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23.4.18 1426
The W - Pro Wrestling - 11/11 Raw
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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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Opinions, random comments, and a fashion report, too!

Hey, Jericho has new music - and his goatee is in a braid, too! Nice match, but it wasn't anything special. Now Jericho he clobbers Christian, 'cuz Y2J wants that title.

Oh-oh, Goldie's testicular power is growing.

Jeff paints himself. SHeesh, not even giving the paint time to dry. No-one seems to care that it's LEAD paint. Ha! Jeff can't hit his off-the-guardrail move. Again - nice, but nothing special.

F-cam = suckage. I don't WANT to see Victoria screech. DeadCowMan wears...a dead cow (hey, go figure - he ALWAYS wears that). Victoria wears that "see my boobs" oval top; apparently she has issues with Trish (cuz she harps on that a lot). Will Bisch EVER get his come-uppance sometime, or will we get more of the asshole boss?

Now, Terri/Victoria in the ring. Hey, TSN viewers, does THIS count as violence against women? I mean, Terri gets beaten and all. OMG, Trish's boots are HUGE!

Booker T is walking...down the frozen food aisle. Lookit how he terrorizes the grocery store - he should be a heel.

Hey, why is RVD's video package (for Survivor Series) so blurry? Could it be...nah, they'd NEVER imply THAT about one of their superstars.

DAVE and Whoo! chat. D-Lo gets sacrificed, although he DOES get to do a head-wiggle at Lillian. D-Lo doesn't REPRESENT; doesn't KEEP IT REAL; there's no CLASSIC COMEBACK; none of the other Heat announcing cliches, either.

Jefferson Airplane says I should "feed my head" and play Red Faction II. Samus comes back to kick some alien butt (but in an FPS?). And Homer goes into fast food. Some ninjas get beat up in a convenience store. Target has Mario stuff. Pop acne with Strides. Play some Dr. Muto game (no). WW salutes American's veterans (sucks to those Canadians). Hey, this was a pretty fun segment (what do you mean it was a COMMERCIAL BREAK?).

Sexy-Saved-Boy-One struts in a HBK shirt. ("I'm Radioactive Man." "I don't think Radioactive Man would wear a plastic smock with his picture on it." "He would if it was Halloween.") Oh, and he drawls, too. Preach the word of GOD. Thhhor comes out to rebut (he didn't show up in the first hour - he's TOO GOOD for that!) and rip on God - now THAT's heel heat. Wow, HHH put himself over GOD! Maybe that's too far. Now Mjolnir comes out in HIS triumphant return, but the stripes effectively disarm him.

Bubba/Spike vs. Fat Samoans. Stupid Bubba, THIS isn't the table match; save it for Sunday. Oh, Bubba's not wearing the Dudleyville baseball jersey - just a no-sleeves black denim shirt. Rosey and Jamal have a problem - I can't tell them apart (do YOU have that problem, too?).

H-man shows how stupid the fans are. Ha! Al comes for his "lesson" which seems an awful lot like a match to me. Yay, plot development!

DeadCowMan explains (finally) the rules of the chamber. Test likes to spank men with a cane. Randy suffered some chafing - but he's better now. Trish tries to explain her horrific taste in music.

Test, in haircut, and Stevie, in SR trunks, with Stacie, in her undies, vs. Hurricane, in cape and mask, and Goldie, in I WANT THAT ROBE. Hmm - that was fast.

Thhhor and Whoo! are the back. Booker comes into the scene (w. Earl Hebner) and procedes to wax eloquent on HHH's odds in the match on Sunday. Can you dig that...(wait for it...)

PutHHHimselfOverGod, in iron cross undies, with Whoo! and spit, vs. Booker, in hot crotch, flamin' Booker undies, with pyro. Short match - gotta get the clusterfrick post-match goodness. Jericho poses.

Sign of the night: "Brigitte"

My Survivor Series predictions: Booker T wins, then Steiner comes to Raw to get his rematch (remember, he lost the WCW title to Booker on the last Nitro and, hey, THIS belt is pretty much the WCW title).

Oh, and CSI DOES start at 10:05 tonight. Wow.

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Since: 18.3.02
From: Hartland, WI

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I'm just now watching my tape of RAW and I got to the Jeff Hardy-Storm match:

JR just said "Hardy tryin' to mount Storm here"...

Who knew grape soda could hurt so much when it comes out your nose?

8-1 Bring on the Vikings!


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    Originally posted by cranlsn
    I'm just now watching my tape of RAW and I got to the Jeff Hardy-Storm match:

    JR just said "Hardy tryin' to mount Storm here"...

    Who knew grape soda could hurt so much when it comes out your nose?

I was trying to explain the hankey thing to my GF when she heard that statement. She was like "is MOUNTING a name for a move?" (she's new to the WWE) Then when she saw his pants, and asked "are those Zebra skin marks on his pockets?" I told her yes, and she says "Well, then he MUST be gay!"

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    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Then when she saw his pants, and asked "are those Zebra skin marks on his pockets?" I told her yes, and she says "Well, then he MUST be gay!"

Where are you people from, a cave? If Jeff ever showed at any gay event, he'd get laughed out of the place for being such a slob. He looks like a homeless, straight raver. Get over it.
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Since: 9.1.02
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Terri/Victoria in the ring. Hey, TSN viewers, does THIS count as violence against women? I mean, Terri gets beaten and all.

No, because it was a *woman* doing the violence, and TSN only cares when it's men doing it. A woman could walk into the middle of the ring, hold a new born puppy in the air, put a handgun to it's head and blow it's brains all over the crowd, and TSN would air it. But if a man were to look like he was maybe thinking about possibly slaping a woman who's been hitting him repeatedly in the crotch with a steel chair for the last 15 minutes, it's time for random shots of the crowd.

Us Canadians, we may be more civilized than the States, but the tradeoff is extremely retarded double-standards...

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Wait a minute! Showing woman on woman violence is an indication of a highly civilized and refined society. That is why it is never censored.

On second thought, it is only when they do puroresu that the violence is refined. Glorified catfighting like that is questionable.

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dude hes not gay

Since: 19.1.02
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Good show tonight overall. My vague opinions are over in the Satire post in "Guest Columns".

On "mounting": My non-wrestling fan roomate comes in the room to see what I was watching and hears "Hardy mounting Storm" and turns around and walks straight back out of the room.

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Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

Vikings (2-7) - I don't know. I didn't see it. Just saw that we lost.
Badgers (6-5) - Slipping into mediocrity six weeks in a row.
Buffy 7.Uhh Whatever this last one was earns a 7.00000314159 because the begining was terrible, but the meat of the episode was hillarious. But filler. Just like most of Season One...Is this some kind of whacky time warp?
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Say what you will, but I dug the show tonight. I mean, we all knew that Booker was going to lose...that was a foregone conclusion. The opening of the show was super, and there was solid heel work done tonight by Jericho and Nowinski. Nowinski's mic work is getting to be a guilty pleasure...
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Since: 21.9.02
From: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

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Am I the only one that actually digs Victoria's character and promos/skits so far?


Since: 15.2.02
From: Dallas

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    Originally posted by DarrylTheHitman
    Am I the only one that actually digs Victoria's character and promos/skits so far?

I'm with you. I dig The Vicky.

Remember that first match with Trish, where she faked the leg injury?

Classic heel schtick.

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I don't know how I felt of this show. When I first looked back I thought it wasn't that good. But then I think again and then I think some stuff really did work well. So I guess I'll call it even and say and average to good show.

-RVD/Kane v. Jericho/Christian- First off hate the intentional DQ finish, but saying that all things before really super match. match of the night. All guys were used really well. Ouch RVD jumping over the ropes and no one catches him. They used Kane perfectly in this match coming in with some high impact power moves. I do like Kane a lot more in tag teams... Odd exchange after the match with Jericho/ Christian, will it play out next week? Hell they have a match "tomorrow" does it play out there? I doubt it but I really dont' know (didn't read spoilers)

-Jeff Hardy v. Storm- What an absolute ignorant comment by JR. When did the Union Jack and Maple Leaf become an offensive flag? That's what's wrong with nationality angles it makes for very ignorant comments... Now that Flair has stopped wrestling and not doing the backflip off the corner Jeff has taken the lead for missing his running the rail spot. WTH Storm did the fireman carry front roll that Batista's been doing. That was odd. Some of the punches look weak but some of jeffs/ lance highrisk stuff hit okay (of course except for the running the rail)

-Victoria/Terri interview- I like the idea of what they planned. I think Victoria played the part well. Smelling of the shirt (lol). Trish coming out making a baby face save in her casual wear (cute white t-shirt and some funky looking pants)... Terri did a good job, the only problem is that her character is so one dimensional only view her as if she's going to get her clothes ripped off and hard to really connect to her any other way. On the other hand if Victoria did something similar to Lilian I think it would come off better because attacking Lil would be more like a "what the hell is she doing!"

-Batista v. D'lo- Squash! back to Heat with you!

-HBK/ HHH- Give HBK credit amazing in ring promo. THe best he's done this year... Triple H had to say he's god twice for some reason (now where's those atheist pamphlets).

-3 minute screwups v. spike/bubba- Wow I can't really remember too much. 3 minute guys seem to have good control I like the big collusion with bubba and one of the fat boys(your not the only one who can't tell them apart SHG) but that's it... After match Jeff looked better in that then in his match.

-Nowinski v. Snow- Nowinski rules again on the mic playing on the crowd. Pretty gimickry match with a Nowinski playing chicken and getting the quick & cheap win. No announced winner DON'T BLAME LILIAN, Nowinski never gave her the mic back.

-DeadCowWalking explains chamber- It sounds okay to me.

-Test/Richards v. Hurricane/Goldust - Hurricane loses twice in a row against Test. Hurricane was pretty good when he was in there but the match was pretty lame overall. Funny that TEst/Stevie didn't ever extend a tag but all slap back tags... Richards messing up most of the match (on purpose) then jumping & hugging Stacy after the win was pretty funny.

-HHH v. Booker T- Wow Triple H punks out Booker backstage then punks him out in the ring with as clean as you can pin someone. blah... after match looked pretty forced but it was okay everyone got stuff on everyone else and it looked pretty even. Nice that they atleast teased a non-cliq member might win this.

-other stuff- Randy Orton is better injured then wrestling. Oh no Randy got a serious set back he's chafing (lol) Best cheesy smile since DDP maybe better cause it's not so forced.. Goldust/Helmes had the funny backstage going, which I enjoyed... LOL SHG, saying Trish trying to explain her taste in music. Much like me explaining why I like some lame new wave 80s rock like Flock of Seagulls and Human league (lol).. Lilian looked amazingly hot in that outfit tonight, I just really had to say that.

sign of the night "Hogan fears Alf"

Quote of the night Ross: "Jacked up Jezeablle" talking about Victoria

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About a hundred views with no props *sigh*

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Random Raw Thoughts:

I liked the interaction between Batista and Flair. Poor D-Lo.

I also like Victoria's gimmick.

Speaking of Divas, whatever happened to Molly?

Weird HHH-HBK promo.

RNN was hilarious.

Main event was alright. I hated the finish, though. I liked the brawl at the end of RAW.

Overall, another disappointing RAW.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

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    WTH Storm did the fireman carry front roll that Batista's been doing

Storm's had that move in his repetoire for a while, now.

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It wasn't that bad a show, given recent shows. I think it's a definate turn around from shows that involve necrophilia, but that's just me. Maybe it'll be the start of something good.

Match wise, I thought everything was solid. Nothing that I had to call up anyone and ask "Did you see that?", but it was solid. As far as Jeff Hardy's rail clothesline, well it didn't work because as he jumped the rail, he realized that a memeber of the crew was crotched down, but his head was too high and and Jeff might have tripped over him, so he jumped early. Personally, I would get rid of the move because as soon as people see him preparing for the move, they run to the rail and impair his ability to pull the move off.

As I said in another thread, I am excited over the Chamber. It's something new and somethign different. Last night's blueprints and promo on it has me interested and anticipating. I'd like to see how this plays out at Survivor Series.

I am loving the fact that I'm not liking Victoria. This psychotic woman she's become is awesome. The moment she sniffed Terri's shirt, I cracked up. She plays this part well. I can't wait to see her match with Trish.

The rest of the storylines within the show are, ehhhhh... RAW was a pretty all right show last night.

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Forgot to mention that Goldust's interview was funny.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

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Good show.

The Test/Richards stuff was great. "Stay away from my testicles!" Loved it. Also loved Orton's promo and Goldie too.

Booker T/Triple H was decent and the crowd was into it. The crowd reaction was more important to me than the match itself. The reaction told me that Booker T would be believable to WWE fans as champion.

I dig the Victoria/Stratus feud. Victoria is making an excellent psychopath.

The cage is everything good marketing should be. "Ten tons!" "Two miles of chains!" "Unforgiving steel!" How good or bad it comes off on TV is another story. If the wrestlers can climb around the thing inside, that could make for some cool spots.

Note to Storm: The red panties didn't work for Kidman, and they don't work for you either.
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This show has gotten back into 'good' territory. I'm pretty much interested in everything going on right now, and for the most part, it is all entertaining me at various levels.

BTW, does anyone else believe that the women's hardcore match just might feature a 'holy shit' spot? With the pyscho vibe they are giving Victoria, and the fact we have hardcore rules instead of the usual mud or bikini stuff, I think there is a slight possibility. Would that give the women's division credibility?

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#19 Posted on
the of

Overall, i enjoyed Raw. I definitely have had a soft spot for Victoria ever since she faked her leg injury in order to beat Trish a few months ago.

Two big things I noticed:

1) In the Y2J/Chris vs Kane/RVD match, it appears that Y2J was getting whomped, and then all of a sudden, Christain was the legal man. But I don't remember there being any tags, blind or otherwise?? This really bothered me.

2) With his new haircut and gray undies, Test totally looks like a jacked Jeff Jarrett. It's pretty funny.

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How serious is serious?

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#20 Posted on
Put me down as a Victoria fan too.

The sign of the night, however, made its appearance in the main event: HOGAN FEARS ALF!

As awesome as Jericho was all night, it`s a sad day when the Greatest Entrance Music Ever is retired for those generic Jim Johnson-favorites Saliva. :(

Wiener of the Day - 9/9/02
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In short, after a Raw main event that had Booker T & Undertaker (and some other people) facing a heel team went off the air, 'Taker did the thing with Booker T about how it was time for him to give the people what they came to see.
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