)OCK screwed BR(et)OCK, face gets arrested, Aunt Flow, Moolah, Torrie destroys Dawn again, BBP destroys only interesting cruiserwieght, Big Show still champ. I didn't even get to Miller who was pretty bad, but I did like seeing him in the background clapping and marking out during a couple of spots (lol)... This is one of the times I wished I read spoilers so I could have skipped this show. And yes it was as bad on TV as it was on paper.

Detailed thoughts..
- Starts off with Steph saying BR[et]OCK screwed BR[et]OCK had me rolling my eyes pretty early on the show, then Brock getting arrested and throwing out a lame line like in that voice of his "I'll make that nightstick into a thermometer" had me growling in pain. Why the hell did they mess with a good thing?

-Cena/Matt Hardy v. Edge/Mysterio- Best match of the night,
I think all those guys work well. Cena is automatically more interesting now, and Matt rules "Thanksgiving is kinda I'm interested in all 4 guys (and I'd never thought I'd say that about Cena and Matt Hardy) and even good interjection by B2. Real funny seeing Miller in the background clapping away and marking out when Rey got the tag and jumped on the rope (more on that later)

-Tajiri v. Pulumbo- I have to admit I was distracted for this match because I heard Miller say "Aunt Flow" and I thought WTF? (Canadian affiliate The Score edit out the end of the Steph/Angle exchange) so I was totally confused when Miller brought it up. I guess the ending was kind of cool with leaping over the ref and spewing it all over Chucks face.

-Torrie/Dawn sucktitude- Okay I officially hit the brick wall with this angle. As much charisma and coolness Dawn has, I've had it. Torrie destroys and humiliates Dawn again this week! I actually thought this angle could have been "stupid funny" but it's not. It's boring and annoying. This segment ended with fake "Torrie" chants. Blah Why do they do that on SD, it's so easily noticeable

-Los Gurerreros v. Angle/Benoit- You know I didn't like this match so much, and it might be the absolute lameness of the previous segment but I just couldn't get into it. Also why did they have Angle cut a heel promo backstage when he's facing heels? The crowd in the first half of the match didn't know how to react. There were some nice spots like the double Germans by Benoit & Angle. And again it was funny seeing Miller clapping when Benoit went up for the swandive.

-Steiner squishes Noble- Take the only guy in the cruiserwieght division (not including Rey) that's even a bit interesting and have Steiner destroy him. Humm haven't we seen this before. He's been on a PPV, Raw, SD all once and I'm officially tired of his act. Who Steiner grabs Nidia's ass twice, What a man! let me rush out and buy tickets... The only thing that saved this was Miller bringing up Noble cousin will "now come in for sure after seeing this". So it wasn't totally for not.

-Kidman v. Crash- Ahh Crash you should have known You can't powerbomb Kidman. I like the counter of the headscissors to a face plant. I guess I was just waiting for Steiner to run out and show his dominance of having "good genetics" over these two, but he didn't. I guess that's a plus.

-BigShow/Moolah- Good God we end with this. Heyman did his best cutting his promo, but the crapiness of having Show and Moolah on TV at the same time was too much and overtake it. The Score edit out whatever Show did to Moolah, Brock came out and F5ed BS again which is becoming more routine then Torrie Wilson in a flesh coloured bikini. The fine Folks at the Score felt it was too hardcore to see a 500 pound lard ass fall on a cardboard table during the replays so they decided to pause footage all 3 replays right before contact (I'm not even going to try to explain why).

other stuff: The Score edit out the Aunt Flow comments between Steph/Angle so I can't really say how it came off, but it totally confused me when Miller started talking about it. I guess someone in The Score control booth had there monthly visitor of there aunt with all the editing... Why was Stephanie calling Moolah "Lil". Listen Stepho don't bait and switch Lilian Garcia on your crappy Thanksgiving show.

Earnest Miller seemed excited to be there and it sounded like he really tried and was enthusiastic, and he did bring up a good point in the "Noble cousin coming in forsure after what happened tonight". But overall he was pretty bad and way to gimmickry. They should have played it safe and went with Cole/Loyd which actually is a pretty good team on Velocity with Cole being the tough guy and Loyd being the whipping boy. Come back soon Tazz, it really shows how really good he is after seeing last nights show, if Tazz can't make it next week it should be Cole/Loyd and have Miller do Velocity because it sounded really bush league this week.

Overall really crappy show on all fronts (comedy, set up, announcing) the matches were okay but not enough of it to save the stuff around it... I guess the Heyman fans will file this under A Stepho Production (LOL). Actually SD has been kind of slipping in the last few weeks this one was a dip.

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Boudin blanc

Since: 26.8.02

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#9 Posted on
Why does everyone think Steph is a heel now? In case you missed it (and apparently the Canadians did), they gave a perfectly valid excuse for her to be a bitch this week and nice next week. (As opposed to the last few months when she just jumped back and forth at random.)


Since: 20.9.02

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#10 Posted on
Steph sealed it with the "can you believe how they're disrespecting me?" Nobody ever says a bad word about the crowd unless they're going heel. Although PMSing Steph being a heel every fourth week would be... unique.

I just saw the opening of the show, through the Edge/Rey tag match. The Cat was better than Mark Lloyd, two identical pasty face announcers in constant shill mode gives me a rash. My problem with the Cat is that he wound up talking more about himself than getting the wrestlers and the angles over (this could have changed in the 100 minutes I didn't see, of course). It was pretty good for a first time deal, but I think we all know who they should bring in...

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Since: 7.11.02
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#11 Posted on

    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    Why was Stephanie calling Moolah "Lil"?


I guess Steph was being all "hip" and "breaking kayfabe" because she was being visited by "Aunt Flow".

As for SmackDown!, I thought it was a decent show. I thought The Cat was Tazz for a second, but then I saw the tiger-print jacket and was like "oh, hey, no." I enjoyed the Angle/Benoit vs. Los Guerreros quite a bit (per usual), and the stereo Germans spot was great. As like most Thanksgiving SmackDowns, it wasn't Masterpiece Theatre, but hey, it beats the hell out of Raw. Well, maybe not last week's (before 11:00) and the week before's, but YMMV.

Jason Vincion

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#12 Posted on
I don't know if it's because I didn't get to watch the show until around 1 am and I was really tired due to the massive amounts of tryptophane I consumed, but boy did this show suck this week. I always liked Ernest Miller's mic work in the past, but he was terrible on color. Why did I even bother to tape this show?

The thing that gets to me is that in the past, on an occassion when the WWF or WWE knew it wouldn't get good ratings, they wouldn't coast, they'd still put on the same good show they had been (i.e., being moved to 11:00 pm on the USA Network for the U.S. Open or that dog show).
Boudin blanc

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It seemed odd to me that Cena & Crash both worked Velocity & Smackdown. They don't normally have someone appear on both shows on the same night, do they? If they were on a short roster, that might explain why there were only 4 matches. Of course, I can't really think of anyone who was missing, either. Shannon Moore was in a dark match instead of a TV taping but that was about it.

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#14 Posted on
Anyone notice that when Stephanie tries to be cool or hip she starts talking with a New York accent?

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DVD's Smackdown Thoughts:

Brock getting arrested: blah, we've seen this way too many times. And indefinitely suspended? Yeah right. Here's hoping Brock's healthy by Armageddon so he can kick Show's ass and take his title back. I know they're trying to re-create Austin/McMahon with this stuff, but it's not working. Just let Paul be Paul, and all will be well.

Vanillia Cena: I'm not sold on this one yet, but I'll give it a chance. I hated how over the top Matt Hardy was at first too, and look where he is now. Cena and Hardy can only lead to good things. Edge and Rey did their usual awesome stuff, but where are they going as a team? I wouldn't mind seeing them against Chavo and Eddy a few more times, but they need to push Edge and Rey as singles threats. I'd even go for a Rey/BigShow match next week, and then do a Dusty finish to see how well the crowd would respond to Rey winning the title. Then PaulE can get on the mic and say that the ref messed up, it was a non-title match. Oops, fantasy booking again.

Kidman/Crash: This match rocked because of Crash. Why doesn't he bust out this kinda stuff every match? He wouldn't be such a jobber then. Good good stuff.

Torrie/Dawn Marie: Traditional Turkey Day filler. Nothing to see here(except Torrie). Move along.

Tag Team title match: More goodness, but where is it going? I love the matches, but it's gotta lead to something new. Add a new team or *something*. And please, let Angle and Benoit have a match at Armageddon to blow off this feud for now. They both need something to do.

Moolah: I couldn't figure out why they'd even put her on the show until they said she was from Columbia. Big deal. Moolah and Mae (NotSo)Young are done. Let them be.

The Cat: God was I missing Tazz. He would have saved the Al/Dawn/Torrie thing. Miller knew *nothing* about the current Smackdown roster, save for Rey and Benoit, because they were both in WCW. You don't put a guy out there like that. Of course, they did the same thing to Tazz, and look how he turned out.

Overall a good show, but they need to break some new ground. And Steiner needs to stay away from Smackdown. Raw's got the more interesting roster now, anyway.

Since: 18.3.02
From: Hartland, WI

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#16 Posted on

    Originally posted by DVD
    And Steiner needs to stay away from Smackdown. Raw's got the more interesting roster now, anyway.

Agreed. He's a better fit with RAW right now too. The only "big man" matches they've got for him right now are with Brock or Show. Too early for Brock, and Show's probably too much for his back to handle.

On RAW he's got a better mix to hash it up with, and a better mix of heels/faces. He could stay a "tweener" much longer on RAW. Personally I think that's where his biggest value to WWE is right now.

8-3 OK...road games just suck!! We'll see how next week goes...

The Sham

Since: 20.1.02
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#17 Posted on
I have always maintained that Crash is a great wrestler... the problem is, he's almost always used like Spike- a little guy for the big guys to throw around. Crash is an awesome cruiserweight, plus he's got the charisma kidman lacks. Noble, Crash, Rey and Tajiri should be at the top of the cruiserweight ladder (though I see why they want to keep Rey out of the title pictures since he's a "division killer" like Chyna was to the Women).

Fan Favorite Scotty 2 Hotty will be back soon enough, and I think we MIGHT get to see some STORYLINES in the CW division... maybe... (I would SO much rather see Dawn and Torrie used as valets for Cruisers than fighting for Al Wilson's attention)

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly!"- Mr. Homer Simpson

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22

    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    Anyone notice that when Stephanie tries to be cool or hip she starts talking with a New York accent?

It's more than that. More and more, Steph seems to be channeling Vince - especially during the opening segment on Smackdown! Thursday. "Brock screwed Brock", the dozen security guards to haul away the headliner, running down the city, etc. - DVD's right; they are trying to turn Stephanie/Brock into Vince/Austin (with limited success so far).

And, as a member of the fairer sex, I'm embarrassed that Stephanie tried to blame this all on her period. That may work on guys, but it doesn't work at all on girls.


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#19 Posted on
The only reason I'd like to see Steiner on Smackdown is to avoid the inevitable Pedigree finish.

The whole "Is He RAW or Smackdown?" angle blows, IMO. We saw it with Austin, we saw it with Trips, and now with Steiner.

Then again, WWE's been in the 'beating a dead horse' mode for over a year.

Since: 24.7.02

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#20 Posted on
Thoughts from Smackdown:
Its official: The only wrestlers drawing legit heel heat are Los Guerreros.
Scott Steiner: Ok, he's gone into the Dingbat Warrior's medical bag. Then, he went to his mic work school. To completely fall into Dingbat Warrior mode, he uses the Gorrilla Press drop on face. All he needs now is to run to the ring shaking the ropes, and he will be the first official graduate of Warrior University (then again, that might actually be a step up from being a Michigan alum).
Moolah/Big Slug: Without reading the spoilers, it was obvious where this was going when Moolah was booked against an unknown challenger. This is a big problem for the fed. What's the reaction from the family that pays 30-40 bucks each for 4 seats, then has the main event turn out to be a 79 year old facing Big Slug? The reaction probably is the next time they come to town, they won't buy tickets. When the market place is in a downturn, each additional fan you alienate becomes even harder to replace.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.
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Joe must be getting tired of being the odd guy out in this promotion. They pretty much seem to have given up on him at this point. Time to move, Joseph - the ECW title awaits you!
- Amos Cochran, iMPACT! 11-19-09 (2009)
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