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The W - Pro Wrestling - 08/01 SMACKDOWN! (Page 2)
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Big Bad

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    Cena faced Rico because they have a history together, being tag champs in OVW. Rico is not a jobber, as he does have some mean kicking offense. Now all Cena has to do is face a burly power wrestler like Test, and he will have competed against all of the wrestling types on the show.

Didn't Cena wrestle Test just the other week?

BTW, according to Scott Keith's review, Cena won this match with the Protobomb. Since I missed Smackdown, could somebody tell me what the Protobomb is?

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If you've seen Val Venis' Blue Thunder Bomb (or whatever the hell he's calling it), it's somewhat like that.

Cena grabs the opponent as if for a backdrop, but on the lift, he spins them horizontally, so that by mid-move they are stomach-first on his other shoulder; he then drops forward into a spinebuster.
It's a nice move, but I was a bit surprised to see it end the match. Not that convincing as a finisher, in my opinion (and this was on an evenly-statured guy).

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You're right I missed the Cena-Test match.

You may like the Un-Americans all you want, but fact of the matter is they got punked out of Smackdown by Cena, Edge and Mysterio.

(edited by deadbeater on 2.8.02 0230)

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#24 Posted on

When Rock was champ during the summer of 2000, the only thing I wanted was for him to stop saying If you smell and get off my damn tv(after dropping the title to Benoit of course).

What a difference a couple of years makes. Without Rock, NO
ONE would ever put over Angle(end of 2000) and Jericho(end of 2001). He's the MAN. Austin and Triple Aids(he's a disease for those that don't understand the name) never put those guys over. And winning after a 100 run-ins doesn't count. Rock also was trying to help put Rhyno over as a force as well in 2001. Benoit had gotten the best of the Rock a couple of times in 2000, but never a decisive victory. He got that tonight. Kudos to The Rock.

Also, the last two weeks he has taken hard bumps to the outside of the ring. There is no reason for a guy of the Rock's stature to do that. He truly loves wrestling. Rock could so easily become delusional like Hulk in WCW(although he probably deserved creative control because that company would have died before Monday Nitro hit the air without him) and never put anyone over. He could be a superman and tell the McMahon's that he can't lose because he plays superheroes in his movies. The McMahon's would probably accept it too because Rock is the main draw.

I think the Rock can stay fresh by coming in for a couple months at a time. He won't get overexposed and he'll still be seen as a megastar when he comes back because of his film exposure. I think this will probably help his wrestling character more than hurt it. Too much Rock can become well....too much, but a litte rock is just right.

Don't Tread On Me,
Whalebony Express

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I was surpised that it ended the match too.He hit the move and I thought he was gonna do a top rope finisher but he covered and I was like "Rico is gonna kick out" then 1-2-3.

And I was like "What the F*ck".I like Cena but he might need to rethink his finisher.Maybe a top rope elbow or something else.

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-Mysterio v. Tajiri- What a great way to start that Tajiri kick to Misterio coming in was vicious looking. Like the counter for last weeks finisher by Tajiri. Super match.

-Angle interview - classic Angle promo, Hogan coming out with his whaaa whaaa is just too funny. I have no idea why I laugh so loud seeing Hogan going "blah blah blah" to Undertaker months ago and now "whaw, whaw whaaaa" to angle.

-Lesner v. Henry- Best part of the match was the psycho/cheap shot by Lesner faking running the ropes but just throwing a stiff clothesline instead. F5ing someone as big as Henrey is always impressive.

-Hogan v. Angle- You can't even rate Hogan matches like other matches (lol) Angle look of "what the hell is up with this guy" when Hogan was hulking up was funny. Lesner please becarful with ol' man Hogan I don't know how many F5 the old man can take. Yes I am legit worried for Hogan's welfare.

-Rikishi v. D-von- lets move on shall we

-Nidia/Noble interview- This was way to obsured and over the top not to like. My god I was laughing out loud, and Nidia brings trashy to a whole new level and I love it. Tazz was awesome just laughing a legit laugh and adding the line after Nidia kissed Cole then kissed Noble. "that kind of means you kissed Noble"... oh that was too funny.

-Cena v. Rico- First off wrestlers picking on his hair (and in wrestlng circles it's pretty normal) is funny. His facial expression when Rico mentioned his hair was funny, he rolled his eyes thinking "another guy picking on the hair" (lol)... The match was good, I was cheering for Rico hard. I'm in agreement with you, his finisher looked like a total set up move. I was like "It ended with that?"

-Benoit/Eddie v. Rock/Edge- I really didn't LOVE this, too much of the heels stomping on the faces, I think the entire match it had 2 or 3 tags by the faces. Which kind of took away from the crowd. Interesting finish

other stuff - that following people interacting/bumping into others backstage was one of the coolest things I've seen on WWE tv. Went from Brock- Hogan- Brock- Chuck/Billy- Rico- Cena- Rico- Angle- Brock. For some reason I just loved how everyone interplayed backstage. A very cool moment. It reminded me of a Simpsons episode I think it was caleld 101 story's in springfield (something like that) which they followed a character and shows a 3 minute story then that character bumps into someone else and follows that springfield character for a minute or two... I usually laugh when people say something looks like a "heyman thing/idea" But that had PAUL HEYMAN written all over it.

Line of the night Tazz to Cole after Nidia kissed cole then kissed Noble "Oh my god, that is like you kissing Noble" (something like

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#27 Posted on

    Originally posted by Jakegnosis
    What ruled:

    Rocky tapping to the Crossface. Much respect to the Rock for putting my (and everyone's) boy Benoit over like that. That match owned.

Speak for yourself. I like Benoit, but he's far from the top of my list of guys I'll tune in for. Hence, he's not my "boy."

Since: 2.1.02

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Random Smackdown Thoughts:

Angle-Hogan promo was good. Hogan has been doing very good lately. I liked how they didn't edit the "What's" when Angle talked.

Mysterio-Tajiri match was good, I guess Mysterio will beat Noble at Summerslam.

That continous segment backstage reminded me of Boogie Nights.

That Noble-Nidia segment was weird.

Steph yelling at the mid-carders reminded me of that HHH speech he gave the RAW brand a few weeks ago

Bischoff ruled last night, shaking hands with the crowd as he was going ringside.

Main event was very good. I liked the end when Rock tapped out while looking at Lesnar. Was I the only one who liked Lesnar's facial reactions last night?

Very good show overall.

(edited by tomvejada on 2.8.02 0638)

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Bizzle Izzle

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#29 Posted on
I can't beleive i missed the first half of the show. It sounds like it was awesome.
I really dug the look on Brock's face when he was staring at the Rock in the crossface. First he was all cocky smiles cause he distracted the Rock, causing him to get in the crossface. Then the Rock stares defiantly and refuses to tap, even while screaming in pain. The look on Lesnar's face changes to one like "oh shit, why isn't this guy tapping?!" it was like he was concerned that his upcoming opponent at SS was more badass than he thought. and then of course his cocky smiles came back as Rocky tapped, and Lesnar had his confidence back.

Did anyone notice Cena flexing after his match? Dude is ripped! It was like he had a whole different body, veins busting out everywhere. He looked like almost like a Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk: as soon as he relaxed his pose his body shrank back to his normal size (which of course is still big). It was my understanding that wrestling gear is somewhat expensive. Cena's got new tights every week. He must be doing OK with the paychecks. And I LOVE Tazz pointing out the Carolina blue. It's the little details like that that make the Smackdown announcing crew definitley the 'A' Team and Raw the 'B' Team. (maybe 'C' team after Coach and D'Lo)

Who else besides me wishes they were good buddies with Jamie Knoble? I'd love to get some lovin from Nidia "But not too much!" (that is a CLASSIC line). That couple is so trashy it's awesome. And michael cole was the luckiest man on smackdown last night. Tazz is absolutely my favorite announcer now.

Maiden RULES!!!

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#30 Posted on

    Originally posted by WhoBettahThanDeion

    I thought anyone who still used that dated ass term "Crock" was boorish and immature

Darn. I love calling him Crock. While I disagree with most of Borimark's thingie, I think I'm going to stay with Crock. Did he not look like he'd had several cups of coffee to many last evening?

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    Originally posted by deadbeater
    Cena faced Rico because they have a history together, being tag champs in OVW.

Didn't know this-thanks. I still say he's a jobber, though- he has the whole gay stylist thing going on- they don't give that gimmick to people who are going to the the top.

Moo hoo ha ha.

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