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19.10.19 1944
The W - Pro Wrestling - ECW on Sci-Fi #5 7-11-06
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Lap cheong

Since: 4.4.03
From: Nitro WV

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It's time for hour three of RAW! ECW! Tonight Ric Flair gets Extreme.

OPENING: Review of RVD dropping the ECW World Title. Heyman screws him. 1....2....3!


Holy crap the crowd looks alive! Extreme Judas?!? Boo! Well, it could be worse. Need a crowd chant here. Heyman saying the people is the reason for everything. RVD Chant! Heyman saying he had to end it all for RVD...his title run not his life. Savior Paul Heyman? Thank you for that picture. SHUT UP HEYMAN!!! Jeez almost an eight minute rant by Heyman. Tommy Dreamer asking what is wrong with Heyman. Heyman says your match is next Tommy. Don't forget Kelly Kelly has Candice as a guest cheap slut. Nice...

***AD BREAK***

BACK: Well it's time to get to wrestling is Tommy getting another squash now or will he get a win? He was paired with Big Show and now he's the world champion. Tommy in street clothes. His opponet...TEST! Last week he KILLED AL Snow. Push over is correct Tazz but he's saying he's not. Tazz ponts out this is a normal wrestling match. Crowd giving Tommy love with a chant. I not even calling the match because almost every move has been Test in dominiation mode. Two neckbreakers by Tommy and that's all the offence he gets. Roll up with a huge hook of the ropes 1....2....3! Back in the ladies room Candice says it's going to rather EXTREME when she's out there with Kelly. Reminder we get Flair vs Show tonight.

***AD BREAK***

BACK: Ariola? Spelling please the's a Terro card reader. What does the future hold repeasted. Hey is the VAMPIRE! He spits more blood at us. It's time for the Kelly Kelly expose. Hey ZED I know you're sitting in that arena right now. Enjoying that are ya? :-D Cue Mike Knox to end Kelly Kelly's night. Wait Sandman man bumps into Mike Knox. He takes the Kendo stick to him and finally sending him through the back of the Kelly Kelly dance stage. Hey the busted out "The Tale of the Tape." Show this big and Flair this little. Sabu is up next.

***AD BREAK***

BACK: Sabu up for action. Hey it's CM Punk and he describes his character again. His ink explains his life and passion. Sabu is out and the ref takes his chair from him. Justin Credible is going to take on Sabu. So far Sabu taking it to Justin Credible. Hey it's not and EXTREME RULES MATCH. Justin Credible wins via DQ. Hey it's Balls and you might laugh at his name but it's the way he is. BALLS TO THE WALL! ECW! Flair is fired up to take on Show.

***AD BREAK***

BACK: Flair is out....Show is out. Extreme Rules match. Representing RAW. 16 time World Champion. Nature Boy Ric Flair vs Big Show. They lock up a couple times...shoved back to the corner and Flairs roles to the outside. The mandatory ***AD BREAK*** runs in.

BACK: Hey, headbutts by Show. Apparently show is in control of the match. Punches in the corner and Flair is bleeding from the Big Show Headbutts...not a chair or weapon. Headbutts! Hey there on the outside. Apparently Flair was going to get objects. Joey now pointing out the WCW fight. Chops and headbutts a Big Powerslam by Show. Balls shots by Flair. LEGAL! Finally a kick to the balls takes down show. Hey Flair get ECW toys. OMG he's using the Foley barbwire bat bust Show open. He's taking everything to him. FLAIR BUSTS OUT THUMB TACKS! HOLY CRAP Show goes into the thumb tacks. Chokeslam and Clutch slam backbreaker into the submission. WOW, was ECW stars but they put some ECW in that match. The crowd totally was digging it too. Review of match. Everybody is out to check on Flair. CROWD: Thank you Flair. They're taking him to the back. Copyrights...and we're out at 11:04pm

If you sat through the 40 mintues of crap the Flair/Show match was watchable.

If you can't tell I'm even half watching it...I want to break out a same of S*** chant.

(edited by jwrestle on 11.7.06 2312)

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Lap cheong

Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

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Favorite line of the night: Styles after the Kelly expose "This is redundant!"

The Flair/Show match was nice, even if did take garbage shenanigans to spice things up. However, the ECW show on the whole is becoming (has become? has always been?) the very definition of "by-the-numbers".

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Since: 2.1.02
From: MD, USA

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.58

too bad Punk didn't talk about his Cobra tattoo.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine
The Affirmation, Baby Blog

Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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I must've been watching a different show than everyone else because I thought this week's show, despite having possibily the least ECW main event possible on paper, was such an amazing improvement over everything they've given us so far that I'm amazed it's the same company. (A crowd that somehow had a few ECW fans sneak in certainly help. Was that a "Tommy Dreamer" chant? Amazing.) One hour, and I've got nothing bad to say once we get past the uncharacteristically dull and pointless Heyman promo...

THOUGH I must say that booking him as heel is a great move - and if I'm reading Joey Styles' subtexts right, it looks like we might be seeing some internal conflict between the old school ECW guys and the WWE hosses. The match, incidentally, was pretty good - and if anyone was dogging it, it was Dreamer - *and*, unlike what people have been complaining about for the last few weeks, the ECW guy may have jobbed, but he sure as hell wasn't a jobber. I'm just happy to finally see some honest-to-goodness heels on the roster besides Mike Knox.

And speaking of which, in the shocker of a lifetime, this week's Kelly Kelly Wastes A Minute Of Your Time segment actually led somewhere! And to the new ECW's first honest-to-goodness feud! And it gives Sandman something to do, now that we all have to accept that The Zombie isn't coming back.

Again, I may be reading too much subtext into things, but I kinda think Sabu getting disqualified was done as a point about how stupid the "non-extreme rules" matches are - and they wouldn't be pointing it out if they weren't planning on doing away with them. Besides, the match itself was just a teaser for Saturday Night's Main Event. I'd guess, since no opponent was announced that we'll either be getting a suprise (Test), or just a rematch with Credible in which he can go apeshit.

And Justin Credible got an entrance! And his first singles win on a WWE booked program since the August 26, 2001 edition of Sunday Night Heat in which he went over Tommy Dreamer, oddly enough.

I love that we're going to be getting the return of the now amazingly fucked up looking Shannon Moore (I forgot they resigned him and marked out a little bit more than one should for Shannon Moore.) I love the old ECW talking head promo to help get Balls Mahoney (and his wonderful teeth) over with the new crowd. I love the fact that the vampire seemed to find his way indoors, if not the arena itself, meaning he may actually do something in the next month or so. (Didn't they hire Gangrel too? Maybe we'll actually have an ECW Tag Team division one of these weeks.)

I hope C.M. Punk is as good in the ring as everyone says, because he's got everything else he needs to be a top-shelf star in the new ECW. I also hope they have the common sense to book him as a heel because no one is more obnoxious and detestable than a self-important "straight edge" tosser. I can see myself begging for this guy's blood.

And speaking of blood...

Holy shit, was that a main event. Like I said before, despite being two wrestlers who aren't ECW guys by any reasonable stretch of the definition, that was the most ECW-style match we've gotten in the five weeks of the Sci-Fi show. Naitch brought out a bit of the ultraviolence and the result was the bloodiest free-TV match I can remember since... Hmmm... Ever? The NWA, at the very least.

A barbed-wire baseball bat (that may or may not have been gimmicked, but either way was being swung by Ric fucking Flair), those awesome spots where Flair smashed the garbage can around Show's head without him moving a muscle, Show dropping his 500 pound self into a pile of thumbtacks - and flinging Ric Flair's 500 year old self into the same pile minutes later. I don't care who they wrestled for ten years ago - I say E, C, and I even dare add W.

Aside from the near murder of a respected senior citizen, there's no reason we can't do this kind of show every week - and this was without the two biggest stars on the roster. I hope like hell it wasn't an abberation, because this is a show that can make wrestling appointment TV in the OFB household for the first time since, well, around the time Justin Credible beat Tommy Dreamer on Sunday Night Heat.

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Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.13
    Originally posted by OlFuzzyBastard
    A crowd that somehow had a few ECW fans sneak in certainly help. Was that a "Tommy Dreamer" chant? Amazing.)

Almost. We tried.

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Deputy Marshall

Since: 28.6.04
From: Troy, NY

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.49
    Originally posted by Excalibur05
    Almost. We tried.

Actually, it came across pretty loud on TV, in my opinion. I was sort of floored.

Initially I rolled my eyes at Heyman's promo, until Tazz and Styles made it a point to say again and again that Heyman's motivation and points made NO sense whatsoever, and then Heyman absolutely refused to explain himself any further to Tommy Dreamer...meaning there's more to this story. As far as that goes, it's got me at least a little intrigued.

Test has improved his physique, worked on his in-ring stuff, and I still could not care less about him if I tried. I'm sorry, I just can't. And this is coming from a guy who enjoys Snitsky as the over-enthusiastic face for some weird reason.

Adding Candice to Kelly's Expose with Kelly Kelly and Regis and Kelly indicated to me that they are FINALLY starting to realize that Kelly is the most boring beautiful woman to ever strip. EVER. I hope they just stop this nonsense already, because it got old...well, twenty seconds into the first edition of the Expose. And can know...have a feud with someone? Do a hardcore match maybe? Anything but just hit a loser a couple times with a singapore cane? I'm thinking that they might be leading up to a Knox/Sandman feud, but I wonder if Knox can pull off the kind of hardcore style required to get a Sandman match over.

I liked the idea of Sabu rebelling against the concept of having an ECW match with rules by intentionally getting himself disqualified. My fingers are crossed that this is playing into the whole "what Heyman is saying doesn't make sense" angle that Tazz and Styles were playing up on commentary after Heyman's promo, and subsequently the ECW guys rebelling against what they feel is the WWE imposing its will on them. And there's your wishful thinking for the day...oh, and this week's winning Lotto numbers are 24, 53, 13, 11, 43, and supplemental number 03.

Hey, know what vampires like? Tarot cards. And they don't drink blood, they SPIT it. "What do the cards say? What DOOOOOO the cards saaaaaaay? PHHHHHHHLTP." I'm pretty sure that was the entire segment, anyway.

Big Show/Flair exceeded the expectations of us masochists who are going to watch this show no matter how bad it gets, but I really have to wonder if anyone saw that graphic on RAW the night before and said "boy, I really need to turn into ECW tomorrow night to check out old man Flair and The Big Show wrestle for the ECW title." They did do a good job with the match and even had me convinced that Flair had a chance of winning, even if my line of reasoning for that was so Foley could challenge him for the belt. I was really surprised we didn't see a run-in afterwards.

All in all...this week and in previous weeks, ECW hasn't been the worst wrestling show ever produced. Additionally, I resigned myself from the beginning that this was NOT going to be the ECW of old. I was, naively, hoping that it would maintain some aspects of what made it successful. Now I've just given up on that, and I guess I'll just spend the rest of its run figuring out which brand is in third place in terms of quality (although with all the dX crap of late RAW's not exactly exciting me lately either).

Good thing I ordered seven Ring of Honor DVDs online. Buyer's remorse be damned. I need something to offset the last few weeks of WWE television.

(edited by Deputy Marshall on 12.7.06 0233)


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Alpha Dog
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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.89
    Originally posted by ges7184
    Favorite line of the night: Styles after the Kelly expose "This is redundant!"

I could have swore I heard Joey saying about Big Show after Flair is busted open: "He's like an extreme shark, sensing blood!"

Not just a shark, an EXTREME shark! The self-parody just writes itself sometimes.

I think something was wrong at the end, as that finish was anti-climactic and Flair seemed to be in an awful hurry to get Big Show off of him after the finish. I didn't tape it (hell, I barely watched it) so I can't go back and read lips, but the supposedly unconscious Flair said something very animatedly to Big Show, who got out of the way very quickly.

Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.13
Well, for whatever it's worth, the trainers practically dragged Flair out of the ring after the match. I'd just assumed he was really selling it. They kept him out there long enough to get a good camera shot of the tack right on the top of his head anyway.

As for the Tommy chants, I'm glad they came off well on TV. My section had a hell of a time starting one, and then just as soon as we figured it wasn't happening, another section had picked it up, but by the time we tried to join them, it'd died off there too. It was all very disjointed, but we were trying to show Tommy some love.

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Since: 11.5.03
From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.19
    Originally posted by OlFuzzyBastard
    One hour, and I've got nothing bad to say once we get past the uncharacteristically dull and pointless Heyman promo...

Agreed. I'm usually a huge fan of any Heyman promo, but that rambling speech did nothing for me and became almost painful to listen to.

Balls Mahoney......Holy crap, talk about a dentists nightmare. Last time I saw a face like that, I was looking at Halloween masks.

Tommy Dreamer needs to get back on his website again and apologize to the ECW fans for his physical appearance and his performance in the ring tonite. My 4 year old neice throws kicks harder than Dreamer did.

The main event completely saved the show for me.

(edited by Kevintripod on 12.7.06 0209)

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.06
I really enjoyed the Show-Flair match this week. Rest of the show was super boring.

I just remembered that I don't like Test. Some people talk about how Test is great because he's a big guy who can work, and I won't necessarily disagree with that, but you know, sometimes "can work" isn't enough. You really have to be able to work in an interesting and compelling fashion. And I don't believe he can do that. His competently executed, logically ordered moves have no flair or panache, and I don't want to watch his matches. His generic big-guy intensity (hosstensity?) would probably be pretty awesome if he were the firsst guy I'd ever seen do that act. I would much, much rather watch a big guy -- say a circa-1995 Kevin Nash -- who can't work but works badly with style.

Subtlety is not the E's strong suit, but I have to give them credit -- watching last night made me think, You know what would be good? If they did a big Old ECW Guys vs. New ECW Guys angle, but I didn't think they were actually doing it. However, I'm not the only one who picked up on it, so I suppose they really are.

The whole concept of "extreme rules" is ridiculous because there weren't any rules in the old ECW, "extreme" or not. "Extreme rules" is WWE saying, "the rules are there are no rules!" But that's still a set of rules. In the old ECW, the rules changed from match to match, and I always got the impression all the usual ones still technically applied but weren't enforced. (In fact, occasionally they were enforced, to inevitably heelish ends.)

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Matt Tracker

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.84
The Lovely Mrs. Tracker was impressed by Paul's speech. She said it was more intellectual than what she normally hears, and she'd right. There was at lest an attempt at a continued analogy, and it didn't involve any muy-macho terminology. It's just Paul being melodramatic, as easy to him as breathing. Did remind me a bit of his "death of sports entertainment" promo during Invasion, the best I've heard him do.

Now, as the the rest of the show, Test had to beat Dreamer using the ropes and did not use his new TKO finisher. That finish is not only as overdone as the one where someone is distracted and rolled up from behind (seen Monday on RAW), but it's not what I'd call purely heelish behavior in ECW. The rules shift from match to match (and they really need an on-screen blurb for the duration of match so viewers can keep track), and making ECW matches under normal rules only dilutes what makes the group distinctive. Dreamer, one of the most popular ECW guys ever, is still playing the RAW jobber.

Same with the main event. The crowd was digging it, no doubt. But I saw a trillion chops, headbutts and groin attacks. It was reminiscent of kids who have only so far learned those moves in a new videogame. And I fully expected a Foley run-in to end the match. That didn't happen, but this doesn't elevate the match for me as with Edge sitting ringside for Angle/RVD. I never had a doubt Flair was going to lose. The ending was a nice novelty, but we're still watching Ric Flair and Big Show wrestle for the ECW title. Waiter, this isn't what I ordered. There's no reason to bus in a RAW star to challenge the new champ. This smacks of TNA bringing in Sting and Steiner.

The bloom is fading from the ECW rose for me. The RVD-Sabu debacle sucks for everybody, unless of course you're Sabu and you get to work on a network free-per-view. But there's a lot of talent doing very little.

Also, Shannon Moore looks downright feminine in that make-up.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.44
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Also, Shannon Moore looks downright feminine in that make-up.

Not like before, when he had beautiful woman hair. He just looks kind of girly.
Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
From: North Carolina

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.84
    Originally posted by Tenken347
      Originally posted by Matt Tracker
      Also, Shannon Moore looks downright feminine in that make-up.

    Not like before, when he had beautiful woman hair. He just looks kind of girly.

That lipstick gives him a rather runway-model pouty/stern veneer.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.48
I must admit I wasn't an avid ECW follower back then but it kind of irked me when it had regular WWE- Rules last night... even the commentators couldn't naturally explain it.
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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.40
I just really hope they let cm punk take out rvd when they both come back. CM is awsome, despite his pepsi love.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.77
show was a bunch of nothing until the main event. And while Show vs. Flair in an ECW main event is lame, they at least delivered with buckets of blood (at least by TV standards). This show still leaves a bad taste in my mouth though, like I had to pleasure a McMahon against my will. You know what they say about car wrecks, and looking away. Why can't I just stop watching???

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.24
    Originally posted by jwrestle
    Extreme Judas?!? ...Savior Paul Heyman? Thank you for that picture.

So Heyman thinks he's a Messiah now, huh?

Sandman, go get the lumber and your tools. We got an angle to revive.

Or maybe Heyman's entrance music should be "We Need The Wood". (As in the saying "Get down off the cross, we need the wood.")

Only joking folks. Only joking.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.29
This is supposed to be ECW. As such, every match should be under ECW rules. A match ending by disqualification in ECW is not acceptable, sorry!

On the other hand, Big Show vs. Flair was fuckin' awesome. Still can't believe I saw what I thought I saw.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.00
    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    This is supposed to be ECW. As such, every match should be under ECW rules. A match ending by disqualification in ECW is not acceptable, sorry!

Agree - unless it ties into the Heyman is a sellout angle and there is a payoff.

Maybe trot out Fonzie and the state athletic commision heel role?

But if its just lazy booking because they don't want one guy to lose and 'lose his heat' then that's BS.

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(edited by Big G on 13.7.06 2130)

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00

    But if its just lazy booking because they don't want one guy to lose and 'lose his heat' then that's BS.

I think it's probably more likely an effort to make life easier for the wrestlers, and give an explaination why they won't be doing hardcore stuff every single match. (They kinda killed the usefulness of that the first night.) They'll likely still be doing more hardcore stuff than RAW or SmackDown, but they want to make it clear fans shouldn't expect a Balls chair shot to the head (and stuff of that sort) every night at the house shows.

(They could've just had people not do hardcore stuff and not really mention it, so there's at least an element of arrogant "we're not doing YOUR ECW and we want to make sure you know it" to the way they've handled it.)

    Agree - unless it ties into the Heyman is a sellout angle and there is a payoff.

That would've been the logical route; before Heyman hit over drive on 'evil cult leader', he could've easily expanded from the idea of 'I suspended RVD to prevent burnout' to 'I'm suspending extreme rules to prevent everyone else's burnout' - it's so obvious, fitting and neccesary, I wonder if Heyman missed the line, or if it accidently got cut out during the script editing process. - CMLLBlog
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First of, maybe they(=writers) TELL him to get out. Secondly, i DO NOT need to see him produce in the ring. Yes he is entertaining as a stuntman/wrestler but they have so much talent that another non-wrestler would suck, now wouldn't it?
- dMp, Shane! (2003)
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